Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rape Victim Gets Her Honor Back


Horrific: The man's severed head was dumped in the centre of the town of Yalvac
The sleepy village of Yalvac, Turkey

26-year-old Nevin Yildrim alleges to have suffered repeated rapes for 8 months from the man married to her husband's aunt, Nurettin Gider 35, in their native Yalvac South-west Turkey. Gider allegedly began assaulting Yildrim a few days after her husband left home to find seasonal work in another town. Yildrim stated that Gider threatened to shoot her and her 2 children (ages two and six) if she didn't keep her mouth shut. Yildrim also alleges that Gider snuck into her home, while she was pregnant, and took naked pictures of her. She said that Gider threatened to send the naked pictures of her to her family in order to shame her.

Revenge: Nevin Yildirim, 26, shot and decapitated a man who had repeatedly raped her and then left his severed head in her village square in Turkey
She may look like a pushover
After 8 months of this shit, Yildrim decided that she just wasn't going to take it anymore. Especially after coming down with a case of the baby in her belly. On August 27, Yildrim caught Gider sneaking over her wall in her backyard, and met him with a gun of her own. Yildrim shot his ass then shot him again as he reached for the gun he was carrying. Gider got up and decided that Yildrim wasn't playing around and was out for blood and decided it was time to high tail it outta there. Then she chased him down and shot him seven more times in the region of his dick, finally killing him. But just killing him wasn't enough for Yldrim. She then cut his head off and dropped it off in the town square so the whole village would know what happened. Then she told the men in the coffee shop, "Don't talk behind my back, don't play with my honor. Here is the head of the man that played with my honor." I'm sure she got a big ole "YES MAM" from the shocked men

Victim: Nurettin Gider was shot and then beheaded
The alleged rapist
Now Yildrim says that Gider threatened to tell everyone that she was sleeping with him unless she kept sleeping with him and that would have apparently caused her a great dishonor. She said, "My daughter will start school this year. Everyone would have insulted my children. Now no one can." She went on to say, "I saved my honor. They will now call (the) children 'The kids of the woman who saved her honor' Yildrim is now 5 months pregnant with the child of the man she says raped her. She also said that she is ready to die as long as she can have an abortion of her rapist child before her death. But due to Yildrim's advanced state of pregnancy that might not be possible.

Now I'm not advocating vigilante justice and all. I also realize that there is only one side of the story out there and the other side can't speak now. But damn, whether or not Yildrim is a true victim or not, I don't think people will be calling her a whore now.