Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Ball Was Dropped In The Susan Powell Case

Susan Powell suspected Josh would harm her.
     When Josh Powell took the coward's way out last month and murdered his children before killing himself, I tried not to be angry with the law enforcement and all the other agencies involved in the case. I didn't want to be mad at the system when I was so angry at Josh Powell for taking the lives of his two young sons, Charlie and Braden. It didn't seem at the time that there would not have been anyway to stop Josh from doing what he did the day he took a hatchet to his children and burnt the house he was staying in to the ground. But now more information has come out about the investigation into Susan Powell's disappearance and I am pissed that nothing was done before Josh took off to Washington from Utah, before he and his disgusting pervert father, Steven, smeared Susan in the media, before Josh grew so desperate and revealed his true murderous nature.
     Newly released documents show there was much more evidence linking Josh to Susan's disappearance than anyone in the public knew. There is the safe deposit box Susan kept secret from her husband containing a letter that she had titled "Last Will & Testament For Susan Powell." In this handwritten letter, it is indicated by Susan that she does not trust Josh. It states that "if Susan Powell dies it may not be an accident, even if it looks like one." It appears Susan knew or at least suspected just what kind of monster Josh was. In this "last will & testament", it's also revealed that Susan was terrified of Steven Powell, Josh's sick fuck father. Since Steven's arrest last year on pedo charges, we all know he had recorded Susan in secret and even before that, in his and Josh's campaign to make Susan look bad, he revealed his gross crush on her, claiming they had a relationship of some kind and were "in love".
Dopey Josh Powell: What Evil Looks Like
     The newest, and maybe most damning evidence, that the public wasn't aware of, is that Susan's blood was found on the floor of the Powell's Utah home. The day police showed up to the home, just hours after Susan had been reported missing and before Josh arrived back from his "midnight blizzard camping trip", police found two fans running, directed at an area in the living room that appeared to have just been cleaned. The blood found was near the sofa, on a tile floor adjacent to living room carpet, a spot Josh apparently missed during his clean up. (Botched blood cleanup, sound familiar to anyone?)
     It's also been revealed that authorities found Susan's cell phone on Josh. It had been turned off and the SIM card had been removed. Josh would hand over her phone, as well as his own also sans memory card, to investigators. It's obvious Josh was a sneaky, lying bastard from the beginning and detectives believed his reason for removing the SIM cards from both phones was to impede the investigation. I'm sorry, but my response to that is a big, fat DUH. This combined with the reports that the Powell's two young sons knew their mom was dead and had gone with them on the infamous "camping trip", but not come back and the stories from Susan's family and friends that Susan wanted out of her marriage and that Josh was controlling her, reported threats made by Josh that he would destroy Susan if she tried to leave. All this information that was substantiated and it is obvious all involved with investigating this case dropped the ball.
Josh pictured with sons Braden and Charlie, the children he would murder when he knew he was fucked.
     Since Susan Powell's disappearance hit the news, we all questioned Josh Powell's bullshit story and knew he had something to do with it. The man took off to another state after refusing to cooperate with investigators, he ripped Susan and her family to pieces in the media by insinuating she was a slut and had mental problems. He did whatever he could to make himself look like a victim of blood thirsty law enforcement and media, to be seen as "bullied" by the disbelieving public. He stuck to this until the day he died. He took all the secrets and truth of what he did to Susan to the grave with him because he was a selfish and deceptive son of a bitch.
     Josh was such a low and vile subhuman ball of crap that he robbed Chuck and Judy Cox of closure and being able to lay their daughter to rest and stole their grandchildren's lives just to stick it to them. Knowing what we know now about the investigation into Susan's disappearance and the new evidence that they've always had, it is frustrating that Josh wasn't charged with something, ANYTHING, and that he was allowed ANY contact with his children after they were taken away and placed in the Cox's home. Chuck Cox told the media, "If he had been in jail, our grandchildren would still be alive." I am inclined to agree.

Friday, March 30, 2012

The DiPietros, Disgusting Liars....

The new statements put out by the Dips, in order to "counter" what LE spokesman, Steve McClausland has said recently about zero communication between them, are so full of horseshit and so sad that I am left with mixed emotions. I'm happy that the these wastes of air and space are dumb enough to be pushed into opening their pie holes, and sad, because of the truth that squeaks thru from the lies they easily shit out...throw some anger in that bowl of disgust and you've got yourself the worst case scenario for what happened to Ayla.

 In the last week, with only silence coming from the slime-buckets who saw and had responsibility for Ayla, we got some statements from LE  and statements from Aylas loving mother Trista Reynolds.  The news from McClausland which you can read here, is just one of those "yeah, duh..." things where we all know, the Dips act like updates on Ayla is solely the cops responsibility to provide to them...oh and they are good enough with getting their info about the case from the Internet.  (what a bunch of simple fuckers)

What"s the difference between this Wart Hog family and the Dipietros? Truth.

This morning I see the counter statements (basically just insults towards LE and lies) from Justin "The Vagina" DiPietro, and his Mommy, the always classy, and always snaggle-faced, blob of garbage, Phoebe.
Justin DiVagina said this...
"The only question I have is 'Where is my daughter?
and this...
 "(Investigators) have my phone number, they know where I live. I've made myself available to them and accessible at any point in time they've asked me or called me. As far as 'no communication,' I do not understand where that's coming from."
And answered his own question with this...
 "My daughter did not come to her demise down in my house. Nothing bad ever happened to my daughter in my house. She never got anything but love from the people in this house," he said.
He said "DEMISE".....What a Son of a Snaggletoothed Bitch.
Lying, murderous manboy with no testicles.

Yesterday, Ayla's mommy Trista spoke out and her words couldn't be more true, or more heartbreaking....
"I'm tired of wondering and I'm tired of worrying," she told The Associated Press. "It's just not fair. And Justin is the one who could end all of this in a matter of minutes."
And she's right, in minutes, one of those filthy bags of vomit could end this all, and do right by that baby who knew nothing but fear and abuse in her short time with them....Trista even said at times Justin was "Amazing" with Ayla...I get a sense that Trista is being very kind with that description, because from what we've all learned about the Dipshits and Justin, is that they think they're good actors, and he was probably putting on one hell of an Oscar performance to make Trista think Ayla was safe with him.

Poor Trista, she's been nothing but honest with the public, and has tried to give the benefit of the doubt to that family of jackals. And they have repeatedly  shit on her and her family...Withholding critical information to save themselves, slamming Trista all over the place, just to make their own pitiful, lackluster lives and low-rent actions look acceptable.  Well, it hasn't worked, and the reason for that is, everyone who has two brain cells can see that the Dips are full of shit, that they are horrible gag inducing, drains on society and are obviously covering up a very violent murder of a baby family member. They are such stupid and simple-minded yokels, that they think their internet games are working, and they think that anything they say is going to change what people (and Law Enforcement) thinks of them.  They are in hiding for fucks sake! Is Trista in hiding? No, she has no reason to be...Unlike Aylas sad excuse for a Paternal family...they're all holed up in some old batty broads creepy Scooby-Doo mansion, sitting on their fat, cheesy, cellulite asses, planning weddings and defense strategies, thinking up (lol, it's hard work for them) ways to make money from a run in Aylas name to fund them, or just doing what they've always the useless cowards they are..

Trista also said this...
"What's really on my mind on a daily basis is I'm wondering every day whether my daughter is dead or alive. That's what I want to know. Is she alive or is she dead?" Reynolds said. "... At least tell me that little bit."
Trista Reynolds

This is so cute, and Ayla was always happy in pics with her mommy.
How utterly sad, my heart goes out to you Trista, you did your best for your kids, and you didn't deserve this. I hope you get closure, Ayla gets peace, and you both get justice. 

*All opinions expressed here are personal opinions and represent only the author of these opinions and not any business, government agency, or individual person other than the author. Blah Blah Blah.

This Little Cult In Maine

Alternatively known as Where Assholes Go To Make Shit Up and Lie More.
   Isn't it odd how cults like to use God and religion to form their followings? This Little Light of Maine is no exception. Much like Children of God, now known as The Family International, TLLOM invokes God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to spread their fanatical craziness and devotion for Justin DiPietro and his family. Spouting as many Bible verses as they can rip off from the inside of The Watchtower, this site is supposed to spread awareness of Ayla Reynold's disappearance and help bring her home. What it's actually for though, is to spew as much venomous hatred for Ayla's mother, Trista Reynold's, and to gossip and trash any media outlet or blog that doesn't portray Justin Dip and Co in a positive light. And now, it's to rip off a concerned public and beg for cash donations for a just created "missing children's fund" and a fundraiser run for Ayla. But what exactly are the "funds" being raised for?
   Well, if you've heard the recent word, Courtney Roberts, Justin's laughing cow, may be planning a dream wedding and making herself a Dip by marriage. So this cash collecting Run for Ayla could be working as more of a wedding registry than as a legitimate charity to fund the search for Ayla. This Little Light of Maine makes it VERY clear with lots of underlining that there will be NO REFUNDS, though the date is set in May and there really isn't any information on this event. What it really looks like is a front to rake in as much money using Ayla's name as they can, then cancel the event at the last minute, and make off with what they've managed to squeeze from people who genuinely care for Ayla. Remember, no refunds and they won't explain what this money is being used for, so one has to assume it's for the cyanide they need for their Kool-Aid, a la Jonestown.
   There are many theories on where this money may be going. To pay the internet bills for all those involved in shit disturbing across the web in the name of making Justin DiPietro look less like a piece of fabricating shit. That's not too many people, since most of those posting up their I Heart Justin comments are the same people using a shitload of aliases and anonymous net handles to make it look like the Dip Following is far larger than it really is. Just ask Just Stop The Lies' JDip spunk guzzling blogger. She's a pro at the anonymous troll, that's how she keeps her blog afloat. We all know that the Dips need to keep up on that internet bill payment because otherwise how would they get updates in search for Ayla? Oh, that's right, if the net's shut off they can get it from that reliable standby, what other people not involved in the case tell them, aka the rumor mill.
   Another possible use for this money earned on Ayla's name, to fund Justin's legal defense. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not have my charitable donations go towards getting a potential baby murder off. He has all these women who do his talking for him to mooch off of, why not dip into their purses and pay for his attorney though the twat lips that speak for him? Even better, why not dig into the wallets of Justin's coddling cohorts and donate their own money towards a real cause that actually is working to find Ayla. At some point, all these people are going to have to stop making money off of this kid. Life insurance policies and charity scams are no way to make a living and you would think they would have learned that when they botched Ayla's "kidnapping". It's going to cost them all more than what they thought it was worth to get rid of Ayla and a fantastic start would be them paying with their freedom.
   When the donation plate makes the rounds, don't give your money away to a group of profiteering murderers and liars. Don't let your money be used to go toward gastric bypass for the unfuckable Michelin Man-bodied Elisha. Or for Phoebe's gender reassignment to become the real man her bull-dyked beef curtained vagina doesn't allow her to be. Or for a new addition on Heidi Turdela's already palatial House of Horrors. And Holy Fuck Nuts, please don't throw away your money on a white dress for Courtney to walk the aisle. She's got a day job, she can buy her way into hell on her own dime.
   Steer clear of This Little Cult Of Maine and don't be a sucker. Find an alternative way to donate and give your hard earned dough to a real organization that is helping to bring Ayla, and other missing children like her, home. Don't be brain-washed by the The Following of Justin Christ or duped by the Holy Rolling music TLLOM assaults you with upon visiting their page. If you want to help and give of yourself for Ayla, head over to Answers For Ayla or visit Justice For Ayla and they will hook you up with a legitimate alternative to being robbed by This Little Cult of Maine.
Just say NO to cults and the ass-covering crones with gangrenous souls that run them.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vengeance For Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin
   I posted a write-up about this case the other day and I think it was clear that I believe the man that shot and killed Trayvon Martin should be charged for this kid's death. The more information that comes out about events of the night George Zimmerman chose to stalk and confront a young man in a Sanford, Florida neighborhood instead of waiting for police, the more I can understand the growing outrage and hatred for this man. Too many contradictions and too many people covering for one another or outright lying. It's enough to piss anyone off when you feel that a murderer has been allowed to walk and get away with what they've done. I understand the anger and need for what's gone wrong to be made right, but I do not care for the way Trayvon's supporters are going about it.
   Sue-happy director, Spike Lee, came across a tweet that supposedly contained the home address for George Zimmerman and decided to retweet it for all his thousands of followers to see. (I'm as surprised as anyone that Spike Lee actually has "thousands.") What Lee failed to realize is that the address he was giving out to the infuriated public belonged to an elderly couple, whose grown son happens to have a similar name, William George Zimmerman, and had used his parent's address to register a vehicle. This couple is absolutely no relation to the self-defense claiming Zimmerman and have been caught up in this disaster of a racial mess, receiving hate mail and having to move into a hotel for fear of what a vengeance seeking Anti-Zimmerman Zealot might do. Even if it really were George Zimmerman's actual address, what right is it of anyone to give it out and put others in this man's life at risk? An innocent bystander getting hurt or killed because of a mob mentality is not the way to get justice for Trayvon Martin.
George Zimmerman
   Protests getting out of hand and bounty's on George Zimmerman's head are being offered. This has gone beyond ridiculous and is getting more and more dangerous for everyone, not just Zimmerman. It is no longer about getting justice for Trayvon. It's become an all out racial fiasco and an irrational mission for revenge. It's hate mongering by Jesse Jackson's and Al Sharpton's, causing a greater divide and drawing clear lines in the sand that this case must be just about race. Race may be a part of it, but it isn't all of it and this kind of hate-filled protesting is no way to bring light to this case.
   As much as the Jackson's and Sharpton's want to play the race card when "one of their own" is the victim, how often do they speak out when a person of another race is the victim? If you haven't noticed, when someone who is not black is the victim of someone who is, there is never this kind of outcry or insane protesting, or even rational protesting. It is usually swept under the carpet or just a blip on the news radar when someone who is not black is the victim of a black criminal. Why? Because no one wants to look like a racist, whether they mean to come across as one or not. Because no matter what is said, someone will always pull that race card and make it all about the color of someone's skin or from where they hail. It may or may not be the case in a situation, but it will be the detail that takes the spotlight over anything else.
   Where were the protests when an 11-year-old Mexican girl was gang-raped by a group of young black men? In that clusterfuck of case from Texas, people gathered and race was brought up, but in defense of the men, not the 11-year-old girl. That child was ripped to shreds by people saying she was a promiscuous girl looking to get cocked by these grown ass men that couldn't possibly say no. Her family was blamed for not keeping their eye on her, but these men were portrayed as victims of this child, that she forced their hands, and penises. Even questioning whether or not this girl and her family were legally in this country, as if the fact she was a foreigner made it okay that they raped a child. It is disgusting that people can get so caught up in the race aspect of a criminal case and not see what the real crime is.
State Attorney, Norm Wolfinger
   There are obvious fuckups in this case, from the law enforcement that took George Zimmerman at his word to the state attorney that made the decision not to pursue charges when one of the homicide detectives stated in an affidavit that he did not believe Zimmerman's version of events. A warrant was actually sought to arrest Zimmerman, but that desire to start the wheels of justice turning was trumped by Norm Wolfinger, the state attorney who decided there was no evidence, and by Police chief, Bill Lee. Yes, "honky's" decided not to charge Zimmerman, but don't forget that there was at least one "honky", Detective Chris Serino, that did want him charged.
Chief Bill Lee, left, Detective Chris Serino, right and not looking pleased.
   Don't call for Revenge for Trayvon in the guise of justice. Demand justice because what Zimmerman did was wrong and he sought this situation out, instigated and caused this tragic outcome with his own actions. That he took this kid's life and has yet to be charged. Be as outraged and sickened by the inaction of law enforcement involved and the support of Zimmerman by some, but don't make this nothing more than another race case. If this case involved a perpetrator and a victim of the same race or any other pairing of races, I would be just as disgusted with the outcome of a killer walking, but I think it's safe to say that had that been the case, it wouldn't have made for as huge a headline or caused this kind of outcry. I find that truly pathetic. If we're going to rally for justice, why not be colorblind when it comes to demanding it?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Octomom Gets Naked

Octomom Undresses

We all knew from the tabloid rumors, that Octomom, Nadya Suleman, has some serious financial problems.  Birthing 14 mouths to feed, I wonder why? It's not like she hasn't made a buck off of her litter of children, but I guess the cost of what it takes to raise a brood is far more than what peddling the story of how they came to be rakes in. Apparently, Nadya's little over a dozen bundles of joy weren't pulling in the kind of money she wants, so Nadya is going the Pay-Me-To-Get-Naked route and posing in the buff for Closer, some UK gossip rag.

The pictures are gross enough without any narrative, but what's really disgusting is her interview for the mag. She wants us to believe that after having 14 kids, her body magically snapped back to normal, sans any surgical help. I know chicks who've only pooped one kid out and had stretch marks, wiggly bits and sagging droopiness. I get not everyone's body is the same and the toll pregnancy and kids takes on it isn't going to be the same, but really, we're supposed to buy that she didn't have a single nip or tuck after 8 babies in her gut at one time stretched her shit out beyond capacity? I don't get the woman's need to bullshit us when she's obviously got no shame and has used her inhuman ability to breed like a female dog to make a living.

She boasts being able to "eat like a horse" and not count calories and how men are supposedly all over her. Seriously? A lot of guys will barely consider dating a chick with 1, maybe 2 kids, but she's trying to convince us there are multiple men that want to get with her, despite the fact that she has a soccer team's worth of kids. Thank fuck she's taken some self-imposed vow of celibacy, 'cause she sure as fuck doesn't need to be getting pregnant again, not that she needed a man all the other times either though. Turkey basters as a baby daddy, now that is procreation for the future. Maybe some day we'll also eliminate the need for nimrod mothers too and the test tube babies will stand a chance at normalcy, the exact opposite of what Nadya's kids are getting. This woman is in the top 5 reasons why not just anyone should be allowed to be a mother, let alone use their womb as a Human PEZ dispenser.
Is she holding her tits up 'cause if she lets go they'll unroll like sleeping bags?
Her photos aren't shit awful, but this is the last person I want to see naked or semi-naked or fully clothed. I would actually like to not see this person at all, ever. The fact that this is what people see as "entertainment" is really fucked up. That this kind of garbage is reported as news and, in a sick way, sort of celebrated is disgusting. It's really no wonder why our culture is so fame-obsessed when you can become an overnight celebrity for shitting out spawn with the frequency that people change underwear. It is a sad day when this is what's considered news and the younger generation strives to attain this kind of fleeting and undeserved fame. We are a fucked up people.

Ayla Reynolds Case: Who needs cops when you got a computer??

I hate even typing this fuckers name.

"Yep,  I'm better looking than Peaches and I got a job"
As if this DiPietro Clan of Evil Circus Clowns couldn't get more suspicious and more guilty looking they go ahead and make us sure of it!!!

 Morning Sentential  is reporting that Phoebe Dipshitmouth, and Elisha "The Gunt" DiPietro have not been asking the police for updates about Ayla (you know the baby that's missing?). Dept of Public Safety Spokesman, Steve McClausland said that communication between those who saw Ayla last has"basically stopped." .  Their lawyer, Steve Bourget, who is also a big sexting enthusiast, said that isn't true, that the cops haven't been asking questions of his clients....Uh, the cops aren't missing a 18th month old girl...Big Mama Ugly, her worthless son Peaches and Ugly Jr are!  This lawyer also goes on to state that ..

"We get information from the Internet and by word of mouth," he said. "I'm hoping that if (investigators) find something, they would contact us."
 So these fucknuts don't think calling the cops every so often is a good source of information? They're gonna troll the internet to find Ayla? Here's a hint, assholes, the Internet didn't take Ayla, rule that suspect out and look around your living room, or basement, where all the baby's blood is.

These people make me sick, I want to find them, and shake the truth out of them. What's even more mind blowing is that McClausland basically has to tell these shitheads that if your baby goes missing, calling to check on updates is something people SHOULD do...McClausland stated  "Communication is a two-way street," he said. "If your daughter, granddaughter, niece was missing, wouldn't you occasionally call police to ask for the status of case? Put yourself in those shoes."  Yes McClausland, yes I a matter of fact, I don't know anyone who wouldn't! 

**Anonymous...that pic's for you.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Justin Dipietro and His Ass Covering Cohorts

Justin Dipietro: The lies he tells are as obvious as the sores on his mouth. I think the lies are what's causing the outbreak.
Since the day the story of Ayla Reynold's disappearance hit the news, more information about the families involved in this case has come to light and not much of it is flattering. There's drug and alcohol issues, welfare leeching, absentee parents, kids whose father's aren't even known, but if you ask a Justin Dipietro supporter, you would think it was only the Reynold's family that's flawed. For every new scandalous tidbit of info that comes out about Justin or Elisha or Phoebe Dip or Courtney Roberts, a groupie will drudge up the same old recycled "Well, Trista did this" garbage and pounce on anything that portrays her or her family in a negative light, while conveniently forgetting all the of The Dip and Co's past. For everything Trista or her family does, a groupie will question and judge and rip to shreds even the most humdrum incident or activity. "Trista had bacon and eggs for breakfast? That disgusting strung out skank. She's a shitty mom. How dare she eat, especially yummy bacon when her baby is 'missing', even though really she kidnapped her and has been hiding her for months." I don't know if any of the groupies have actually said this yet, but they are an irrational bunch of idiots, so if they haven't said it yet, they will.
Phoebe Dipietro: See how her mouth's open? That means a lie is about to come out.
I see all over different sites covering Ayla's case that are Pro-Justin, the constant questioning of Trista and her family, but anything said by Justin and Co is just taken at face value, no questions asked. And when facts come out about Dip's fuckups, the defending begins, while dragging Trista through the mud, whether or not it's even relevant. Jessica's sister was arrested? Scandalous. Unfit to care for a child or have children around. Courtney's sister arrested? Oh, no, she's just making ends meet. Drugs all over the place is perfectly safe for toddler's who put anything they find in their mouth. Trista is a single mom? What a slutty ho bag, not even married and having kids. Justin, Courtney and Elisha all have kids out of wedlock? There's nothing wrong with that. Trista on welfare? White Trash Welfare Mom. Elisha on welfare? She's going to school to better herself, so what if it's at the tax payer's expense. Just a couple examples on how a groupie is blind to one side's flaws, but quick to jump on the other side's and point them out in long winded posts on the internet. That's true of supporters on both sides, I suppose, but there are none more vehement then the side rooting for the losing team.
 There are just too many facts in this case that don't bode well for the Dipietro's, no matter how hard they and their groupies try to explain them away. They are caught in lie after lie and not just small misunderstandings, but glaring and blatant lies and omissions. The reason they aren't talking now? They know everything they say is being analyzed and put on the record and once they're charged and put on trial, there's no going back and correcting those mistakes they made when they spoke out. There's no contradicting something they put forth as fact when it's proven to be lie. Just a little more ass covering for a family that's made an Olympic sport out of it. And then you gotta ask yourself, if they're not guilty, nothing to hide, convinced Ayla's been kidnapped...why aren't they begging and pleading to the "kidnappers" to return her? Or if they think Trista took her, why aren't they screaming it from the rooftops instead of letting bullshit trickle out over the web through their anonymous comments and blogs? Because it's not true and even they don't believe it and they know that when everything comes to light, Trista will have them by the short and curlies and they'll face civil suits, not just criminal charges.
Courtney Roberts: When she isn't laughing at the mother of a missing child, she's lying through her teeth...or not talking at all.
For every question thrown out by the Dipshit Groupies about Trista or her family, their is a logical and truthful answer. For the ones aimed and Justin and Co, there's an excuse, a lie and a tall tale. If Justin was keeping Ayla from Trista, why would he let her go to the doctor with him for Ayla's broken arm? Probably because Trista would have lost it if he didn't let her. Her baby has a broken arm and got it while with him, he's going to appease the mother to keep her from calling the cops and making it bigger than he wants it to be, meaning he doesn't want to get in trouble for breaking a baby's arm so he'll give Trista what she wants. Why did Justin wait until the next day to get Ayla the care she needed for the arm he broke? Because he wanted to wait and see, maybe it would get better over night and when it didn't and she was in pain, crying, he realized not taking her was going to cost him more than the questions and accusations when he finally did take her. He stalled for time thinking it would fix itself and when it didn't he knew he was fucked and had to take Ayla to the doctor or risk someone finding out later down the road that Ayla had suffered a broken arm and there was no record of it being cared for.
And that sets us up for why Ayla is now "missing". There's a history of neglect with Justin. Bruises and breaks and unbelievable excuses. Ayla got into a "fight" with another child in a nonexistent ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese and comes home to Trista bruised. That was a short visit where he had a short amount of time to concoct a story that was barely believable then proved to be a lie. So maybe when whatever it is that happened to Ayla happened, probably pushed or hit to hard by one of these shit containers she had the misfortune of being blood-related to, she gets hurt pretty badly. An injury far too serious to let go unattended, but also SO serious, people in this house are going to have some explaining to do and end up in deep shit. So, in the diseased mind of a Dipietro, the logical solution is to make Ayla "go away" so that there is no Ayla or evidence of what happened to her at their hands. There's a problem and that problem is a horribly hurt child whose injuries will get everyone into some serious trouble, so that "problem" has to disappear before anyone finds out about it.
Elisha Dipietro: The lies from this one are bigger than her double chin.
Ayla wasn't seen by anyone outside of the Dip family and friends for a while, so we don't actually know when she really "went missing", so they had ample time to come up with a story, but the one they invented was worse than the ball pit fable Justin fed Trista. It also gave them ample time to dispose of Ayla and make sure she's not found, at least for a while. The best place to search would be somewhere that isn't logical, the last place you would think to look for a child you believe has been killed by her family and hidden. They fucked up the clean up of Ayla's blood, so it's likely they half-assed disposing of her, but were momentarily bright enough to hide her in a spot no one would think to look. See, when you think logically you come to logical conclusions, try it sometime, Groupies.
When someone so desperately tries to convince others of something that isn't true, they will repeat the lie over and over, but never show you how and why it is true.They will bludgeon you with the same words, the same lies, the same nastiness again and again, waiting for you to come around or until the proven truth shuts them up once and for all. Even after the truth comes out out, the dimmer ones will continue to insist that they aren't lying. And those are the ones you should feel sorry for because they are so convinced of their own make believe, they're living in a fool's paradise.

So what have we learned? No amount of shit disturbing can blind people to the facts. When something is unequivocally true, there's never a need to defend or explain it.

The Trayvon Martin Shooting

Trayvon Martin
I heard about this story the other day, about 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman on February 26th, after being followed and confronted by Zimmerman for walking through a Sanford, Florida neighborhood. Zimmerman is claiming the shooting was in self-defense, while many believe the shooting was race related because you have a young black man shot to death by a white man for being in a neighborhood where the older man felt the younger man didn't belong. If the race reason wasn't enough, the fact that Zimmerman has yet to be arrested is further fueling the fire.
According to what's been reported so far, Trayvon was staying with his father and step-mom in the Sanford area and had stepped out that night to get some candy and a drink from the store. At some point, Zimmerman began following Trayvon and Trayvon must have felt threatened or weirded out because he called a friend to tell her about it. The girl on the phone told Trayvon to run and later heard part of the confrontation between Trayvon and Zimmerman and then the line went dead. Witnesses also reported hearing a scuffle, a cry for help and then a gun shot at the time. When police arrived at the scene, they found Zimmerman standing over Trayvon's body, armed with a handgun, his nose bloodied and a wound on the back of his head. So Zimmerman claims self-defense and police officers take him at his word, letting him go on his merry way, despite the fact that the only weapons found on Trayvon are a pack of Skittles and an iced tea.
And then the 911 tape of the call placed by Zimmerman that night, before he confronted Trayvon, and even more shit hits the fan. In the call, Zimmerman explains that there have been break ins in the neighborhood and then goes on to say, "This guy looks like he's up to no good or he's on drugs or something. It's raining and he's just walking around looking about." The dispatcher then asks if the person is white, black or hispanic, to which Zimmerman answers that he looks black. This entire time Zimmerman is following Trayvon and apparently Trayvon has noticed this, or so it seems from what Zimmerman is saying to the dispatcher. He tells the dispatcher, "Now he's just staring at me." I wonder why? A stranger is fucking following him around. Zimmerman also tells the dispatcher it looks like Trayvon is reaching for his waistband, likely planting the seeds for his self defense claim. He tells the dispatcher Trayvon has something in his hands and is coming to "check" him out. As this call goes on, the dispatcher asks if Zimmerman is following Trayvon and when Zimmerman says yes, the dispatcher tells him they don't need him to do that.
George Zimmerman, trigger happy idiot.
Instead of heeding the dispatcher's advice, Zimmerman continues to follow Trayvon, basically stalking him. Zimmerman then complains that they "always get away", referring I guess to either the people he stalks or alleged "criminals" he pursues after being told not to. At some point Trayvon starts to run because Zimmerman tells the dispatcher he's running away and of course, Zimmerman continues to follow. We all now know how this ended, a young man dead and the man responsible free to go about his business.
Now, we don't know all the specifics, but we do know that Zimmerman was not arrested after he killed Trayvon and is now claiming self-defense. Had Zimmerman not followed and confronted Trayvon, a young man would still be alive and Zimmerman wouldn't be considered a racist murderer with an outraged mob calling for his arrest and some for his death. We don't know if Trayvon attacked Zimmerman or what exactly happened in this "scuffle", but even if he did attack Zimmerman, how can you blame him? He's being followed around by some strange man on his way home and then when he makes a break for it, the stranger comes after him. So when this stranger confronts him he has nowhere to go and it comes down to fight or flee and he can't flee. Maybe Zimmerman, who claimed to be part of a Neighborhood Watch which was then proven not to be true, got more than he bargained for, not expecting this kid to fight back, or maybe he always had an itchy trigger finger and thought he was Dirty Harry.
No matter what the scenario, the end result of what happened that night was caused by George Zimmerman's actions. He followed and then confronted this kid who was trying to get away from him, he was carrying a gun, he is the one that cut this kid's life short all because he wanted to play bad ass. I don't think his self-defense claim is going to float because everything that happened was the direct result of his own actions. Trayvon wouldn't have gotten into a scuffle with him had Zimmerman done what he was told and not continued following him, but then he takes it even further and runs after the kid and confronts him. Zimmerman must be an invincible moron or an idiot with a death wish. He supposedly thought this kid had something in his waistband, a weapon possibly, but he then decides to give chase and find out for himself? Whether this was a case of a racist cock with a gun or just an moron with one, Zimmerman should be behind bars and charged. He stole Trayvon's life with his idiotic decisions, the least he can do is give the kid justice and take his punishment like a man.

Former California Police Officer Convicted of Murder

Creepy Mother Fucker

I doubt that any of ya'll have heard of 44 year old Shawn Shelton. He's a former Manhattan Beach California Police officer. On Halloween morning back in 2005, authorities were called to an apartment in Natchitoches Louisiana. Now the apartment complex is called Frog Pond Apartments and is across the street from the University and is mainly populated with college students.  There they found the naked from the waist down body of 19 year old Justin James. After being pronounced dead, authorities started looking into the circumstances of how Justin became naked from the waist down, dead and on Shelton's bedroom floor. What they found in the autopsy was that Justin had lethal amounts of morphine, xanax and cocaine. Authorities found that Shelton and Justin met at a party where Shelton told Justin that he was a movie producer and he could give him his big break. I guess that old line works on guys as well as well as naive young girls. Shelton invited Justin to look at his S.U.V. and it is thought that once there Shelton slipped Justin a "micky" and was able to bring him back to his place where some creepy shit went down and Justin unfortunately passed away.

Well during the investigation into the death of Justin, Shelton decided that it would be a good time to split. While taking a tour of the good ole United States he made a detour in Los Vegas where he got into a bit of trouble with a 14 year old boy. But he wasn't able to escape his just due there and was sentenced to 35 years to life.

Now back to his manslaughter investigation in Louisiana. Evidence of his recent conviction in Nevada of Pubescent boy diddling plus various photos of drugged out young men naked from the waist down that Shelton had taken, were introduced into his trial. Shelton was convicted and sentenced to 30 years for the manslaughter to be served concurrently with his 35 year sentence in Nevada.

Louisiana justice sucks a big fat herpe infested cock. He gets convicted of sexual assault of a 14 year old in Nevada and gets 35 years to life. He's found responsible for the death of a 19 year old kid (that was probably sexually assaulted to) and gets 5 years less? Wtf?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Missing in Morgan Hill: Sierra Lamar

Sierra LaMar, missing since March 16th.
This is a case I probably should have posted up a while ago. Sierra LaMar, a 15-year-old from Morgan Hill, CA, went missing a week ago on her way to catch her bus to school. Since then, police have recovered her purse and some of her clothing neatly folded and stuffed in a bag. Her cell phone was found less than a mile from her home in the complete opposite direction of her school. Her case is being treated as a missing persons case and, so far, there are very few leads.
Sex offender's in the area where Sierra went missing are being questioned, which leads us to a rather disturbing detail in this case. Her father, Steve LaMar, is a registered sex offender, pleading guilty in 2007, supposedly because he got bad legal advice. I don't know the exact details of that case, but he is currently on probation for committing lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age. Police are saying he is not a suspect, and maybe he did have nothing to do with his daughter's disappearance, but I still find it suspicious that her phone was found not far from home and dad has a case of kiddie boppin' in his recent past. His friends and family are downplaying this tidbit of information, saying it's not relevant and distracts from the search for Sierra. Maybe, maybe not, but it probably shouldn't be swept under the carpet and dismissed so easily.
It's possible this could be a case of a girl taking off, but Sierra, according to friends and family, doesn't have a history of running away. It's seems likelier that she was abducted, but whether it was by a stranger or someone she knew, no one knows yet. The fact that her phone was found doesn't bode well for this ending with a happy reunion. What teen, or adult for that matter, would just dump their phone somewhere? Then for it to found so close to home. If my phone isn't on a charger, it's within arms reach or already in my hand, and from what we know about teens and phones, they don't give them up willingly. I'll refer you to the case of the teen girl that shot her dad with an arrow because he took her cell phone as an example.
I hope for the best in this case. There are too many similar tales of girls gone missing that don't end well, my inner pessimist doesn't like for me to get my hopes up, but I'd like to see that downer bitch pessimism proven wrong this time. I want this girl to be found alive and well. So let's keep our eyes peeled for Sierra LaMar and maybe we can bring this girl home, safe and sound.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In Love With Justin DiPietro

What I imagine is the desktop background of a Justin Dip Groupie.
Because I can think of no logical explanation as to why anyone in their right mind would defend Justin DiPietro or his morally corrupt family and friends, I have come to the conclusion that his groupies, including the Just Can't Stop The Nonsense douchetards of JSTL, are in love with him. After all, Just Stop The Lies is basically one big love letter to him, professing their undying devotion and adoration for him through the bashing of Trista Reynolds and the lackluster posting of Ayla's disappearance. It's like a huge cry for Justin's attention, trying to reach out to him and prove how hopelessly devoted they are with a half-assed blog that masquerades as wanting justice for Ayla, when really what the hard up for cock chick on the other side of the computer screen really wants is just a little bit of Justin's dick in her mouth.
Reading the things said in comments about Trista Reynold's, you get the distinct vibe that the person posting is seething with jealousy and everything they spew through their keyboards is an irrational hatred and jealousy of a chick that had the misfortune of getting laid by this less than stellar Grizzly Adams knockoff. These groupies are so incensed that Trista got cocked by their crush that they stupidly lash out at her when the real issue at hand has nothing to do with her. She wasn't the one who lost Ayla on her watch, that beautiful girl of hers was happy and taken care of and accounted for with her mother. Are these DipShit Groupies so desperate for dick that they would throw a missing baby's mother under the bus to defend the manchild who has everything to do with that child's disappearance?
One example of what a dolled up Justin-ite looks like.
Sure, you can hate Trista for her fuckups, but the mistakes of her past are forgivable. She isn't a monster, she's an imperfect human like the rest of us. And you know what else? She ackowledges this and owns it. She isn't hiding from it or anyone else and I have nothing but respect for someone who can own their missteps in life. She owns them. Despite whatever embarrassment or shame she has about what she's done wrong, where she has fucked up, she puts herself out there for the sake of Ayla. She weathers everything these sickos that support the Dips throw at her and doesn't lose sight of what matters, and that is bringing Ayla home.
Maybe this comes off as Pro-Trista Propaganda, but I actually could care less. You groupies need to be called out for your nasty little obsession with your boy toy, Justin. You need to face facts and realize that Justin isn't long for this free world and you won't be getting chance to taste his cock. You know, once he's in prison, enjoying anal poundage from a burly Bubba, you might actually stand a chance of him jerking off to your fatty boom batty or cracked out meth-head pics if you send him some fan mail. So, hey, maybe there is hope, but in the meantime, maybe you should keep your unhealthy infatuation with a probable child murderer under wraps and spare the rest of us the sickening love notes disguised as posts professing Justin's innocence.
Prime example of what a dick starved Justin Groupie would look like. Just think, Justin,that burger could be your dick.

Sky Metalwala Has a Turd of a Mother

Sky Metalwala. This kid has got the rockin'-est name.
Fortunately, he also has a father who loves him madly. If you haven't heard the word, and no it's not the bird, Julia Biryukova failed to show up for a custody hearing and since she shows absolutely zero interest in being a mother or finding her missing son, a judge has given full custody of missing Sky and his older sister, Maile, to Solomon Metalwala. Finally, a judge with some sense.
Sky has been missing since November of 2011, reported as such by his mother when she allegedly ran out of gas and left the toddler in an unlocked car, strapped in his carseat in the backseat, to get gas. That story was proven to be complete and total bullshit and Julia has been hiding out since day one, refusing to cooperate with police or truthfully answer any of their questions regarding Sky's mysterious disappearance. Now wouldn't you think a mother who honestly loved or even gave two shits about her children would be out there, trying to get her son home and being as open as possible with investigators if her story about coming back to an empty car to find her son missing was true? Solomon's attorney, Clay Terry seems to agree;

“If it was as simple as the fact that she left the child in the car and the child was taken by a stranger, you’d think the first person in line would be the mother in efforts to try and find the child." Terry said. "But in this case, for the last 134 days, it’s been the father.”

Solomon Metalwala has been actively keeping his son's name out there, doing what he can to try and bring Sky home. He also holds out hope that his boy will come home to him alive and well, saying it's possible one of Biryukova's relatives may have taken Sky out of the country. I really to want that to be the case because the alternative would be heartbreaking.
Solomon Metalwala. A father that just wants his son home.
While Solomon now having full custody of his children is fantastic news,the fact that Sky is still lost makes it bittersweet. I wish this little boy were home with his father and big sister and that his mother would be held accountable for her part in his disappearance. Sure, we don't know where he is or what the truth is in this case, but if we go by what Biryukova's claim about running out of gas and leaving Sky behind, if we can buy that load of crap for just a second, she should be in jail for the neglect and endangering of her son. No good parent in their right mind would ever even consider walking away from their baby, to leave them alone in a car, locked or not, for over an hour. For that alone, Julia Biryukova is a piece of shit and an utter failure as a parent. Which is why I think Julia Biryukova is the Turd of the Day, everyday.
That is a shit eating grin right there.
Another tidbit of good news for Solomon is that his divorce from Biryukova is now final and she gets no visitation rights, which is A-O-Fucking-Kay since she couldn't even be bothered to show up to the custody hearing. Solomon will have to pay the couple's $47,000 credit card debt, but hey, at least he'll get that crazy bitch out of his life.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Remains Found...Could They Be Hailey Dunns?

Creepy Douche
Rough 33, am I right?
Hailey Dunn, was 13 years old when she went missing on December 27th 2010...anyone who is familiar with this case knows that the story about Hailey going to sleep over a friends down the block and never showing up is full of shit, and the last one to see Hailey was her Pill Head Mom Billie Jean Dunn's BF, 25year old Shawn Atkins. Pilly Jean is 33...Yeah, I know...uhWhaaaa???

Awesome Missing Poster
Anyway, this case got more sick as the days went on...there were embarrassing interviews on Nancy Grace, with Dunn high and rambling, using her daughter in past tense, failed polys from both her and Atkins who was eventually found with child porn on his computer and devices.  She was arrested for lying about Atkins whereabouts at one point last year, he was hiding in her home when the PoPo came looking for him.  And now they moved away from the town that her "missing" little girl knew as home, because people were mean to her and asked her questions. Aww poor baby...*eyeroll....  Well guess what? Remains were found not too far from the home of Shawn Atkins's mothers house and the Sheriffs that were on the Hailey Dunn case are right there investigating....Looks like Pilly Jean and old Bestiality Boy Shawn are gonna have to put their game faces on tonight.  I hope we get some info from these remains, and Hailey can be rested in peace.  The trash bag she called mom is so hopelessly stupid, I'm sure we will hear some lame ass yammering about how poorly she was treated...maybe they will have a party like they did for New Years Eve, 3 days after Hailey went missing?   Pilly and Shawn, you worthless druggie scum, you better get your stories straight or one of you better have a better story than the other, cause it looks like those lovely bones are gonna ask some hard questions....

Monday, March 19, 2012

Elisha DiPietro: A Fat Fetishist's Nightmare Come True

I should have got CT to do this.
From what I've heard, Elisha Double-Dips-Too-Much wants to be an actress. I don't know if there's another Free Willy sequel coming out or if Babe needs a stunt double, but I just don't think this chunk...oops, I mean chick...has the chops to be an actress. Not just because she would fill up the screen with her blubberliciousness, leaving little room for any co-stars, but because her shitty portrayal of an innocent person since the day Ayla was reported missing is B-movie caliber acting at best. You would think someone who aspires to be a Hollywood liar, would be better at lying, but if she's this horrible at trying to convince us she and her family didn't have anything to do with Ayla's disappearance, her chances at BIG screen success are slim...which she is not. She's about the size of 5 anorexics, so unless she's giving Tinsel Town a 5 for 1 deal, she should probably look into getting some of that fat back, butt gut and those jowls she inherited from Phibber mama sucked out or sloughed off.
I don't know what the drama is with her baby daddy, but from what's on the web, the dude allegedly abused and maybe threatened her. I've seen pics of Justin Linnell, that dude is like one big deuce away from Starvin' Marvin, Elisha could fucking crush that guy. Did he withhold food? Is that the abuse? He's being starved into Calista Flockhart while this ham beast is packing more fat on her meaty cankles.
Elisha Dipietro: Victim of Can'tStopEatingEverythingInSight-itis
Put the fork down, Elisha. Stop feeding you face for a minute, swallow down all that bullshit and start telling the fucking truth. You and your family know what happened to Ayla and your theatrical skills blow, so it's time to fess up. The longer you people drag this out, the more time LE has to scrape together more evidence and build more cases against you and your family. Do you really want to go to jail? Lose your baby? Lose your chance at being Fat Chick #2 in another Scary Movie sequel? Is all the lying worth it? Look at what happened in the Susan Powell case. LE had to dig into the lives of the Powell's and found evidence of crimes not even related to Susan's disappearance. Sick pedophile videos and what not, kids get taken away, gross grandpa sits in jail. We didn't get a happy ending in that case because everyone underestimated the evil Josh Powell was capable of. He cracked under the pressure and knew he was fucked. Is that what you're waiting for, Dipshit? The tightening of the noose so you can take the easy way out? Is that honestly what you and your family want? Why not lose some weight and unburden yourself by telling LE where Ayla is and what you people did to her. You won't drop down to a size 2, but maybe your conscience will lose some weight, assuming you even have one.
Porky, you're going nowhere. The best you'll be able to do is maybe a couple Plumper films and even that's unlikely 'cause you look like you smell and I think even guys who fuck fatty's for pay wouldn't be able to gag their way through balling you. How about you stop eating the beans and start spilling 'em and maybe the next 15 minutes of fame you get after this will be some awesome Bulimia inducing Feedee videos on Youtube. I always enjoy those when I'm feeling bloated.
Do some good for once in your shitty life and give Ayla the justice she deserves. You may not have loved her or cared about what happened to her, but others do and they want her home. Let her come home. Purge, you tubby bitch, purge like a super model and tell us where she is. This message was brought to you by letter G. G for gastric bypass.

Courtney "The Laughing Hyena" Roberts

The many faces and laughs of Courtney Roberts

So what's so funny? A missing baby sure isn't.  Are the tears of the mother of the missing baby funny? I don't think so, I don't think anything about the "disappearance" of Baby Ayla has once ounce of comedy in it, but "ugly from the inside out girlfriend/asshole Cuntey Roberts" sure is what I'm not sure, but she twice laughed in the face of Trista Reynolds, the mother of Ayla, the beautiful baby, and missing baby Trista had with Courtney's boyfriend Justin Dipshit.  How dare she? So she must have no heart. That or she's just really an animal, a laughing Hyena.
This isn't funny to me. It seems to be hilarious to Courtney Roberts.
So lets' compare asshole Courtney to a Hyena, to see what's so different.....



Hard to tell, huh?

Courtney Preg?..or...
Or Courtney Preg.

Really hard to tell now....

Here's another glam shot of the Courtster...
Courtney and her loser boyfriend suck.  As a matter of fact the whole Dipshit Clan blows, and should start talking. They know what happened to Ayla and are just laughing and whooping it up at the pain Trista, her family and the public are showing for Ayla. They're a pack of lying, laughing Hyenas and their ugliness shows.  How does Courtney take care of her kid with no heart? Does she ever wonder when her kid may get "fell on" and break a bone? Or does she even care?  She was there that night with a cup of Aylas spilt blood in the bedroom where she slept, when they say Ayla was "kidnapped"....she's full of shit. Eff you Courtney Roberts you trashy animal, and Eff the other Dipshits you fuck.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

We Shall Be Back

Boo and I have had one hell of a week...It all started when we were minding our own business, talking shit and coming out of our favorite Taco Jernt, when we heard some bitches talking smack about Corey Haim.
I tried to hold her back, but she has retard strength!
 Well, Boo wasn't having it....and she just had to get in on that hair pullin' shit! I tried to talk some sense into her, but her love for Haim was too strong, and she had to defend his honor....she jumped right into that swarm of bitch and  brought the wrath of Haim down upon those Haim-haters.....
I couldn't tell who was who and I was freakin' out!

The Po-Po showed up and all those scrappers were brought in, except me, cause I'm white and blonde and ran like hell when I heard the fuzz were on their Boo needed me on the outside. :)

Long story short, Boo was in the pokey......

Good news is I got her one of the best attorneys going!