Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Piggyback Bandit on the Loose!

Crazy Piggyback guy...
Being a true crime "addict" I have become nearly immune to the moral depravities of society. From an innocent child being slain by her own parents to 260 pounds of neck meat and burnin' love humping her 15 year old son's best friend, this world can be a cruel and bizarre place. The story I'm about to share with you is not as much cruel as it is bizarre. Very bizarre. Sherwin Shayegan, a 28 year old man from Bothwell, Washington, has a disturbing fondness for high school athletes. Dating back to 2008, he has been attending high school sporting events, mainly basketball games, and attempting to get "piggyback rides" from players.
   Shayegan actually dresses up in team uniforms and tries to gain access to players by sitting behind their bench, joining the winning team's celebration on the court, and waiting outside their locker room. He also has attempted to give players massages and hand out towels and water. Shayegan didn't limit his search for "piggyback rides" to just the gymnasium or athletic fields. He has reportedly lured student athletes to the school library under the guise of being a college student writing a term paper. One such incidence in Ellensburg, Washington led to his arrest for sexual assault. According to the student, Shayegan began asking downright creepy questions. He apparently was curious if the male student "looked at other boys in the shower" or ever "sh*t his pants." When the student understandably freaked the fu@k out and attempted to leave the 5'8" 250 pound Shayegan offered to pay for a "piggyback ride" before preceding to yell "time for a piggyback" and jumping on the boy's back.
He's like a hungry tiger, stalking his prey....the elusive, piggyback ride.
  Until last fall, it appears that all his attention was focused on teams in Washington where he has racked up quite an arrest record. Besides the sexual assault charge, he also has been convicted of criminal trespass, vehicle prowling, resisting arrest, and possession of a controlled substance. Records show 16 convictions since 2004 in Washington alone and a whopping 9 open warrants. He has since moved east to Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, and most recently Minnesota. It was in Helena, Montana last October where he racked up his latest arrest. An alert motel clerk noticed something odd about Shayegan(really?) and some of the comments he was making. Police were called, and a plain clothes officer followed him to a local soccer game. There he witnessed Shayegan jump on the back of a player. He was promptly a taken into custody. He pled guilty on February 1st to two misdemeanors assault charges, fined $730, and given a 360 suspended prison sentence. The judge told him he was no longer allowed to attend Montana high school events and that he should "go back to Washington and behave." He didn't listen.
   Just three days later, Shayegan was spotted at a Bismarck, North Dakota basketball game. At a hockey game earlier in the day, he reportedly achieved his goal of a "piggyback ride" from one of the players. This one day " piggyback" search resulted in him being banned from all high schools athletic events in the state of North Dakota. Not to be deterred, Shayegan moved on to the state of Minnesota where he was seen at three basketball games in the span of three days including his only known college game. There he was told by one of the coaches to basically "get the hell away." About time. Minnesota quickly joined Washington, Oregon, Montana, and North Dakota by banning "The Piggyback Bandit" from all high school events.
   There has been no sign of Shayegan since, but he did answer his cell phone on Tuesday, February 14th when contacted by a reporter from the Associated Press. He declined to comment until he could "speak with an attorney first." Although he appeared to be moving east, authorities believe that he may has returned to western Washington. Anyone who sees him is urged to kick his ass, I mean call 911, and report his location. How this guy has not gotten pummeled by a testosterone filled teenager or an angry coach or parent is beyond me. Let's just hope he gets locked up soon. Either way, I can't see this ending well for "The Piggyback Bandit."
 ***Thank you to Missing Budweiser for this awesome write-up.  Right there, baby!

Keeping Baby Lisa Out There

Lisa Irwin, missing since October 3, 2011
 It's been almost 5 months now since baby Lisa Irwin "went missing" from her home. Almost 5 months since all the lies and ball dropping began. Almost 5 months and not a fucking thing has happened, not a single suspect arrested, not a scrap of hard evidence, and now barely a blip on the radar. This baby is dangerously close to being forgotten, maybe not by investigators, but by the public. Her name and face need to be out there, be seen and mentioned as much as possible, even if she's long gone from this world, because her shifty, shady parents deserve to be haunted by the child they failed.
I think one word sums these two people up...GROSS
Those familiar already know this baby's tale, how Lisa Irwin's mother, Deborah Bradley, got shitfaced, never checked on her kid that was supposedly in her crib all night, and "blacked out." How Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, came home to find the door unlocked, all the lights on and a window wide open. How, from then on, stories would change and the lies would keep on coming and an insane cast of ridiculous and worthless characters would whittle their way out of the corrupt and shitty woodwork of this clusterfuck. This case leaves people with more questions than answers, suspicions and conspiracy theories up the wazoo, and a burning hatred for this child's worthless hogbeast mother and cowardly, whipped father.
I would love, and I do mean L-O-V-E, to see Deborah Bradley behind bars for the death of her child, because let's face facts, that baby is likely dead and Blubber Bradley played a hand in it, regardless of whether she killed the baby herself, accidentally or not. Just look at this chick's actions since day fucking one. Actually, look at her actions on the night that preceded day one. The night she decided to hell with being a good, sober, coherent mother and threw caution to the wind by getting so date rape drunk she supposedly blacked out and can't remember shit that happened. I call bullshit on that story, but if that's the one she wants to stick to, then I think she should be hung out to dry for it as well.
Lipstick on a pig. No need to worry about her makeup running, she's not really crying.
By her own admission, she got so wasted she couldn't even take care of her self and passed the fuck out, so she sure as fuck wasn't and isn't capable of caring for any children, let alone a baby that has zero chance of fending for herself. And let's not forget that there were other children in the home, other children that could become victims because you can't threaten Deborah Bradley with a good time and expect that wild chunk of burning twat to turn you down. Whether she herself offed Baby Lisa, on purpose, on accident under her fat ass, or if someone else came in and took off (yeah, right) with the baby, Deborah Bradley's flabby ass should be in jail. Her neglect and need to have "adult time" caused the disappearance (death) of her child because a dead sober responsible parent would have had that baby, sick baby at that, with her the whole night or at the very fucking least, checked on that kid every hour. That's just what good parents do.
Deborah in her spare time, between crocodile tears and losing babies.
 So, why is this festering glob of cum chugger free to live her life, give useless interviews to Dr. Baldy Phil and have mysterious benefactors paying for private investigators and lawyers, sans any kind of punishment for her total disregard for the life she created? I have no fucking clue, but I want to see her low-hanging panniculus squeezed into some bright orange jailhouse scrubs. She can go down now for the neglect of her child, child endangerment or whatever else the courts can think of and still be tried for Lisa's death later, if they ever find her body. In the meantime, her yeasty rolls need to rot behind bars where she belongs. I'm not giving the pussy that poked this porker a pass, either. Jeremy Irwin needs to spill the beans and turn on this twat or he's going to be rockin' that tangerine dream of a jumpsuit too with heavy traffic going up his Hershey Highway.

Baby Lisa should be at the forefront of people's thoughts, along with all the other victims of selfishness and horrible monsters playing the role of parents. Let's not forget her, keep her name out there, and keep this kid in your thoughts, that she be found and laid to rest. She deserves that much, but even more than that, she deserves justice. Her parents failed her, so let's not follow their lead and fail her too. Anyone who thinks they may know something, no matter how insignificant, anyone with a conscience or a shred of decency, get in contact with the Kansas City Police using their TIPS line, (816) 474-TIPS.

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Tell Us What You Think...

I just really like this pic here.
So, I have no idea what this rogue comment posted to or how this happened, but since it's floating here, I figure it would be a great place to get some feedback from our readers. How are we doing? How much do we piss you off? Let us know, we're interested in your thoughts, even if you can't stand us and we hate you...and if you're part of the crowd that is in cyber love with us, well, we like you, too and thanks for stopping by. Tell us what stories you'd like to see more of or leave us a tip and we can give a story our own spin with the nastiest pictures we can find on the internet to illustrate it. TELL US WHAT YOU WANT!!! We aim to please, but only if we get something out of it too...wink, wink...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baby Ayla....The Dips, The Blogs, The Tards.

So I've been following the case of missing 18 month old Ayla Reynolds. She is the little girl who's father took custody of her when her young mother went to dry out and while in the care of the sperm donor, Justin Dipietro  she sustained multiple injuries according to blogs and witnesses. Injuries like bruises, a sprained leg, and most suspicious, a broken arm, which was not reported until a day later according to her father because he didn't think it was bothering her or some bullshit like that.  Trista Reynolds the girls mother is an all around flake who I've already covered and talked shit about...but make no mistake...Trista did not do any harm to her baby girl Ayla. I believe Trista to be a young, good-time, poorly raised girl who really hasn't gotten the full gist of just what happened to her daughter and in my opinion, she has surprised me on the way she's handled the media thus far. There are blogs out there that seem to be solely meant to make her look bad and guilty...this means one thing to me----diversion. There is a blog called http:/Stop the Lies/, which is so obviously written by a jealous or protective dipshit Dipietro defender, that if this case wasn't about a missing and most likely dead baby, I would laugh my fucking ass off....but it is about a baby, who isn't here, who's blood was found in the basement bedroom of her father Justin Dipietro. His mother Phoebe, and his girlfriend Courtney Roberts (who's sister Brianna Roberts was recently rearrested on federal drug distribution charges), and his sister all are in the know of what happened to does a 18 month old with a broken arm just spill her blood all over and disappear from a home in the middle of the night with not one of the adults or the child in the home noticing?   Another great question is, why Justin Dip took out a life insurance policy on this kid weeks before she was reported missing?  I guess in Bizarro world it's somehow normal for a fuckhead-low life like Justin with no job, and loser drug selling buddies  to take out an insurance policy on a kid he barely fucking knew....problem is in the real world it isn't normal.

Justin DiPietro...douchebag.
Anyone interested in getting in on the bullshit that's being tossed about the web in good old trolling fashion, go to the Stop the Lies site and let those assholes know this shit isn't flying...or go to Statement Analysis for some insight on the assholes who keep defending the Dips and bashing Trista Reynolds....Peter Hyatt owner of Statement Analysis is doing a kick ass job with  making the "I don't know the families ..I just defend murderers" squad squirm...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Her Poor Son...Terri Mezzatesta Bones His Friend

"Right there, Baby!" ...eww and lol.

This hunk of burnin' love from the state of Pennsylvania, is Terri Mezzatesta 34,. She got arrested recently for having sex, which of course you'd think "Hell yeah, that mountain of neck meat shouldn't be humped ever"...but apparently fatties need love too, and fattie sex is totally legal.  But this genius of love couldn't get some legal action, she had to get porked by her 15 year old sons friend..AFTER she got him high and drunk.

Terri "The Neck", as I like to call her, was getting all wine cooler-ed up and stoned with her son and his buddy when her kid went in his room and passed out.  Pfft...lightweight. That's when mom of the year asked his pal if she could gobble his knob.  He said "coolio", and thing he knows he's jabbing Jabbas guts.  I guess to a stoned horny kid she was hotter than fuck?  Um..I doubt it...but anyway, so her son wakes up to his mothers grunts and pork sounds from the living room...quote "Right there, Baby!!", he gets grossed out and pissed at the same time, (just like a son should when he wakes up to his chum and mum having puke inducing sex). The friend/motherfucker got punched in the face by Terri's son, but he was welcomed back into the house later that night and his good pal let him use his cell phone for a few days.  When the phone was returned to Terri's son he saw explicit sexting between his mom and the friend, he thought" fuck this shit" and turned her fat, friend fuckin' ass over to school officials who in turn, called the fuzz.

Now get this....Terri told the cops she was passed out drunk and that she awoke to the 15 year old boy on top of her!!   LOL...yeah, okay riiight.   Cops laughed their asses off and charged her with statutory sexual assault, and corruption of minors. 

*Thank you Missing made my day with this!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Moron Needs To Be "Put To Sleep"....Inhumanely

Meredith Lowell; sick bitch extraordinaire
Boo did a nice little opinion on the asstardation of PETA, but I have to tell you about this disgusting, no eyelash having (please look at the peepers on this one, wtf?), inbred shit for brains mutt, who may have one upped the extreme doucheness of the PETArds.

Introducing Meredith Lowell, a dumb twat who is such a fugly freak, I'm almost positive she pulled this shit cause she's been rejected from not only every  wing-nut organization for animal rights, but by every human in general....So here's the deal, Lowell is sooo "dedicated" to the welfare and humane treatment of animals that she solicited a hit man thru emails to snuff out someone by shooting or slashing their throats, "preferably 14 or older" but a least 12, outside a library playground near her home!  Now, of course the email correspondence was a cop, actually a federal agent, and in emails with her fake hit man she made it clear that she wanted to be there for the slaughtering of a young "fur wearer".  This is part of her email...
               "I would like to create an online community on facebook whi8ch [sic] would allow me to find someone who is willing to kill someone wearing fur toward the end of October 2011 or early November 2011 or possibly in January 2012 or February 2012 at the latest,"
Oh and here's some more of her madness...
"You need to bring a gun that has a silencer on it and that can be easily concealed in your pants pocket or coat. ... If you do not want to risk the possibility of getting caught with a gun before the job, bring a sharp knife that is (at least) 4 inches long, it should be sharp enough to stab someone and/or slit their throat to kill them. I want the person to be dead in less than 2 minutes,"
As if this bitch couldn't get nuttier, she did.  She told one undercover that she wanted to be arrested because she wouldn't have to live with her mom and brother, where she was subjected to their egg, meat eating, and animal hide using know, like normal people fucking live.  Lowell, 27... also compared  the unfair treatment of animals to Nazi concentration camps and other bullshit.

I love animals and I would help any hurt or mistreated pup, kit, cow, goat, or bird  I could...but I also love fucking bacon and I will be damned if PETA, or this goofy broad is gonna stop me from eating it.

Now, like Boo said so eloquently  in an earlier post...PETA extremists can eat a dick...but I think this psycho should be given exactly what she wants...lock her dangerous, dumb-ass up. And fast.

**And a  very "speshul" shout out to the mutli-talented Spaghetti

Monday, February 20, 2012

Aliyah Lunsford...New Search

In the last month there has been a new search for the bruised and missing little girl Aliyah...Here is a post from Peter Hyatt from Seamus OReilly Statement Analysis...

Aliayah Lunsford: A Broken Child

The case of Ailayah Lunsford has been a heartbreaking display of drugs and neglect in the life and death of a little one.

Lena Lunsford, a mother who sought out pregnancy after pregnancy for the social reward of tax payers' funds, trading food stamps for her drugs, and who cared not for little Aliayah.

Ralph Lunsford, a biological father, a druggie, in and out of prison...who failed a polygraph and likely assisted Lena in disposing of Aliayah.

The family was one of survival, with children of neglect learning early how to fend for themselves.  The children became a closed society unto themselves, with each learning early how to prepare food, allowing for the stoned mother to boast how 'mature' her children were.

As is the case in societies, role playing comes about, with one, often the oldest female, taking upon herself the role of caretaker; another of instigator, another of clown to cheer them up, yet another the scavenger who knew how to get food from neighbors.

In this pathetic and artificial society, there was also the pariah.

This was Aliayah's role.

Despised, alone, she kept to herself, so young and unable to thrive without attention, she became sullen and depressed.  Without sunshine and smiles to stimulate growth, she barely survived.

 How did she die?

Did she die of a broken spirit?  Did she simply give up living due to despair?

Did she find Lena's oxy?  Or, was it Ralph's, who was in and out of the house, but always out of her life?  Were they concerned about her shallow breathing, or were they angry to have seen a portion of their precious stash lessened, even if only by one?

Perhaps they will find a lawyer who will bring suit, seeking damages from such postings.  Perhaps, they will claim, Lena's not been able to land a job due to postings like these.  Perhaps.

And if so, perhaps it is that they will go through with it, and Lena and Ralph will take the stand, and answer questions.

Police have yet to "solve" the case, and volunteers, driven by a passion likely fueled, in part, by anger, continue to search the rural areas for Aliayah's remains.

God speed, searchers; don't give up.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Outbreak of an Internet Epidemic

 Get your vaccinations and keep the penicillin handy, people, we have a pandemic on our hands. A wave of infirmity is sweeping the World Wide Web...and you could be next..if you're hard up for attention and have zero friends. What is this mysterious disease that has people on disability, hopped up on pain killers and is causing a cluster of support groups to pop up all over a defunct crime site? Well, it isn't exactly a disease, or even just one disease, that has people all over a site run by the Village Voice riddled with the symptoms of this vicious condition. It's Munchausen by Internet...and it could be coming to a site near you.
Example of Munchausen by Internet
 What is Munchausen by Internet, you may be wondering? Well, let me give you the jest. In a nutshell, it's basically a bunch of seriously fucked up people going on the internet, bitching and moaning about things that are wrong with them, adding to the list to one up each other should someone else have a better or more exotic disease, and all in an attempt to gain sympathy and internet friends. And it doesn't even have to be a disease. The newest trend in this vicious cycle of internet hypochondria is to make up stories of abuse and violence, create elaborate sob stories of a life less ordinary or the invention of a sudden and previously undiagnosed mental disease.
One Upping the Sympathy Competition
 One of the biggest trends on the make believe syndrome haute list is suddenly being diagnosed as bi-polar. A close second is cancer. Running neck and neck with cancer is the sudden unprompted disclosure of sexual abuse, or rape. And those inexplicably displaying these symptoms of Munchausen are on pain killers or anti-depressants and their number one treatment option is to discuss ad nauseam online every last little thing supposedly wrong with them while desperately attempting to one up someone else in the group should the other person be suffering from a pretend disease deemed more life-threatening, though completely not true. All in the name of getting the biggest cyber hug and the most attention.
Dramatization of a Munchausen by Internet Victim
 Munchausen by Internet seems to also have an odd affect on those not infected by the disease, but influenced by it's sufferers. Those that are unaffected lose their ability to call bullshit or slap sense into victims of this brain addling disease. An unfortunate and tragic side affect of having no life outside of the internet. If you or someone you know starts to display any of these symptoms, call the CDC or your local loony bin. Please avoid coming into contact with a person affected with Munchausen by Internet and steer clear of True Crime Report, it's currently under quarantine. The more you know....

Remembering James Patrick Bulger

James Patrick Bulger
 While yesterday was for most a day for love and kisses, it was also the day that marked the 19th anniversary of the discovery of James Bulger's body, found severed in half on the Walton and Anfield railway station train tracks in Liverpool, England. So while many were celebrating Valentine's Day with the ones they love, the tragic and senseless death of this little boy was in my head for most of the day. Let me tell you his story...
In February of 1993, James Patrick Bulger was just a toddler, 2 years old, a little over a month away from his third birthday. On the 12th of February, James went with his mother to the New Strand Shopping Centre and stopped into a butcher shop. James' mother, Denise, placed an order at the shop and while she was momentarily distracted, her little boy was lured away from her side by two monsters in the guise of little boys. These two boys who took advantage of a mother's distraction, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, were only ten years old and playing hookey from school. What these boy's decided to do this fateful day, aside from skip school and steal a few trinkets from a shopping center, was to commit a crime so brutally disgusting that it is hard to believe it was perpetrated by two children.
Robert Thompson and Jon Venables: Demons Masquerading as Children
 Thompson and Venables took Little James from the shopping center and walked through an entire town, seen by 38 people who saw the toddler crying with a bump on his head while on this stroll through town, and finally ended up at the train station near a cemetery, where this poor child's life would end in excruciating pain and fear. 38 people saw these two young boys leading a 2 year old through town and no one stopped them or thought call police. The boys were confronted a few times on this walk to James' death and the story they gave was that the crying little boy was lost and they were taking him to the police station. Why did not one person think to step up and accompany this trio of children to the police station they were supposedly headed to? Or to question the obviously distraught toddler themselves? I don't have that answer and those people who saw these children may not either, but it's a question that should have them second guessing their decision to not act when they saw a child in obvious distress. It is a decision that I hope has weighed heavy on these people's hearts.
Once Thompson and Venables had James isolated on the train tracks, they kicked and stomped on him, threw stones and bricks at him, placed batteries in his mouth that police suspected they had also inserted in James' rectum and lastly, a 22 pound iron bar was dropped on him. Little James suffered 10 skull fractures from that bar being dropped on his head and total of 42 injuries from the torture those two demonic children inflicted on him. The injuries were so severe that a pathologist could not even determine which one had been the fatal blow. Another disturbing fact, is that James foreskin had been forcibly pulled back. His shoes, socks, pants and underwear had also all been removed.
Their disgusting brutalization of a baby complete, Thompson and Venables collected junk and piled it onto James' head after placing his lifeless body on the train tracks. Their hope was that if James' body was ever found, it would look like the train killed him, and not two sick and twisted little boys. His body, cut in half, wouldn't be found until Valentine's day.
James, smiling and being held by his father, Ralph.
6 days later, on the 20th of February, Thompson and Venables were charged with James' murder. CCTV had caught images of the two devil spawns luring James away and walking with the toddler, and a woman who knew Venables, recognized him and knew he had skipped school with Thompson that day. She called it in and the two little shitheads were done for. On November 24, 1993, both monsters were found guilty of James' murder. They have served their sentences and since been released, both now free, grown men, given new identities, since the early 2000's. Unfair, considering they get to grow up live a new life, something they robbed a beautiful little boy of.
I have to mention that throughout this whole thing, it was thought that there was a sexual element involved for Thompson and Venables, something they both denied. In 2010, Venables was caught with child pornography and sent back to jail for, where he is being detained "indefinitely", according to officials. So I guess the assumption that there was some sexual thrill involved in the killing of a baby was correct.

James playing with his mother, Denise.

 This is such a disturbing and thoroughly fucked up case, where children murdered another defenseless child. It makes you wonder if people are truly born evil and it instills a sort of hopelessness in a less optimistic person when you think about it too much. That your child is so unsafe in this world, that not only do you have to worry about strangers and relatives and significant others harming your child, but that you also have to worry about other children. It is a fucked up world we live in and all I can do is hope it gets better or that, after all the pain, all the suffering, all the heartache, that something better than this world awaits us on the other side of life. That is literally sometimes the only way to get through a day when you hear and see stories like this and worse all over the internet, in the paper, on your tv screen.
My thoughts are with beautiful Little James and his family. I remember him because he shouldn't be forgotten. We need to always remember these voiceless victims, even years after they left us, so that if we ever are faced with the opportunity to help another defenseless child, we make the right choice and step up, speak up and get involved. It could save a child's life.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Glorifying Fuckups

Waiting to Inhale...some crack...
 As all of you may already know, Whitney Houston kicked the bucket this past Saturday. Not surprising, given her history of getting whack on crack and what not. She was destined, or doomed, to be done in by her vice. While the cause of death isn't yet known, I'm pretty sure drugs, even if indirectly, had something to do with it. Doping up for so many years has to wreak havoc on your system and do all kinds of damage to your vital organs, so that shit a normal and healthy person could just kill with some vitamin C is going to murder a druggie or ex-druggie. Just look what happened to my beloved Haimster. Had Corey Haim not royally screwed himself with drugs, he would probably be alive today and I wouldn't be the heartbroken kitty mourning for a Lost Boy...but let's move on, shall we?
Since Whitney died hours before the Grammys, they had to scramble to get her into the tribute for their awards show. And that brings me to the meat of this story. Why the fuck are they making tributes to people who are such epic fucking failures? Amy Winehouse, another wasted junkie that keeled over last year, that's another one that's getting tributes. Why? These people have all this talent, all this fame and what have you, and they just waste it, abuse it, flush it down the fucking toilet...and those in the industry pay tribute to them, like the fact that they turned out to be horrible addicts is washed away because they died and at one point before that, they made some music and people sang along with it.
What a fucking waste.
 When your average everyday fuck up addict up and dies, no one throws a fucking party and highlights the one time they were a decent human being. They say, "We all knew this was coming," feel sad for the loss and make it a point not to follow in those why does Hollywood and the music biz celebrate these "artists", these fuckups, when they should have been trying to get them clean or done some preventative measures to make sure their money making stars didn't get hooked on shit. Had these people not been offered drugs and hadn't had them made available to them whenever they wanted, there wouldn't be a need to pay tribute to these dying off celebrities.
I also don't think they deserve to be celebrated, like "oh, this is such a tragedy, but they had some hits, so that more than makes up for the garbage they made of themselves." Make these washed up, has-been celebs a cautionary tale, make an example of them, don't fucking act like it was a sudden and unexpected loss that came out of nowhere. These people died because no one told them no, no one fucking scared their asses straight, no one gave a shit enough about them to tough love their asses and stop feeding them their addiction, 'cause everyone wants their payday and if the star isn't happy and getting what they want to do what they do, no one's getting paid.
It won't be long 'til another has been celeb dies of, and you'll see how they scramble to pay them tribute, and while someone may write a little blip of story about the dangers of drug use, it will get lost in a sea of stories celebrating these asshole's lives. People will remember them for their music or their movies, but they should mostly be remembered for fucking up their lives and ending promising careers too soon because they let addictions get the best of them.
I miss this kid, but I don't conveniently forget what happened to him.
I loved the shit out of Corey Haim, but he was a fuck up and while he had a sad and lonely life, I was pissed when I found out he died...because he did it to himself. Yeah, it wasn't an overdose, but what he did to his body with that shit he put in sealed his fate. I get that it's hard to kick a habit, but all this could have been prevented if people actually said no to drugs instead of just making PSA's that tell you to say no to them. Maybe the Average Joe should start making PSA's for celebs, since they're not to good at leading by example and live by the "Do as I say, not as I do" creed. The entertainment industry needs to wise the fuck up and stop ignoring shit until it's too late and then just brushing it under the carpet with a little show and dance at an awards ceremony. Call these idiot celebs you cater to out and slap some sense into them, figuratively, literally, whatever way wakes them the fuck up and gets them clean. Start leading by example and then we won't need last minute tributes due to overdose or other addiction-related fatalities. Clean up your fucking act already.
This message was brought to you by the letter B. The more you know....and knowing is half the battle. (I totally mashed up Sesame Street, NBC and GI Joe. Whatever works.)

Monday, February 13, 2012

PETA Can Suck a Dick, But Won't...Because It's Meat

So PETA came out with a new ad and, like most of their ads, it does little to help the widdle animals and just makes them look even more like assholes. In this new ad, there's a chick walking down the street in a neck brace, wearing a jacket and carrying a bag of vegetables or some shit. The chick looks torn the fuck up and, in a little flashback sequence, they show her getting furiously fucked into a wall or something. So the message is that Vegans do it better, but it just looks like vegans are more rapey and will hump you unconscious into a wall.

I have never been a PETA fan, I actually can't fucking stand these people and they're just a group of assholes trying to force their lifestyle on others, a lot like crazy religious fanatics and other like-minded dickheads. They like to do these ads where they get people talking and stir up some controversy, supposedly in the name of saving animals from getting chowed down on, but really these people are just preachy assholes, no better than the fuckholes that say gays are going to hell and every other thing we do is a sin sending us all to hell. This new ad of PETA's, while extremely messed up with it's rape and domestic violence quality, isn't as bad as the ad that really got me hating these root-munchers.
Tim McLean, murder victim used by PETA to further their Vegan agenda
 Back in 2008, Tim McLean was on a Greyhound bus heading home from the fair where he worked as a carnie in Alberta, Canada when he was brutally attacked, butchered, beheaded and partially eaten by a psycho named Vince Weiguang Li. It was a vicious and truly horrific crime of a totally shitfucked mind because if you can just randomly stab and slice a person up then eat them, you're obviously fucked in the head. The story of Tim McLean bothered the shit out of me for the longest time, I could not get it out of my head. Such a random, out of no where attack on a young man just trying to get home.
Well, I guess PETA decided, "Hey, we can use this terrible tragedy to our advantage," and decided to run a new ad...
They compared this man's murder to whatever the fuck they do to animals when they slaughter them. I like animals and everything, but the ones we eat are fucking delicious and I don't value animals over human life. Well, unless it's a shitty human, then all bets are off, 'cause I totally value a cow, even a cow pie, over Ryan Brunn or Josh Powell.
I understand wanting to help animals and promote maybe a more healthy way of eating sans animal fat, but how are PETA's messages in anyway helping their cause when they completely turn people off? Making a mockery of a murder or using the image of a chick that looks like she just got beaten and raped doesn't make me want to go vegan. It pisses me off to the point that I'd rather eat a bucketful of fried chicken and a shitload of Jack In The Box just to stick it to PETA. So what PETA is really doing is making people eat more animals. They are doing more harm than good with these PETArded ads of theirs. Being self-righteous pricks pushing their ideals on the rest of us is going to cost those delicious chickens, baby cows and smokey little piggies dearly.
I'm totally craving a burger, gonna have to hit up Paula Deen, anyone wanna join us?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Macaulay Culkin..reveals his true identity


Mac's real family
This new picture of Culkin on the streets of NYC has proven that not only does the Mac Attack need to eat some food, or shave, but that all his weirdness and eye glares that seemed strange are because he's an E.T.!  Finally we know what made his eyes give off that glare of nothing....Way to go Mac! Just get us some pics of your next family gathering and you'll be famous again!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Creep of the Week...Scott Miles, congrats douchebag!

Back in September in Mattydale, New York a 12 year old boy was home alone sleeping in his mother’s bed. Around 5 a.m. a man broke into the apartment and savagely beat him. After the beating the attacker fled and the boy went to a nearby relative’s house for help. The beating was so severe that  the boy was hospitalized and his injuries were considered life threatening. He pulled through and resumed life without ever knowing who attacked him or why. The bizarre incident left investigators baffled for months. That brings us to real time. The boy noticed his mother chatting with a man that neither of them knew on Facebook. Good ole’ Facebook. He immediately recognized the man his mother was talking to as the same man that nearly killed him. They called the police which resulted in the arrest of one Scott Miles, 35. It will probably come as no surprise to you that Mr. Miles is a convicted rapist and registered sex offender. He previously spent time in prison for assaulting a 14-year-old girl and an 18-year-old girl in 1998. Miles has been charged with burglary, assault, criminal possession of a weapon, child endangerment and violating the New York State Sex Offender Registration Act. He is currently being held in jail without bail.
It is now speculated that Miles broke into the apartment that morning with the intentions of sexually assaulting the mother. Finding the boy in the bed enraged him and the beating began. Miles is one sick bastard. Online stalking should be added to his charges.
Facebook used to be the place to find out what the girl that sat behind you in 8th grade math class ate for breakfast. These days FB is the place for criminals to get themselves arrested. Posting pics of abused children, online stalking and even taunting police on their own pages has contributed to the arrests of dumb ass criminals all over. Although I won’t be reactivating my page anytime soon, high five Facebook.

*This post was brought to by the Letter Y, O and Amanda/NyMommy

Delusional Runs In The Powell Family

Alina Powell aka sympathizer of Josh aka Dead murderous fuckbag
So you know Josh Powell's sister, Alina Powell? Well, she sucks. She ain't no Jennifer Graves. Graves, is Powells other sister,  she believed he did something to Susan and when her pervert father was arrested, had all kinds of shit to say about that and their twisted upbringing with Steven Powell.  Jennifer and her husband Kirk spoke out against her sick family, and was close to the the boys, Susan and Chuck and Judy Cox.   Well, Alina is totally different and she says she believes Josh was innocent. That he was pushed into a corner and did what he did because he was basically pushed into by people whop suspected him of murdering Susan. According to Alina Powell, Josh is an innocent victim.
Seriously? His wife disappears, supposedly while he's gone on a middle of the night in a blizzard snowstorm, but no body is found and she instantly jumps on the side of the red line that says he killed her. Stand by your sibling and all that shit.

Now, after he got rid of Charlie and Braden's toys and plotted the horrible murders he committed on Sunday, now that we all know he butchered, literally fucking butchered, his children and burnt them alive, she believes he's a poor pushed and bullied victim. You've gotta be fucking shitting me...
He murdered his children in the most selfish and evil fucking way imaginable, and Alina says he did it to spare them the physical and emotional pain. Really? You stupid fucking cunt. Do you know how much they fucking suffered as they lay in pain, chopped in the necks by their own father, suffocating on smoke, in intense burning heat? Are you honestly saying making them endure that and live their final fucking minutes on this earth in horrible pain and incredible terror was better than the love and nurturing of living with their grandparents, their link to their lost mother? Alina Powell, you have made yourself the target for all the hate everyone who knew this case has felt since your shitbag brother killed your nephews.
Jenn and Kirk Graves...good people.
RIP Charlie and Braden
Fuck you, you dumb cunt. You're an attention seeking media whore and using the murder of your nephews to get your fat fuck face all over the news is as sick and disgusting as your freak of a father jerking off to kids. May the Josh Powell sympathizers who have his same DNA die off and burn in hell. You people make me sick.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snow Boy...Ho Yide.

Isn't this just fucking brilliant?

Ho Yide outside, begging to not be out in the New York snow.
This little boy Ho Yide was put outside in the freezing snow during Chinese New Year by his father and mother and filmed while instructed to do push ups.  At one point the boy is crying "Give me a hug please!"...Jesus, people...what the fuck is wrong with you?

The dad who posted the video and goes by Eagle Dad, says the kid was born early and may have learning delays so this is to make him smarter or some shit...whatever I don't want to hear the excuse, fuck you Eagle Dad.

Here's the video at the Daily Mail...sorry I didn't upload it here. 

**Also View my full write up

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hey Who Needs Cheering Up?

Hey Boo...I found you a Battleshits Arena.
I'm getting really depressed and sad because of the Powell-Fucker and the other cases of missing babies...let's post some funny shit...if anyone has some funny video or a good story that will make us away. Pics, video whatever...Cause me no feeling so happy....  :'(

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Josh Powell Proves What A Murderous Shitbag He Really Is

I don't even want to look at this fucker's face.
As I write this, I am literally shaking in anger and frustration and holding back a fresh flood of tears. Josh Powell, the man long suspected of murdering his wife, Susan Powell, has pretty much proved his guilt in that case, along with adding to the body count. After his sons were dropped off today for a scheduled supervised visit, he set the home he was living in on fire, killing himself and Susan's two young sons.
Braden and Charlie Powell
 This is just such an enormous blow for everyone who has been hoping to get justice for Susan and a knife straight to the heart because now her innocent children have been murdered as well. For months it has seemed like everything was getting on track and the investigation was actually getting somewhere. The children, who had been long kept away from their maternal grandparents, were taken away from Josh after disgusting videos of young women and girls were found in the possession of Steven Powell, Josh's father.
Susan Cox and her boys, Braden and Charlie
 Susan's parents were given custody of the boy's, but Josh was allowed visitation, and while in hindsight that was a huge mistake, I don't know if we can entirely blame the system. There was just no way of knowing that this son of a bitch would do something like this. In the years since Susan's disappearance, Josh has been cool as a cucumber and smug, like a man who has gotten away with murder and gotten all he wanted. I think, since his father's arrest and his son's being taken away, he finally realized he wasn't getting away with shit and his world was falling down around him...and so he snapped. Last week a judge ruled that his children would not be returned to him until he underwent a psycho-sexual evaluation and a polygraph. I guess for him, that was the straw breaking the camel's back.
Instead of taking this setback like a man, this cowardly piece of shit decided to kill not only himself, but his children. Shannie said it best with just one word. Vindictive. His actions absolutely are just that. If he couldn't have his children and continue living his Susan-free existence, no one was going to have them, especially not her parents. What a selfish, disgusting and truly soulless mother fucker he was.
This has pretty much proven, at least to me, that he did kill Susan. If you can kill your children and yourself because you didn't get your way, you are absolutely capable of murdering your wife and going on with your life like nothing happened. Which is what he did until the law started catching up to him. What kills me about this, more than anything else in this whole nightmare, is that the bastard killed the kids. These were innocent little lives. They did not need to die. If Josh wanted to be dead, he should have just offed himself and left those children to grow up and have happy lives with their grandparents. But because of the monster he truly is, he destroyed their lives with his and everyone who loved those boys have also had their own lives ruined.
Josh Powell left this world the same way he'll be spending his eternity in the afterlife...burning and writhing in pain. I don't know what awaits us in the afterlife, I only hope wherever it is, is better than here and that those boys are there and that they're surrounded by love and can be at peace and not feel any pain. There's no happy ending in this story, but I hope as I end this article, Steven Powell is choking to death on dick in prison.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No Pants for Fags. Cleveland PD says so.....bitches.

I'm all for a good gay joke, or quip, I like the gays. I like everyone, how's that? Even better...right?  So I frequent Unicorn Booty this gay blog which is sometimes hilarious in that ..."Gay humor, shit talkin' bout gay stuff" type of way and came across this little piece of twink ass...

Gay dudes are fun. But please give him some leggings.
A gay couple was walking down the street in Cleveland OH, and they were having a little tiff, we'll call it a half bitch out, cause a full one would involve slapping and insults about your sister or whatever...cops approached and the couple ended up getting roughed up, like punched in the face roughed up. They were arrested but released because there were no criminal charges...(this whole thing sounds weird and gets weirder)....and then, about 10 days later while sleeping in their home the couple was awoken to banging by a SWAT team of about 7 officers.  Why the Cleveland PD needs 7 cops in SWAT detail to arrest 2 gay dudes? I can only speculate.  *cough* pussies*cough*....And then the two men were roughed up some more.  Here's a quote from one of the gay men Mr. Hilcox,  "The officer in the glasses grabbed me by my shirt, and punched me twice in the face, after he punched me, he threw me up against the wall".   Now because Mr. Hilcox and his partner were in bed they were only wearing panties, uh..I mean underwear, they had asked for clothes.... this was before being punched by the pussy in the glasses. They were both hauled into the pokey...for what? Assaulting a peace officer...oy.   But here's the kicker, the cops said  “You can go get them shoes, but faggots don’t deserve to wear pants in jail.” WHAT THE? OMG!  I think they need pants, especially in jail.  Anyhoo, they were taken to jail in only their skivvies and remained like that for a full day.

So now if they were not guilty of any crime in the first place and then treated like this, I would say there is a big fucking problem in little old Cleveland. I say these two make it work for them, get some stripped undies that say "our asses are so criminal we don't need pants" or some, that's a bit long,  "Fuck the Police" always works....

Choo, Choo: The Soul Train Derailed

Don Cornerlius September 27, 1936 – February 1, 2012
RIP Amazing Fro
It's all over Yahoo, like people care and anyone even remembers, but the dude that used to host The Soul Train, Don Cornelius, has committed suicide. I could understand taking a bullet to the brain in Soul Trains prime, when disco reigned supreme, because that shit would drive anyone to put a bullet in their brain, but the man was 75 and the worst we have out there today is rappy hip hop, country and that Mexican stuff that sounds like clown music. But Soul Train's been stalled on it's tracks for a while, so I don't think we can pin crappy music and terrible dancing for driving this man to kill himself. Word on the street, and by street I mean a comment from Shannie when I mentioned he offed himself, is that he could have been terminally ill and decided to end his suffering before it could get worse. Very likely. No one wants to live in pain and maybe this was his best option, but taking a shot to the gray matter seems extreme. Maybe quick and painless, but pretty messy. So until they come out with new information on this case, we're left to speculate as to why conductor of the Jivin'-est Train on the Funkiest Tracks decided to take his own life.
Soul Train tricked me many a morning into thinking it was cartoons.
 I've long held the opinion that suicide is selfish, and I still believe that is the truth in some cases, but I also believe some people are truly just so miserable they can't go on living, whether it be from physical pain, mental anguish or emotional instability. Even in those cases though, I have to feel bad for the loved ones they leave behind, because in the end it ends up hurting the ones that loved them just as much as they we're hurting. They're left with questions and second guesses and what if's, thinking "What could I have done?" It leaves them guilty and hurt and that's completely understandable. The closest I've come to losing someone to suicide is a kid I was kinda sorta friends with in elementary school that went on to kill himself in middle school. It wasn't a horrible blow, but it was sad because this was a kid I used to talk to and joke about and with that was just one day gone with almost no explanation. I think later the rumor was he was bullied, but by middle school, me and this kid were in two different groups that didn't associate so I never knew about it. I remember in 5th grade I called him Alien because he would get this haircut that accentuated the Mother Alien shape of his head, but I think me and him were the only ones that got the reference.
The Neverending Story ended for Brandis when he took his life at age 27
 I've never had any other experience with suicide, though I did get pretty bummed when I found out like 4 years after it happened, that Jonathan Brandis had committed suicide by hanging. The story was that he was disappointed with his career and upset that his scenes in Hart's War had been heavily edited out. He was hoping that role would be his comeback. I had the biggest crush on that guy when I was a kid, so finding out he killed himself was such a huge downer. So, shit talkin' enthusiasts, have you ever lost someone you cared about to suicide? Or has the suicide of a stranger ever affected you? What are your thoughts on suicide? I want to know what you guys think and just to lighten up the mood and give a little homage to the man who's now boogyin' down in the after life, here's a little blast from funkadelic past...

I swear I saw a pair of platformed Converse somewhere in there.