Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Teen Arrested For Setting Furball On Fire

   I don’t really care for cats, but I’m not a fan of animal cruelty either. Despite the name, I actually can’t stand cats. They’re furry little snobby assholes that make you bend over backwards to get their attention. Plus I’m allergic to the bastards. So even though I have my reasons for not being down with the pussies, I find it incredibly fucked up that some teenage punk set one on fire for shits and giggles.

   Back on the 2nd of May, someone called police to report a flaming cat that had been mistaken for a ball of fire, in West Sacramento’s Circle Park. The smoldering kitty was taken to the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital for treatment and the staff had hoped the cat would survive, but unfortunately they couldn’t save it. The cat, a stray female tabby described as “very friendly”, was in excruciating pain and would lose its limbs because of the extent of the burns, so she had to be put down. According to police, the tabby had been doused in an accelerant and intentionally lit on fire. And here I was, so sure spontaneous feline combustion was real. I don’t want to say “No shit, Sherlock,” but the cat obviously didn’t take a dip in a gas tank and strike a match itself.

   So since the discovery of this fireball feline, police have been investigating, but didn’t have any witnesses to the cat being set aflame. They went house to house, conducting interviews throughout the neighborhood and that eventually led them to the pussy pyro. The teen, who lives close to where the cat was found, confessed to setting the cat on fire and was arrested this morning, but his name hasn’t been released. I’m assuming that’s because he’s still a minor, but this is definitely a kid the law needs to keep its eye on. And maybe find out if he still wets the bed. The teen suspect doesn’t have any prior arrests, but he’s now looking at a cruelty to animals charge, which is a big fat felony.

   His reason for setting the cat on fire was that it was just a “dumb, spur-of-the-moment decision.” I have never looked at a cat and thought, “Well, nothing better to do,” and flicked my Bic. There is something seriously wrong with someone who can think of nothing better to do than set a living creature on fire. That shit is not normal and that little animal suffered horribly in its final hours. It’s just mind-boggling how someone can inflict that kind of pain without even a second thought and not even consider how much pain and terror they’re causing their victim. Hopefully this little shit learns his lesson the hard way and is forever haunted by The Pissed-Off Kitty...

   Today is the start of my weekend, so I’m not doing shit around here until Saturday at the absolute earliest, but I will be stopping in to check on things occasionally. Feel free to leave your tips and links anywhere you want, I’ll see them and maybe I can pawn some shit talking duty off on Shannie.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Florida's Own Cannibal Holocaust, Sans The Holocaust

    It’s probably not surprising that the horrifying news of a flesh-hungry nude dude, who was tripping balls and ate off about three quarters of an equally butt naked homeless man’s face, came out of that shithole to the south we call Florida. Being hailed as the start of the Zombie Apocalypse, this panic-inducing headliner is making the rounds across the internet and putting this zombie-phobic Kat on high alert. I have a love/fear relationship with the living dead and I can’t go to a mall without feeling Dawn of the Dead dread, so this story fascinates and terrifies me. If this really were the outbreak of an infection of the ghoul kind, it makes total sense that it would start in Florida. Isn’t that where the old folks go to die? And most of the people down there are walking corpses anyway, but back to the story…

Rudy Eugene
    This totally terrifying attack of drugged out cannibalistic hobo-munching happened near Miami’s MacArthur Causeway on Saturday, making for quite the bloody show for passing traffic and bystanders. Some tried to get the bum-biting flesh eater, identified now as 31-year-old Rudy Eugene, to stop chowing down on his nude pal’s face, but those attempts failed. Larry Vega, who witnessed the attack, said, “I told him to get off and the guy just kept eating the other guy.” He described the scene as something out of a horror movie, saying there was “blood all over the place.” When police arrived, they approached the cannibalistic Eugene and ordered him to stop eating the other man’s face, but he continued to feast on the man’s mug.

    According to the same witness quoted above, Rudy Eugene lifted his head up, with pieces of the victim hanging from his mouth, and growled at officers. An officer fired a couple shots, but obviously this cop was not knowledgeable in the ways of putting down the living dead and didn’t aim for the head because Eugene kept right on masticating some tough transient meat. More shots were fired and Eugene was eventually killed, but had Florida’s boys in blue watched at least one fucking zombie movie they could have put an end to the carnage several bullets sooner and conserved some ammo for the gnawed on homeless guy, who actually survived this ordeal and is currently in critical condition and missing most of his face. It’s being reported that this bizarre human-craving nakedness was caused by an overdose of that crap they call “bath salts”. I’m guessing these aren’t the same bath salts wrinkly old ladies soak themselves in, but who knows, since people make meth out of Sudafed and made it so I have to be carded whenever allergy season hits.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but that kind of freaks me the fuck out. It also sounds eerily similar to some craptastic movie I saw on Scy Fy or whatever the fuck the Sci Fi channel changed its lettering to. I think it was a Return of the Living Dead miscarriage called Rave to the Grave, or something equally lame, and this ecstasy-type pill people were popping ended up making people into some of the cheesiest zombies I have ever seen. I think it even had a similar brains-craving gore baggy skeletal zombie that cracked me the fuck up in the first RotLD movie. But anywho, maybe this isn’t a story we should take lightly ‘cause if the movies have taught us anything, this outbreak shit spreads fast and you could be battling your virused diabetic grandmother by Wednesday. Stay sharp, Shit Talkers, and remember the words of the great Tom Savini...."Just shoot them in the head!" And a double tap or five probably wouldn't hurt either. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Internet Trolling Lessons...Brought to You by TCR: Twats, Cunts, and Retards...

Everybody likes a little free publicity, am I right?

Hey, Happy Memorial Day, Shit Talkers!  Today for your amusement, we show you some Internet buffoonery at it's finest. Posters and readers here are great, they make us think with their comments and give us perspective and laughs depending on the posts....but like anywhere, there's always a dick in the crowd, am I right?  Oh yeah, I am. And there's a few in this crowd from what we're seeing. A crowd of ass hurt lonely hearts and cyber sex starved hags that Boo and I abandoned months back when a site that goes by the acronym TCR, but which we lovingly refer to as Twats, Cunts and Retards, went under and joined the ranks of the undead. Yes, I'm talking about that Village Voice abortion known as True Crime Report, where a geriatric crew of lifeless losers spend their days, their nights, their vacations...well, pretty much every hour of every day of every get the picture.
Look who came over to visit!
We've had our share of the common Crime Site/Blog Thread Trolls, and not all trolls are created equal, it's like the Internet version of Glenda the Good Witch asking Internet Dorothy "Are you a Good Troll or a Bad Troll". Some trolls entertain and some cause shit, some do both, and some are paid no mind at all. Anyone familiar with the goings on of a certain psychotic blogger in Killeen, Texas knows exactly what I'm talking about. It's the fruitcake nuttiness of the unstable and lonely, so desperate for attention and some semblance of a social life, even if it's just a cyber one, that they shit disturb ad nauseum to get themselves the attention they crave. Well, we have a handful of those nutbags that couldn't stand that we've moved on and now they've come on over to bring the drama to us.....
A gathering of twats, but by far the most interesting among these three is little old Jasper, Indiana...
Why is Jasper, Indiana so interesting you may be wondering...well, because our dear old troll who comes through this IP address, which I've blotted out some so as to not completely give away their information, this trolly holier than thou went to great lengths to hide there identity, but much like their conversations on TCR, it sucked ass. No, the attempt to block their ip to troll our site and then anonymously troll the zombie site no one cares to frequent, all in an attempt to stir up drama with your beloved Shit Talkers, didn't quite work. And below we give you the example of why it was so easily figured out, but oh, it gets even better...Be sure to compare the time the link to our blog was posted to good all Jasper. There's many many many more pages full of Jasper's activity, but we didn't want to overload one write-up with so much crap....
See how good old Jasper's numbers match up?
The numbers match, but how do we know exactly who mysterious old Jasper is? Well, thank that great invention called email. And thank headers that have that information at the ready for you to check into at your whim. You might be wondering why would we email the very douche that's trolling us and dragging us into a reunion we don't really want to go to? Well, once upon a time, we were internet buds. We shot the shit and shared a common interest in true crime that then evolved into a sort of faux-friendship off of TCR. And then we were viciously stabbed in the back...but don't worry, we heal quick and no real damage was us anyway. Our reputations as total assholes was still intact, but those that claimed they we're above the trollery, too good to lower themselves to drama and backstabbing, those idiots took to the net and preached their idiotic gospel, spread the holy fucking word on the evils of trolling and yet didn't practice what they preached. No, these poor fools fell far from the grace of Cyber Sainthood. They were hypocrites of epic proportions. Saunter on down to the next images to see the forsaken who took the internet's name in vain...
Looks like sainthood's not in the cards after all, 'cause I'm fairly certain they don't canonize assholes, although I hear the Vatican measures them.
Now here you see the email headers for two different emails from the same person. One is to our very own BooKat, the other to our dear Nemesis, who gets a ridiculous amount of crap for other people's bullshit. Let's take a moment to inspect these two email headers, particularly the lines that are underlined in red. See anything? Why yes, those are ip addresses! And yes, those are the very same ip addresses in the screenshots up above! One being from good old Jasper and the other being from Phenix City. So what does this mean? It means Mother 2Cents is full of shit and played the role of innocent old Mama MyTwat while trolling between our site and their defunct and disgusting senior citizen orgy coven, something she insists she never does and never did in the past. You're caught My2, you too, Leah. All you miserable old bags thought you were fucking slick and got your asses busted because you weren't bright enough to pay attention to where you were trolling. We gave you a chance to fess up and come clean about the played dumb and refused. So consider this our giant FUCK YOU to you and that piece of shit site you live on, fuck on and troll yourselves on. Oh, oh, yeah, there it is...non-orgasmic my sweet ass. We are Snickers satisfied, you miserable unfuckable cunts.
And there it is if you missed it in the above shot.
Thank the Internet gods for such wonderful ways to protect your little corner of the interwebbins!  We apologize to readers who may not follow what is happening here but there is a reason for this, one, it's got to do with history, and two, it's our blog and we can call out bullshit when we want. I mean, who wants to come read the shit we toss up here if the place isn't safe from Free Range Trolls. It's kinda entertaining if you ask me, and any questions you have, Boo or myself will gladly answer, thanks and have a great holiday....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pregnant Woman Set On Fire And Shot

   While wandering the internet not too long ago, I came across the craziest story of a pregnant womanwho was kidnapped, set on fire and shot. If all that isn’t nutty enough, she and the unborn baby are expected to survive, thankfully, and the father of her unborn child has been arrested. Well, considering all the shit we read and news we chance upon, maybe this isn’t the craziest story after all. Shannie’s tales of Long Island Duck Rape are probably crazier, but I still found this story pretty batshit.

   So apparently what happened is this nine months pregnant 22-year-old woman went out to a movie with her ex-boyfriend who is also the father of the baby she’s carrying and afterwards, she took him to the home of his new girlfriend to drop him off. When they got there, the ex-boyfriend opened the door of the garage and told her to pull in. She had just pulled in when the ex-boyfriend pulls the garage door shut, basically trapping her inside. She’s then grabbed by the neck and a gun is put to her head. At some point, her hands, feet and mouth are duct taped and she’s thrown into the back seat of the car, only to be driven to another location.

   On this trip to fuck knows where, the assailant, who the victim never catches a glimpse of, tells the pregnant woman that she “knows why this is happening” and once they arrive at the intended destination, the woman is doused in lighter fluid and has a lit match tossed at her. She manages to get out of the car somehow and starts rolling around on the ground to put out the flames, which she does. And that’s when the shooting happens. Two shots rang out, according to the victim, but she was only struck by one, in the back. To save her life and the life of her unborn child, the victim plays dead and the perpetrator takes off running.

   Wounded, but still alive, the victim eventually frees herself from the duct tape and manages to drive to her mother’s house. The victim believes her mother may be in danger as well, stating that at her baby shower on May 7th, a man pointed a gun at her mother. Police say they believe the motive involves paternity, to which I say, “no shit?” Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green stated that the ex-boyfriend isn’t happy that he’s about the pregnancy and has a criminal past that involves armed robbery, drugs and stolen vehicle charges. Commissioner Green also says they believe the ex-boyfriend saw the abduction happen, but say he never called 911.

   For fuck’s sake people, has the Scott Peterson case taught these dumbfucks nothing? You don’t want a baby and or to be attached for like to one woman, keep it in your damn pants and don’t get with a broad you don’t want to commit to. Murdering a woman and your unborn child does not equal single bachelor, free to fuck and worry free. It gets you locked up with nothing but ass rape and forced mouth hugs. Is that really the best alternative to having a kid with a woman you want nothing to do with anymore and paying a little child support? Think about it, consider your options and then get your dick snipped so you can’t have any more unwanted children. Murder is not a form of birth control.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Haunted By Trinity Hanna

Trinity Hanna

   Being a frequent reader of the awesomeness that is The Dreamin’ Demon, I learned about the case of Trinity Hanna from a write-up by The Demon’s own Kniption, for whose work I have a Misery-like obsession with. Since reading about this child’s death and the abuse she endured in life, I can’t get the girl out of my head. So I start Googling, looking up more information, trying to find every last tidbit on Trinity Hanna’s case that the cyber world has to offer and I come across an article that had a link to the police report, which I have to warn you, is graphic. Before you go clicking and upsetting yourself, though, let me give you a heads up on what this child endured and how a mother let it happen just to have a man in her life.

Eric Foster
   3-year-old Trinity Hanna died back in January and, predictably, the live-in boyfriend of her mother, Angela Hanna, was arrested and charged with her murder. A little surprisingly, though, a few weeks later, Angela Hanna was also arrested and charged with murder as well. The reason for Angela Hanna’s arrest is that investigators believed she knew about and covered for the abuse her boyfriend, Eric Foster, inflicted upon her daughter. She later proved investigators suspicions correct when she admitted that she had not protected Trinity from her boyfriend. For this epic failure, Angela Hanna is now facing second-degree murder charges while Eric Foster is charged with first-degree. Now, I’m really going to need you guys to prepare yourselves, because this is where we get to why these two monsters are thoroughly fucked and headed for the stony lonesome.

Angela Hanna with Trinity
   When the coroner performed Trinity’s autopsy, her cause of death was ruled as blunt-force trauma to the head and stomach. Getting into the details of the police report, the autopsy notes that Trinity had a 10-cenitimeter-long fracture to her skull and severe swelling of the brain. The coroner also found that Trinity had multiple lacerations, one being to her stomach, and that she had a ruptured bowel. She had also sustained vaginal injuries, which Eric Foster tried to pawn off as having happened due to slamming her onto her bike and into her high chair, but prosecutors say that not only did Eric Foster torture little Trinity to death, he also molested her. I really hated writing that he did that to her, but I get some consolation in knowing that all Eric Foster did to this little girl has now made him eligible for the death penalty. Another disturbing bit of information that came out about Foster, is that he had been accused of throwing another girlfriend’s child on the floor back in 2008, but that case was dropped by the district attorney’s office. It’s infuriatingly disappointing that there was an opportunity for this monster to be stopped and it just didn’t happen, costing and innocent little girl her life.

   Getting back to Angela Hanna, she was interviewed by CPS back in December after Trinity received second-degree burns, which we now know were caused by Foster. A lot of things were caused by Foster that Angela Hanna claimed happened out of her sight or when she wasn’t around. I don’t buy that. She refused to seek medical attention for Trinity time and again when she was injured by Foster. She told deputies CPS found her home fit for a child and that the CPS worker told her it was obvious she loved her daughter. What’s obvious is that while maybe Angela Hanna did love her daughter, she didn’t love Trinity enough to keep her safe from harm or love Trinity more than she loved Eric Foster. She failed Trinity is the worst way imaginable and I hope she, and the dickless wonder she sacrificed her child for, suffer dearly for the rest of their lives.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Remembering Tyler Dasher And Wishing The Worst For His "Mother"

Shelby Dasher: Homicidal Horker

     I had completely forgotten about the case of Tyler Dasher and a bit of reading through Bad Breeders’ plethora of child abuse horror stories reminded me of it. The mother of this little boy, Shelby Dasher, sickens me. If she weren’t such a big part of this case, actually the whole reason there even is a case, I wouldn’t even post her photo, but it’s important that I do. That jowly and emotionless face is the same one she wore when she was indicted on charges of second-degree murder and child abuse. She wears this blank expression to court, where she’s being charged in the death of her child, and I just want to kick her in it so she shows she’s even capable of emotions. It may be that she’s unemotional because she’s resigned to her fate, but I want some kind of fucking reaction or response out of this double-chinned child murderer. Where’s the remorse, the tears, the fucking shame? Where are all the emotions that go with acknowledging the fact that she’s a monster that beat her 1-year-old child to death because he wouldn’t stop crying?

Tyler Dasher, gone too soon.
     I may have gotten ahead of myself there by letting my anger towards this hog-faced failure throw me into a rant. For those of you not familiar with Tyler Dasher’s story, I will give you a rundown of what happened to this beautiful little boy. Back in November, Shelby Dasher supposedly went to check on her son in the morning and found that he was missing. She called police and reported that Tyler was gone, must have been kidnapped, yada yada yada. Police show up and they take note that this woman does not appear to be acting like a devastated mother, desperate to find her missing child. They immediately began investigating and searching for Tyler and his little body was later found, discarded like a piece of garbage in a cemetery near Shelby Dasher’s home, where she lived with her mother. Shelby later admitted to investigators that she repeatedly struck Tyler because he was crying and wouldn’t go back to sleep. According to the prosecuting attorney, Robert McCulloch, Shelby went home drunk at 2:30 in the morning and when Shelby’s mother left for work at 7:30 am, Tyler was awake and crying. So instead of consoling her baby boy, Shelby Dasher beat him until he stopped crying, until he was dead.

     Tyler Dasher died horribly. Terrified and crying, likely wondering why the monster he knew as Mommy was hurting him when all he wanted was her comfort. That is what breaks my heart about these cases, these children who are murdered and abused by the very people they trust to take care of them. They’re just kids. They don’t understand why these awful things are happening to them. Why the people they look to with love and seek out for comfort are inflicting pain on them. They’re literally abused to death and their final moments are spent confused and afraid. It is so heartbreakingly awful to know that anyone, especially a baby, died like this. That they died at all. I see these stories and the faces of these children, their smiles frozen in photographs taken during happier times, and all I want is for them to still be alive to smile for pictures until their old and gray. It’s not fair. It’s not right. They deserved to live a happy life and grow up to experience the world.

     I can’t put into words just how infuriatingly frustrating it is to know a child was abused and murdered and that the person responsible just sits pretty in a cell or in the free world until they go to trial and get their conviction. If they even are convicted, anyway. Our system is far too lenient on these disgustingly inhuman flesh-sacks that kill their own children. It pisses me off like nothing else, so I cannot help that I want Shelby Dasher to suffer and pay for what she did to her child. She deserves to live the rest of her life in a concrete box, to not experience a single moment of anything that even remotely resembles happiness. That little boy, with his perpetual smile frozen on film, a smile that can’t be looked at without remembering that he won’t smile ever again, was robbed of his life. It’s impossible to look at Tyler Dasher and smile back at him because it hurts knowing he’s gone, because he was failed in the worst way imaginable. All I ask is that you remember him and know his story, that this tragic case reminds you to cherish your children always and protect them. They’re counting on you.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Consider This My Olive Branch For The Sake Of Ayla Reynolds

Keep Ayla Reynolds' Name Out There

     I know I said that I would no longer cover anything on the case of Ayla Reynolds, but Shannie is slacking and it just so happens I came across an article last night that had some rather shitty comments from peanut gallery. I stepped away from this case when my opinion created a shitstorm on Justice for Ayla, but that doesn’t mean I ever stopped caring about Ayla or wanting her to come back home. I’m still not apologizing for my comments because they are my honest opinion, but I should explain them. Or explain at least why I made them. I didn’t bring up Trista Reynolds’ past mess-ups to “drag her through the mud” or make her feel like shit. More than anything, it was me thinking “out loud” and wishing things had not happened the way that they did. When something so spectacularly tragic like the disappearance of Ayla Reynolds happens, it’s natural to question things or wonder why things worked out the way they did or wish someone had slapped some sense into everyone involved. I didn’t toss out insults about Trista or say she kidnapped Ayla or make up a bunch of bullshit. I said it how I see it from an outsider’s perspective and if a couple zealots can’t handle that, tough shit. It was the blunt truth.

     Every so often, I do a lookup of missing kids to see if there are any updates, if anything is happening, if investigations are getting anywhere. So I did one on Ayla because she’s part of a group of missing chrildren’s cases that I follow and I hadn’t done one recently, and what came up was an article from the Kennebec Journal from three days ago. If you follow the case of Ayla Reynolds, you know not a whole lot of anything significant is happening. There is a lot of drama, a lot of bullshit and way too much covering ass. In this article though, Trista Reynold’s was interviewed and said some items found down in the Kennebec River that were thought to be connected to Ayla actually weren’t. That’s disappointing because even though something being found in the river leads to a sad conclusion no one wants to entertain, it also may have meant this case was leading in the direction of some closure and some answers. It wasn’t the article itself that got to me, though I was disappointed that the discovered items weren’t relevant to the case. It was the comments below the article that bothered me.

     Below this article, where the mother of a missing child is giving out information and keeping her daughter’s name in the media, anonymous douchebags had the shitty callousness to bitch that Trista Reynolds is doing interviews at all. They complain that she needs to get the fuck off welfare and become “self-sufficient”. They give her shit for saying she thinks investigators could be doing a lot more than they are. Even the Department of Public Safety Spokesman, Steve McCausland, understands that this comes from frustration, but a toilet full of assholes don’t get that? It’s unfortunate that Ayla Reynolds case, the case of a missing girl that has touched so many from all over the world, has spiraled into nitpicking and busting on people who weren’t born into better circumstances or didn’t have the drive to become a successful dickstain that gets to look down at those less fortunate. I may have an opinion of Trista and her family that they don’t agree with, but I have never thought they weren’t trying as best they can to bring Ayla home now and get her justice. Trista, her family, her friends, strangers on the internet, assholes from Texas that slather the obvious in bullshit, a lone blogger that never knew Ayla….All these people need to talk. The more they talk, the more they keep Ayla’s name out there, the more people learn about this little girl that needs to be found.

    Saying that Trista Reynolds should stop releasing information, that she should stop talking, is one of the most counterproductive loads of crap I have seen vomited in keystrokes. As long as Ayla Reynolds’ name is out there, still being searched, still being brought up, not being forgotten, who cares if it came from her mother, her grandmother or someone you will never meet? As long as it’s out there, as long as Ayla is still being talked about and remembered, that’s all that should matter if you give a shit about this child being found. The drama that surrounds this case should be the least of anyone’s worries, but I would think that those who care about Ayla Reynolds getting justice would be more inclined to wonder why the whole other side of her family, the paternal side and all their friends and fans, aren’t speaking out as eagerly. At least not about what matters most, Ayla Reynolds. Just something to think about. 
Think what you want about Trista Reynolds, but the girl has more balls than the guy whose sack Ayla came from.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lauren Odes Claims Hotness And Big Boobies Got Her Fired

Money, money, money, money...MONEY!

    I feel like I had to write this up because it was practically begging me to. So this Jersey chick, Lauren Odes, claims that she was fired from her job after her boss told her to tape down her tits. Odes is now suing the wholesale lingerie company called Native Intimates because they supposedly couldn’t handle her clothed hotness. She’s claiming she is a victim of religious and sexual discrimination. Odes says two days into her job at the lingerie company, a supervisor told her the store’s owners didn’t like what she was wearing, that it was too “distracting”. She says she asked what the dress code was and was told to look around and see what other employees were wearing, so she copied her co-workers wardrobes, which varied from casual athletic to business attire.

    Odes says she was told by her female supervisor to cover up more and eventually was forced to wear a bathrobe, which she was supposedly told to wear all day. The supervisor also gave her the option of going out to buy an ankle-length sweater, but says while out shopping for it, she received a call saying she was fired. She says she was humiliated, that her co-workers ridiculed her and she feels all this is because the owners are a couple of easily offended Jews. At a press conference with her attorney, the douchetastic Gloria Allred, Odes said, "I do not feel an employer has the right to impose their religious beliefs on me when I'm working in a business that's not a synagogue, but sells things with hearts on the female genitals and boy shorts for women that say hot in the buttocks area.” Miss Odes, you are a fucking revolutionary. Oh, wait, revolutionary doesn’t mean dumb as a rock? My bad.

    Odes claims she is Jewish, but I think she may have gotten mixed up by a Jewfro-sporting hornball who asked her if she had any Jew in her, then hit her with the “Want some?” punch line. At the press conference, she was posing like a plump Playboy idolizing amateur feedee. The chick would be cute if she didn’t exude trashy and act a bimbo throughout the press conference, doing her best to give photographers her sluttiest bedroom eyes. It also doesn’t help that her face looks like wax and she’s wearing that notoriously skank-loved frosty baby pink lipstick all the skeezes rock. Once Gloria Allred is in the picture, I just can’t take shit like this seriously. The old broad is supposed to be all about representing and fighting for women’s rights, but her clientele is such a joke. It’s always some airheaded fame-chasing nimrod that wants to flash her tits. It seems less about women’s rights and more about man-hating vindictiveness. I just don’t feel like she’s fighting the good fight by representing Tiger Woods’ pieces of side ass and other equally idiotic money hungry opportunists.

    I’m all for fighting for our female rights and not taking shit for having bleeding genitalia, but this shit does absolutely nothing for our rights. If anything, it makes these people look stupid and inspires a loathing that can only be expelled through an expletive laced rant. Like this one. Come on now, honest opinions, do you really feel this woman was somehow wronged, singled out and persecuted for her fashion sense…or lack thereof? Or is she just another moneygrubbing publicity whore?
That's totally work appropriate...right?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Baby Lisa's Bad Biologicals Say Police Aren't Doing Enough

Bald and Fat, Jeremy Irwin and Lisa Bradley. Anyone else think this hambeast has a moonface?
      It has been a while since I’ve seen any real news on the case of missing baby, Lisa Irwin, so today I did a little looking around. What news I found was Talking Cow, Deborah Bradley, and her Sans Testicles Baby Daddy, Jeremy Irwin, bitching that they don’t believe the police are doing enough to find their missing daughter. They apparently don’t think investigators are following up leads and their attorney, shitbag Joe Tacopina, says police “missed massive opportunities.” One of these “opportunities” was the alleged sighting by three separate witnesses of a man matching the description of John Tanko, aka Jersey, carrying a baby. Police say they started following up on those leads as soon as they came in and that Jersey has cooperated with them.

     The other tiny tidbit of information that came out with this news is some shit about Jeremy Irwin’s debit card being fraudulently used on a website that now sells stationary, but used to be some kind of site where people could pay to change their names. Police are looking into whether or not the card number was stolen to purchase stationary in the amount of $69. I have no fucking clue what this has to do with missing Baby Lisa. Did someone with a lot of handwritten correspondence to get out wait for Lipsticked Pig, Deborah Bradley, to get plastered and blackout just to steal some dough for stationary and took Baby Lisa as an afterthought? What exactly are they trying to get us to think with this purchase that either one of them could have made themselves on a site that was once for name changing? Like everything else in this shitfucked case, it makes no sense.

     I found it interesting that private investigator, Ron Rugen, who was once close to Bradley and Irwin, is no longer in the loop. According to what I found in the news, Rugen blogs about this case and no longer believes Baby Lisa is alive. He was quoted as saying, “I don't believe she is. Unfortunately, the Missouri River is a big, wide and deep place.” He also said he believes Deborah Bradley knows more than she is telling and that he believes Baby Lisa was accidentally killed in October. That theory has been mentioned before, what with Deborah supposedly drinking herself into stupors and needing her “adult time”. It’s the first thing I thought when I found out about this case. That this dumb broad neglected her kid in favor of being a selfish cunt and something horrible happened to Lisa, which was then covered up. What better way to skate charges for the death of a child than to come up with a kidnapping story and make the kid disappear. We all know how popular that trend has gotten.

     I wish something would happen with this case already and preferably something that doesn’t have shit to do with a bunch of fortune telling carnival psychics blathering about visions. I don’t believe that bullshit and James Randi is the mother fuckin’ man. Let’s get some real tips, some authentic fucking leads, and the horrible parenting duo of Bradley and Irwin talking some truth. If you’re not playing Medium and actually know something, call Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.
Someday, baby, you'll get the justice you deserve. I hope it's soon.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Thank You To Our Readers

      We've had this craptastic catastrophe of a blog up for a few months now and though it isn't much more than a hobby for us, we wanted to thank our followers, our lurkers and even our trolls. We very much appreciate that you guys keep coming back to read the shit that spews from our fingertips and onto the screen for your consideration and enjoyment. I know we have a penchant for pissing people off and I probably cross the line of gross inappropriateness a tad too often, but we truly are grateful for the readership and that you all give a shit enough about this shitty little blog to comment and share your opinions. So from the bottom of our bowels, THANK YOU!

    I'd also like to put out there that if anyone ever feels the need to drop a link and give us a heads up on an interesting story, even an uninteresting one, feel free to leave a comment. A story I probably would have never stumbled across about an appalling instance of child abuse caught on tape came from one of our readers, so your eyes and ears are also much appreciated. It may take a bit to get a write-up thrown up since it's turned into Boo Talks Shit To Herself for little while now (sorry, Shannie, couldn't resist), but it will eventually make it's way through my warped head and onto the front page. And hey, it may even bring Shannie back and off of dentist dick long enough to inspire her into writing something up again.

     Well, for all of us here at Talkin' Shit With Shannie and Boo, I'm BooKat. You stay classy, San Diego. And thanks for stopping by. But mainly, stay classy.

I have no clue what this means, but I thought it was funny.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Father Of 30 Children Asking For A Break

V is for Vasectomy.
     Yesterday, while going through articles on the John Edwards case, I came across a story of another man who also likes to spread his seed around. Unlike Edwards, though, 33-year-old Desmond Hatchett fathered 30 children with 11 different women, instead of just fathering one with a fame whore he cheated on his cancer-stricken wife with. Desmond Hatchett is a whole other kind of scandalous. When asked how he wound up with so many children, Desmond explained that he had 4 children in the same year. Twice. The multitude of children vary in ages, from the youngest being a toddler, to the oldest being 14 years old. He claims to know every child’s name and remembers each one’s birthday. He had vowed in 2009 that he was done making babies, but in the last three years had blown his wad sans protection and fathered 9 more kids. Now, Desmond just wants a break. Not from dropping his load and procreating, but from the responsibility of having to pay for all these new little people he’s helping bring into the world.

    You see, poor Desmond is struggling to get by, working a minimum wage job and unable to make his child support payments with such a paltry income. So he’s in and out of court, most recently to ask for a little respite from having to be financially responsible for 30 children. According to Melissa Gibson, an assistant supervisor in the child support clerk’s office of Knox County, Desmond has several cases with them. When Desmond is employed, he’s required to give up 50% of his income, which is the maximum allowed under the law. The amount the mothers’ of his children receives is based on the ages and needs of the children, but some of the women that bred with Desmond Hatchett only receive a measly $1.49 a month. I don’t even know what you can buy nowadays with a penny shy of a buck fifty. Ramen noodles? 

    I’m blown away that someone can be so irresponsible with their genitalia. Most of it is the fact that he’s brought 30 kids into the world that are likely going to want for a lot of things, but the other part of it is that he can so carelessly bone a chick without a rubber. I know we’re no longer living in the scary era of the AIDS outbreak, but it and other sexually transmitted diseases still exist. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with your penis. The women who did the horizontal tango with this man played the same game with their vaginas and they’re lucky if all they got out of it was children. This guy is like a Maury Povich horror story, but for some reason, I’ve got roles reversed and see him as the chick that runs off embarrassed and throws herself on the ground when the paternity results don’t go the way she wanted. 

    Desmond Hatchett has got some nerve asking for a break on his child support payments and I honestly don’t believe he deserves one. If you don’t want to be broke and suffering, keep it in your fucking pants or wear a rubber. Doesn’t feel as good? Tough shit. My opinion of the women who helped bring these 30 kids into the world isn’t much better. The guys a glorified slut that holds the record for the most children in his county (probably a lot of counties across the country) and a local celebrity, are we supposed to believe that these women didn’t know the guy they were knockin’ boots with was a semen spreading skank? He knocked up 11 chicks, so he had more than one kid with some of them and they’re fine about breeding with a guy destined for failure that they’re all passing around between their thighs? That is some gross and pretty pathetic shit. The only ones I feel for are these kids that were born to a moron and his trove of fertile wombs. 30 kids sharing the same father probably doesn’t make for a childhood full of paternal attention and great bonding moments. It’s always the kids that suffer for their idiot parents' mistakes.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ding Dong, Steven Powell Is A Convicted Pervert

Steven Powell makes some goofy ass faces.

   Feeling a good deal better than I was on Tuesday, I am happy to be the bearer of good news today. Steven Powell, father of the murderous Josh Powell who killed himself and his two young sons and was the prime suspect in his wife, Susan Powell’s disappearance, has been convicted on voyeurism charges. It was back in September of last year, when authorities were searching the home of Steven Powell in relation to Susan Powell’s disappearance that they discovered Steven had a very sick hobby of taping women and children without their knowledge. They found images of young girls and even images of Susan Powell herself that the perverted Powell had recorded. Authorities said, based on images they found, Steven Powell had an obsession with Susan, but if you know about his shitty music or saw any of the interviews where he and Josh muddied the waters, that’s a no-brainer.

   The case against Steven Powell though, did not focus on his keepsakes of Susan, but of the two young girls, ages 8 and 10 at the time Powell made them part of his sick collection, who lived next door. The files Powell had of his nasty pastime showed the two girls in the bathroom as they bathed and used the toilet. The children were identified only by their initials and had to testify, stating they did not know they were being filmed or photographed by Powell, who captured the images from his bedroom window.  His gross activity was described as “lurking in the shadows to leer at children.” What a dirty old man.

   Steven Powell’s delusional and shit-for-brained daughter, Alina Powell, continues to believe her family is the victim throughout Powell’s case and the investigation of her brother, Josh, for Susan’s vanishing. Even after her darling brother slaughtered her nephews like the spiteful coward he always was. Referring to when Susan disappeared, Alina stated, “My family was automatically convicted two and a half years ago.” Well, Josh Powell proved everyone’s suspicions correct when he took a hatchet to his children and burned them and himself alive. If you’re capable of brutally murdering your children, you probably have no qualms about offing your wife and hiding her body. We can probably look forward to her blaming those two young girls for her daddy’s sicko activities, since in Alina’s eyes, everyone but her deranged and disgusting family are to blame for all the ill that befalls them. She’s probably still sore about the insurance agency refusing to just give her a payout for the death of her nephews, undisputed.

   While this doesn’t bring us any closer to knowing what happened to Susan Powell, it does make those who have followed this case since Susan’s disappearance pretty damn pleased. Steven Powell may know what really happened to her, what his insane piece of shit cowardly son did to her, but prosecutors say don’t plan on reducing Powell’s sentence in exchange for that information. The standard sentence he’s currently facing is about 4 years, but the state alleges there are aggravating factors that could result in a longer stay for Pervert Powell. His sentencing is scheduled for June 15th and I truly hope he gets all that they can give him and his extended stay in the big house is not a pleasant one.
The face he's making here looks like he's already got something up his butt.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Child Abuse Caught On Tape Beyond Disgusting

    I hadn't planned on writing anything up because I am sick as hell, but when I came on to do a little looking around, I found a comment by reader Jo the Navy Wife on another story. She mentioned a video of a Malaysian mother beating her 8-month-old (some reports say 10-month-old) baby, and of course, being the curious Kat I am, I had to go look at it. It is truly abhorrent what this woman does over the course of this video, which you can click on above. Be warned though, it is hard to watch and it's going to piss you the fuck off. 

    Now the "mother" doing the beating wasn't named in the article I found on the story, but according to the chief of police in Petaling Jaya, Arjunaidi Mohamed, the woman is an 18-year-old single mother. The story says unwed, but I'm going with single mother because I don't care for the unwed thing. It's such an old fashioned term that's just meant to point the finger at fucking before marriage. And this chick being unwed isn't the reason she's a piece of shit. No, she's human garbage because she beat a helpless baby and fuck knows how many times before it was captured on tape. 

    There are a few things about this that I find appalling. One, is that people are in the fucking room recording this, hearing that poor baby's cries and not doing a damn thing. There's a child in the background at one point, watching this and eating a snack. Who knows what that other child has experienced and him witnessing a baby being beaten cannot be good for him. Another infuriating thing about this story is that the mother doing all the beating on baby was convicted of child abuse, but only sentenced to 18 months. She deserves so much more than that. Watching that video, you damn near wish death on this sack of shit "mother" and the people that filmed this. 

    At some point in the video, the baby crawls to "mom" to rest on her knee for comfort and the "mother" shoves her away so hard she falls on on her back and screams. She pinches and shoves and slaps and even kicks the baby while just looking like she loathes this child she gave birth to. It is horrendous how she inflicts this abuse and appears to enjoy making a defenseless baby cry. It sickens me. I hate this fucking woman with a passion and hope she suffers dearly while serving her sentence. I also hope that poor child never has to see that monster that birthed her ever again.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Prostitutes Done In By Butt-Dialing

Damitra Sullivan
Crystal Adams

Nico Brown
     Two drug fiending hookers, who were peddling their punani for a fix, and their John were done in by one of the jonesing prostitutes’ 911 dialing ass and all three have now been arrested. Friday morning, Crystal Adams and Damitra Sullivan were doing a little negotiating with Nico Brown, trying to swap poon for dope when the ass of one of the hookin’ ladies turned snitch and dialed 911. The operator who took the call and heard the deal go down was able to triangulate the location of the Dimwitted Trio through the cell phone signal and send officers to the area to wrangle them up before any cooter-for-drugs swappage could happen.
     The dialog below is from the butt-dialed 911 call and because the original article ruined the fun and turned all the naughty words into expletives, I’m going to do a little Mad Libbing and add my own sentence enhancers in place of those joykilling censors. You’ll know which words are mine because they’re colorful and also because it’s pretty fucking obvious.

911 Operator: “Where's your emergency? Hello ma'am, can you hear me? You've dialed 911.”

One of the Semen Receptacles:  “She'll give you a (rim job) for…” 

Cum Unloader: “She won't do it for free?”

One of the Semen Receptacles: “Do you have any buddies that want to freak? I want to get (puke-inducing) naked and (butt-fucking) high.” 

One of the Semen Receptacles: “And what do I gotta do?” 

Cum Unloader: “I want you to (hum into) my (asshole).” 

One of the Semen Receptacles: “For that?” 

Cum Unloader: “Yeah, I'm not gonna give it for free.”

It’s rare to hear “I’m not gonna give it for free” from a dude so this was refreshing. It gets old when you only hear it from Kardashians and equally glorified leg-spreaders. It makes you almost feel for the blue collar vagina vendors. Instead of a quick fix, Sullivan and Adams are facing solicitation charges and their drug dealing patron gets his own charges for possession of marijuana and cocaine instead of his joint worked on. Crime, like herpes, truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Another Child Becomes A Chew Toy

No Dogs Allowed
   Yes, once again, a child was gnawed on by man’s best friend and in this case mom and dad both got to take a trip to jail. For some reason, a toddler was roaming around at 2 o’clock in the morning and between 2 and 3:30 AM was attacked by the family’s 6-year-old pit bull and German Shepherd mix. The 2-year-old is expected to survive, but received serious wounds to the head that will require surgery. And even if his injuries hadn’t been so severe, he wouldn’t have been able to go back home with his parents to get well as it appears the family home is a borderline deathtrap coated in crap.

   When police arrived they found dirty plates all over the house, open cleaning supplies within reach of a child and dog shit sprinkled throughout like turd confetti. So because the home was a dump and unfit for anyone, much less a child, 36-year-old Jared Perkins has been arrested on child endangerment charges while 30-year-old Brandi Gomes was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment. Gomes was later released so she could get treatment for an injured finger that may or may not have occurred when their dog attacked their 2-year-old. Gomes may still face arrest and Perkins remains jailed.
Jared Perkins

   The mutt that did the attacking is remains in an East Bay animal shelter and is being tested for rabies. I guess that means his heads getting lopped off and the brains are going to be scooped out because I’m pretty sure that’s how they test for it. Investigators are still trying to figure out what exactly happened on the night of the attack since the parents gave conflicting accounts about where the attack happened and there was little blood found inside the home. I’m wondering if maybe the Dumbfuck Duo were passed the fuck out while kiddo was wide awake at an ungodly hour and the tot wandered outside, if that’s where the mongrel with a taste for babies was kept.

   Megan Webb, Oakland Animals Services Director, had some pretty wise words of advice:

"One of the common problems we see are dog owners who want an aggressive dog as a guard dog, often leaving the dog outside, isolated and alone in a back yard and poorly socialized; but then they expect that same dog to behave like a family member at other times and be appropriate and safe around young children. This is setting the dog up for failure."

Take heed you procreating pet owners and don’t let this ridiculous outbreak of Kid Munching Canines spread into your own homes.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Uncontrollable Toddlers Locked In Shit-Covered Room

     Stewart and Jennifer Shuman, undeserving and unfit parents, have pled guilty to two charges each of second- degree criminal abuse. They were arrested back in September when police officers found their two sons locked in a bedroom, the door secured with a bungee cord so they couldn’t get out. This room they kept their children locked in was "covered from floor to ceiling with feces from both children," according to the arresting officer’s report. Jennifer Shuman told police the children, ages 2 and 3, had been confined to the room for about a week because she and her husband couldn’t control them. According to the report, the children had multiple bruises and the younger of the two had bite marks on his arms.

Stewart Shuman aka Idiot #1
    The Shumans were originally indicted on two charges a piece of first-degree criminal abuse, but by owning up to their huge failure as parents, they avoid going to trial and being convicted of the original charges. Good thing, too, ‘cause they more than likely would have been found guilty. So round of applause, please, for the two dolts that admitted to allowing their two toddlers to live in filth and feces. Can we get standing fucking ovation for the parental duo that copped to their charges to get the lighter sentence? Under their original charges, Mr. and Mrs. Shuman could have gotten a maximum of 20 years each, so I’m sure whatever they're getting now is a pitiful fraction of that time, if any.
Jennifer Shuman aka Idiot #2 (HA!)

    The children were placed in state care after the Shumans were arrested and it appears they haven’t had any contact with their parents. After entering their plea, Stewart Shuman’s attorney asked the judge to allow the couple to visit their children, stating that they had completed “all the classes they need to do” to be allowed visitation. Social Services recommended surpervised visits, but the Shumans required the judge’s approval first. The judge denied the request, opting to wait until sentencing to decide. The couple is scheduled for sentencing on June 14th, so their kids are living squalor-free until then.

    There is seriously no excuse for locking your kids in a room for a week and definitely no justification for letting them literally live in shit. That is beyond disgusting. Let’s hope this pair has learned their lesson and those “classes” taught them a thing or two about cleanliness and the proper way to deal with wild and crazy, hyped up and uncontrollable rug rats.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Show Me On The Doll Where John Travolta Touched You

Travolta channeling Mr. Clean...and we all know Mr. Clean has a spotless and well fucked anus.
      It looks like today is going to be Travolta Tuesday. Our celebrity shit talk has been on the back burner for a while, but I think this doozy is a great start to making up for neglecting the famous. John Travolta is being sued by an unidentified male masseur who claims he was sexually assaulted by Travolta in January at the Beverly Hills Hotel. In the suit filed last Friday, the masseur claims Travolta rubbed up on his leg, diddled his genitals and attempted to initiate some whoopee action inside a private bungalow. The masseur is also seeking a jury trial, most likely to embarrass the shit out of Travolta so that he’ll just settle out of court before this claim goes anywhere. What’s funny about that though, the masseur’s lawyer, Okorie Okorocha, says his client can file as John Doe if he fears extreme embarrassment if his identity is known because under California law, victims of a sexual assault are allowed to do so. Isn’t his identity going to “come out” if they take it to trial? 

Does this look gay to you?
     The lawsuit also goes into quite a bit of detail, saying the massage was anonymously arranged by a caller who met the masseur at a prearranged location on the street, picked him up and then drove him to the hotel where he would be paid $200 an hour for his “services.” That sounds like a hooker to me, but this guy’s clinging to the masseur title, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. The masseur was reportedly paid $800 after he was taken back to the location where he was picked up. Supposedly, while still at the hotel, Travolta tried to convince him to tag team a "Hollywood starlet in the building that wanted to have three-way sex and to be double penetrated." The masseur also claims Travolta told him he "got where he is now due to sexual favors he had performed when he was in his Welcome Back, Kotter days." Up your nose with a rubber hose!

     Travolta’s attorney released a statement, calling the claims a “complete fiction and fabrication. None of the events claimed in the suit ever occurred.” The statement also says that the day the masseur claims he met Travolta, Travolta wasn’t even in California. That he was on the east coast and that can be verified. The belief is that the masseur and his attorney have filed this suit to get some of Travolta’s Urban Cowboy cash and their 15 minutes of fame. If it can be proven that Travolta wasn’t even in California that day, then Fame Whore probably is the case, but that still doesn’t prove Kelly Preston isn’t a Beard.

     I’ve always flip flopped when it comes to liking Travolta, as an actor and a person. He has been in some shit, but I actually like a couple of his movies. Don’t judge, assholes. He seems like a do-gooder, but he’s also a Scientologist. Are there gay Scientologists? Is that allowed in Alienville? I don’t know whether I believe this closet hooker’s claim or not, but that “John Travolta’s Gay” rumor has been floating around for a long time. And I have proof!!! Via Family Guy. What? It still counts.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Woman Gets Off On Ironing Ex's Penis

A word of caution, keep your penis far from one of these things and don't ask to have your dick straightened.
   Because I can, I’m designating today, May 7th, Manmeat Monday and bringing you another tale of asshatery and penis mishaps. Today’s Cock and Ball story comes from Sweden, where a drunken buffoon dared his ex to clamp his dilly into her straightening iron. The original article had no names, so I will refer to them as Mr. NumbNuts and Ms. CockScorcher. The incident took place last January, when the 31-year-old NumbNuts, drunk off his ass at his ex’s apartment with her and another woman, asked his ex to “straighten” his penis. The idea popped into his head because at the time, Ms. CockScorcher was ironing her hair. 

   According to the CockScorcher’s statement, NumbNuts said, “Do it, do it, do it,” and while at first she resisted, his actions forced her to oblige. Apparently the wasted NumbNuts was manhandling his junk and waving it around like a Finnish Helicopter. Fed-up with his antics, CockScorcher clamped the heated flat iron down on NumbNuts schlong and squeezed the shit out of it. NumbNuts’ reaction? He laughed it off and asked for ice. In court testimony, though, NumbNuts said that having his penis pressed like a Panini left him in pain for almost three weeks.

   So, going back to the day dude’s dick was toasted, NumbNuts and CockScorcher got into an argument a few hours after the iron singe and it escalated into a physical confrontation. CockScorcher slapped NumbNuts and he countered with a headbutt. He noggin-punched the chick so hard she fell to the floor and then, like a massive pussbag, he repeatedly hit her in the face. NumbNuts claimed the reaction was instinctual, a reaction developed due to a hard knock life. Charges were filed against both NumbNuts and CockScorcher, but because NumbNuts damn near begged to get his dick McGriddled, CockScorcher was acquitted. NumbNuts was found guilty of assault for his shitbag actions that occurred later in the evening.

   He should have asked her to roll his sausage in her curling iron and put a little upward curve in his Lil Smokey. Or just kept it in his pants and avoided this situation entirely. Thank you, Sweden, this story has by far been your best export, fuck Ace of Base, ABBA and your shoddy build-it-yourself furniture.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

His Name Was MCA, He Had a License to Ill...R.I.P

Adam "MCA" Yauch, August 4, 1964-May 4, 2012
I was thrown for a loop yesterday when I heard the news that one of the Beastie Boys died. I like any other B-Boy fan,  immediately said to myself, "Oh my gawd, Mike D! He has AIDS",  knowing that was always a bullshit rumor, I went nuts trying to find out what the fuck happened and which of my Boys passed on.  It was MCA, and even though I heard about the cancer stuff he dealt with in the past years, and knowing that he had to be sick when he didn't make it to the B-Boys induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,  I still wasn't prepared to hear he was gone.   The Beastie Boys were, still and will always be a huge part of my love for music, they were fucking dope, and they were fucking ILL....and they still are, but MCA, is gone. Three bad brothers you know so well, are now two...Damn.

I can go into a rant about what MCA, Ad Rock, and Mike D did for Rap and Hip Hop, or how they crossed color barriers and made white, Hardcord kids from Brooklyn  look cool...but that has been said before by many and if you don't know what they contributed to music history, go listen to "License to Ill", "Pauls Boutique",  "Check your Head" and "Ill Communication"....

Adam "MCA" Yauch, died at age 47, yesterday in NYC, after a three year battle with cancer that started in his salivary gland. He's survived by his wife, daughter and his parents.  His Holiness the Dali Lama, along with many other people who worked with Yauch have said how much good he did, and how much he truly cared for others. I will remember seeing him on stage at Madison Square Garden, at 17, for the first time, being so amazed, happy and high off the beats, rhymes and music he gave to us.  What a loss.  I'm sure this passing of such an awesome talent won't be shoved down our throats like Whitney Houstons death from a crack binge, or any of the other lame celebrity deaths, where we get to be assaulted by the "tributes" and constant reminders of those "artists" public asshattery recapping their lives thrown away by addiction. So it's only right that an artist like MCA, who truly did right in life to be remembered in a different fashion for how he lived, the things he gave and how he was always on point. Respectfully.  He's gonna rock the mic in the next life....

“I wanna say a little something that’s long overdue/ The disrespect to women has got to be through/ To all the mothers and the sisters and the wives and friends/ I want to offer my love and respect to the end.”- verse from 1994 Sure Shot, off Ill Communication....

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Man Attempts To Drown Fun And Life Out Of Stepson

While out there having fun in the warm California sun, an asshole attempted to drown his stepson in the guise of a swimming lesson. 21-year-old Jacqorie Charles Stansell is accused of attempted murder and child cruelty after holding the stepson underwater because he got frustrated with the kid’s lack of aquatic skills. In typical dick without a cause fashion, Stansell has pleaded not guilty and remains in custody, with bail set at $1 million.

According to witnesses, Stansell held the boy underwater in an apartment complex pool for 15 minute intervals until the boy appeared to be lifeless. At that point, Stansell tossed the kid out of the pool and then took him home. Apparently the boy actually stopped breathing, but paramedics managed to revive him. From there, the boy was flown to a local hospital for treatment. The kid has since recovered, but has been placed in protective custody, along with his 2-year-old sister. The boy's mother was at home with the younger child while her Dick of the Month was dunking her son underwater like an Oreo in milk.

What the hell happened to strapping water wings on a kid and tossing them into the pool? When did drowning kids like unwanted kittens become the technique for teaching a child to swim? Seriously, people, if you don't have the patience for children, don't have them and don't enter a relationship with someone who does. And Baby Poopers, don't squat and drop kids out of your hoo-ha if you aren’t up to the task of taking care of them or making sure the person you leave them with can be trusted to return them to you alive and unharmed. Just a little bit of fucking caution can save you a whole lot of grief and spare your child from becoming a headline.