Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rape Victim Gets Her Honor Back


Horrific: The man's severed head was dumped in the centre of the town of Yalvac
The sleepy village of Yalvac, Turkey

26-year-old Nevin Yildrim alleges to have suffered repeated rapes for 8 months from the man married to her husband's aunt, Nurettin Gider 35, in their native Yalvac South-west Turkey. Gider allegedly began assaulting Yildrim a few days after her husband left home to find seasonal work in another town. Yildrim stated that Gider threatened to shoot her and her 2 children (ages two and six) if she didn't keep her mouth shut. Yildrim also alleges that Gider snuck into her home, while she was pregnant, and took naked pictures of her. She said that Gider threatened to send the naked pictures of her to her family in order to shame her.

Revenge: Nevin Yildirim, 26, shot and decapitated a man who had repeatedly raped her and then left his severed head in her village square in Turkey
She may look like a pushover
After 8 months of this shit, Yildrim decided that she just wasn't going to take it anymore. Especially after coming down with a case of the baby in her belly. On August 27, Yildrim caught Gider sneaking over her wall in her backyard, and met him with a gun of her own. Yildrim shot his ass then shot him again as he reached for the gun he was carrying. Gider got up and decided that Yildrim wasn't playing around and was out for blood and decided it was time to high tail it outta there. Then she chased him down and shot him seven more times in the region of his dick, finally killing him. But just killing him wasn't enough for Yldrim. She then cut his head off and dropped it off in the town square so the whole village would know what happened. Then she told the men in the coffee shop, "Don't talk behind my back, don't play with my honor. Here is the head of the man that played with my honor." I'm sure she got a big ole "YES MAM" from the shocked men

Victim: Nurettin Gider was shot and then beheaded
The alleged rapist
Now Yildrim says that Gider threatened to tell everyone that she was sleeping with him unless she kept sleeping with him and that would have apparently caused her a great dishonor. She said, "My daughter will start school this year. Everyone would have insulted my children. Now no one can." She went on to say, "I saved my honor. They will now call (the) children 'The kids of the woman who saved her honor' Yildrim is now 5 months pregnant with the child of the man she says raped her. She also said that she is ready to die as long as she can have an abortion of her rapist child before her death. But due to Yildrim's advanced state of pregnancy that might not be possible.

Now I'm not advocating vigilante justice and all. I also realize that there is only one side of the story out there and the other side can't speak now. But damn, whether or not Yildrim is a true victim or not, I don't think people will be calling her a whore now.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exploiting Children, One Pageant At A Time

Maddy Jackson
I’m gonna start this one off by saying reality TV sucks and child beauty pageants are gross. The closest I get to watching reality TV is The Ultimate Fighter and that seriously has little to do with the manufactured drama those kinds of shows are known for. Now, why do I bring this up? Well, that pedophile whack-off material known as Toddlers and Tiaras is in the news because the father of one of these grossly exploited kids is just not cool with his ex dolling his kid up into a trashy whorish midget. It seems Bill Verst has had enough and wants his daughter, Maddy Jackson, pulled the fuck out of pageants. And apparently a judge agrees with the man.

Yesterday, a judge issued a gag order on Maddy’s mother, Lindsay Jackson, and banned the child from appearing in anymore pageants, for the time being. Suffice to say, this trashtastic mommy that’s living vicariously through her daughter is royally pissed. She insists that Verst encouraged and supported their daughter’s participation in these gross pediatric primped princess parades. Maddy Jackson has been competing in these pageants since she was just over a year, so basically just past fetus-hood her mommy was caking on the cosmetics and putting fake tits and ass on her baby girl. Yes, this woman actually put fake tits and ass on her child and it is beyond disturbing. And I gotta ask, is there some kind of unwritten rule about pageant and stage moms having to be overweight and barely fuckable potato sacks? I swear, the majority of ones I've seen are just on the passable side of borderline chud-ishness.

Lindsay Jackson
 According to a source quoted in another article, it’s bullshit for a court to stick its nose in what kind of activity a parent allows their toddler to participate in. This source is quoted as saying, “What kind of judge tells a parent what kind of extracurricular activity they can put their child in? Pageants aren’t illegal and they’re not harming Maddy. This is no different from soccer or swimming or gymnastics and it is taking away Lindsay’s right to parent. The government should not be involved in this at all.” I’m going to assume this person has farts for breath and is talking out of their ass. Children should not be painted in concealer and done up like a hard-knocked showgirl for anyone’s entertainment and sure as shit shouldn’t be competing against other equally trashed up kiddies. There is just something heartbreakingly sick about that and it’s obvious to most of us that these parents are just using their kid’s to live out their own unfulfilled dreams. 

Daisy Earles as Frieda from Freaks
Now, I don’t know if the father is any better of a parent, seeing as how dude is a convicted felon and on probation for a DUI and there was some mention of him being in some shit for child endangerment. It’s a choice of lesser evils here, but no matter what happens this kid is in for lots of fucking therapy in her grown-up years. Verst and Jackson are due back in court on the 31st of August to continue this raging custody battle and one can only hope whatever the outcome, it’s in the best interest of the kid. TLC seriously needs to stop making these disgusting shows that are basically just train wrecks and freak shows. I actually watched Freaks the other night and then saw some promo for the crap TLC is promoting and it really is like seeing a 21st century update of that shit. This Maddy kid totally could pass for Frieda…disturbing. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trip to the Dentist Leads to Sexual Assault

William Robert Bolduc
I came across this rather fucked up case while looking up something else and decided it was worthy of being posted on this wonderfully shitty blog. It appears you truly cannot trust anyone, a lesson one woman learned the incredibly icky way when she had some dental work done. The victim woke up after sleeping off anesthesia back in December of 2009 and on the way to the bathroom realized somewhere between falling asleep and waking up, she had been violated in the worst of ways. That in and of itself is horrible enough, but it turns out the perpetrator was her very own fiancé, who had driven her home from the dentist. 

It seems 57-year-old William Robert Bolduc is one of those men who believes if you can’t say no, that’s as good as consent. During the gross sexual assault of his unconscious fiancée, Bolduc took numerous photos of the victim’s genitals and buttocks, souvenirs of his nasty acts. He’s charged with rape and sodomy on a drugged victim, sexual penetration with a foreign object and using a concealed camera to invade privacy. Oh, and dude used to be firefighter. Yeah, that’s who I want running into a blaze to rescue and resuscitate passed out people incapable of fighting off his roaming hands or keeping his nasty tongue from slipping in their mouth. Yuck.

Attempting to look less like a rapist.
When the victim confronted Bolduc about the assault, he denied it and said that she had wanted to have sex with him, but nothing happened. The victim later left him a voice message saying she was through with him, calling him “perverted” and saying, "You are a sick man." The victim also testified that she had heard the clicking of a camera during a moment of semi-consciousness while Bolduc was going perv on her. The investigation uncovered numerous nude and half-nude images of the woman on Bolduc’s phone, which the victim says she didn’t pose for. On the stand, the victim was asked by the defense to go through the photographs and eventually broke down in tears, only able to get through half of them. Isn’t it lovely how victims get to be re-victimized?

All this is enough to want to condemn the sick son of a bitch…but wait, there’s more! After Bolduc was arrested on suspicion of this sexual assault, he was also charged with counts of allegedly molesting two children. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this guy is quite the piece of vomitous work. In that case, Mr. Pedo Rapingheimer is facing a maximum of 60 years to life in prison. For the sexual assault of his former fiancée, he’s looking at up to 12 years if convicted. Let’s hope the justice system gets it right this time and this fuckeroo gets a deserving sentence that puts him in his victim’s shoes. Prison rape a la mode? Is that just desserts? 

I have to add though, there is a bit of oddness going on with this story. The victim was photographed at a Christmas party with Bolduc, smiling and kissing on him and she didn’t report the sexual assault for 6 days. The defense is using this, along with the fact that the chick was drugged and can’t remember what happened, to poke holes in the case against Bolduc. Even if dude just jerked off on her or something, he deserves some prison time and you can’t forget this guy is also facing charges of child molestation. How does that saying go? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire? Well, I think this is just that kind of case, but let’s hope Bolduc isn’t the guy that gets to piss on the flames and walk away unscathed if he was putting his damn dirty mitts on women and children. 
Even that campfire knows that rape is not cool. The more you know...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Stupid Mistake Briefly Frees Child Abuser

Michelle Kraft, child abusing turd-box.
 Today’s shitty news comes from Kansas City, Missouri, courtesy of what’s being called a “clerical error” by the dumdum’s that let a child abusing thundercunt out on a ridiculously low bond. 28-year-old Michele Kraft, who is facing charges due to her 8-year-old daughter being found malnourished and locked in a filthy room, had a bond set at $100,000 when she was booked back in July. When the bond amount was written on the grand jury indictment, some clever idiot left off a zero and Kraft’s bond ended up as $10,000, allowing Kraft to come up with a measly $1000 of it to bail out. 

Jeffrey Kraft, co-abusive piece of shit.
 Luckily, Kraft didn’t hit bricks as soon as she was set free and actually turned herself back in after she and her attorney were informed of the mistake. Thank fuck for that, right? Mike Mansur, spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office, said they don’t know who made the mistake, but they had it corrected after filing a motion. Maybe they should correct it by getting rid of the moron that wrote down the wrong amount. This could have been a total calamity had this chick thought to take the fuck off. At least they were bright enough not to give her back the kid as soon as she walked out of jail, though it wouldn’t have been much of a surprise if they had, given the shitty record child protective services have. What the fuck is up with our system?

Kraft’s husband, Jeffrey Kraft, is facing the same felony charges as his mousey wife and is still in custody, also on a $100,000 bond. You would think they would cross reference this shit, seeing as this couple is being charged with the same crime. Wouldn’t that have raised a few flags that the husband is still sitting ugly in jail on $100,000 bond, but somehow the wife is getting off with a paltry $10,000? I guess I can buy an honest mistake, but what if the person they set free had been someone with even worse charges than Mrs. Kraft? Like a rapist, murderer or child molesting scum sack? It’s all fine and dandy to brush it off as a simple error, but these kinds of “mistakes” just can’t be made, not when it puts the public at risk.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Woman Fined For Feeding Hungry Kids

Angela Prattis
In phenomenally dickish fashion, a Delaware woman is facing a $1,000 fine for feeding kids who would likely go hungry otherwise. 41-year-old Angela Prattis, aka The Lunch Lady, gives out lunches five days a week from in front of her home to hungry children. The food is provided to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia's Nutritional Development Services, where Prattis volunteers and is approved by the state to distribute the lunches from her home. So what’s the problem?  Well, it seems the greedy ass town she lives in wants her to fork over that cool grand for a “zoning hearing” and claim she is violating an ordinance by doling out food to the kiddies from her front yard. In the words of Township Manager William Piserik:

"No one is condemning her for feeding children that need the lunch program. But we advised her she's violating an ordinance and was told she'd have to apply for a variance, which costs $1,000 to pay for the zoning hearing. I'm assuming she'll sit down and discuss it with the Township Council and the solicitor. Nobody's against the program, but folks don't want the program set up in the lady's front driveway." 

Apparently, I must not get it because it looks to me like they’re penalizing a woman for doing some good. In a time where people are more and more reluctant to help others, it’s rather shitty that this town is pulling such a craptastically greedy move like this. And from what the manager said, it sounds like the thousand is only paying for the hearing. What else would she have to pay on top of that? She’s already been cleared and given the go ahead by the state so I just don’t understand why they have this sudden issue with the lunch program. I really love though that the town’s excuse for sticking it to Prattis is that the fines are based on law. Yes, crappy town laws meant to squeeze every dime they possibly can from whoever they can.

Prattis, a stay-at-home mom, takes care of foster kids and also runs her neighborhood’s basketball program. This woman is seriously the kind of awesome that is almost extinct in this world and I just can’t believe this town could be so petty. Supposedly, the fining hasn’t happened yet and she’ll be allowed to continue feeding the neighborhood kids until August 24th, when the state-funded program ends for the year, sans penalty. If she doesn’t pay the $1,000 for the zoning hearing, though, she won’t be allowed to distribute the lunches next summer. Let’s punish the do-gooders and starve the children. Fantastic, way to go Delaware, you buttload of douches.