Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Do You Know About Baby Kate?

Beautiful Baby Kate
 There are so many stories about missing, abused and murdered children, and new ones being reported all the time, that many of these children’s name are here and gone, quickly forgotten. I think Baby Kate is becoming one of those names. Katherine Shelbie-Elizabeth Philips was short of 5 months old when she went missing on June 29th of 2011. Missing doesn’t seem like the right word for it though because there is someone who without a doubt knows where she is. Her father, Sean Phillips. Let me break it down and make this a little more digestible…
Those are cock sucking lips right there. Pucker up, asshole!
Last June this stellar piece of dingleberry pie was arguing with Kate’s mother, Ariel Courtland, about just what the fuck to do about a baby he didn’t want. Philips wanted Kate to be put up for adoption, Courtland wanted to keep her. This argument took place in Philips car, with Baby Kate in the back seat. Ariel, likely unaware that Sean was such a shitbag, got out of the car to get the baby’s stroller and when she came back, Shitbag Sean drove off with the baby.
Police were called and when they finally caught up with DoucheNozzle Sean hours later at his parents’ home, they would find Kate’s clothing in his pants pocket and her diaper bag and carseat in his car’s trunk. What they wouldn’t find was Baby Kate. So Sean is hauled off to Mason County Jail, where he’s been getting cozy the last 8 months, refusing to tell anyone what he did with Baby Kate.
One would think, with the facts that are known…dickwad taking the baby, her clothes found on him, her baby gear packed up in his trunk…that this case could be resolved a tad easier, a tad quicker, than say a Casey Self-Centered Anthony case. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen and we’re gonna have a repeat of a child murdering piece of remorseless shit getting away with doing fuck knows what to their child and living the beautiful la la la la. 
This bucket of douche was originally charged with felony kidnapping that could have gotten him life in prison, but Michigan law doesn’t permit that charge against a parent taking off with their own child. Way to go Michigan. So what he’s getting charged with instead is one count unlawful imprisonment, which could possibly get him 15 years of dick in the ass prison time, and a count of parental kidnapping that could add a year and a day (yeah, a day, wtf?) added to the possible 15 years. His trial’s been postponed twice, but finally, it’s set to begin April 16 and is scheduled to last 10 days.
I want answers about what happened to baby Kate.
I suppose him getting convicted of the bullshit kidnapping and imprisonment charges feels like a small victory, but I’m not satisfied. This fucked knows where Kate is, what he did to her, but because he just flat out refuses to talk, he can walk out of prison in his 30’s and start life all over again, and that’s only if he serves his full sentence. The spunk gargler’s only 21, he still has a shot at having a great life after prison, with no unwanted child he dumped somewhere holding him back or haunting him. I want him in prison, I want him to suffer, but I want answers. He owes it to this kid to talk.
I’m trying to hold on to the possibility that maybe he gave her away to someone, and while there’s some comfort in that, it’s probably not the case. If you had just given the kid away, not murdered and dumped her somewhere, why not just say where you left her and not risk the chance of getting cocked in the B-hole for a possible decade and a half? The only reason for settling on that possible 15 years of wrong way traffic up the strata chocolata is that 15 years beats a life of it.
It’s times like these when I wish horrible things on terrible people, that torturous methods could be used to extract some truth and get a little bit of twisted gratification that a perp would suffer at least a small measure of what they inflicted on their victim. You know it’s not nearly enough punishment for what they’ve done to an innocent child, but a dark part of yourself gets a sick satisfaction out of it.


  1. At least he's in prison and they are not charging him with murder SO hopefully, from now until his time in prison is over, he WILL be charged with her murder. I wonder exactly how long until he fled until the time he got to his parents house? He doesn't seem too bright to keep her clothes IN his pocket and diaper bag in his trunk. I can't imagine he did something ingenious with her, BUT then again, it seems the more stupid the murdering "parent", the harder for LE to find the baby's body. I don't understand it, it's ridiculous!

    I wish LE had SOMETHING to charge the DiPietro's and Courtney with. Lock them up for a while and see how they like it. If not for murder, SOMETHING, so they can later be charged with murder.

    At least in this case there is still SOME hope left.

  2. I love your blog. I just found it courtesy of J4A and I <3 it. You ladies Rock ass.
    On another note. I have followed this case passionately since day 1. I am actively involved in Team Kate and am a member of most of her Fb pages. There are some things about miss Ariel courtland not mentioned in your writing. These ate things I know to be fact.
    1. Ariel threw away Kates clothes and baby stuff less than a week after she went missing.
    2. Ariel, in a three month period after Katie went missing, went to a beach party, a hookah bar, developed a drinking problem and started a fund for Kates funeral. Her words, not mine.
    3. Team Kate has pleaded with Ariel to contact several news shows, NG, Dr. Phil, and the Marc Klass foundation. Ariel has not fone any of these things.
    4. She often refers to Katie in the past tense and has since her very first media interview.
    5. She visited Sean in jail, bought him socks, and put money on his books all while telling him that she loved him and after this was all over they will move away and restart their lives. This is the man who kidnapped her daughter whose fate still remains unknown.
    6. She spent countless hours on Fb protecting her reputation and denouncing lies spread about her but has never searched for her daughter.

    Sean is a p.o.s. but I feel that Katies mothers behaviour has raised quite a fee eyebrows and needs to be looked at also. Imho.

    1. Sounds like they're both shitbags then. I will never understand why people will toss a kid away like a bag of garbage when there are so many options. I guess, the way the mind of these people works, the kid is like their property, so if they don't want it, they can deal with or get rid of it whatever way they please. They don't want something that's theirs going to someone else, so they would rather see their child dead before seeing some stranger with something they consider theirs. It's some seriously fucked up and demented shit.

    2. Boo Kat
      Thank you for responding. There are discrepancies in the mothers story about that morning of Katies disappearance. Twenty minutes after Sean drove away with Kate allegedly in his vehicle, in his possession, he was standing in line at Wendys ordering lunch. No sign of Kate. As luck would have it, none of the cameras at Wendys were working that day. Four hours later when the police arrived at his house, a receipt time sramped, for his meal, was recovered. There's a possibility Kate was in the car, but also that she was not.
      It is sickening to think he could have disposed of Kate and went to lunch all in the space of 20-25 minutes.
      Or was she ever in his car?
      The one statement Sean has made is "the last time I seen Katie, Ariel had her."
      There has been much speculation that Katie was sold or adopted out illegally.
      I believe no one knows the truth except Ariel and Sean. Jmho. :)