Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Daycare Fails to Do Its Job and a Toddler Dies

Little T’s Tiny Tots Child Care Center
 This sad case from Dallas, Texas comes courtesy of a heads up from our lovely ILLusionS. Apparently, daycares are seriously lacking in actually caring for children and can’t be trusted to keep them alive, at least not in North Texas. 3-year-old Benjamin Price was left in a van in the brutal Texas heat, where he died, just outside of Little T’s Tiny Tots Child Care Center. The van’s driver, Erica Hooks, was arrested and charged with injury to a child, and is being held on $50,000 bond. Hooks drove a group of children a movie on July 20, but when they returned to the center, Benjamin didn’t leave the van and Hooks didn’t think to make sure every single one of those children was accounted for. Not only is that a no brainer when you’re watching other people’s children, it’s a Child Care Licensing requirement that all kids be accounted for before the driver even leaves the van.

The daycare was recently shut down, but it did stay open in the days following Benjamin’s death. Records for the daycare showed that Little T’s Tiny Tots had 23 violations, two considered serious, but Marissa Gonzales, a spokesperson for Child Care Licensing, said that, “Based on the number alone, it seems fairly comparable to day cares of its size.” What I find odd is that this same spokesperson goes on to say, “We try to make sure that safety is enforced for all these children, and that we’re out here checking on a regular basis” and that, when investigators find problems, punishment is swift and appropriate. Yet they dragged their asses when it came to this daycare. Seems like there’s a bit of ass covering going on in an area where Price is at least the fifth child to die since 2003 after being left behind in a day care van. In 2011, only 24 out of more than 9,500 child care facilities statewide had their licenses revoked, but child advocates still worry that the rules that are supposed to keep these kids safe, aren’t. Going by Gonzales’ statements, you can see why, since they’ll let violations slide and keep a daycare open after a child’s death from heatstroke while half-assedly assuring the public that they have a child’s safety and best interests at heart.

State and local police, as well as Child Protective Services, are still investigating and it appears the little boy’s family is more forgiving than the rest of us. Benjamin Price’s family released a statement through their attorney, Kisha Allen, which said, “We all make mistakes and fall short. Because of God’s continual grace and mercy we are able to forgive. We ask that others forgive as we have decided to do.“ I don’t think I could find that kind of forgiveness after being so horribly wronged, but I think it’s amazing that this family has. You cannot help but feel angry when something like this happens, especially when the main role of a child care provider is to watch and keep a child safe, and they couldn’t even do that. This child’s death was so preventable and I think an earlier statement by Benjamin’s grandfather, Donald Washington, sums that up perfectly.  “You trust these people to watch your kids ‘til you get home. You expect them to be alive when you get off work.” Let’s hope these people being trusted to care for the children of others start taking their jobs more seriously and return these kid’s to their families alive at the end of the day. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Horror in Johannesburg

Twisted: From left, Sipho Mbele, David Motaung and Patrick Petrus Radebe smiled in court as they admitted to their sick crimes
Sipho Mbgele, David Motaung and Patrick Radebe, smirking in court

Alrighty, you shit stirrers, Boo is gone until next week, so I'm on my own and you'll just have to suffer through my illiterate ass write-ups that don't get the benefit of Boo edits. I'll do the best that I can, but I really have no idea where the fuck a comma is supposed to go and have a great phobia of using dashes. My double negatives are likely to runneth over and there will likely be a proposition ending a sentence or two. You can suffer through it as I am bringing you the sick ass news of the world that you so crave.

Anyway, the latest horror of horrors that I bring you, comes from Johannesburg, South Africa. Three guys were unhappy with their latest employer and decided to exact some revenge. Sipho Mbele (a domestic servants son), David Motaung (I don't know who the fuck he was to the family)  and Patrick Petrus Radebe (the families gardner), broke into their former employers house in Walkerville, Johanesburg, South Africa. While committing their burglary crime, they came across 53-year-old Tony Viana, who they tied up after the trio gained entry. After Mr. Viana was incapacitated, Geraldine Viana and their 12-year-old son, Amaro, came home and were tied up in a separate room. The family dog was killed by slicing open it's stomach.
Torn apart: Amaro with his mother Geraldine and father Tony, who were shot to death by the robbers, along with Gabriela Correia, Mr Viana's daughter by his first marriage
The family with Mr. Vianna's daughter from a previous marriage on vacation

The men's lawyer told court that they had broken into the house to exact revenge over mistreatment and steal shit. Their focus of hate was Mrs. Viana. Mr. Viana was taken upstairs where he was forced to open the family safe. Then, Mrs. Viana was held down by Radebe, WHO STOOD ON HER FACE, as Mbele raped her. After Mbele was done, Radebe took his turn at raping her. After their fucked up sexual fantasies were fullfilled, they shot her in the head with her husband's gun, then shot Mr. Viana in the head, killing them both. The assholes then realized that the 12-year-old boy, Amaro, would recognize them and probably rat them out. So they decide that they had to kill him as well. The way they killed the little boy is horrific. They turned the bathwater on full hot, so that it was full of scalding water. Amaro was taken into the bathroom, hysterical and crying, so they gagged him due to his intense sobbing. After getting him into the bathroom, they placed him face first into the tub full of super hot water, and held him down until he stopped breathing and struggling. 

Violent death: Amaro Viana was brutally killed in a bath of boiling hot water because he have identified his parents' murderers
Innocent 12 year old Amaro that suffered the most horrific death

Not only is this some fucked up shit, but these assholes DO NOT in the least little bit act or seem to be remorseful. While in court, they were seen smiling and shit as they pled guilty and admitted to their crimes. After leaving court, it was reported that they were laughing while talking on their cell phones. Fuck them. I don't care how much of an asshole your boss is, you can always quit your job and find something else to do. And what was the point of putting a terrified 12-year-old child in a bathtub of scalding hot water to die after witnessing his parents horrific deaths? Why couldn't they have put a bullet in his brain as well, instead of making him suffer through 5 minutes, that probably felt like 5 hours, of pure pain and terror? I don't know if Johannesburg has a death penalty or not, but their complete lack of remorse for this shit makes me wish that they could suffer a death that is equally as torturous.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Jackson Fiasco

Paris Jackson, taking the greedy siblings of her father to task.
 If you haven't heard about the fucked-uppedness of the Jackson clan, you must be living in a cave or something. I wasn't going to do a write up on it, but the shit just keeps getting weirder and weirder. They are starting to make the Lohans look like the Brady Bunch. It all started when Michael's mother, 82-year-old Katherine Jackson, was whisked away to Arizona without the knowledge of Prince Michael, Paris or Blanket. Michael left his kids to the care of Katherine, as she is the closest thing to normal that he could find. She was just supposed to be going to watch one of her son's on tour, but never showed up to the concert. Paris had been tweeting about how worried she was not knowing where her grandmother was. “9 days and counting… so help me god i will make whoever did this pay” That's 9 days the children went without know where the hell their grandmother was. 

Too busy playing UNO to give her worried grandchildren a call.
Well lo and behold, she was staying with her daughter, Rebbie, in Arizona and couldn't pick up a phone to let her worried grandchildren know that she was alive and well because the same doctor that testified in the defense of Dr. Murray, who gave Michael the fatal dose of Prophenal, gave Katherine strict orders to stay away from all telephones and computers. Paris said, "The same doctor that testified on behalf of dr murray saying my father was a drug addict (a lie) is caring for my grandmother... just saying." That sounds like some shady shit to me. A missing persons report was filed on Katherine and she was located via welfare check at Rebbie's house. 

After being located Jermaine, Randy and Janet went to the children's Calabasas home to pick up the kids. They followed the kid's suv through the security gate and confronted them in the driveway of their house. Prince (I'm so proud of this kid) stood up to his uncle's and flat out refused to go with them to Arizona. Janet may or may not have slapped Paris and tried to snatch her phone out of her hand, calling her a "spoiled little bitch". Seriously?? What the fuck was she thinking? Those kids have been to hell and back since their father died, and I think they're doing pretty fucking good. Say what you will about Michael but I think he did a helluva job on raising those kids. Thankfully, the kids security team and cousin Trent protected them and did not allow them to be forcefully removed by their Aunt and Uncles. The police were called and kicked them to the curb. 

Jermaine Jackson, crying over money.
Anyway, there's been a 3 year conspiracy on trying to get Micheal's will declared null and void. It leaves the majority of his $500 million estate to his 3 kids, mother and some charities. Jermaine, Randy, Janet and Rebbie seem to think that they should have gotten a sizable cut. They're all reportedly broke as a joke, including Janet. How the fuck do you go through that kind of money? I'm such a broke ass bitch that I'm having to search the couch cushions for loose change for gas money. I can't fathom blowing through that kind of money and what does she have to show for it? Some busted ass plastic surgery and that's about it.

Since Katherine seemingly abandoned her wards, temporary custody has been awarded to their cousin T.J. which is just fine with the kids. The only thing bad I've heard about T.J. was that he dated Kim Kardashian back in the mid-90's. But that was a long time ago so he can be forgiven. The Jackson conspirators have really shot themselves in the foot with this one.
Way to step up, TJ Jackson.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Contempt Charge Against Savannah Dietrich Dropped

Savannah Dietrich, Victim turned Victorious

I am totally stoked to clue our Shit Talk readers in on the fantastic news that the contempt charge against Savannah Dietrich has been dropped. You can read the original story that was written up yesterday for more details on the particulars, but I’ll give it to you again in a haphazardly packed nutshell. Savannah was sexually assaulted by The Dickless Duo of Will Frey and Austin Zehnder, who also took pictures of the assault and passed them around. The pair was given a plea deal and an understandably upset and frustrated Ms. Dietrich vented her anger at system that would protect her assailants by tweeting their names, a violation of a court order. 

The attorneys for the two pussbag’s filed a motion to have Savannah charged with contempt and a hearing was set for July 30th, but has now withdrawn the motion. According to David Mejia, one of the attorneys for the boy wonders, the decision to withdraw had zero to do with the outpouring of support for Savannah and the complete contempt of the general public for his client. He said the supposed purpose of the motion was to enforce the law that protects juveniles and their actions from disclosure. I personally think it had a lot to do with the fact that, had they gone forward, they would have just looked like turds wanting to put the girl in her place and re-victimize her. So they played it smart and decided to drop it, adding that “the horse is out of the barn” in reference to the fact that the world wide web and the outside world now all know the names of the boys. Which is true, there’s no point to putting that girl through more shit when the names are out there and all it would do is punish her for speaking out, which she has every right to.

So, Savannah isn’t being made an example of for the sake of protecting the identity of juvie rapists, and that is great news. Will Frey and Austin Zehnder are due for sentencing next month and the judge can reject or modify the terms of the plea agreement. I just hope they get a deserving sentence, one that doesn’t give them the impression they can do what they did to Savannah to someone else and expect to get away with it. Chris Klein, attorney for the other nutless half of this pair, said that having their names publicized might create problems for them in the future. Perhaps they should have thought of that before they forced themselves on an unconscious girl and took pictures of their assault on her. Here’s hoping they get what they deserve and that through Savannah Dietrich making her voice heard potential future victims of these two have been spared.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Protecting Sexual Predators and Prosecuting Victims

Will Frey and Austin Zehnder, the soon to be convicts.
Today I bring you a craptastically appalling case from Kentucky of a victimized girl who is being re-victimized by the system. 17-year-old Savannah Dietrich was sexually assaulted by Austin Zehnder and Will Frey at a party, after Dietrich had passed out. The disgusting pair of dickless shit containers took pictures of the assault on Dietrich and then passed the photos around to all their friends. Yes, these two small sacked scrotum munchers are the kind of sickos that like mementos of their nastiness. Last month these little bastards took a plea deal, pleading guilty to first-degree sexual abuse and misdemeanor voyeurism. The terms of their plea agreement haven’t been released, but Dietrich says they got off easy and wasn’t even aware they had been given a plea bargain until it was announced in court.

"For months, I cried myself to sleep. 
I couldn't go out in public places."
Dietrich, understandably frustrated and angry at our flawed system, took to Twitter and exposed the names of the two boy wonders that made her a victim, violating a court order to keep their names confidential. The tweet after the released names of Austin Zehnder and Will Frey read, “There you go, lock me up. I'm not protecting anyone that made my life a living Hell." Dietrich’s Twitter page has since been shut down and now she is facing a contempt of court charge and due in court on July 30th for the hearing. Her lawyers want that hearing open to the media, while the fuckwad junior sex predators’ attorneys want it closed. An online petition, which you can find HERE, has been launched, asking the judge to toss out the charges against and as of this write-up has reached 70, 544. It is awesome of everyone who is doing their part here with a signature and proving that protecting rapists isn’t more important than justice for victims.

Judge Deana McDonald
Because these douchenozzles are underage, just like Dietrich, the judge, Deana “Dee” McDonald, and the dickstain lawyers for these punks think their names should be protected, yet it’s fine for the victim’s name and photo to be spread all over the internet. Dietrich could get 180 days in jail and a $500 fine for naming names, but what do these little fucks get for sexual assault and distributing what is basically child rape porn? They haven’t been sentenced yet, but I believe had this been kept swept under the carpet, they would get their little slap on the wrist and be free to make more victims since they see how easily they can get away with being vile little fuckups. Just think of all the potential victims that may have been spared by the outing of these two and now the world knows who to watch out for. They may be juveniles, but that kind of crime is not something that should be kept quiet and they deserve to be known for what they did to Savannah Dietrich. 

I would also like to bring up some of the ridiculous comments that have accompanied articles on this story, about how the perpetrators are boys that made a mistake and Dietrich shouldn’t have been drinking underage. Sexual assault isn’t a childhood mistake and should not be brushed off as one. Teenagers all over go through their adolescence without raping their peers, so chalking this up to a mistake of youth is total bullshit. It also sends a shitty message that, as long as you’re a minor, you should get away with even the most heinous of crimes. Now on to the drinking baloney. The tamest of those comments have been in the arena of “Well, if she hadn’t been drinking, she wouldn’t have passed out and left herself vulnerable.” Again, calling bullshit, a person can be vulnerable to a crime with or without alcohol in the picture and saying shit like this is blaming the victim and excusing the criminal. Other comments chastised Dietrich for drinking and passing out, saying to look at what her own actions did and how they contributed to the incident. I’m pretty fucking sure Dietrich has learned her lesson after what she has been through, so that peanut gallery throwing an unnecessary shit fit over underage drinking and partying can now shut the buttholes on their faces, figuratively speaking. 

The foulest of the comments I saw were along the lines of women aren’t above the law and they shouldn’t play “prick teaser games” and expect not to get burned. More blaming of victims, specifically females, for what their attackers do. A victim has zero control over the actions of a no dicked assaulter. I don’t understand how people end up with that kind of mindset that looks for every possible excuse to blame the victim and justify the criminal’s actions. A woman can’t show skin, can’t have a personality, and can’t be the person she wants to be because, whatever she does, it’s tempting a sickfuck into forcing himself on her. How do people come to have that kind of attitude about this shit? What the hell makes them come to these warped and douchetarded conclusions? I imagine if someone has this crappy opinion on women and rape, they must be rapists-in-training or already pulled their nasty shit on someone. Too sick. 

So, in conclusion, No means No and the victim not being able to say "No" because they're unconscious is not consent, and just being a juvenile shouldn’t be a pass to be a junkless piece of shit. Savannah Dietrich, you are a hero and don’t let the ignorance of assholes make you think otherwise. 

 "So many of my rights have been taken away by these boys. I'm at the point, that if I have to go to jail for my rights, I will do it. If they really feel it's necessary to throw me in jail for talking about what happened to me as opposed to throwing these boys in jail for what they did to me, then I don't understand justice."

Octomom: Living the Dream

Blowing kisses and killing boners everywhere.
In the spirit of the All American can-do-attitude Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom. has pulled herself up by her stripper heels and gotten herself and her tribe of children off of Welfare! We can all sleep better at night knowing that Octomom has done her part in helping California get out of it's $16 billion deficit by no longer needing hand outs. Between Octomom's nudie pics of her scarred and stretch marked tummy, horrific fap porn (that she emphatically stated she would never do, but, you know, bitch gotta get a manicure) and pole sliding, she has managed to pull in 6 figures already. It goes to show you that Plain Jane girls anywhere in this great land of opportunity can get a hellacious amount of bad plastic surgery, implant her womb with a litter of chirruns and dance her way into Stardom. A place where any ole ho can drive their parents into bankruptcy by living with them and her horde of nose pickers and then move into a half million dollar house that you don't have to pay for and let your kids destroy that shit.
The ever classy and beautiful (hork) Suleman has only been stripping for a couple of weeks now, but apparently has had people throwing fistfuls of dollars at her shimmy and shake. I have to wonder if the highlight of her routine is making the pole completely disappear by hiding it in her clown car lady bits sideways. You know that shit could totally fit after spitting out 14 kids in just 4 pregnancy's without a thought to how she would support them or herself. Her snatch doubles as a blow pop dispenser with so many sticks hanging out her g-string, I imagine it to look like a dozen tampons shoved up there to stem the flood gates of her red flow every time she spreads her hamhocks. One day her little girls are going to look up at their Mommy and be so proud to know that she brought them out of the depths of despair by sexing it up to a curious and no doubt now mentally scared adoring public. Octomom has proven to the world that her latest welfare stint was only temporary as she said. Well done, Ms. Suleman, well done.

Working hard for the money

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Colorado Shooting Brings Out the Best and the Worst

Holding back tears: A witness talks to the media today about the shooting, accompanied by a man holding an infant
Jamie Rohrs, Patricia Legarreta and the dropped baby
You never know how you're going to react when the shit hits the fan until it does. Some people nut up and will take a bullet for a stranger, like 19-year-old Jarell Brooks. Some people piss themselves and run for the hills, like 25-year-old Jamie Rohrs. On the night of the tragic"The Dark Knight Rises" premier in Colorado, Rohrs was in the midnight showing with his girlfriend, 25-year-old Patricia Legarreta, their 4-year-old daughter and 4-month-old son.  While most people wouldn't bring such young children to a shoot-em-up movie like this, especially not at midnight, the young couple defends their decision by pointing out that they believed the children would sleep through the special affects and explosions. Yeah, they're those dickwads that bring a baby to a movie theater, that they have no business being in, to cry and disturb everyone around them, making it impossible to hear shit.

Rohrs was holding his 4 month old son and Legarreta was sitting next to their 4-year-old daughter, who was sleeping with her head in her mother's lap, when 24-year-old Jason Holmes burst through the emergency exit throwing tear gas and raining down  a hail of bullets on the audience. That's when Rohrs told Legarreta to get down as he started ducking and diving to get out of the theater with his baby in his arms. As Rohrs was making his way out of danger, he somehow managed to lose his baby. He doesn't remember when he "sat" the baby down or "laid" the baby down, but he thankfully he did so near Legarreta. So in other words, as soon as the shit hit the fan, he dropped his baby and ran like a bitch. After deserting his family, he jumped off the second floor balcony, where they had been sitting, and didn't let the door hit him in the ass as he ran out of the theater. At some point Legarreta, who saw her baby laying on the ground with his father nowhere in sight, grabbed her son as she was shielding her daughter with her body and took a shrapnel wound to her leg.

Now this is where our hero of the story comes in. Jarell Brooks sees the young mother protecting her babies and struggling to get them out of there. Brooks gets behind Legarretta and pushes her into the aisle infront of him, making sure that she and the kids get out. As they are making their way out of the theater, Brooks gets shot in the leg. If he had not have been there, Legarreta would have been seriously injured or possibly one of the kids. The bullet hit Brooks in the thigh. Think about how tall a 4-year-old is when they stand. Yeah, that would have been a headshot for the little girl if Brooks had not been there. Brooks, who didn't know any of these people, literally took a bullet for strangers when their own "man" of the house left them in the theater to be shot by a madman who thinks he's the Joker or some shit.

Well, Legarreta and the kids managed to make it out somewhat safe and sound, other than the shrapnel wound. When she finally made it out and started looking for her baby daddy, she had to call him on the phone so HE COULD DRIVE BACK to the movie theater to pick them up. So, after dropping his baby and leaving his girlfriend and her daughter in a fucking warzone, he didn't stop running when he got outside, but actually got in a car and drove the fuck off. What kind of person does this? When Rohrs finally made his sorry ass back to pick up his family that he abandoned, they made the trip to the hospital. I guess that Rohrs finally realized what a pussy ass mother fucker he is and decided to make amends by proposing to his lady love. Legerreta, being the forgiving type, accepted. Now Rohrs and Legarreta have been making the news rounds telling their story. Yeah, I don't get that shit. If I left my kids and loved ones to a shooting madman, that's some shit I'd take to the grave. While telling their story, I also notice that they left out the part where a 19-year-old stranger manned up and saved Legerreta's ass from being more seriously injured or possibly killed. Brooks's side of the story didn't come out until several days after Rohrs and Legerrata went telling the world what they went through. I guess they conveniently forgot his role in stepping in when Rohrs didn't. Rohrs has been crying his bitch ass off during interviews, and seems to think shit like that makes it okay to leave your family to die because he's all remorseful now. Thankfully, the babies are safe and Legerreta is going to be ok. But I still don't understand for the life of me why the hell she would accept Rohrs's proposal after seeing his true colors. Oh well, to each their own.
PHOTO:Jarell Brooks, seen in this undated handout photo, was shot in the leg on June 20, 2012 at a screening "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colorado.
Guardian Angel Jarrell Brooks

Getting Closer to the Real Reason Behind a Douchebag Dad's Decision to Deny His Daughter's Wish

Yesterday, I did a write-up about cockstain William May, the asshole who denied his 4-year-old daughter, who battled cancer for half her life and is currently in remission, her wish to go to Disney World. Make-A-Wish was going to take care of all the expenses, but May decided to pull the fantastically dickish move to not sign off on the trip, which the foundation required as May now has visitation rights. Now, many thought May pulled this shit to get back at McKenna's mother and grandmother, who he says "didn't allow" him to be part of McKenna's life or be there while she battled cancer. According to a comment left on the video below of dipstick dad's interview, May couldn't be bothered to help and never went to McKenna's birthday parties when she was in the hospital. His excuses for that are that he was told not to come and that every time she was in the hospital he was told after the fact. Seriously, dude? You're child was sick with cancer and you weren't calling to check in on her to see how she was doing daily or at least every other day of your own volition? May does a lot of blaming McKenna's mother and grandmother for his own inaction and lack of motivation to play a vital role in her life. So maybe there's a valid reason as to why this jackass was only recently given visitation. Or maybe mom and grandma did keep him from her, but with this dude's shitty disregard for the happiness of his child, who can blame them?

So May's reason for not wanting McKenna to get her wish is that other children that may only have 6 months to live should get the trip because she's "cured", apparently not understanding what remission is. A few people thought his stance was noble, saying how awesome it is that he would put the terminally ill children before his daughter. What those people fail to realize is that May's just slinging bullshit and that isn't the actual reason, even sticking it to McKenna's mother and grandmother isn't the whole reason. It turns out, May didn't sign off on the trip to Disney World because his own wife and family wouldn't be able to go on Make-A-Wish's dime and if his family wasn't going, then neither was McKenna and her mother's family. Make-A-Wish would have been sending McKenna, a sibling, her mother and grandmother on the trip, but May was apparently miffed that the charity wouldn't pay for him, his wife and their 4 children to go as well. McKenna's mother, Whitney Hughes, told him that Make-A-Wish would pay for him to go on the trip for the last few days of it, but not May's whole family. The reason Make-A-Wish would be paying for McKenna, her sibling, mother and grandmother is because she lives with them. So the dude is pissed that his family didn't get the free trip when all he has is visitation with McKenna, not custody, nor does she live with him.This guy is a bigger piece of shit than anyone originally thought.

In his interview below, May also says McKenna's mother and grandmother just went public and asked for donations to get rich, but I guess he didn't know at the time that the money not needed for the trip would be going back to charity, towards other children who have wishes of their own and, hopefully, don't have a parent as vindictive and self-serving as this asshole. I'm blown away that someone can be this petty and shitty of a person, that they would deny their kid who went through 2 years of hell battling cancer a few days of happiness. She may be in remission, but she deserves that trip for all she went through and this fuckwad is being a prick because him and his family don't get a free trip. Mother fucker wants to take his family to Disney World, he can pay for it himself, not use his cancer surviving daughter to get free trips for his wife and 4 kids. His alternative gift idea of a swing set of sand box in the backyard, he can pay for that shit himself, too. This guy is just such a turd. How fucking dare he try to use terminally ill children as his excuse for denying McKenna her wish when his real reason is petty jealousy and selfishness. Grow a fucking sack and pay your own way, asshole.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dickhead Dad Denies Cancer Survivor Daughter Disney World Wish

McKenna May just wants to see Mickey and the rest of the Disney Crew. I think she's earned it.
 In a supremely dickheaded move, Ohio father William May has denied his 4-year-old daughter her “wish” to go to Disney World. His daughter, McKenna May, is a cancer survivor, having battled leukemia for the last 2 years, and the Make A Wish Foundation had approved her dream of going to Disneyworld, a trip that had to be cancelled twice due to how ill cancer and the treatments had made McKenna. Now the little girl’s cancer is in remission and her father says that children sicker than his daughter and with little time left should get their wish instead, and refused to sign the consent form needed for McKenna to take the trip. William May was only recently granted visitation with his daughter and it’s a requirement of Make A Wish that if the other parent is on the birth certificate or has visitation rights, both parents must give consent. 

McKenna’s mother, Whitney Hughes, and grandmother, Lori Helppie, say May wasn’t present during most of the girl’s treatment and is denying McKenna’s “wish” to be spiteful. May himself admitted that he was “ticked off” about not being involved, but this is a guy who was only recently granted visitation rights and then turns around and thwarts his child from seeing Cinderella. May and Hughes were never married nor living together, having conceived McKenna after what’s being reported as a “brief relationship” and May is now married to a different woman. He says Hughes wanted to use the trip to Disney to house shop to prevent him from getting his bi-weekly visits with his daughter, but his main excuse is that his daughter is now cancer-free and shouldn’t get the trip so another child can have their “wish” fulfilled. He’s basically saying the 15 spinal taps, multiple chemotherapy treatments, series of steroid injects and numerous hospital visits McKenna endured while fighting cancer shouldn’t be rewarded on the charity dime, even though McKenna qualifies for the “wish”. May claims she is cured, but McKenna won’t actually be declared cancer-free until 5 years after her last treatment, which was just last month. 

William May, making himself look like shit.
 President and CEO of Make-A-Wish for the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana area, Susan McConnell, said, “The doctors are the ones who determine if she is qualified. She's been through a lot. What I really feel bad about is she is stuck in the middle.” Stuck in the middle because of an asshole with a half-assed revenge plot that hurts his daughter more than anyone else. William May says, “There’s children out there that deserve a trip like this that will never get to experience it. My daughter can go when she’s older and can remember it. I’ll pay for it.” Who knows when that would be and May also doesn’t seem to realize that no one knows just how much time they have. Yes, McKenna’s cancer is in remission, but what if it came back? I know I would feel like a supreme piece of shit if I denied a child something like this under such a flimsy pretense and then that child never got the chance to have that dream fulfilled in their lifetime. Man the fuck up, May, and stop taking shit out on your kid because you’re pissed at her mother.

This has zero to do with this guy wanting other children sicker than his daughter to receive their “wish” instead of McKenna and everything to do with him wanting to stick it to his daughter’s mother for what he sees as a slight against him. He’s made it all about him by denying his daughter something she has wanted and talked about for months and is finally healthy enough to enjoy. If he was so adamantly against the charity paying for McKenna’s wish, why isn’t he paying for the trip himself now? His alternative is that McKenna should receive a $200 swing set for the backyard. Yeah, that totally compares to Disney World. He says he would pay for the trip himself when he can, but in the meantime his daughter, who has gone through hell for half her life, shouldn’t get to see Mickey and Co just because he’s a petty broke ass punk? That is not fair at all and complete bullshit that he would use his child to get to her mother because he’s a pissed little bitch of a boy.

Luckily, through the charitable nature of those with a heart, McKenna will be getting her trip to Disney World after all. Her mother and grandmother asked the public for donations so that McKenna can get her trip and that public has come through and shown there still is a whole lot of good in people. As of yesterday, donations topped $12,000, with more money still being collected. McKenna’s mother and grandmother say people have also offered cars and homes, but all they want is for McKenna to get her wish and will be donating the surplus amount of donation money not needed for the trip to Jamie's Dream Team, a nonprofit group in White Oak, Pa. So, in a truly awesome move, they are giving back to charity and helping others, while McKenna’s douche dad is just not letting his kid go while trying to pass his bullshit off as some faux noble stand to help other kids that are more worthy than his. I should add that when McKenna’s mother broke it to her that they wouldn’t get to go to Disney World, she didn’t tell her why. She kept the fact that her father was being a vindictive cockstain from her and told McKenna that even though they wouldn’t be going to Disney World yet, she would get her there someday. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, though, McKenna gets to go sooner rather than later. Bravo, America.
McKenna with her mother, Whitney Hughes.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chick-fil-A Hates Gays And Pays Others to Spread It

I guess I should have figured Chick-fil-A was something Holy Roly, since they’re closed on Sundays, but I didn’t expect them to be blatant gay haters. Dan Cathy, the president of Chick-fil-A came out recently as an anti-homolien dicktard, stating that he and his fast food slop organization are “guilty as charged” when it comes to their anti-gay sentiments and opposition of gay marriage. They are so hateful and homophobic, that they’ve donated millions to anti-LGBT groups. 

According to Cathy, he believes “we are inviting God's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, 'We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.’ I pray God's mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about." I know I just ranted about religion and what not like a week ago, but this is too ridiculous to let slide. This guy and his business are taking their cues from a book that’s older than dirt and trying to force it down our throats, accusing us all of bringing down the wrath of God for allowing others to live their lives as they choose without interference. That is bullshit.
Cathy says Chick-fil-A is “very much supportive of the family—the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that." Holy-fucking-shit, married to their first wives still?  Well, gosh golly, they are damn near saintly, aren’t they? Still being married to your first means jack shit and using that as an example as to why you’re close to godliness is a miserable fail. This generation is supposedly prideful, but this jackass thinks he has some God given right to dictate who should be allowed to marry? And not only that, but he proudly donates money to organizations that openly hate and harass homosexuals.

Cathy wrapped up his Anti-Gay Pride statements with, "We know that it might not be popular with everyone, but thank the Lord, we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles." There’s a difference between sharing and forcefully shoving “values” down peoples’ throats. And I think all he wants to “share” is his convoluted message he thinks is from God and convert gays back to straight. Sorry, buddy, that’s not going to happen. You know, since the whole “we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it” thing. Yeah, you may oppose Gay Marriage, but guess what? They still get down with their bad selves and have lots of that gay sex that you’re so offended by. Not letting them get married may make you assholes feel like you’ve won some kind of victory over those “abominable” queers, but all you’ve really done, is spare them the messy hassle of divorce. They are still going to love each other and kiss and make fuck and have children and be happy, living their lives in the open with who they want to be with, regardless of whether they have that slip of paper that makes it official.
It’s bullshit to invoke the Word as interpreted by the fanatical and use it against others, to deprive them of their rights and make them miserable. Religion can be good, but it’s shit like this that makes people so rabidly pissed at those that would call themselves “Christians”, while acting the complete opposite. Where’s the fucking brotherly love? And if we’re supposed to be living life as defined by biblical standards, why is it that polygamy is a no-no and that fathers fucking and impregnating their daughters is a big fat felony? It may have been fine and fucking dandy in the old days, but what was a go in biblical times just does not fly in the here and now and people have to evolve. Not in the Darwin sense, but times change and we have to change with them. This isn’t the AD’s and early BC’s, when pedo shit was acceptable and you could club a man to death for stealing your sheep. Times have changed and you need to get with the program. Or you can stew in your irrational hallelujah hatred, but you’re going to have to deal with the fact that homosexuality is here to stay and it's not hiding in the closet anymore.

I’ve never had Chick-fil-A, I don’t even think there is one in my city, but I sure as fuck am not going to start eating it now. So screw you, Chick-fil-A and just keep on choking your chickens, but stay the fuck out of people’s marriages!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Adoptive Mother Ordered to Pay $150,000 for Child She Abandoned

Torry Hansen
 Before I get to the massive amount of child support Torry Hansen now owes for the care of Artyom Avaeliev, I need to give you a little background on this story. Artyom was adopted from Russia by Hansen and apparently the novelty of being an adoptive mother wore off. Hansen wrote a note saying she no longer wanted to be Artyom’s mother, gave it to the 7-year-old boy and put him on a plane, alone, back to Russia. This incredibly callous move turned out to be detrimental not only to Artyom, but to other children in Russia that were awaiting adoption, as Hansen cruel actions contributed to a decision by Russia to delay adoptions by parents in the United States. Russia recently approved a new agreement with the United States that gives the country greater power to regulate international adoptions.

Artyom Avaeliev
The adoption agency Hansen went through to adopt Artyom, The World Association for Children and Parents, sued Hansen last year for child support. Hansen has been doing her damnedest to contest the child support, while also neglecting to respond to summons to appear in court or show up for depositions. It appears Torry Hansen believes she shouldn’t be held responsible for the care of Artyom because he was a flawed and allegedly violent child. According to Nancy Hansen, Torry’s mother, Artyom was returned because he developed serious behavioral problems, claiming he hit, screamed and spit at Torry. She also claimed the boy threatened to burn down the Hansen home and kill family members. In court, Torry Hansen herself said, “Without going into depth, I can say he was very violent. I can say he wanted to kill me and he tried to kill my sister.” She said Artyom threatened to stab her mother to death and then turned on the tears while describing how the violent threats had sent her mother to the emergency room.

What I find funny about all that, is that Hansen then said, "That was when my parents decided to take him, because he was so violent.” Now, didn’t this kid’s supposedly horrid behavior and threats just drive her mother to be admitted to the emergency room, but now her parents are taking the child in? That doesn’t quite add up, but okay. Hansen also said it was her parents’ decision to send Artyom back to Russia alone on a plane, but that she agreed with the decision. She must have, right, since she wrote that lovely note declaring she no longer wanted her adopted son. In court, Hansen tried to claim her precious lawyers did not keep her informed about the goings on in the case and told her she didn’t have to go to court. She also used the birth of her daughter as an excuse, saying she couldn’t come to court because of the pregnancy.

During cross examination, Hansen admitted she had never called the police or Tennessee’s Department of Children’s services about his behavioral issues. She said she “called numerous psychologists and was told there would be a 6-week wait to get in.” She was asked if she knew a Russian court determined her actions constituted neglect and abuse. Her answer was that she was “aware that they felt putting him on the plane was emotionally disturbing,” but also claimed she has “never mistreated or abused him or any child.” Apparently, Hansen doesn’t understand how horribly she traumatized this child by making him feel unwanted and unloved and sending him on a flight alone to Russia with a note saying she didn’t want to be his mom. Larry Crain, the attorney for the adoption agency, said Artyom spent six weeks in a psychiatric hospital when he was returned to Russia due to the trauma he experienced.

The good news is that the Judge wasn’t buying Hansen’s bullshit, saying she had not cooperated with the court, and upheld the judgment against Hansen, ordering her to pay the $150,000 in child support. Her attorney, Edward Yarbrough, said Hansen has been making child support payments and will continue to, but that his client still has options, like appealing the order or requesting a modification to it. What I found funny was the comments left on the articles for this case. Some people bitched about the amount, while others said the money should go straight to Artyom. What they don’t seem to understand, is that Artyom is living in a group home now and the child support pays for the expense of caring for him. Hansen legally adopted him, which makes him her son by law and since she abandoned him, she is financially responsible for him. If she had given birth to him and abandoned him, she’d be facing criminal charges, which she’s avoided in this case, and once he became a ward of the court, she’d be paying them child support. So either way, she would have to pay, but unfortunately she got away with the abandonment. Hopefully, her new baby girl turns out perfect or we may hear about her writing a note and dumping that child off somewhere, too.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Religion, Atheism and Dead Kittens, Oh My!

Poor kitty sacrificed.
I got clued in on some Church of Jesus Christ craziness by Nemesis today and it comes right when I’ve been doing some thinking about religion and atheism, but I’ll get to that further on down. It seems that Isaac Wyler, an ex-member of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, was sent a message for leaving the church in the form of a kitten incased in cement. Yes, that’s right; a live kitten was put in cement and delivered to this man’s backyard as a warning to Wyler not to run his mouth about the church. That is the kind of crazy that almost outdoes the Church of Scientology, almost. The kitten was basically chiseled out of the cement when it was rescued, but it only survived a few days. The struggle and exhaustion of fighting to get out of the hardened cement probably did a number on its little system. The poor, innocent bystander kitty, it was just a pawn in a sick fuck game.
Now, do I think all Mormons are psychos? No. I don’t even think all Scientologists are crazies, though what they believe in, if South Park got it right, is some extremely weird ass shit. But, if we look at Christianity from the point of view of someone who doesn’t believe, the Bible comes off as a giant fairy tale. The Book of Mormon, again if we can believe South Park, came about because Joseph Smith Jr. swore an angel name Maroni led him to some gold plates that he then translated to print with the help of Martin Harris. If you’re not a Mormon that comes down to “dude just made this shit up, but people believed him anyway.” The same can be said about Scientology, that it was just another L. Ron Hubbard science fiction tale that he turned into a profitable faux-religion that many like to call a cult. Fuck knows, we have come across enough stories of religious fanaticism and all out batshit craziness when it comes to people taking their beliefs dangerously too serious. You have those nutcases, like those with the Westboro Baptist Church, that swear gays are going to hell and God hates them. The sects of Mormonism that believe God wants them to marry a dozen women and bang out kids like it’s going out of style. These are just smaller groups within a bigger religion and they may make headlines with the shit they pull, but they don’t represent the entire religion. To say that they do, is like saying a gang of thugs represents an entire race or a group of racist little dicked hicks represents a whole country. They don’t, but people love to blast the shit out of what they don't agree with, regardless of how stupid it makes them look and how fantastically they show their ass out of pure ignorance. 

Because it's funny
Now that brings me to the clique of non-believers, the ones that call themselves Atheists, that in their own way is a cult of their own. Not all Atheists, but the group within a group of them that would openly mock and belittle the beliefs of others simply because they themselves do not believe. The bullshit of complaining that God is in the Pledge of Allegiance, that a school has something Christian-related in its halls, that they're "trapped in the closet" because Christians are forcing their beliefs on them, that want the world changed and for it to revolve around them and their non-beliefs, because it offends them. It makes them no better than zealous groups of Anti-Everything, with the only notable difference being that one groups believes in God, while the other one doesn’t.

You have both groups bitching about the other, saying the other side is wrong and oppressing them, spreading their shit and getting the uninvolved bystanders caught in the middle of it. Again, a group doesn’t represent the majority, but if you’re looking to hate, you’ll include them all in your anti-religion garbage and smear every person in it, much like a certain blogger who will remain nameless. How is that any better than being a racist or an anti-homolien asshat? The fact is it doesn’t. It makes them the same as these other groups they claim to despise while practicing the same hateful intolerance of others. It is all fine and well to not share the beliefs of others, but should others be crapped on or innocent kitties covered in concrete? You wouldn’t shit on someone’s King James’ Version of the Bible or their shove their Darwin Fish up your rectum, right? So why shit on their beliefs? And if you’re going to, you should probably expect to see your own covered in crap too and just accept it with a shit eating grin.

When it comes to the Atheist VS Theists, I find myself more of an Agnostic, so I guess I don’t have a dog in the fight, but I think if you’re going to demand respect, you need to show others the same respect you’re so “righteously” screaming about not getting. It’s that kind of ignorance that causes the shit to hit the fan and do you really want to be called the Atheist version of Fred Phelps? Unless we’ve sequestered ourselves away from the world or people that don’t think or act the same or have the same values and beliefs, being respectful of others is still a must. You’re bound to have someone in your life that’s different and why would you go out of your way to belittle what they believe in or hold dear? It’s like having a gay friend, but calling other homosexuals candy asses and fags. It’s definitely something to think about for those in the World Wide Web community and the real world outside of it.

I’m going to wrap this up with something for the uber religious, too. I did some “searching” when I was younger, trying to figure out my own beliefs, and I asked a woman I know who is a Christian about the whole “God hates gays and they’re all going to hell” thing to get her take on it. What she told me is something that always comes to mind when I see Westboro shit hitting the news again. She said that in God’s eyes, sins are equal. So that means men fucking men or abortion or stealing to feed your family or being married and lusting after Jessica Biel are all equal sins in God’s view of things. So while God loves all His children, we all fall short because we’re pretty much all sinners until we’re “saved” through accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior. So basically, that means everyone is screwed, not just gays. And since Phelps and Co aren’t following that Commandment about loving thy neighbor, according to their own beliefs, they’re going to hell too. That’s comforting, right? Those Ten Commandments, man, they get everyone.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Men Beware!!!

The pacu fish recovered from Lake Lou Yaeger in Litchfield, Illinois. Clearly visible are the fish's human-like teeth
Nut Cutter Teeth
Okay, I just had to do a write up on this. This Pacu fish has been known to kill men by eating their testicles. Their main diet is NUTS, leaves and aquatic vegetation. And they have a taste for blood. Probably because they are a cousin of Piranha. Just look at those teeth. Scary huh? A couple of fishermen in recent history living in Papua, New Guinea, have died due to the "Nut Cutter's" eating their balls and causing major blood lose. So no skinny dipping! Yes, this fish is known as the "Nut Cutter" locally.

OMG, I can't make this up, just look at those teeth. Well, people of America need to worry about this shit now, because several have been caught in Illinois' Lake Lou Yeager. They, of course, are not native to the area, but are thought to have been exotic animals dumped there by dumbass owners that think that it is better to let their non-native pets go free. Jiminy Cricket, people! Please, DO NOT dump your exotic pet off outside! You fuck up the ecological system by doing this. You may think that you are doing a great service by not having a fish fry, but in actuality, you end up upsetting everything outside.

Florida is having major problems with boa constrictors right now. From the documentaries I've seen, I've only got a few years left, before I walk outside and see a 12 foot snake eating my dog. Thank you very much, you silly bunny lovers and hurricanes. If you must get rid of your exotic pet, please ask your local shelter what to do with it. Please, DO NOT turn it loose.

What's that crappy SyFy movie I haven't seen yet and don't plan on seeing? Snakehead Lake? Yeah, that's based on a true story.
Yes That is a Big Fucking Fish. A Big Fucking Fish Fucking and Procreating In Your Local Lake!