Monday, April 30, 2012

Dentist Extracts Revenge On Ex

     Revenge is a dish best served cold, but in this case it is best served liquified into shake form because this guy won't be eating solids for a good while. In what has to be one of the stupidest moves ever, by both parties, a man went into his ex's dental office complaining of a toothache and wanting treatment. The ex, emotions still raw from their break-up that had happened only days before, decided to make it all pulling every single one of his teeth out.

     Marek Olszewski was allegedly given a "heavy dose" of anesthetic by his ex-girlfriend, Anna Mackowiak, who then locked the door and started plucking tooth after tooth from Marek's mouth. He says he woke up unable to feel his teeth and that his jaw was wrapped and strapped with bandages. Mackowiak assured him that his mouth was just numb and she had wrapped him up to protect his gums, but that he would have to see a specialist. "I didn't have any reason to doubt her," Marek said in an interview, "I mean I thought she was a professional." Someone missed the life lesson on how "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

     Mackowiak is now looking at a possible 3 year prison sentence and is currently being investigated for medical malpractice. She explains the incident in her own interview, saying, "I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions, but when I saw him lying there I just thought, 'What a bastard' and decided to take all his teeth out." All I can say is, if you recently dumped a chick in any medical profession, it would probably be in the best interest of your mouth, junk and general physical well-being to not go to her for a check-up.

     While it appears both parties are screwed, I think it's obvious Marek got the shittier end of the stick. He's going to have to pay a fuckload to get some new chompers and apparently his new girlfriend left him. I guess gumming isn't as appealing to chicks as it is to dudes when it comes to oral and she's one of those picky broads that likes her men toothed. Maybe Marek will walk away from this a little wiser in the ways of vengeful and vain women. As for Miss Mackowiak, well, she may just be the Patron Saint of Jilted Ex's...or at least their heroine.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby Dies Due to Dumbfuck's Lack Of Common Sense

     Born on Valentine’s Day, Aiden McGrew only made it to two months because his careless and mentally stunted parents made the seriously stupid decision to leave a vulnerable baby and a dog together, unsupervised. The dog, named Lucky, was some kind of mix of Lab and retriever and fuck knows what else, but we now know Lucky is a pure bred baby killer. So if you’re worried about infant break-ins this is the dog to own. If you actually give a shit about your kids, you might want to pass on adopting a dog and thrusting it into the middle of a family with small children and defenseless babies. And you should definitely not let Rowlf the Piano Playing Dog babysit your kids while you catch some heavy Z’s.
     Due to his severe lack of common sense, Quinton McGrew’s 2-month-old son is now dead, mauled to death by the family pet. While Quinton slept in a bed with his 3-year-old, Baby Aiden was left to nap in a swing in another room. While daddy slept, a dog roamed freely around the house. While dad slept the recently adopted mutt pulled the baby from his swing and tore his legs from his tiny body. Dad slept through the horrific death of his child, leaving the horrific scene to be discovered by the child’s mother, Chantal McGrew, and their 7-year-old, who had just returned from a doctor’s appointment.
     The mother told police she arrived home just after 11 AM and found Baby Aiden on the floor by his swing with his legs torn from his body and his abdomen ruptured and bleeding. Aiden was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police are now investigating how it’s possible the father just slept through the vicious attack on his baby. They are also planning to perform an autopsy to determine whether Baby Aiden died before or after he was dismembered by the dog. I can’t even imagine how much pain that poor baby must have been in and he must have cried. I just can’t see a baby not wailing while enduring this kind of excruciating pain. It makes me wonder if his father often ignored the baby’s cries and just left him to cry it out until he was good and ready to take care of his kid. Or maybe he was just lazy and too tired to get the fuck out of bed and check on his child. Whatever the case may be because of a parent’s moronic decision to leave a baby at the mercy of a dog while he slept in, an innocent and helpless child has lost his life.
     The couple’s other two children has been removed from the home and the mother is refusing to speak to reporters. Charges have yet to filed, but I hope they are. What happened to this baby is totally unacceptable and absolutely unforgivable. It’s common fucking sense that you don’t leave a child unattended with a dog. That dog may be your best fucking friend and shake your hand on command, but a dog is still just an animal. Animals have instincts and urges, regardless of how greatly trained they are and it is just plain idiocy to leave your child alone with one. That goes for all animals, not just dogs. A couple was just convicted last year for the death of their toddler because their starving and inadequately caged python saw their child as a snack. If you cannot care for your pets or your children, you shouldn’t have either. This gruesome and disturbing tale of gross parental negligence was brought to you by Your Friendly Neighborhood BooKat.
I don't even want to know what the Muppet mutt is picking out of his teeth.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reunited And It Feels So Good...

Like penis cheese and foreskin, you just can't keep these two apart for long.

     Just when I had lost all hope in true romance, Jordan Powers and her geriatric, cradle-robbing ex-teach lover, James Hooker, renew my faith in real L-O-V-E, love. Just last week I had updated the case of Hooker & Powers whirlwind love affair, reporting that the couple had been torn apart by the law and Hooker's super grossness, also known as his unquenchable thirst for teeny bop cherries. On a phone call from jail, Powers broke up with Hooker after learning that he had in fact diddled other students before her. That she was not his first. GASP! This was so unexpected. Middle-aged married father and she was not his first? No fucking way!
     So, as the story of our star-uncrossed lovers goes, Hooker was arrested and charged for the sexual assault of a 17-year-old student that happened back in 1999. This was found out after Jordan Powers’ mother Tammie pushed police to investigate, insisting that the relationship between her daughter and the scuzzy old man now boinking her kid had taken a turn for the sexual on-ramp before Jordan turned 18. Whether or not that’s true has yet to be discovered, as the couple swore on all that is assholey that they did not have sexual relations until Jordan turned barely legal.
     Well, not to be thwarted by the law or kept apart by Hooker’s icky history of preying on young girls, The Hooker/Powers Romance is back on! It seems our young lass just can’t quit the man she called not only her love but her best friend and has moved back into Hooker's apartment. An unidentified neighbor says he was unpleasantly surprised to see Jordan back at the apartment. “I thought her mom would talk some sense into her,” he said. “But it shows how much he is in her head now.” In her head, in heart and in her pants. I tell you, Danielle Steele has got nothing on these two.
     The future of the pair is remains uncertain as Jordan’s mother is still hell bent on keeping the pair apart. Tammie is still fighting to pry her daughter from the Pedo-Beast’s grip, taking her Anti-Student Balling campaign all the way to Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen in an attempt to make it a felony for any teacher to have a sexual relationship with a student, even if they are of legal age. It was Tammie who tipped off the media to her daughter moving out again. She says that as soon as Hooker was released from jail, he began calling her daughter repeatedly, trying to win back his lady fair. And it appears he has, for the time being anyway.
     When asked if she had any comment on the charges Hooker’s facing, Jordan said, “I’m just not interested in talking at all.” Yes, she is standing by her man and keeping her trap shut now that Hooker has her back in his grasp, even though just a week and a half ago she was hurt and sure there were more girls, more victims, more “firsts”. Love does wonders to heal wounds of the heart…and erase all previous condemnations thrown out by an enraged mistress. I don’t think Jordan’s caught on to the fact that Hooker is using her, but maybe she’ll get it when he’s balls deep “in love” with the next student, the one that he leaves her for.
     I do believe Miss Powers has been thoroughly mind-fucked by Mr. Hooker and we’ll be seeing her at his side until the next arrest, where she’ll explain how his dick just fell into another student’s mouth and he was so freaked out he had to nut on her face, but then ran wee wee wee all the way home because it felt naughty and wrong. I think Lifetime is just going to have to turn this into a trilogy. So many twists and turns, it’s the stuff daytime TV is made of. Or maybe Skinemax can make some more of that soft-core their known for based on the scandalous love affair. I honestly don’t think there is any better way to end this current write-up then with a “To Be Continued….”

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Junkie Fuckup's Addiction Puts Child At Risk

Just Say No to Druggies.
For some reason, Jeremy Brian Klopp, a druggie from Pottstown, had a 5-year-old boy in his care and rather than put his used needles and other drug paraphernalia up where a curious child couldn't find them, Track Marks McGee decided to leave it all within easy reach. According to court papers, police found more than 100 used needles, around 25 spoons charred with drug residue, numerous clear bags containing suspected drug residue and two metal crack pipes. And guess where all these junkie goodies were found? In the bedroom Klopp shared with the 5-year-old. Call me old-fashioned, but the last place I’d want a junkie staying is my own home, much less sharing a fucking bedroom with a child.

An investigation into Klopp began back in July 2011 when his probation officers notified police of Klopp’s suspected drug use at the residence where he was staying with relatives. So the child he decided to endanger with his disease passing habit was related to him, but so far reports haven’t said how. Hopefully the kid isn’t his and whoever the child does belongs to gets more than a slap on the wrist for letting a drugged out and thieving loser live in the same room as their child. Oh, yeah I forgot to mention that Klopp is also a klepto. He admitted to stealing items from the home in January of 2011 that included some jewelry and a television. You’re probably as shocked as I am that he sold the items for drugs. Totally did not see that coming, right?

Taking it like a man and setting himself up for some massive withdrawal, Klopp pled guilty to charges of endangering the welfare of a child, possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia. He’s sentenced to 11 ½ to 23 months for the above charges and in a totally unrelated case, Klopp also pled guilty to a charge of theft by unlawful taking or disposition in connection to the theft of a 1996 Ford F-250 pickup, which belonged to another relative. Police eventually found the truck in an area scrap yard, also back in July. This guy sure seems to enjoy fucking over his family in big ways. 

I hate to imagine what could have happened to this child whose shit for brained guardian allowed their junkie relative to share a room with him. Druggies aren’t exactly the cleanest people and at the very least this kid could’ve been pricked by one of these possibly diseased needles and infected with fuck knows what. Worst case scenario, kid OD’s on this guy’s stash and dies. Either way, the risk to your kid isn’t worth lending a helping hand to your fuckup relative. Word to the not so wise, don’t let druggies stay with you and definitely don’t let them move their drug equipment into your kid’s bedroom.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still Searching For Aliayah Lunsford

Aliayah Lunsford Needs Your Attention

    Almost 7 months have now passed since Aliayah Lunsford was first reported missing, but it seems like the investigation into her disappearance in no closer to finding out what happened to her than it was on day one. There are no suspects or named persons of interest, just a spectacular disappointment of a mother who breeds and births like an animal while selling food stamps to make some cash and a father that snorts bath salts. Oh, and the other soccer team’s worth of kids in limbo because their mother kept popping out kid after kid even though she had no way to take care of them without financial aid. Not that she was using any of it to feed her kids, since she sold $114 of her food stamp allotment for a whopping $50 in cash.
    Yes, Lena Lunsford is a prime example of why people cannot stand welfare moms. She’s already pled guilty for the welfare fraud and is still awaiting sentencing, while everyone else around her searches for her missing daughter. As if the government mooching wasn’t enough to earn her the ire of the nation, for the longest time she did nothing to help aid in the search for her 3-year-old daughter, Aliayah, who went missing back in September of last year. She’s made some half-assed attempts in recent months and is even now in the process of divorcing her salt snorting husband and said to be cooperating with investigators, according to her attorney. All you get out of the lawyer is that Lena doesn’t know what happened to Aliayah and not much else.
    The FBI has been working on Aliayah’s case and so far all they’ve told the public is that they don’t believe Aliayah was kidnapped. Supervisory Agent John Hambrick said at a news conference last month:

"The initial concerns of somebody slipping in and taking Aliayah -- a break-in -- we found no evidence of that. We were not able to develop that as a theory."

    If you followed Aliayah’s case from the beginning, no one seemed to believe that this child was kidnapped. Lena Lunsford said the morning Aliayah disappeared that she checked on her daughter, who was sick, at around 6:30 and when she checked on her again later that morning she was gone. Lena’s Husband, Ralph Keith Lunsford, had already left to work, leaving Lena alone to decide what action to take. Instead of calling 911 immediately, Lena took to driving around the neighborhood and didn’t report Aliayah missing until 11:30, after her car ran out of gas and she hadn’t found her child on her own. It was around 9 in the morning when she discovered Aliayah was gone, so she basically wasted over 2 hours that police could have been searching to cruise around the area on her own.
    Back when this case first hit the news, Aliayah’s grandmother Joann Evans told the media, "She never leaves the house unless an adult is with her. She wouldn't have come out in the yard, or the road for that matter, without her mother." Just judging by Aliayah’s photos, she appears to be a very timid child. Also a very sad one. I have not seen a single photo of Aliayah with a smile on her adorable little face. I think she lived in a home where children were being taken care of by other children because their parents couldn’t be bothered. That left Aliayah and her siblings to fend for themselves for the most part and probably left the younger children at the mercy of the older kids when. That could be one of the explanations for the horrible bruises on Aliayah’s face in the above photograph.
    Investigators aren’t saying whether they believe Aliayah is still alive and Lena Lunsford’s attorney says that Lena "is convinced that no blood relative of Aliayah knows what has happened to her." That leads one to think that maybe the investigation is focusing more on Lena’s soon-to-be ex-husband, Ralph Lunsford. Ralph is not Aliayah’s biological father and Ralph himself has suggested he’s been under scrutiny for Aliayah’s disappearance, saying last fall that he’s "been questioned by authorities day after day for the last month or two."
    Supervisory Agent Hambrick hasn’t said if Ralph Lunsford is a suspect or if investigators are still questioning him. All Hambrick had to say about the question of whether this case has any persons of interest was, “It’s a small universe.” Hambrick also assured residents that there was no need to fear for their own children’s safety, that the investigation ruled out the notion that Aliayah was taken by an intruder. That’s good news for the residents of north-central West Virginia, but still leaves us with no news on where little Aliayah Lunsford is.
    What I find extremely disappointing about Aliayah’s case is that her story hasn’t garnered much attention in the media and it’s been frustrating for her family. Tina Smith, Lena’s step-sister and Aliayah’s aunt has voiced that frustration, saying, "We have tried and tried and tried. . . If us family members wouldn't have kept it going, her case would have been swept under the rug. We wouldn't even be here today." Probably because with so many children being reported missing in the news, it’s hard for the people out here that would keep our eyes peeled for this child to remember or keep track.
    I know it’s said that children have been going missing for years and we only hear about it so much now because of all the advances in community technology, but I don’t completely buy that. Disappearing children has become an epidemic. But how do we find a remedy for it with so many disinterested or suspiciously silent parents that don’t cooperate? It is distressing and totally unacceptable that children are being so blatantly failed by the very people who are supposed to be looking out for them. So that leaves the rest of us, strangers to these children, to look out for them and protect them and keep their names and faces at the forefront. If you’ve got a voice, give it to a missing child like Aliayah. They need us.

Penis-Pinching Child Abuser Looking At 74 Years

Nicholas James Fuchs is in dire need of someone to smack that smirk off his face.

   A walking talking colostomy bag from Milwaukee is facing three counts of physical abuse of a child, one count second-degree reckless endangerment, one count of false imprisonment and one count of strangulation now that police have caught wind of said shit container’s child abusing ways. 26-year old Nicholas James Fuchs was charged on Thursday and if convicted he faces up to 74 years in prison and $165,000 in fines for what he did to the children of a woman he was staying with.

   According to the criminal complaint, from January to October of last year, Fuchs abused a 4-year-old and a 5-year-old in various and sickening ways, like throwing one of them in a clothes dryer for wetting themselves. After further investigation, police discovered Fuchs had used the fabric softening and child damaging punishment with the dryer on multiple occasions, in addition to other equally twisted abuse.
   The two young victims told investigators Fuchs would hit them on their feet with a spoon and submerge their feet in a tub full of hot water. Fuchs abhorrently abusive actions only get worse. He also choked one of the children and pinched the penis of another. In July of last year, he broke one child’s arm and it was investigated, but Fuchs was able fool whoever looked into the case then, passing the broken arm off as an accidental injury that had occurred while roughhousing.

   According to what’s been reported, the mother was completely unaware of the abuse that was going on in her home. She’s probably seriously regretting letting this cum wad into her life now, but hopefully it’s a lesson learned and next time she invites someone to be a part of her and her children’s lives, she’ll be more cautious. A wolf in sheep’s clothing can pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, but when you have kids in the equation the risk of letting a stranger in is just too high.

   Fuchs is currently sitting pretty in Milwaukee County Jail while he awaits trial and can’t put his hands on anyone’s children. The only hands he’ll have to worry about now are those of his cellies…well, maybe not their hands.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dickless Wonder's Rape Journey Comes To An End

Ain't That The Truth
   Job Carlyn Hughley, one of the reasons anti-rape devices exist, began his rape fest on April 4th when he “allegedly” sexually assaulted a 20-year-old woman as she was walking in the Grand River and Warwick area of Detroit. Rape-happy and small-packaged Hughly approached the victim, put a gun to her back, and ordered her to go with him to an alley behind a vacant house, where he raped multiple times. He later fled on foot and his victim immediately reported the assault to police. In this case, cowardly Hugley is being charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct, Kidnapping, Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Felony Firearm.
   On April 10th, Hugely disgusting and unmanly Hughley continued his wave of horrendous dick crimes, by sexually assaulting a 22-year-old woman near Cody Middle School. He approached this second victim and took her at gunpoint to the side of the school building where he raped her. He then decided that he wanted to make this incident a rape expedition and took this victim to several other locations where he continued to rape her. Again proving his total cowardliness, he took off and his second victim immediately reported the attack to police. For this crime, lacking in masculinity Hughley is charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct, Kidnapping, Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Felony Firearm.
   Going out with a bang and wanting to top his previous escapades of nastiness, sans testicles Hughley got even bolder with his sickening activities. On April 12th, Hughley assaulted a 36-year-old woman as she was walking with her child in a stroller. Taking his third victim at gunpoint as well, Hughley led her to another area and attempted to sexually assault her, in front of her child. When the mother attempted to run from him, Better-Off-Aborted Hughley shot her in the back. The mother ran around to the front of this last rape location where bystanders assisted her and her baby. She was taken to the local hospital where she is now in critical condition. The woman’s child was unharmed and is in the custody of relatives. For this final act, prime example of complete unmanliness Hughley is charged with Assault with Intent to Murder, Kidnapping, Assault with Intent to Commit Criminal Sexual Conduct, Felonious Assault, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, and Felony Firearm,
   It takes a truly horrible and sick person to inflict the kind of physical and emotional wounds that rape leaves on a victim. That makes any rapist not only a total and disgusting disgrace, but a less than human monster. It is sad that “men” like this sub-human skin-clothed piece of shit are the reason a barbed female condom had to be invented to keep assholes like this one from taking what a woman would not willingly give them. Hughley deserves very bad things to happen to his sub-par junk, but I think once he’s convicted, it’s his anus and mouth he’s going to have to be worried about.
It doesn't look like much, but that barbed little thingamajig packs one helluva penis bite.

Toddler Endangered By Mother''s Behavior

Don't threaten her with a good time.
   In a case of extreme selfishness and total lack of concern for the safety of a helpless and utterly dependent child, Amber Elaine Czerwinski has proven herself completely unworthy of the Mom title and crown. For slacking in her motherly duties, Miss Czerwinski earns herself the new and improved Shitty Birther label. Wondering what the award is for such a prestigious designation? It’s the nifty charges of child neglect and child endangerment, which could earn Miss Czerwinski a lovely jail stay for up to a year on each charge, plus a bonus $3,000 fine. What did our Reigning Queen of Selfish do to deserve her prize? What any self-centered, womb-toting semen receptacle would do…put her kid in harm’s way for a good time.
   Back on March 31, police responded to a call about a man acting “strangely” in the lobby of the hotel where Miss Czerwinski was staying with her child. A desk clerk for the hotel reported that the man had shown up in the lobby, bleeding from a cut on his head and screaming that someone was following him, and hopped the front desk counter. In other words, he was totally batshit belligerent. When police arrived at the lobby, they found our delusional hero smack in the middle of his bizarre performance, rolling on the floor behind the counter, reeking of booze. He was asked by responding officers what happened to his head and his slurred and incessantly repeated answer was to state his first name. He then passed out and was taken to the hospital.
   Now, you’re probably curious how this man’s sloshed silliness leads to Miss Czerwinski, right? When officers went to the room rented by the hysterical boozehound and their knocks went unanswered, they used a passkey to enter the room. What they found was Miss Czerwinski half passed out, her daughter sitting on the bed beside her. Was it naptime and Mommy conked out before baby? If that’s what you would call getting shitfaced and alcohol poisoning yourself into slumber, than sure, we can call it that.
Perfumed in alcoholic stench, Miss Czerwinski didn’t initially respond to questions made by officers, but eventually told them she didn’t know what happened to the man who had rented the room and that she had only just met him. According to police, her speech was also “extremely slurred” and they had to keep her from falling off the bed multiple times while they spoke to her. Police found several pill bottles in the frenetic man’s name for prescriptions used for mental health issues like paranoia. On a nightstand next to the bed, officers found an empty box of cold medicine pills, with open wrappers on the table and floor.
   The fact that she was wasted in the middle of a sea of pills is enough to prove Miss Czerwinski is a craptastic failure at putting her child first, but what puts her botched mothering over the top is the deathtrap she put plunked her child in the middle of. Officers had to take a pill wrapper away from the toddler, who was gnawing on it. The little girl also had Vaseline and Chapstick all over her face and it appeared that she had been eating them. A warm container of milk was found on the floor near the room’s refrigerator, along with a sippy cup of malodorous milk, a bowlful of old nasty oatmeal remains, old cheese, partly eaten candy bars and a lemon with child size teeth marks in the peel. I find the fact that this helpless baby girl was so hungry she has to forage for food one of the most disgusting and heartbreaking facts in this case. A child should never ever be hungry and left to fend for themselves.
   There were no toys, no children’s books, no clothing for the toddler found in the room. There was basically no evidence at all of a child being cared for, but there was a jug of vodka and a case of beer. Just what a growing baby needs. The toddler was also found in a sopping wet diaper and when police changed it, they found a “severe” rash on her legs and pelvic area. So not only was this little girl practically starving, but she was also in some amount of pain ‘cause if you’ve ever dealt with a baby suffering from diaper rash, you know that shit hurts them like hell. It’s pretty likely the girl was suffering a yeast rash that didn’t just suddenly happen overnight, so she was probably being neglected in favor of Mom’s being threatened with a good time for a while.
   For Amber Elaine Czerwinski’s crowning achievement as one of the shittiest mothers to plague the earth, she gets the wear the Worst Procreator Crown for the rest of her life, joining the ranks of all other would-be “mothers” that have also had their Mom titles revoked. Congratulations, Miss Czerwinski, you should be the opposite of proud.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No Apologies

     In Ayla’s case, like all others, there are sides. In her case there are three, Justin’s, Trista’s and Ayla’s and apparently if you’re on Ayla’s you automatically have to be on Trista’s and questioning anything about her makes you Anti-Ayla. After all the dealings with irrational DiPietro Groupies, I didn't think it was possible that Trista supporters would turn out to be just as unreasonable when it came to seeing all sides of this case, but I probably should have guessed. Shame on me. They appeared to be more open-minded and logical when it came to all the facts, not just the ones that damned the DiPietro’s and their supporters. It seemed that openly discussing any and all facts was possible without all the outrageous and insane jumping down throats action you would find on The Lying Blog Love Letter to Justin. Obviously, I was mistaken.
     I dared to point out that EVERYONE, not just the Dips or the system, failed Ayla her entire life. And that includes Trista, regardless of whether or not some people choose to see that. Trista is not without fault in this ordeal, even though I believe Justin and his Ass-Coverers are ultimately to blame for whatever’s happened to Ayla. Everyone involved in Ayla’s life has made choices that contributed to this outcome and as much as it’s said that regardless of what Trista was doing in her life that Justin could have taken Ayla, you can’t ignore that through her actions she basically gave Ayla to him.
      She could have been clean and sober and he would have taken her away anyway? Sure, but being clean and sober, Trista would have been in a better position to fight for her child and there wouldn’t be the ammo against her that there is now. And the Immaturity Excuse is getting old and people shouldn’t be stepping up to make excuses for her in the first place. She was not a child when she had Ayla and she is not a child now. The moment she found out she was going to have a child of her own she should have done all the growing up she needed to raise Ayla on her own. She didn’t do that. She may love Ayla like crazy and been the best Mommy to her while she had her, but it was because of her selfishness that Ayla ended up with Justin. Yeah, once she was faced with the reality of losing her kids if she didn’t quit drinking, she decided to do the unselfish thing, but why did it take someone else making that threat to get her to do right by her children? You cannot deny that she was selfish in her choices, regardless of how much better she is as a parent then Justin DiPietro. I still only see Trista as the lesser of two evils.
     If Ayla came home today, I would want her to be with her mother, but not without the state checking in on her and Trista completing parenting classes, getting counseling and joining programs to help her be the best mother she can be to both her children, always. It may blow to hear that Trista’s decisions helped make this situation possible, but it is the truth. Comments that she doesn’t need to hear that and it contributes her grief might be nice for a good cajoling, but if she doesn’t want to hear or see what is said about her past or her mistakes and where she went wrong, then maybe being online isn’t the place for her to grieve. That’s realistic, right?
     If Trista’s past is supposed to be irrelevant to the case, then wouldn’t Justin’s or Elisha’s or Phoebe’s or Courtney Roberts’ pasts also be irrelevant? It’s either all relevant or none of it is. The picking and choosing of which flaws to highlight and whose, doesn’t help find Ayla either, but day after day that’s exactly what’s done, on every side. I am only on Ayla’s side. You know, the girl that is supposed to be the main focus of this whole case. Team Trista and Team Justin are fair game and both epically failed Ayla in their own way, even though only one of them is solely responsible for Ayla now being missing. We’re supposed to be finding out and paying attention to all the facts, but it is obvious that some would rather ignore most of it if it doesn’t paint their side in the best light. That isn’t finding justice for Ayla or stopping any Lies.
     I’m not playing Spy Games anymore and will no longer be covering Ayla’s case in any future write-ups. You can look to Shannie for those posts and if we could leave the tattling to the schoolyard that would be fabulous. Shannie is not my mother and doesn’t rein me in when a few people don’t approve of what I have to say. Also, because I’m a straightedge kinda chick, I don’t drink, much less drink and blog. It’s a shame that grown ass men and women would be so childish and petty.

Jon Lovitz Takes On Maple Syrup Nazis

Jon Lovitz Isn't Taking Any Crap
     Get your pancakes plated and your waffles ironed, Maple Syrup Nazis are making the rounds. While twatting it up in the cyber-verse today, I came across a story involving Jon Lovitz and a trio of nasty teenage girls. No, it's not anything sexual. Apparently this threesome of teeny bop bitches have been bullying the daughter of one of Lovitz's childhood friends in one of the shittiest ways possible. Literally. They dumped shit on the porch of this girl's home, but that's actually not the worst of it. No, these cunty little assholes took it a step further and wrote the word "JEW" and a couple of swastikas on the walkway of the home as well, in maple syrup.
     I don't know what the significance of the maple syrup is, maybe it has something to do with the Hollywood outbreak of Canadian Jews, which I didn't even know existed until Seth Rogen hit it big. Whatever the case, I'm doubting the story of a little white girl being picked on is going to make huge headlines, but Jon Lovitz, bless his creepy heart, is doing his damnedest to get the word out there. Taking to his Twitter page, Lovitz tweeted a pic of the "prank" with the message, "Some coward & idiot left this on a friend's doorstep, yesterday. This is an insult to all of us." I guess later that same day, Lovitz came across a photo of the teen terrors and posted it up in a tweet, with the accompanying message, "The 3 girls who are bullying my friend's daughter. They want to be known. Let them be famous as Jew haters. Pls RT." Bravo, Lovitz.
Yeah, those are some tough little skeezes right there...cue eyeroll.
     What's really disappointing in this case, is that the only person that may possibly be charged is the mother of one of the girl's. Apparently this brilliant breeder decided an anti-Semitic message squirted in syrup was a great idea and drove the three she-creatures to the bullied girl's house in the middle of the night. Great parenting, right? Police say since the shit and syrup didn't leave any permanent damage to the property, it isn't a hate crime and Lovitz is calling it a "hate incident". Pretty fucked up when you think had this happened to another race, it would have been made a HUGE deal of and assholes would be taking to the streets in protest and acting like fools, demanding justice. Shitty, huh?
     I applaud Jon Lovitz's efforts, though. I actually really do love it when celebrities or people with some clout actually speak out and use their voice to get out an important message. And I fucking can't stand celebs, for the most part, but speaking out when they can be heard loudest above all us Average Joe's is commendable. Lovitz says he was a bullied as a kid and I totally buy it, 'cause dude is kinda weird and has always semi-grossed me out, but fucker cracks me up sometimes. Sure, this girl being terrorized is probably some richie rich, but the message still matters. This kind of bullshit is not okay. Ever.
     Reading that the Trio of Twatty weren't going to face charges probably was a tad of a downer, huh? Well, this Tale of Bad Girls Gone Racist goes out on a good note. Lovitz took to Twitter again tonight with a sweet tweet, "UPDATE!!!! The three girls who vandalized my friends home with swastikas and dog crap, have been expelled from their school permanently." I love happy endings.
On Yahoo's article, I found this comment by user DMalenfant hilarious: "You know what is really funny, those girls can't draw a swastikas to save their inner Hitler. No really look at them, if they didn't spell jew correctly, this would be a retard crime."

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lies Are Punished With Miscarriages

      Have you ever known a chick that was so starved for attention that she would create whatever drama she could to get the attention she craved, whether it was good or bad? You know the kind of chicks I'm talking about, right? The insecure ones that, if see their boyfriend look away from them, swear he must be checking out some slut that walked by, whether he did or not? Those ones that will dream up some drama just to start a fight? Or will go all wobbly necked and jump all over another chick for even glancing at her man? Those are the same ones that will fake a pregnancy and a miscarriage to keep a man and gain the sympathy of others. They are crazy, desperate, unstable women that have zero self-confidence and so they get their jollies and make themselves feel better about themselves and their situation by stirring up drama and playing sides against one another. It is an insane and vicious cycle they will repeat over and over again all in the attempt to feel like they matter and to fill a void.
     One particular crazy I know of, is big on that "I'm pregnant, oh, wait, I just miscarried" plot. It's a tried and true classic reserved for the truly nuts and hard up for love. It's a sick little lie that earns some severe karmic punishment and curses these psychopaths with real miscarriages because they aren't even fit to be decent human beings, much less a mother to a helpless little baby. I think these batshit attention whores end up cursed with rancid vaginas, rotten wombs and dead eggs because they are cruel and whoever watches over us saw that and said, "Fuck no. No baby for you." Maybe even in the Soup Nazi's voice. Yeah, the Fetus Nazi. He sees how twisted and demented these soulless women that fake a pregnancy to get sympathy and keep a man by their side and decide that a monster that would put on that kind of a charade isn't worthy of motherhood. Maybe once in a while he gives them a little temporary bundle of joy, but then The Fetus Nazi quickly snatches it away with a vagina bloodbath and fetal evacuation as payback for the nasty emotional game playing of a demented and unstable liar. I see that as just.
     It's a pretty fitting punishment for a manipulative psychopath that would conjure up a phony pregnancy only to get herself some attention and fuck with other's sentiments. They tell a little Clear Blue Easy white lie a couple of times and as karma for their misdeeds, they're smitten with infertility. I think that's also a little hint hint that this kind of person is an unfit mother so The Great All Seeing in the sky, or whatever, gives the gift that will never give them a baby. Kinda like lookin' out for the unborn by not cursing them with shitty mothers. Some bad ones get through the cracks, way too many actually, but I'm sure there are bigger and better plans for those women unfit to be called Mom. They get theirs in different and unexpected ways. Like having such a lonely and craptastic life they have to live online and lash out at whoever they can to feel better than those around them. It's people like those we're supposed to feel sorry for, but I don't. Those are the same cowards that would taunt a dying man and steal candy from a baby, so I find them unworthy of my sympathy.
     I actually find those people hilarious. The insistence that their life is awesome and totally rocks. That their husband is loving and tolerant and does everything for them, meanwhile behind their back, he's plowing whatever skank doesn't mind a little penis cheese around the rim. That swear they have the best job and make the most money and have the career that allows for infinite online twat time even though their job is Stuck At Home, Has No Life or the classic, "student". The ones that say their kids are well off and so good and have everything they could ever want, while in reality, their kids are neglected and resentful of their mother who would rather tap tap tap away at the computer, giving all her love and attention to whatever new and scandalous activity has caught their attention. These are those kids that somehow struggle to thrive inside decaying reproductive organs and make it out only to suffer with a mediocre mother. You know, the ones that slip through the cracks.
     I don't feel sorry for those losers that turn being a dick online into a gross addiction. A really nasty habit they can't or refuse to give up because it feeds the need and fills the void. That thrive off of hurting strangers in the most unimaginable ways, like mocking their children or causing trouble in their personal lives. I don't feel sorry for people like that because I know they don't feel sorry or anything else for the people they tear down and rip to shreds. People like that are pathetic and laughable, and I can't feel bad for someone that makes me giggle so much. Enjoy your jarred baby remains and remember, Liars never prosper.
This Makes Me LOL Myself

Sunday, April 8, 2012

FeelinSoFlyLikeA[G6]? Well, How About A Quiz?

With so many "lies" spewed all over the internet, it's nice to see some honest answers every now and then...

Q. Will you be looking for a new job?

Q. Will you be looking for a new relationship?

Q. New house?

Q. What will you do different in 2009?

Q. New Years resolution?

Q. What will you not be doing in 2009?

Q. Any trips planned?

Q. Wedding plans?

Q. What's on your calendar?

Q. What can't you wait for?

Q. What would you like to see happen different?

Q. What about yourself will you be changing?

Q. What happened in '08 that you didn't think would
ever happen?

Q. Will you be nicer to the people you care about?

Q. Will you dress differently this year than you did in

Q. Are you going to be in school in 09?
OF 2010...

Q. How will you make more money in 09?

Q. Will you do charity work?

Q. Are you going to drink on New Years Eve?

Q. Will you be nice to people you don't know?

Q. Do you expect 2009 to be a worse year for you
than 2008?

Q. How much did you change from this time last year
til now?

Q. Do you plan on having a child?

Q. Will you still be friends with the same people you
are friends with now?

Q. Major lifestyle changes?

Q. Will you be moving?

Q. What will you make sure doesn't happen in 2009
that happened in 08?

Q. What are your New Years Eve plans?

Q. Will you have someone to kiss at midnight?

Q. Wishes for 2009:

True Love Thwarted By The Law

James Hooker and Jordan Powers in happier and more gag-inducing times.
     Back in March, I stumbled across a love story that put Romeo and Juliette to shame. I thought it would last, but alas, it seems our star-crossed lover's romance was just as doomed as Shakespeare's suicidal duo. Let me refresh your memories with a quick synopsis...
    James Hooker, a teacher at James Enochs High School in Modesto, California left his family and his job to take up with one of his students, 18-year-old Jordan Powers. Hooker and Powers both insisted nothing sexual had happened between the two until after Power's 18th birthday. It caused quite the scandal and the pair made the rounds through various media outlets to profess their deep love for one another and swear that Jordan wasn't diddled by Hooker until she was legal. Jordan's mother, Tammie Powers, wasn't buying that load of bullshit and tried her damnedest to tear the Hooker/Powers couple apart, even launching a Facebook page dedicated to outing Hooker as a sleazy pervert and sexual predator. Tammie was convinced a sexual relationship between Hooker and her daughter began long before Jordan's transition from jailbait to barely legal status. An investigation into the lovebird's relationship was launched and it looks like Hooker has a bit of a history when it comes to robbing the cradle.
The lighting for his mugshot really brought out the "skeevy old perv" in his eyes.
     Police discovered that back in 1998, Hooker had an "alleged" sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student and was arrested Friday, charged with one count of oral copulation with a minor. At least for now. You're probably curious as to what Ms. Powers reaction to this is right? Hoping the two can battle through this and strengthen their relationship, defying the odds and fighting for their happily ever after? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems this fairy tale romance wasn't meant to be. During a phone call with Hooker from the joint, Jordan broker up with him. Here's how she tells it, in her words:

"He called me from jail and yes, I told him that we're done. I lost everything for this guy. I lost my senior year. I gave up all my friends at high school because they didn't agree with me."

     I can't say I feel all that bad for her. She knew what she was getting into with a guy that left his wife and kids to "play daddy" with one of his students. Did she think she was the first, his one and only? It's possible, being a young and naive girl that was preyed upon by her middle aged teacher whose receding hairline is giving George Costanza a run for his money, she would believe Hooker's "you're my first" baloney. About finding out her balding Prince Charming had trouser snaked another student before her, Jordan said, "My heart dropped. I felt betrayed. I just have a gut feeling there are other girls." It's funny how once a gal is betrayed by the man she supposedly loves, all these new feelings and suspicions emerge.
     It appears Hooker tried to make it work and attempted to "come clean" to Jordan about his past teeny bopping. According to what Jordan told an interviewer, Hooker claimed he met the 17-year-old online and hung out with her as just friends. That "he went to her house and she came out of the bathroom naked and he only touched her boobs and her legs." Jordan said Hooker told her he freaked out so he left and went home and that nothing else happened. Apparently, she doesn't believe him because she went on to say, "How could he lie to me for all these months and look me in the eye and tell me he loves me? I don't know how someone could have such a cold heart." I can't believe anyone, even an idiotic, lust-struck teenager could believe he hadn't been hitting on and porking students before she came along. Maybe she thought she was special because she was the only one Hooker wanted to bone on a regular basis and went as far as to leave his family and move his newfound love into an apartment with him. I think dude just mid-lifed to the extreme and wanted his teen poon on hand and at the ready when his viagara-induced hard-ons kicked in.
     Whatever the case, I'm sure Lifetime will have a revised version of the Hooker/Powers love story ready for the Pissed Off At All Men masses they cater too. Get your popcorn and Midol ready, ladies.
Just not meant to be. I wonder what decade his breakup songs are from...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stick it in ya keister, it's Easter!

............From shannie Cottontail, and BooKat Rabbit....... oh and Zombie Jesus.
He died for our sins, to come back for our brains....

Stop the Lies Blog, More Reason to Ignore it

JSTL, you're pathetic., Deal with....
Let's all stop the traffic we're giving to JuststoptheLies...NOW.  Besides her being too easy to call out and cyber-smack because of her lack of intelligence, and unoriginality...We have now seen the point of that bad joke of a blog, and it's not to bring justice to Ayla Reynolds.  The freak show known as JSTL is there to play games, disrespect Ayla, spread lies, and deflect any negative information about Justin Dipietro and his mongrel family onto Trista Reynolds, Ayla's Mother,....I personally can't wait to see how it back fires on the sad pathetic clown who writes the blather over there.

Obscures creepiness spills over into her daily life...
Answers For Ayla and Justice For Ayla have posted really great info on just what is going on....Let me say that not only do these blogs impress me, but they are written with heart and love for Ayla.  That's something that Lies/Obscure cannot ever say about the senseless ramblings she posts.   Boo and I have supported finding a live Ayla, bringing her justice and showing those who read here just what the paternal side of the family has done from the time Ayla was in their care, up to now....and it's not looking good for those bastards. I see this case as pure common sense, like many others do. JSTL rants about made up shit, bashes Trista, and Tori (two women she says she doesn't know), and defends the people who know what happened to Ayla.  . There's so much wrong with the Dips and how Ayla was injured in their care, the blood, lies and bullshit is so overwhelming that this Lies blog cannot be anything but propaganda; a ploy to fuck up evidence and gather info for the Dips defense.  Don't go there...if you give a shit about Ayla, and you care at all about having the fucks who are lying about her disappearance pay for what they've done, then boycott JSTL.  I like a good shit tossing cyber-scrap as much as the next chick, but I would rather see those responsible for Ayla's "demise" in handcuffs, then them getting off on some bullshit technicality or whatever their bottom-feeding attorneys (who fancy themselves cyber-sleuths) have planned...

I personally would love to hear why Ayla's blood was  in Justin's basement bedroom....Let's see if that will ever be answered.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sister finds body of baby sister, Mother charged

Look at these beautiful babies right there. Now imagine a life of neglect and filthiness. Now see the cowering picture in the upper right hand corner of the picture. 

This is what we have, a mother and father caught up in a mud slinging custody battle. Denise Wilder 37 of Roseville Ca., has been charged with child neglect and manslaughter of the beautiful little red haired angle on the far left. Sadly the older sweet baby girl found the lifeless body of her little sister. 

Denise was reported missing after not being seen by her family since Sunday. A family friend found the body of little McKinley Wilder 2, at her grandparents home who were reportedly out of town. According to it was her 5 year old SISTER, Kennedy, who found the sweet baby first.

Denise was reportedly found, by police drunk off her ass, in the home along with her deceased baby girl and Kennedy. Kennedy was immediately removed from the situation and placed with child protection where she was later given to the custody of her father, Mark Wilder.

Mark Wilder

Now we'll talk about the nasty ass custody battle. The mother was rewarded temporary custody of the children during the divorce proceedings. Denise, and her family members, claimed that he was a man-whore that picked up random women online, was verbally abusive, had a kink about leather and women that used whips. He claimed that she was a fucking drunk that would down a bottle of wine or half bottle of vodka every night. He also said that many times when he would pick up his beautiful babies they would be filthy and hungry.  

So unfortunately while they went through their rounds of he said she said, and trying to one up each other, one baby died and another is scarred for life because she found her dead sister and was alone, for possibly days, with a mother that allegedly cared more for her drink than the two precious people she birthed from her body. 

Autopsy results are pending.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Playing Pig to Make a Buck

Macho Men Don't Steal
     Normally, I wouldn't do a write-up on anything cop-related because boys in blue bore me for the most part and are really only good for rounding out the Village people lineup. I would usually pawn something like this off on Shannie, but I guess it's my turn to poke the pork and start being a "team player"...for once. You know that feeling when you have to take a dump, that horrible cramping pressure you get in you lower gut? That's how this story feels, but the "have to shit" feeling is in my fingers and I think they're constipated. I'm going to bear down and push this crap out anyway with vein-popping force, maybe burst a couple blood vessels in the process.
     So in this tale from the west coast, San Jose specifically, we have a Ponch impersonating dingleberry using his mad acting skills and Party America's incredibly convincing child-sized cop costume to dupe victims into letting him pat them down and go through their wallets. The suspect is described as being Asian or Filipino and about the size of a Good Guy doll...Okay, not really. He's reported as being between 5'5 and 5'7 and 170 to 180 pounds, but he's really not that much taller than Chucky, though he does outweigh The Lakeshore Strangler's Cabbage Patch Bod by a good amount of kilos.
     First reported back on March 23, faux-cop's crime spree began when he approached a fruit vendor, informing said Vitamin C dealer he was the long arm of the law, flashing his nifty plastic badge to quash any doubts, and proceeded to search the man. He went through the vendor's wallet then walked a few steps away to speak into something that resembled a police walkie and, after giving the victim his wallet back, left in a green minivan. The victim didn't realize until later his wallet was missing cash, but I think he should have been tipped off that this "cop" wasn't legit when the turkey bacon imitation took off in a green rape-mobile.
     Two more similar incidents round out this "rash" of cash swiping, with another fruit vendor hoodwinked, as well as a pedestrian, in East San Jose. Although the crimes took place in different areas, police believe they're all connected and perpetrated by the same man. Anyone with information about the case should contact Detective Ryan Chan or Detective Roger Semore at (408) 277-4166.
     What I'm wondering, is if they're sure this guy was Asian and do we know if Danny DeVito's whereabouts are accounted for...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sending Ayla Love and Birthday Wishes....

Ayla Bell, I wish you a Happy Birthday. I have many wishes for you, many hopes and many prayers...You deserve to have your birthday cake with your Mommy, and the family who loves you. You deserve to smile when you see that cake and know it's all for you. You deserve to be excited about the balloons all around you, and the wrapped gifts you see. You deserve to bask in the attention and laughter you get for being you. That face, that smile, those happy, so filled with amazement. Happy Birthday, Ayla. Wherever you may be, you are loved.


 Sweet Little Ayla Bell,

I have you in my thoughts always and on this, you're 2nd birthday, I am wishing with all my heart that you could be with the ones who love you to celebrate. You have touched so many people and we all want nothing more than for you to be home for this birthday and for you to be with your family for all the future ones to come. You may not have been born to us, us strangers that are keeping your name out there, hoping for you to come home, but, in a sense, you have become our baby, too. We've never even met you, Ayla, but you have our love and hope for you always. You are adored.

Birthday Hugs and Kisses, 


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Unhealthy Obsession With Trista Reynolds

     At it again and in typical desperate for attention fashion, the Lying Sack of Shit of Just Stop The Lies, feeling hard up for hits and hungry to start shit, has squatted her ass in the middle of Ayla's case yet again, but this time with the rumor that Trista is pregnant. All based on one photograph and the fact that Trista Reynold's isn't emaciated. Since the Full of Shit Monstrosity of JSTL couldn't stand to have the birthday of missing toddler, Ayla Reynolds, steal her thunder, she decided to drop her fabricated doozy on the eve of Ayla turning 2. How incredibly disgusting and twisted to be jealous of the attention a missing child is getting that this lonely doughball of rotten smegma has to seek out attention by creating rumors about missing Ayla's mother. Just further proving she is sickeningly obsessed and envious of Trista Reynolds.
     We already knew Shitting Lies Out Her Piehole has an irrational hatred for Trista and a really gross infatuation with Justin, but what exactly is the point of all the nonsense and lies being posted? It goes beyond just angry jealousy that Trista got a piece of Justin withered dick. JSTL douchetastic blogger has some serious mental issues and needs to be assessed by medical professionals. It is not sane to have this kind of illogical venomous loathing for someone you don't even know (supposedly) and at this extreme. And the fact that this blogger is comparing her life to Trista's just shows her psycho obsession is growing and it won't be long until this nutjob is trying to become Trista and usurp her life.
     True to her usual Trista-focused ranting, JSTL's blogger picks apart the above photo of Trista, holding her son Ray on her hip, and tries to convince readers that the pooch Trista's sporting is a new bundle of joy, likely to insinuate Trista is moving on and replacing Ayla with a new baby. First off, Trista's partly supporting the baby with her hip, which looks to be jutted out. Her hand is on the baby's knee, not her tummy. She's not rubbing a baby bump, she's supporting the weight of her child. I know I mentioned in another post how these Anti-Trista Zealots would probably jump down her throat for eating bacon, well, turns out, if you're little girl is missing, according to these clownshoes, eating is forbidden. I guess Trista is supposed to look like a starving meth head and always wear a perpetual frown, with tears welling in her eyes at all times.
     This is definitely one of Just Get Some Psych Helps lamest attempts to ridicule Trista. Apparently Trista's sex life even gets dragged into this case that is supposed to be about Ayla and getting her justice. No one gives a shit who, what, when , why, where, how or if Trista is fucking anyone. That is the least of anyone's worries, but is one of Obscure's biggest preoccupations, comes in second to Obscure's plot to get her hands on Justin's dick. She wants to know how a parent who's missing their child could possibly get their bone on. I guess she hasn't heard the rumor about Courtney Cunt being pregnant and planning her big ol' dream wedding. Or she just doesn't want to put that out there 'cause it probably hurts that Just Can't Get Cocked doesn't get to become Mrs. Justin DiPietro.
     Seriously, Lies, you need to get off the internet and immerse yourself in real life again. I don't think your husband appreciates being the sole caregiver of the children you're neglecting in favor of Justin and your Blog Lover Letter to him. So much time wasted on multiple identities and all this anonymous comment posting of yours, don't you think that time would be better spent with your neglected children, letting them know they aren't 4th best behind Justin DiPietro, your obsession with Trista Reynolds and your computer. Seek out the mental help you need and cut the cord, kiddo. And stop trying to ruin Ayla's Birthday with your bullshit, you jealous unloved twat.