Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mother-Son Boning.....With Sex

Sick: Mistie Atkinson, 32, has been convicted of incest after having sex with her son, 16 - but she claims it was a case of 'genetic attraction'
The Convict
Mistie Atkinson, 32, is just a normal woman in all respects (yeah right) that just happened to fall in love....With her own SON! Atkinson hadn't seen her baby boy for 15 years, so she thought that it would be a viable excuse for a little incestuous hook-up. She blames her attraction to her offspring on a little researched phenomenon called "genetic attraction". The reason why I believe that this is just a dumbass bullshit excuse for her being a sick bitch is because when she hunted him down on Facebook and before ever meeting the 16-year-old boy, she started sending him explicit and inappropriate messages. Now I don't know what excuse the boy has, other than being a horny ass teenager, for finding this to be such a turn on. Let me repeat this, this woman is HIS MOTHER AND THEY BOTH KNEW THIS. The boys father has had custody and raised him for 15 years. She had no contact with him until he was 16. The milk's gotta be tainted for a woman to, first of all, loose complete custody of her child and secondly, not have any contact with said child for 15 years.

What fuck is up with that nasty ass kitchen?
After finally having a much anticipated family reunion, Atkinson began sending her son nudie pics of herself and filmed a sex tape in a cheap motel. Paternal family members became suspicious of the seemingly wholesome relationship when they discovered the creepy phone texts and Facebook conversations and contacted authorites. The two were discovered in a Motel in Ukiah, California on March 2nd. You hear that Boo, not all incest happens in the South. HA HA!

In a letter to court Atkinson wrote, "I don't feel that I should be charged with incest because there is something called 'genetic attraction' that is a very powerful (phenomenon) that happens to 50 (percent) of people becoming reunited with a long-lost relative." Bullshit! If that were the case then can you imagine just how many adopted family members would be screwing all over the place? There'd be one eyed flipper babies galore.

Bitch has been sentenced to 4 years and 8 months, but could be out in as little as 2 years if she behaves herself. Just think, that with good behavior she can be released in time to take her son out to celebrate his 18th birthday. Oh fuck....

Caught: They were found together in a motel room after relatives learned of their explicit Facebook messages
I'm loving her exquisite eyebrows

A Message From Your Friendly Neighborhood BooKat

If anyone's been dropping by this Dead Zone, you've probably noticed our last post was sometime last week and I haven't done jack shit since then on here. I've been out of commission and will be out for a while longer, dealing with that fucking real life I have that butts into my internet one, making me be all responsible and shit. I've also got the gnarliest medical issue going on that I'm considering taking pictures of because it is just so gross it begs to be shared...and you all know how much I like to make you look at nasty shit. Kidding, I didn't even want to look at the shit, so I can't force it on the rest of you, but I do have an awesome new hole in my body. I totally needed one to put my loose change in when I'm not wearing pants with pockets. 
So, anyway, I don't plan on being back to dick around too soon, but I'm gonna try to help Nemesis out with her shit so she can help keep this piece of shit blog chugging along down through the colon of the internet. And maybe...just maybe...Shannie will stop in and help a bitch out. You guys remember Shannie, right? The eyeball whose name's in the title up there? That's a hint, Shan-Wow...get your ass back over to the interwebbins and get back to your Shit Talkin' duties...the world wide web needs you.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mother-Daughter Bonding...With Drugs

Brandi Baumgardner
38-year-old Pennsylvanian mother of 2, Brandi Baumgardner, started smoking weed with her daughter when the girl was only 12 years old. As the child grew older, Baumgardner must have thought that marijuana was for babies and introduced the child to crack cocaine, pills and, by the time her daughter was 14, heroin. When the girl got so "dope sick" and could not inject herself, her faithful mother did it for her. Over 200 times. Don't you think that when a person gets so sick off that shit, that they can't even inject themselves, that it might be time to take a break? Baumgardner also taught the girl how to fake an illness at the emergency room in order to get prescribed the good shit. The girl also shared Fentanyl patches with her mother. 'Cause, you know, sharing is caring after all. During police interviews, Baumgardner admitted that she and her daughter have a drug problem. Ya think, bitch? You gave her the drug problem. Baumgardner was charged with with endangering the welfare of a child and corruption of a minor.

Robert Thomas Hannick, 22, of Beaver Springs has also been arrested with Baumgardner for supplying the teen with prescription drug, Suboxone, in exchange for sex. Suboxone is prescribed for those with an opiate problem. When Hannick was questioned about the allegations the teen made while in rehab he stated, "I know she was 14, but that's how I feel." Whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean. He denies giving the girl drugs, but it has been reported that he also injected the girl with heroin when she could not do it herself. Hannick was charged with statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault and corruption of a minor. It is unknown what the relationship is between Hannick and Baumgardner. I couldn't find a picture of this wiener, but if I come across one, or if someone locates one and let me know about it.I damn sure will be updating this story with it. He needs to be publicly shamed for this shit too.

Thankfully, the girl was able to open up in counseling and while in rehab, let her counsellor know what a fucked up home life she's had. You've got to be a colossal piece of shit to do this to your own child. You know, if you want to be a piece of shit then go be a piece of shit. Don't try and turn your kids into a piece of shit as well. Was she proud of the fact that she turned her baby into a drug addict? Was she proud of the fact that her baby was prostituting herself in order to get drugs? What the fuck is wrong with this bitch?

When it comes to being a mother guess what bitch, you fail!

The Cracktastic LIfe of a Lohan

The epitome of beauty and grace

Lindsay during healthier and less cracked out times
In honor of Lindsay Lohan's recent scrape with an 18 wheeler, I decided to post a recap of the Cracktastic life of Lindsay Lohan. You know, all the shit that's not her fault! Lindsay's mom, Dina Lohan, told reporters a few days ago that Lindsay's brush with the rear end of an 18 Wheeler, of course, wasn't her fault. According to Lindsay's club buddy, aka Mom, Lindsay was being chased by paparazzi and the 18 Wheeler cut her off (cause 18 Wheelers are such nimble automobiles) and her brakes failed. I guess Dina covered all the bases with that one. No excuses have come forth as to why Lindsay tried to report to officers at the hospital that she wasn't driving and it was her assistant driving instead. But when officers interviewed the assistant he told them that no, it was Lindsay driving. I'm going to guess that if anybody needs a personal assistant there might be one available, gotta get those crack lies together! Bitch hasn't been able to get her life together all this time nor been held accountable for her actions. She keeps popping in and out of the news, but you don't really realize what she's gotten away with until it's all compiled like this. No normal person would be able to get away with all this shit, but I guess that if you were once rich and semi-talented then you have nothing to worry about.

So here's a recap of the life and times of a cracked out Lindsay:

Lindsay came out in an interview with vanity fair and admitted to having an eating disorder and using drugs. While filming "Georgia Rule" Lindsay is hospitalized for "heat exhaustion". The producers wrote an open letter telling her to knock that shit off. Later in the year, Dina tells Ryan Seacrest that Lindsay is currently in AA. Not because she has a problem or anything of course, it's because she's visiting her friends. I guess that AA is a great place to meet people and hang out. A week later, Lindsay tells People magazine that she's been in AA for a year and hasn't had a drink in a whole week.

A puffy faced Lindsay arrives to court
In January, she checks into rehab for the first time. One month later, she checks herself out of rehab and goes straight to a bar where she parties until 4 AM. In March, she's filmed using cocaine. In May, she is accused of stealing over $10,000 worth of clothes from a model named Susan Hastings. A little over a week later, she is arrested for drunk driving, after crashing her Mercedes and fleeing the scene. Police find cocaine in the car. It's her 3rd crash so far. Two days later, she checks into rehab for a second time. In July, she checks herself back out of rehab. 10 days later, she is involved in a high speed chase in a stolen Denali, while high on cocaine, trying to run down a woman. Police find cocaine in her pants pocket, but she uses the old tried and true "these ain't my pants" excuse, and you thought I made that shit up. She is arrested on 5 counts. A day later, she checks into rehab for the 3rd time. In August, it is reported that she lost an endorsement deal with Louis Vuitton because she kept stealing their shit. She gets charged with seven misdemeanor counts for her two DUI arrests earlier that year. She reaches a plea deal, saying she would spend one day in jail, serve 10 days of community service and complete a drug-treatment program. She is placed on 36 months probation and required to complete an 18-month alcohol-education program and pay a $300 fine. In October, she checks out of rehab again. In November, she arrives at jail to serve her 1 day punishment for the car chase and is released 84 minutes later due to "overcrowding".

The $11,000 fur coat Lindsay "didn't steal"
In May, she stole a $11,000 fur coat. She denied taking the coat but was later photographed wearing it. Bitch literally lives in a glass house!! What the fuck made her think....nevermind. In March, a warrant is issued for her arrest for breaking the terms of her probation, because she could never be bothered to show up for her court mandated alcohol counseling. 3 days later, the warrant is recalled after her Lawyer clears up the "misunderstanding." A week later, she is photographed wearing stolen earrings. In April, cops are called to her girlfriend Samantha Ronson's house because Lindsay is trying to break in. Cops let her go. In June of that year, she does a photo shoot for Elle magazine. After she left, it was discovered that $400,000 worth of diamonds that were used are missing. In October, she is an hour late for court to review her DWI case. Although she still had not completed the court ordered alcohol counseling, she is given another year to do so.

In February, her probation report reveals that, a month after leaving rehab for the 3rd time, she failed a drug test. In April, she misses court on a civil suit filed by the 3 people that had been in the stolen Denali she was driving. Instead she is photographed out shopping. 8 days later, she misses the rescheduled court date. She claims that she couldn't get a ride to make the 10 AM appointment, but was photographed leaving a club at 2 AM that morning. 2 days later, she is accused of stealing a $35,000 Rolex and is later photographed wearing it. In May, she shows up 22 minutes late for the 3rd rescheduling of her civil court case. She was photographed leaving a hotel at 2 AM that morning. Sometime during this time period, photographs surface of Lindsay sitting next to a table with lines of cocaine on it and what appears to be a rolled up dollar bill in her hand. Later that month, she is back in court for repeatedly violating her probation. Instead of any jail time, she has to wear an ankle bracelet that detects alcohol. In June her bracelet goes off. But she avoids going to jail by paying the $200,000 bail before the warrant can be served. July 6th, Lindsey is sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days of rehab for completely blowing off her alcohol counseling classes that she had 18 months to do and had gotten an extension on for a year 10 months earlier. She claims that she did the best that she could. 12 days into her 90 day sentence, she is released due to "jail overcrowding". In August she, begins her court ordered 90 day rehab. She is released 23 days later. In September, she fails her weekly court ordered drug tests and tested positive for cocaine. Instead of going to jail, she is fitted with another alcohol bracelet and is allowed to stay home while awaiting her next hearing. In October, she is again sent to rehab for 90 days. The judge warned her that if she did not complete rehab she would receive 180 days in jail. She tested positive for alcohol while in rehab. In December, she was caught trying to sneak out of rehab and hits the rehab employee that caught her. No charges were ever filed.

Kardashian wedding
In January, Lindsay goes into a jewelry store and steals a $2,500 necklace while her friend distracts the clerk. In February, she is charged with felony theft of the necklace. In April, she is found guilty of the felony theft and breaking probation and is sentenced to 120 days in jail.  Instead of actually spending her sentence in jail, she is allowed to be on house arrest. Lindsay begins her house arrest on May 26th. In June, she is scheduled for an interview about how she's turning her life around on The Today Show. She blows off the interview after Matt Lauer flew 3000 miles to meet with her. A day later, while still on house arrest, she tests positive for alcohol consumption. Apparently, she drank while throwing a party at her house.  14 days into her sentence, she is released due to "overcrowding" in the jail. THE JAIL THAT SHE IS NOT PHYSICALLY IN!!  On July 1st, Lindsay is summoned back to court for not completing her community service on time. Instead of revoking her probation, like what would happen to any non-celebrity, she gets a 1 year extension to complete it. In August, she gets drunk at Kim Kardashian's wedding with mom, Dina, who is seen feeding her shots. In September, Lindsay makes a scene at a fashion event by throwing a drink at a photographer, misses, and hits a waiter. In October, she's kicked out of community service because she wouldn't show up for days and when she did bother to attend, HER COURT ORDERED COMMUNITY SERVICE,  she would only stay an hour or so before leaving. Since she's also still skipping her alcohol counseling, her bail is revoked and she is told to complete 16 hours at the morgue instead, but she skips the first day she is supposed to show up. She gets 1 day in jail for violating her probation and ordered to finish her community service. She serves only 4 hours of her 1 day sentence due to "overcrowding", again.

This Year:
In March, Lindsay leaves a club and hits a man in the parking lot and leaves the scene of an accident. She later switches seats with her passenger and no charges were filed. In April, 3 days after being taken off probation, she is involved in an altercation at The Standard Hotel and Night Club. She denies being there, although 3 witnesses and surveillance video say otherwise. No charges are filed. 2 weeks later, while at the same nightclub while partying with her dad, she's involved in yet another altercation where she throws a drink a chick who had told her how fucked up it is to party with your dad. Father, Michael Lohan, denies that the incident happened. No charges filed. Friday morning, Lindsey was found "unresponsive" in her hotel room when someone tried to wake her. Her personal alarm clock called producers of her current epic fail of a movie "Liz and Dick", who advised them that it might be best to call paramedics and the fire department. Upon their arrival, they were able to rouse the sleeping beauty *cough cough*. They determined that Lindsey was severely exhausted from her "grueling work schedule" and slightly dehydrated. Which I translated to mean "passed out drunk and had cotton mouth". She is now being treated for "exhaustion". Yeah, I wish I could afford to be "exhausted". According to Lindsay, on her Twitter account she's worked 85 hours in 4 days. Now I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to math but I do have a handy dandy calculator. That's 21.5 hours a day. Maybe if she didn't take 84,000 smoke breaks a day and could remember her lines she wouldn't have to put in so many hours. After her cracktastrophy biopic of Elizabeth Taylor for The Lifetime Movie Network is done, she's planning on staring in a low budge straight to Netflix soft core porn disaster called The Canyons. The directors are promising full frontal nudity.  Yeah, no shit. Like we haven't seen that before.
Trying to tell the judge something with that fingernail?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

How Is Your Father's Day, Justin DiPietro?

In need of a tweeze, Justin DiPietro
Oh, that’s right; Justin isn’t actually a father, my bad. He’s just an uninvolved sperm donor that hides behind a gaggle of skirts like the coward that he is and refuses to speak up for his daughter. Does he remember he has a daughter that went missing back in December? That little girl named Ayla Reynolds that disappeared on his watch? That child he was supposed to be looking after, caring for and protecting? By his actions, or inactions, you’d never guess this spineless sack of Dipshit was a daddy. He’s so “emotionally incapable” of anything he can’t be bothered to be a part of all this joining together of Ayla’s family and friends and complete strangers to keep Ayla’s name out there and continue looking for her. No, he never even started looking since he and his family know more than they will ever say because their own hides are more important than justice for Ayla.

Is anyone else curious as to how Justin DiPietro is celebrating this Father’s Day? Is he off with the laughing cow, Courtney Roberts, being more of a dad to her son than he ever was to his own daughter? Possibly. Is he even thinking about Ayla right now? And if he is, what is he thinking about her? He’s probably not reminiscing on the same cherished moments Ayla’s mother, Trista Reynolds, thinks of when she remembers her daughter. No, Justin’s memories probably aren’t ones he likes to think about or would ever want to share. More than likely because his last memories of Ayla are probably ones that would put his gutless ass in prison. I hope that today, no matter how hard he tries to keep her out of his thoughts, that Justin is haunted by his memories of Ayla. He doesn’t deserve to forget  or move on or get away with what an epic failure he was to his daughter.

Today would be the perfect day for Justin to purge all the dark, dirty deeds that are laying heavy on his conscience, assuming he has one of those. It would be the best day to open his mouth and stop thinking about himself and start doing right by Ayla. If he were any kind of father, he would, but since he only acknowledges that he has a child is when he can get something out of the deal, he won’t. If it means he can’t go about his life and business like this child he didn’t want never existed, he won’t. If it means giving justice to Ayla and losing freedom for Justin, who do you thinks selfishness is going to prevail? Always looking out for numero uno, Justin won’t speak up for Ayla or even for himself, really. He has a bunch of twats to do all the talking for him. ‘Cause, you know, a “stud” like Justin just can’t fend for himself or be expected to do anything but look like Cha-Ka from Land of the Lost and pretend he has no idea what happened to his kid.  

Regardless of the announcement by Stephen McCausland that investigators believe that Ayla is no longer alive, everyone needs to keep looking and keep talking. Ayla may not be alive, but she still needs to be brought home and those responsible for what happened to her need to be held accountable. No matter how little your father and his family thought of you, Ayla, you are so loved by your mommy, your family and the rest of us who think of you always. Someday, baby, we’ll get you the justice you deserve.

Tips can be called in to Maine State Police at 207-624-7076

Squid Gets Woman Pregnant

Yes, you read that headline right and no, we're not talking about some crazy hentai shit either. According to a scientific paper from The National Center for Biotechnology Information in Bethesda, Maryland, a 63-year-old woman in South Korea, became "pregnant" in her mouth after eating the shit half cooked. The woman went to doctors complaining of a pricking foreign sensation in her mouth. After examination, the doctor reported finding several "bug-like" organisms on her gums, tongue and cheek. The baby cephalopods are small pods covered in a cement like substance that attaches whenever they are ejaculated. 

Fortunately for her, she spits not swallows and didn't ingest any of that shit. After being hospitalized doctors were able to remove all the critters. I wonder if they hadn't removed them if she would have eventually given birth to them. All those slimy ocean swimmer wriggling around in her mouth. She could totally get used to that, right? Over 6 decades of living, I'm sure this lady has had her fair share of jizzum cocktails, so the feeling of swimmers in her mouth probably isn't completely alien to her. Kidding.

Although there have been several reported cases of Squid impregnating people's mouths, it is still a mystery as to how they are able to do this. Getting knocked up in the mouth by squid is more common in Asian countries because they don't remove all the internal organs of the squid when they are being prepared. Thankfully, in Western countries, we remove the sexual organs and don't actually have to worry about accidentally eating sea life spunk. If you visit a foreign country in the east, I would suggest you steer clear of the calamari.

Mother Sexes Up Her Kid's 13-Year-Old Friend

'Hey, babe, I love you forever': Amy Blose, 37, was jailed for having sex with a boy of 13. She is now accused of smuggling him a love note from the slammer
Child Molestin' Mama
38-year-old married mother of 2, Amy Blose of Cleveland County, Oklahoma, has been sentenced to 15 years in jail for fucking her kid's 13-year-old friend. Blose pled no contest to charges of rape, sodomy and lewd molestation. The illicit and just plain gross affair was discovered when the mother of the victim discovered inappropriate text messages from Blose on his phone. I think the mother showed great restraint in going to the police rather than heading over to the bitches house and confronting the bitch herself. I don't know if I could have done that.

Not only did she fuck up this kid, but she also tried to use his friends to get to him. When released on bail, she was ordered by the judge not to contact her victim, or anybody else under the age of 18, but she tried to get the child's friend to pass him a breakfast burrito wrapped in a love note that said, "Hey, babe, I love you forever." Breakfast burritos are so romantic.

Blose also constantly showed that she suffered from absolutely no remorse for abusing the child, as she was constantly giggling and smiling throughout her sentencing hearing. She even had to be reprimanded by the judge for her inappropriate behavior. When arrested, she told cops that she had a "special relationship" with the boy. Specially fucked up relationship, that is. I wonder if she's laughing now as she's sitting in jail.
Guilty: Blose, a 38-year-old mother and nurse, entered a no contest plea to the charges last year
Laughing all the way to the big house

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dirty Old Man Arrested 8 Years After Child Victim Births His Baby

Alfred Charles Ivey Jr.

Disgusting news from Elizabethtown, KY and no, it’s not that there’s going to be a sequel to that shitty movie starring meth-toothed Kirsten Dunst. This news is far grosser than her teeth. A former resident of the town, 47-year-old Alfred Charles Ivey Jr., was arrested and charged with 34 counts of rape and 16 counts of rape against a victim under 12. You can probably guess from the charges what this sicko did, but there are a few more details to get out and you can see for yourselves what a nasty man Ivey is.

Kentucky State Police report that a woman was living in Ivey’s home as a juvenile, from 1999 to 2004, and that she told them Ivey raped her repeatedly during that time. In 2004, when the woman was just 13 years old, she gave birth, but did not disclose the identity of the father or tell anyone about the ongoing abuse until recently. A paternity test on the child born in 2004 revealed Ivey to be the father. So now Ivey is sitting cozy in Hardin County Detention Center in lieu of a $500,000 cash bond.

Another detail I find disturbing about all this is that police say the victim is not related to Ivey, but she was living with him as a child. So I imagine that means Ivey was her mother’s boyfriend or something or that her relatives dumped her with the monster. Way to look out for the kid, assholes. And why was no one digging into how a 13-year-old was knocked up and by whom. Well, she could have been 12 at the time she got pregnant, but either damn way, this shit should have been looked into back then. A child giving birth isn’t something that should just be brushed off or is that just how they do things in Kentucky? Kentucky being part of the south, I guess that could explain how they would let shit like this slide.

4-Year-Girl Shoots Self, "Father" Decides He Can Treat the Wound

In state custody: The couple's three children who have now been taking into care after the June 4 shooting accident
Sulmin and Blade's 3 children
Police report that over in Stone Mountain, Georgia, a 4-year-old little girl accidentally shot herself on June 4th and her fucked up parents didn't take her to the hospital for treatment because they didn't want to get in trouble. Gwinnett County Police say that the father (if you can call him that), Thomas Sumlin, convinced his girlfriend, Tyshonna Mercedez Blades, that the child's injuries were not severe enough to warrant treatment. Sumlin decided that he would be able to treat the gunshot wound himself.

Charged: Thomas Sumlin, 20, (left) and Tyshonna Blades, 21, (right) were charged with second-degree child cruelty after the June 4 shooting
Alleged Mother Tyshonna Blades
The incident occurred when the couple and their 3 children were staying at the classiest of motels, Days Inn. While being diligently watched by her 21-year-old, so-called mother, the little girl found a handgun and reportedly shot herself in the stomach. Luckily, the bullet only grazed her, causing a deep gash. Blades called Sumlin for advice instead of doing what most people would do in an emergency and calling 911. Sumlin determined that proper medical attention was not needed over the phone and told her not to worry about it as he could use his limited medical skills and play doctor himself. Presumably, he immediately went to the nearest hardware store to pick up some duct tape and super glue before heading to the room to tell the little girl walk it off.

The couple denied the girl medical treatment for 2 whole days until, thankfully, a family member with more common sense called police to report that a 4-year-old baby is walking around with a FUCKING GUNSHOT WOUND to her stomach. Sumlin, with his vast intelligence, advised police that he didn't think the wound serious enough for a hospital trip. He also stated that, although the gun was not his and he had never seen it, that he was afraid that he and his lady love would get in trouble. According to him, although he was not present at the time, that after finding the loaded gun behind the bed the little girl shot herself, became scared and dropped the weapon. I imagine the little girl got scared. She had JUST FUCKING SHOT HERSELF IN THE STOMACH. Sumlin also stated, "This happened by accident, and I don't want any problems to come, but it turned into something way different." Ya think? Fucking moron.

Charged: Thomas Sumlin, 20, (left) and Tyshonna Blades, 21, (right) were charged with second-degree child cruelty after the June 4 shooting
Wannabe Doctor Thomas Sulmin
 I don't think police are buying his "these ain't my pants" type excuse due to the fact that they found a matching holster, magazines and possibly the bullet that pierced the small child's stomach, in Sumlin and Blade's home. I guess their next excuse is that whoever had rented the motel room before them also used to live at their house. Sumlin and Blades were charged with second degree cruelty to a child and released on a $7,500 bond. Sumlin's mother, Deanna Edwards, was also arrested for her involvement. The couple's 3 children are now in state care. We'll see how long they stay there before they're sent home with a case of band aids and neosporin.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Children Returned to Home Where Their Sibling Was Eaten by Family Dog

Happy again, like Aiden never even existed
 Back in March, I posted a write-up about Aiden McGrew, the newborn who was torn to pieces by the family dog while his father slept in another room. Aiden had been left in his swing, alone, with the family’s adopted dog, Bo, a mutt they’d only had for a short time. After Aiden’s brutal death, the parents, Quintin and Chantel McGrew, lost custody of their two remaining children, 7-year-old Samantha and 2-year-old Robert. The children were later placed in the custody of Chantel McGrew’s mother and the couple had very little visitation with the children…until now.

Aiden McGrew and the murderous mongrel
Today a judge signed an order turning custody back over to the McGrews, despite the fact that Quintin McGrew is still facing charges since Aiden’s death being ruled a homicide due to parental neglect. Since the mother wasn’t home at the time Aiden was mauled to death, she isn’t facing any charges, but it should be pointed out that the trailer they live in also had chickens living inside it at the time of Aiden’s death and neither of the 2 dogs in the home had their vaccinations. Obviously, people who let shit like shots slide and live with poultry inside their place probably aren’t great at making wise parenting decisions.

The McGrews appear to be thrilled about the judge’s decision, but I’m actually disappointed that they’re getting the children back. They still have parenting classes to complete, as well as drug testing and what not, and I hope to fuck they aren’t allowed to have any animals, but I think they’re giving these kids back a tad soon. Dad hasn’t even gone to trial yet and mom is totally standing behind him, even though dude’s the reason her baby was viciously torn apart by a dog and why she lost her kids in the first place. Chantel McGrew was quoted as saying, “I’m 100 percent behind him. No matter what happens, I’m not going to go anywhere else. That’s my best friend. I’m not going to lose him.”

I guess it’s kind of admirable that a woman is that devoted to her man, but at the same time this man is the reason all of this has happened. She carried Aiden inside her and only got to have him in this outside world 2 months when he was killed by their dog, something that only happened because of Quintin McGrew’s carelessness and laziness. It’s totally inexcusable and unforgivable that dude slept through the baby being eaten by their dog and I just don’t get how someone can stand by her man when he caused the death of her child. Maybe I’m a raging cunt, but I’d be making that son of a bitch feel sorry he was ever born, not comforting his ass. To each their own, I guess, but I hope to fuck these people are not allowed to have animals ever again and their remaining kids are spared the same fate of becoming Fido’s chew toy.

What Happened to Mickey Shunick?

Mickey Shunick
 My home state of Louisiana has been abuzz with questions about the whereabouts of missing University of Louisiana Lafayette student, 21-year-old Mickey Shunick. Mickey was last seen on May 19, 2012 around 1:30 AM, riding her black and gold Schwinn Cutter bicycle with glittery gold handlebars on her way home from a friends house. Surveillance video captured the last images of Mickey making her way home in the early morning hours. Unfortunately, she never made it home.

Last image of Mickey Shunick
This surveillance shot is the last that anybody has seen of Mickey except for the person or persons that know what exactly happened to her after she crossed this street. Shortly after crossing the street, a mysterious white Chevy Pick Up that has yet to be identified is also caught on surveillance video. It is believed to be connected to Mickey Shunick's disappearance. 8 days after Mickey's disappearance, her bike was found mangled under Whiskey Bay Bridge in a swampy area 25 miles from where she was last seen. The area where the bike was found is located in an area with hundreds of miles of swamp land. The Whiskey Bay Bridge is one of only 2 exist on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge which is 18.2 miles of bridge over swampland.

Mystery Truck
So what happened to Mickey Shunick? Was she accidently hit by someone? Did they panic? Did they try and help her? Or did they just dump her like trash like her broken bicycle was dumped? Or did she just decide to take a break from everything and disappear? That's what I was hoping for when I first heard about Mickey, but as time passes, that theory is looking less and less likely. I'm sure that at this point all that Mickey's friends and family care about is finding her. They need to find Mickey so they can have closure. They have got to know if she's alive or dead. This has got to be the most devastating thing that a parent goes through.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Batshit Mom High on Bath Salts Attacks Toddler, Dies After Tasing

Pamela McCarthy
Yeah, this shit is in the news yet again. I've been talking about how bad this shit is for a few years  now ever since I found some dude literally playing in traffic on a major highway in the middle of the day. When I went to go talk to him he was talking all crazy about how the Mexican Mafia was trying to kill him along with some of our city's finest narcotics agents, all because of this prostitution ring that he knew about. Now I don't know about you, but the hookers in my town, Julia Roberts they ain't. Seriously, I've met crackheads on a four day bender that made more sense than this dude did that was fucked up on bath salts.

Jason Williams, boyfriend of Pamela McCarthy
Anyway back to the story at hand bath salts apparently don't just for make you eat some random dude's face off. They are also good for making you beat the shit out of your 3-year-old kid. Tuesday night, police in Munnsville, New York responded to numerous calls at the apartment complex of 35-year-old Pamela McCarthy. Dispatch advised responding officers that a female was punching, choking and kicking her 3-year-old son. She went after a neighbor and attacked him as well. Witnesses report that she was growling at everyone during her tirade. She even chased around some kids who were outside playing basketball. She was also walking down a flight of stairs at the complex and busted her ass while carrying a small child only to go back up the stairs and begin strangling the family dog.

At some point during the incident McCarthy removed all of her clothing and police stated that McCarthy was naked when they attempted to subdue her. They first attempted to use pepper spray. But McCarthy was so whacked out of her head it had no effect on her. Now if you've never been sprayed with police issue pepper spray let me tell you a little of what the experience is like. Your throat closes up and all you can do is gasp for air. Your nose starts pouring out more snot than a 5-year-old with hay fever. Your eyes swell shut, they stream tears, and feel as if you put habanero pepper juice in them. You can't think because your mind is so focused on trying to breath, which is next to impossible. You can't see because your eyes are about to burst into flames. It's painful to say the least and this had no affect whatsoever on her and she continued to struggle.

While trying to subdue McCarthy, the officer reported that she growled at him and attempted to bite him. So the officer was forced to go up one more on the force continuum and use his police issued taser. After using his taser, he was finally able to subdue McCarthy with the help of medical personnel on scene. Unfortunately for McCarthy, though, all the excitement of running around beating the shit out of people, fighting police and trying to bite them, was too much for her heart to handle when she was tased. She went into cardiac arrest and was transported to Oneida Health Care Facility where she was pronounced dead. Now this isn't the first time that officers have had to respond to McCarthy being high on bath salts. According to police, they've had to respond to NUMEROUS calls on her and found her to be heavily under the influence of the bad shit. As recent as March, she was arrested for endangering the welfare of a child and resisting arrest.

Ayla Reynolds Among The Cases Being Used to Make a Name

Caylee Anthony 'cause I can't stand to look at Casey.
Apparently, CNN has been suffering in the ratings and needed a quick boost, so they got themselves a phone interview with Casey Anthony. The interview wasn’t recorded, so Piers Morgan pretty much just reads what she said over the phone. The main purpose of this interview, other than the rating, was for Anthony to address the rumors and a half-assed attempt to clear them up. Anthony insists she’s no the party girl people claim she is, that she’s gone through hell and that she “obviously” didn’t kill her daughter, Caylee. No, it’s not obvious, but okay, if the acquitted baby murderer says so.  Anthony also says she’s ashamed of the person she was, but it appears she’s not so ashamed she won’t attempt to make money off her dead child. That poor Casey and her hard knock life...that she brought onto herself.

Normally, I wouldn’t have shit to do with anything Casey related. I even told Shannie, no Casey ‘cause that murderous cunt shouldn’t be getting any more attention, but I saw this whole thing about the phone interview and had to bring it up because it goes right along with some shit that’s happening in the Ayla Reynolds case. So I bring up the Casey Anthony interview that’s being used as a ratings boost because the same way CNN is using the tragedy of Caylee Anthony’s death and the way Casey herself keeps putting shit out there and using her dead daughter for exposure, a glorified and idiotic hack of a blogger is doing the exact same thing with missing Ayla Reynolds.

Word of the Day
I only refer to this “writer” by Hoffham because she is the kind of unduly narcissistic moron that sees any attention as good attention and thinks anything mentioning her name is publicity. The last thing this purple prose fan-fic writer needs is publicity of any kind, plus she uses missing kids and antagonizing Holly Bobo’s family for that. And now she’s inserted herself into the case of Ayla Reynolds in an attempt to make a name for herself and get some traffic going to all her blogs. Yes, blogs because she isn’t an actual journalist, as she likes to mislead people into believing by telling them to look for her on The Huffington Post. She just fails to tell them it’s as a blogger. It’s probably the same misleading that got her the interview with Trista Reynolds that she’s hyping up as some kind of bombshell that’s gonna bust the case wide open and it will all be because of her. This is where we cue the eyeroll.

Hoffham’s presence in this and every other case does nothing to help the victims and their families that are trying to get justice. She uses them and makes these stories about her, about what she’s done, about who she’s talked to, about what she said. It’s Me, My, I. And don’t dare think Trista would sue if Hoffham hadn’t made the suggestion to do an OJ style civil suit against Dipshit and Co. ‘Cause Trista couldn’t have possibly figured that out without the Hocks suggesting it. If you’ve been following the goings on between the blogs that are focused on Ayla Reynolds, think of Hoffham as another Grace or Lies, only not as crazy, but just as delusional.  I haven’t heard anything on whether she’s consorting with the stars yet, so at least there’s that going in her favor.

Unfortunate some think a child like this shouldn't live.
This blogger is the last person that should be involved with any cases involving children, especially with her attitude toward people who choose to give birth to a child with Down Syndrome rather than abort it. Apparently, D-syndromed kids are made from “broken DNA” and shouldn’t live because their lives aren’t normal and they’re a hardship, blah blah blah. I’m all for choice, fuck knows I’ve said it enough times when we’ve come across stories of worthless wombs that kill their babies. Don’t want the kid, abort it and spare the kid the suffering and pain. But Hoffham’s views on everything that doesn’t mesh or fall in line with her own opinion or lifestyle is belligerently intolerant and she’s crapped her goading comments all over the internet for the world wide web to see. So it’s not news that she’s a clownshoe. 

Outed and proven to be a liar, Hoffham should be kept far the fuck away from any case, but especially from Ayla’s because, going by her comments that she shit all over J4A, she has no qualms about publishing any and every detail Trista may have let slip if it serves her selfish purposes and gets her that always craved attention that she wants. If Jeff and Trista want more exposure for Ayla and her name kept out there by someone who isn’t using Ayla, I think they should reach out to someone who isn’t a shit disturber who talks out of their ass and twists shit around. Do they really want a person involved in Ayla’s case that purposely causes strife, particularly among those following a specific case, and callously tells people their lack of “cognitive development” is the reason their kids have Down’s Syndrome  or any of the many other despicable things she calls anyone who doesn’t agree with her or calls her out?

This is not someone to be trusted or let into a case that many of us have become involved in and have followed, I daresay, religiously. Religions another one of those things this blogger likes to crap on, but we’ll let that slide for now.  I don’t hate Hoffham, I just don’t care for the shit she pulls and it would be a huge disservice to Ayla to let this person in to turn this case into crap like she’s done with others. A quick Google search can lead anyone to all of Hoffham’s sleazy internet behavior and fuck knows I’m not the first to mention it and will definitely not be the last. Oh, and someone who berates and launches attacks on others shouldn't be so quick to call out cyber-bullying, when she herself is guilty of it. Miss Hocks wants to make a career out of the shit she spews, but using Ayla Reynolds or any other case to do it, is bullshit.
Ayla Reynolds deserves JUSTICE, not to be exploited by a faux-journalist wannabe.

And for your own research, if you don't buy what I'm selling, here are some handy dandy links...

Now Down Syndrome Is Broken DNA? 
(This goes on forever and would take a shitload of time to get through, but has lots of interesting stuff on it) Authorities: 20 Year old Holly Bobo Abducted in Decatur County 

Some strangeness the above link led to....

And Madeleine-Exposing the Myths

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lunch With a Little Extra Love

Ok peoples, Boo asked me to help out with my weak ass writing and lack of imagination since Shannie seems to be MIA, so just bear with me and get over my lack of grammar and spelling. Today I'm going to introduce you to Momma Fucktard of the year hailing to you from Del Valle, Tx. Say hi to Tornia Ann Gutierrez. You may be asking yourselves what makes Gutierrez the Momma Fucktard of the year? Well, she decided to pack a little lunch for her 6 year old baby girl, who attends school at Popham Elementary. What's wrong with that you ask? Damn, your asking a lot of questions. Anyway Momma Fucktard's sandwich wasn't exactly kosher. You see baby girl started acting a little funny after eating her lunch that Mommy so carefully prepared for her offspring. The little girl started acting all kinds of strange telling the school counsellor that she could hear a "banging" in her head and began talking to people that weren't there.

Mother: Tornia Ann Gutierrez has been charged with child endangerment after she sent her six-year-old to school with a sandwich laced with PCP
Here's my vote for Mommy of the Year
So of course the school being concerned about the health and well being of the child called Gutierrez to let her know that she needed to come get her kid. But instead of being all concerned like most normal people would be, Gutierrez asked them not to call Emergency Services or CPS. WTF? Gutierrez eventually broke down and realized that the shit wasn't right with her kid. She ended up calling an ambulance herself. The little girl was eventually transported to Dell Children's Medical Facility where she tested positive for PCP. Yes, P-C-fucking-P. Otherwise known as Angel Dust. That's the shit that will make you think your God...or the Devil...or whatever. Coincidentally, Mommy Dearest over there also tested positive for the shit. Imagine that.

Gutierrez insists that she didn't intentionally put that extra ingredient in there.  Instead, she said that she had a drug dealer come to her house earlier, because when your denying drugging your own kid and trying to portray yourself as a good Mother and all, it helps to tell authorities that it was the fucking drug dealer you had over. According to the little girl, sandwich meat laced with the bad shit "tasted like fireworks" and will make you "crazy dizzy". At least it wasn't bath salts or we could have had a real first grade zombie Apocalypse on our hands in Texas.

Another Instance of Child Abuse Caught on Tape

I was making my rounds on the world wide web today and came across a video that was taken by the neighbor of Anthony Sanchez, who is an official with a California water agency. The video is of Sanchez playing ball with his step-son, which sounds like it would be a great father-son experience except that Sanchez is a bastard who thinks a kid having butterfingers is an offense worthy of physical punishment. Being an epic asshole, Sanchez repeatedly crosses the distance between him and his step son and whips the child with a belt. The boys reaction every time he is hit is incredibly hard to watch. It is terrible. Belts hurt pretty damn bad and you can see this son of a bitch is putting some force in the belt lashings. You've been forewarned, this video is pretty hard to watch and will have you pissed from the the very beginning.

Now the very awesome part of all this is Mr. Sanchez's totally badass neighbor. The guy is recording this horrible abuse against this kid, likely just so there's evidence, and finally he has enough of it. He storms outside, calling out the fantastic words, "That's enough, fuckstick!" This dude is my fucking hero. The neighbor confronts Sanchez and there's a bit of back and forth, but the video ends abruptly and we miss what, if anything, happened between the two. What we do know, though, is that the neighbor turned the video over to sheriff's investigators and Sanchez was arrested for suspicion of felony child abuse. While no actual charges have been filed yet, Anthony Sanchez has resigned as utility district director for the Imperial Irrigation District. 

It seems at some point in the video a person in the background asks where the mom is and the man recording the video says, "Inside the house" which leads one to believe this kid's mom knew about the shit going on in her own backyard and was A-O-Fucking-Kay with it. And if a piece of shit like Mr. Sanchez is willing to put his hands on his step-son over something as petty as dropping a bat, fuck only knows what other minor offenses this taint stain has whipped the kid over. I know back in the day getting belt whooped was the en vogue punishment, but this shit is just not acceptable anymore. Kids are being hurt and killed and discarded by the very people who are supposed to take care of and protect them. A belt spanking may pale in comparison to the stories of abuse we come across, but a child being hurt in any way is still going to piss people the fuck off. At least people who give a shit and want this crap to stop. I'm gonna have to steal and sort of bastardize a Samuel L. Jackson line from a shit awful movie to bring this write-up to a close..."Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking planet!"

Anthony Sanchez, Occupation: Fuckstick

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nick Ring: The Greatest Canadian Hero

Nick Ring, grounding and pounding the shit out of crime.

I found out about this story the other day, but because I cherish my slacker days, I put off tossing it up here until today. I’ve mentioned Nick Ring before in the write-up about the gay-for-pay dude that was trying to become The Ultimate Fighter and ended up sucking balls, literally and figuratively. Since first seeing Nick Ring in the Chuck vs. Tito season of TUF, I thought Ring was seriously gay as fuck. I don’t mean lame, I mean flaming. He was a pretty good MMA fighter, but pulled out of the competition because of his bum knee. The dude isn’t really known for much else, but now he gets to join the ranks of other MMA fighters turned heroes, which is great because if anything it proves not all fighters are meatheads and rapists…Yeah, Mike Whitehead, I’m looking at you, fuckwad.

What did Nick Ring do to earn this honorable distinction? Ring was leaving a Calgary Starbucks when, as fate would have it, he witnessed a group of about 10 teeny bop thugs assaulting a couple, also teenagers. The thuggish teentards were beating down the couple in an attempt to rob them. Ring described the melee as pretty hardcore, saying he pulled his car over to see the female half of the assaulted couple being kneed in the face. At that point, Ring gets out of the car and yells, “What's going here?” only for one of the assailants, the one girl in this gang of douches, to rip the backpack off of the female victim’s back and take off running. That then got the entire group of assholes running off, leaving the couple cut up and bleeding.

Ring checked out the couple to make sure their injuries weren’t life-threatening and then, like fucking Major Mapleleaf, he took off after the little snot-nosed punks. He and another good Samaritan chased the felons-in-training about six blocks and caught the slowest of the bunch, who bitched and moaned, saying he didn’t do anything. Only three of the teenagers were arrested and charged with assault, but Calgary police are still investigating to bring the rest of the bastards to justice. Nick Ring appears to be pretty humble about the whole thing, but I think dude deserves to be a little cocky about it. He even busted out a sweet Marvel-quality line, saying, “If you have the ability to help somebody, you have the responsibility to help somebody.” Bravo, Mr. Ring.

Ring is due to step into the Octagon to face Court McGee at UFC 149 on July 21st. I love Court too much to root against him in this rematch, but I wish Ring luck and if he does manage to pull off a victory, I won’t be too sore that Court didn’t win. 
Picture Ring as the Canadian version of this.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Criminal Stupidity Gets Credit Card Thief Arrested

Today, I bring you stupid news from my side of the coast. A thieving Walnut Creek woman was done in by her own stupidity when she attempted to rob someone of their hard earned dough and purchased groceries on their credit card. What got her dumb ass caught? When she paid for the groceries with the stolen credit card, she used her own Safeway Club Card to save on her ill-gotten groceries. Police were able to track 34-year-old Traci Wheeler right back to her front door through the information on her club card account. 

Apparently, Wheeler stole a woman’s purse and wallet from Skipolini’s Pizza, whatever the fuck that is, and then got all spend crazy with her new found fortune. She made purchases at Safeway, Shell and chevron, spending $118, before the stolen card was deactivated. Being a thrifty thief proved to be Wheeler’s downfall, though, and once police checked Safeway’s records, they were over to Wheeler’s place to arrest her for suspicion of identity theft, burglary and forgery. She bailed out the following day for an unknown amount and as of yet, hasn’t been charged. Why the fuck not?

Security footage of a hatted Traci Wheeler
The amount stolen may not seem like much to some people, but were it my cash, I’d be wanting that cunt still sitting in a cell and my fucking money back. Plus, I feel like Safeway wallet-rapes me every time I go there, so if anyone’s gonna be saving on groceries with my money, it’s gonna be me. I can understand why people steal and I can almost sympathize, if the particular thief isn’t a total piece of flaming dog crap, but it’s a shitty crime. I can’t stand being stolen from, especially when, if I can spare it, I’d be willing to part with a bit of my meager monies for someone in need. It just so happens though that the only “people in need” that are robbing people blind are druggies, assholes and, strangely, people who actually have plenty of money. Pretty damn pathetic. 

It’s my Friday and I’ll cry if I want to…hey, I’ll channel Lesley Gore if I damn well please. I am out for the next couple days, but, as always, I’ll be checking in to mingle and consort with you awesome and hopelessly devoted shit talkers…What? I can’t throw in some Olivia Newton-John a la Grease? I’m tired and it’s after midnight here on the West Side, I’m bound to get a little goofy and start spouting off nonsense and quoting the randomness that pops into my head. Someday, we’ll have to do a week of hiding quotes in write-ups and seeing if anyone gets them. Have a fantastic weekend and I’ll be back before it’s even over for you normies, so you won’t even be long without me.  How great is that? Anybody else missing Shannie? :(
This may piss Shannie off enough to make her pop in for a visit.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So Sick of Children "Going Missing"

Aliayah Lunsford

About two weeks back, Lena Lunsford, the mother of missing toddler, Aliayah Lunsford, was finally sentenced for her welfare fraud case. She had plead guilty back in January to the fraud charges, which she earned herself by selling $114.82 of foodstamp benefits, meant to feed her soccer team worth of kids, for $50 cash. Lena is currently out on bond, but she’ll be headed to prison on June 28th to serve an 8-month sentence, followed by a year of probation once she’s released. I don’t see Lena Lunsford’s sentence as a victory really, but her going to prison pleases me even if it doesn’t satisfy the need to see her held responsible for her daughter’s disappearance.  While I am glad to see her ass tossed behind bars, it brings us no closer to finding Aliayah or getting her justice.

Lisa Irwin
It’s been over 8 months now (whoa, a little coincidental with Lena’s sentence) since Aliayah Lunsford went missing. It feels so much longer than that though. All these children who have gone missing, Aliayah since September, Lisa Irwin since October, Sky Metalwala since November, Ayla Reynolds since December…and these are only the ones that were fortunate enough to make headlines across the nation. There are so many others, ones we will never even hear about, never know of, but that still need our attention so that these kids can be found, one way or another. I bring these cases up because, yeah, it’s only been months since they’ve been missing, but it seems like it’s been so much longer and for the loved ones of these kids, the ones who actual care about them, it has to feel like an eternity.

So what the fuck is going on? Why are all these children vanishing or possibly being hurt or killed and their deaths covered up by parents that don’t want to face the consequences of what they did or what they let happen? Because I don’t give a shit whether the parent or guardian did the harming themselves or someone else they knew did, it all comes down to shitty parents not giving a shit about their children. Being so fucking selfish and seeing these kids they brought into the world as a burden and brushing the duty to be a good parent off to have a good time or do what they want to do. That’s all these kids have become to these people, is a responsibility they don’t want, but are stuck with. So they do their own thing and something happens that causes a new case of a missing child to hit the news. Like Deborah Bradley’s “adult time” that may have led to Baby Lisa’s accidental death that was covered up in a panic to avoid charges and called a kidnapping by her dumbfuck parents. Just a highly likely scenario, no one know what really happened except Dumpy Deb and her nutless babymaker, Jeremy Irwin.
Sky Metalwala
How do we stop this or how do we send a message to people that just seem to be getting away with shady shit? All the adults involved in these cases are suspicious as hell, but there’s nothing solid to get them charged. Not when it comes to the actual child. But what about the circumstances around these supposed disappearances? Deborah Bradley says she was shitfaced and blacked out and that’s by her own admission, but could be a lie to further cover for herself.  Shouldn’t that earn her a child endangerment or neglect charge while they work on the real case of missing baby Lisa? Julia Biryukova, the mother of missing toddler Sky Metalwala, lied to police about running out of gas and walked around aimlessly for an hour before returning to her perfectly well running car, claiming Sky had been left sleeping in his carseat and someone must have snatched him. I’m sure there are charges they can lay on this selfish piece of shit, who didn’t even bother to show up for custody hearings regarding her daughter. What about Justin DiPietro or his many ass-covering allies? There has to be some obvious wrongs going on in this mix of liars that can get them charged while the search to find Ayla continues.

Ayla Reynolds
 There has to be something that can be done to put the pressure on these assholes that care so little about their children, but love themselves so much they put their happiness ahead of their child’s well-being. They need to made examples of, so people stop pulling this bullshit and thinking they can get away with it, because these skeezy fucks are getting away with it. Children are being failed left and right, they’re not getting justice and people who know the truth about what really happened are just free to go about their business, freer than they were before because now there’s no pesky brat to take care of. They basically get exactly what they wanted, with a little loathing from the enraged public, but they still get to be the selfish bastards they always were, and it is fucking infuriating. I’ve seen comments made around the web that mock people for being outraged that Casey Anthony got to walk because how Caylee died wasn’t proven, yada yada yada. Blah blah blah, couldn’t prove it, why is everyone so upset, just being general pricks about it. The reason it pisses people off, why it’s devastating and people get wrapped up in this shit, is because the victim is a defenseless child. A child who won’t get justice and suffered unimaginable terror in their last moments. A child failed because a selfish adult that was responsible for taking care of them, was supposed to love them and make them safe, did anything but what they were supposed to.

It is only natural to feel outrage at a child “going missing” or being murdered and feeling there is no justice for this victim that never got to grow up or know happiness in their short lives. If you don’t feel anything or can’t understand why anyone would be angry at a child being failed, than you’re probably the same kind of self-centered as these faux-parents, so it doesn’t make sense to you why anyone would give a shit about a child that isn’t even their own. For the rest of us, we get that you, like those bad parents, are sociopathic chodes, so you can eat a crusty and diseased dick. The last of those who actually give a shit about others want justice for these kids, want the people responsible held accountable and punished. Wouldn’t you want that if it were your own child? Wouldn’t you want other people rooting for justice if it were a child you loved? Something has to happen to keep kids safe and teach shit containers they can’t get away with this crap…but where do we start and how do we make it happen?