Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Baby Ayla Case...what the eff? I want an arrest.

Ayla Reynolds, missing 7 weeks.
Okay so it's been 7 weeks since Ayla Reynolds has been missing. This past Saturday came the expected release of that dreaded info from Law Enforcement...that they did find blood (blood you can see and blood using luminol) in the basement of the house she was reported missing from, that it was Ayla's blood and there was a significant amount of blood from her and another source. Which to me and most people following this case means this child, who in her short time living has already suffered a broken arm, bruises and "pulled muscles", is dead and met that death at the hands of someone in the house she lived in and it was a gruesome death at that.

So far, Justin DiPietro has basically given the finger to the media, he's failed a poly, even though he said he "smoked it" (what a friggin' herb) and he's gave shady interviews and elusively written statements to the public...the same public that is showing more concern for his missing daughter than he or his mom Phoebe is. He also stormed out of the Precinct when they showed him the pics of the blood they found in his room, lol ..his room in the basement of his mommies house.  His girlfriend Courtney Roberts (who's sister was recently arrested for having 1000 Oxycontin's and some other narcotics), is another winner, she was in the house with Justin and his sister the night Ayla went missing. She's in Florida apparently, and there is a blogger by the name of Angela Harry who wrote the lamest post basically making this chick out to be some kind of saint, but said she is just a friend of Justin's. The site she blogs at is called ThisLittleLightofMaine.com if anyone wants to check it out. There's been some rumors out there that Angela is Courtney Roberts. And then on the Reynolds side, you have Trista, what a mess this chick is, her site is AylaReynolds.com , and even though I really think Trista had nothing to do with her daughter "going gone", she has to get her shit together for the sake of  the other baby she has. Another rumor is that at the vigil Justin showed up to on Saturday, he and Trista talked for the first time and the cameras caught some audio of her asking him "What about the blood?" and him saying "It's nothing"...or something along those lines. Uh...cops found blood in your room and it belongs to your missing kid, but it's nothing?? Come the fuck on!  Trista and this guy are nothing but a one night stand and she has done a good job of calling him out in the press, cause it made him want to retaliate by releasing more bullshit.   I mean let's face it, if this guy doesn't have a hand in his baby girls death...he knows something and he should unburden himself, like the police have asked of whoever the perp...Ayla deserves some justice, and a proper burial, we all know she wasn't kidnapped.

I'm saddened by these cases, they are happening more and more, and all these "missing kid" cases end up with us all sitting there wondering why no one is in jail and where the baby is...Does this Baby Ayla case remind anyone else of the Haleigh Cummings case?   Two effed up families, drugs, and a missing kid....I want a arrest, and I want it yesterday.

Saamiya Thomas...another stupid bitch that shouldn't have a uterus...

Saamiya Thomas.....gross monster thing.

Every year millions of Americans gather around t.v.’s across the country as they stuff their faces with food & guzzle beer while watching America’s favorite sport, football americano. For one 4 year old boy, the Super Bowl is the anniversary of a horrific attack on him at the hands of his own mother. Last year on February 6th, Saamiya J. Thomas, 18,of Rochester, New York brought her 4 year old son Dominique to the emergency room with 2nd and 3rd degree burns covering  40% of his body. She claims to have been giving him a bath when the water went cold. She claimed to have turned on the hot water to warm it back up. Little Dominique was quickly transferred to a burn unit and the authorities were called.  The police, not believing the bogus story mama was serving up arrested her. It was later determined that she held her son down in scalding hot bath water. This barbaric act by Dominique’s so called mother resulted in him spending weeks in the hospital, he underwent a tracheotomy and suffers permanent disfigurement to his legs, arm, hand, buttocks, genitals and feet. Dominique, now 5, has been in foster care ever since. Prosecutor Sara VanStrydonck said the boy still won't get into a bathtub and "will pay the physical and mental consequences of what his mother did to him for the rest of his life." Today his POS incubator was sentenced to 8 years in prison. And because permanently disfiguring your son is not enough, Thomas also drew a one-year concurrent sentence for attempting to sneak a folding knife into jail and for possessing forged checks.

****Written by our favorite repo chick...Amanda/NYMommy

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paula Deen Sucked Off A Cheeseburger...

Well, she didn't suck it off, but she might as well have while poking her butthole with a pickle the way the media is jumping all over her "scandalous" burger munching. So what really happened? Well, while on a cruise, Paula Deen ate a cheeseburger and another passenger snapped a photo of Dean and said burger in action. It's a HUGE deal, I guess, because she has diabetes, just "came out" about it actually, and if you have it people think you are no longer allowed to eat anything good. 
Okay I know we have a snippet of story on here kinda slamming on Deen, but this story of her chowing on cow patty is a total non-issue and the assholes up in arms about it are being ridiculous. I don't know much about diabetes, but it is a manageable disease and as far as I know it's sugar that makes this shit a killer. Sure, burgers are greasy and fatty,  but they also taste fucking delicious. If she's having a burger with her diabetes, she's probably doing it in moderation. It's one fucking burger, not a bagful of Big Macs with a side of chicken nuggets. She's still got to eat and really, it isn't anyone's business what she decides to shove in her face, be it burgers, fries or dick, ya'll.
It's rude to gawk at people while they eat. Miss Manners says so.
 It seems like people are still pissed she hid her diabetes and kept on cooking up her artery clogging dishes like she was force feeding it to them. We all know that the kind of food she cooks is not healthy, she never passed it off as being healthy and if people didn't get that it wasn't they were obviously morons. You don't want to get heart disease or diabetes or have a stroke, you simply don't eat that kind of crap and you can't blame Paula Deen if you do or did...all she did was show you how to cook it, you made the choice to fork it into your piehole.
Yeah, she's a celeb and I get that scrutiny in all details of your life is to be expected when you're in the public eye, but when you really get down to it, her life has nothing to do with ours and we shouldn't give a shit what she eats or does. Let the woman live her life and wish her well and just don't eat the shit she makes. That should be true of all celebrities, but some are just so fucking irksome that I can't help but go off on a tangent about them (BrangelinaBeyonJayZ-atards)...Paula Deen, though, doesn't inspire my ire and while I may make fun and toss an assholeish remark out at her expense, I don't hate the woman.
So let her eat cake...or burgers...but let the chick be. It's her diabetes not ours and she has to live with it and that's just the way it is, ya'll...
Donut Burger Atrocity. People honesty didn't realize a burger on a donut was bad for them? And who in their right mind would even eat this? Common sense, people, use it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Remembering Baby Brianna

Brianna Mariah Lopez
Even though it's been almost a decade since this beautiful baby passed away, the story of what led to Brianna's death is still a hard one to read, write and even think about...but it's a story that should never ever be forgotten.
Born premature on February 14, 2002, Baby Brianna's little life would be cut short by abuse so horrible that a more accurate word for it would be torture. When she was admitted into the hospital, her tiny body was covered in adult sized bite marks, bruises, there injuries to her genitals and anal area and skull fractures. She had bleeding on the brain, two rib fractures, bucket handle fractures on both thigh bones and another fracture on her left arm caused by having her small limbs twisted, yanked and pulled. Some of these were old injuries, some of them fresh, but all of them were the sick and twisted proof of how this innocent child had lived in constant pain for the entire 5 months she was alive.

When you hear a story of a child with so many injuries and see these images, so much trauma to her body, so young that it's impossible she could have done this to herself, you immediately wonder, "Why?" Why would anyone hurt a child, any child, like this? What in this precious child's face did some sick fuck see that made them want to harm her in any way? There is no justifiable answer. Only a sick, inhuman, unfeeling mutated and diseased puddle of shit reeking sludge would ever do something like this. And that takes us to the question after the why. "Who the fuck did this to her?" In this day and age it's probably not surprising to learn that it was her own mother, Stephanie Lopez, her father, Andrew Walters, and her uncle, Steven Lopez.
Stephanie Lopez, Incubator and Abuse Spectator
Steven Lopez, Baby Rapist and Murderer
Andrew Walters, Sperm Donor, Baby Rapist and Murderer
They violently brutalized this baby, this completely defenseless child, with zero remorse. Not only did they beat this child, literally to death in the end, but they also sexually abused her. For these unforgivable and disgusting crimes against a 5 month old, her father got 57 years and her uncle got 51. Her mother, the woman who carried her inside of her, felt every flutter of movement, every kick and went through the pain of labor to bring her into this world only to allow unimaginable agony to be inflicted upon her, only got 27. You know why? Because a jury decided she didn't actually participate in the abuse, just watched it happen. Watching it happen and letting it go on is the EXACT SAME THING AS DOING IT YOURSELF. Which leads me to the other members of this sick family of soulless monsters in human costumes....
Brianna's own grandmother, Patricia Walters, and another uncle, Robert Walters Jr, knew all about the disgusting abuse, but did absolutely nothing to put an end to it...And that makes them as guilty as the mother, the father and the other uncle. Grandma and uncle would only get 60 days though, for sitting idly by and letting a baby, A BABY, get tortured to death. With a phone call they could have saved this child's life, just a phone call, but being inhuman pieces of shit, they did nothing and after those 60 days life goes on for them. I don't wonder how they can live with themselves, knowing what utterly despicable wastes of flesh they are, instead I hope that they are haunted by the memory of a life they helped destroyed. I hope that their are people that don't let them forget what they helped do to this baby and I hope they never know peace, that in the back of their minds, Baby Brianna is always there. Even if they try to push her from memory, I imagine that the harder they try the more Brianna sticks around in their mind, because it's impossible to forget that you are a baby killer, whether you killed her with your own hands or watched her be murdered. For the ones who put their hands on that child, I wish for so much worse.
This story breaks my heart, I have cried for this child, a child I never knew, never held, didn't carry to term, a child that wasn't mine, but that I wish would have been allowed to live. Baby Brianna deserved to live. To grow up. To experience life. This precious child was robbed and the world that she could have done great things in with her life was robbed of her. Through her tragic and senseless death though, Brianna's story brings light to, and gives a face to, the small and often voiceless victims of child abuse. Briana could not speak up for or defend herself, so it's up to the rest of us left behind in this often cruel world to speak up, to defend and to save these children.
My hope is that Baby Brianna is never forgotten, that people always remember her story, and that they share it. It is story that hurts your heart, but it's one everyone should know. She would have been 10 this year, let's celebrate that by remembering her story and if we are ever in the position of being able to save a child's life, to save them from the pain of abuse and neglect, that we act. That we give her and children like her our voices and spare them the same tragedy.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Awards For What?

And the award for biggest asshole goes to...
So I guess now is the season for all these awards shows. Yahoo doesn't want me to forget that the Oscars are coming up and I'm sure there were a bunch that just happened, but I really don't give a shit about all these shows and awards. I'm just wondering why these actors and singers and whatever the fucks needs so many awards and shows and why every fucking year? Yeah, I know new movies and songs come out all the time...but what's so special about them that they need all these awards? The answer is...not much.
They nominate all these films and actors and songs and singers to keep their names out there and get attention for their product...the product being the film and song...because they want to keep people interested and get people going to see these movies and listening to these songs so they'll buy them up and all the people involved can keep getting paid...with our money.
There's hundreds of categories and all these nominations, usually all for these hyped up films or "artists" or songs...but how often do we see the "little people" being honored with awards with all this fanfare? Where's the huge and enormously overpriced awards show for the doctor that saved my life with that blood transfusion I didn't want? Or the big gaudy gold statue for the people working their asses off actually help their fellow man, you know those people that volunteer for no other reason except to help others? They might not want the award, but they sure do deserve more than the asshole who made like 15 million for his shitty acting in Moneyball.
I nominate Pitt for "Douchiest Faux Actor With the Least Amount of Talent"
We live in this society celebrity and fame crazy and if you haven't noticed, our society is going down the shitter at a seriously slow and drawn out pace and the turds of it are stinking up the joint. Everyone wants their drawn out 15 minutes and to be rewarded for essentially nothing and the reason for it is seeing all these movie stars and singers and thuggish bling blinged rappers being rewarded for their sub par products. Who doesn't want to get dressed in ugly dresses were told are beautiful and millions of dollars worth of jewelry and walk the red carpet to a golden statuette for turning out a fuck awful performance in a shitty comedy? I don't, but that's just me. The only award any of these celebs deserves is the "Shittiest People in the World" blue ribbon to pin on their fake tits and phoney smiles.
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner. Everyone in Hollywood deserves the Asshole Award.
So until we start throwing huge award shows for the real people that matter in the world, the teachers, the gas station attendants, the doctors, the dentists, the volunteers, the baristas that make bad coffee, the cashiers that suffer through assholes because it's the only job they can get right now, the butchers, the bakers, the homemakers, etc...I will continue to boycott these ridiculous award ceremonies by not watching...anyone wanna not watch with me? I'll make the popcorn, you bring the Junior mints....

Friday, January 20, 2012

Speaking of Gay for Pay....

Justin Adams, the husband of Jaymie Adams, the mother of four, who was pregnant, missing and then found murdered, is now said to have been seeking to service men online, more specifically Craigslist. 

To give you a bit of backgroud, Justin Adams reported is wife missing early morning on Dec. 10th, and gave the cops a story about his wife Jaymie leaving to meet a "friend" and she never returned so he went looking to for her and found her van at a Micky D's after dropping the kids off  around 3 am, at his mothers...Tina Clark.  Well, turns out he wasn't telling the truth, Jaymie he said through his attorney, Mr. Box, was a prostitute who met her clients on Craiglist and that she was meeting a client at a McDonalds and then was never heard of again...Her body was eventually found on Jan 7 th, and the reports seem to be coming back as a homicide.  Tina Clark was very "typy" at the Facebook  page made to find the missing Jaymie, I've been following this case and read a bunch of her FB posts..seems a lot of the searchers and organizers for Jaymie weren't too happy about her doing jack-shit when it came to finding the mother of her grandson...

Jaymie seems to have led a wild life, but no matter what she did, she  was always Mom to her children..She was pregnant with Justins baby, and the other 4 were from 3 different men. On Peter Hyatt's blog, someone claiming to be one of the babydaddies came to say Jaymie would take off all the time and was known for the things being put out there, like the Craiglist hooker thing. 

I at first thought Justin was being honest about not knowing where Jaymie was, and it's not that I think he is totally guilty of her murder, but some of the times he's given and the conflicting stories that have come to be are not sitting well. Was she really selling sex, and has she been for a while? Was he pimping her out and did he know she was murdered? Were they really swingers? And the question of the day...Was Justin Adams selling his ass on Craigslist to men?  LE has an affidavit saying he told them he did...

Help Find Jaymie Adams - Missing from Blanchard, Oklahoma

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ryan Brunn is Dead...


On Tuesday in Jackson, Georgia 20 year old, Ryan Brunn was in court and plead guilty to murdering 7 year old Jorely Rivera...Today he was pronounced dead at a Georgia hospital. The fucker killed himself.....YEY.

On Dec. 7th, of 2011, Jorely Rivera was led to a vacant apartment by Brunn, she was coaxed into going there with hopes to find her lost skate...he had found it and showed her a picture of it. Brunn had access to the apartment in Riveras complex because he was a maintenance man, he was a demented pig too...Brunn made this little girl take off her pants, and he molested her, but he didn't stop there. He thought she would tell, so he made damn sure she wouldn't, by taping her mouth shut and slitting her throat. Jorely wasn't dead though, not yet....so Ryan Brunn put her small body in the bathtub,  got her skate and bashed her in the head until she was. Her body was placed in the trash compactor that he ran twice while going to smoke meth, and he left a note on the dumpster that said "She's in the trash can".  I guess his conscience took over...*eye roll*

His charges for what he did to 7 yer old Jorely Rivera, were 13 counts including murder, aggravated assault, cruelty to children, aggravated child molestation, enticing a child for indecent purposes, false imprisonment, abandonment of a dead body, making a false statement and sexual exploitation of children.

 I think Ryan Brunn was a disgusting, non-human, that took Jorely Riveras life and made her last moments on Earth full of fear, terror, and pain.  I can only hope that Brunns last moments were full of exactly the same emotions, and that his new best friend Satan keeps those feelings flaming....burn in hell, Ryan

Ryan and Satan BFF's

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Using Gay To Get Paid

Everyone's heard of gay for pay, which is usually just a gay porn thing, the gay for pay I want to talk about though is the shit celebrities pull to get publicity for themselves. Take the old as fuck Madonna/Britney/Xtina makeout drama...
 That is an example of using gay to get paid. None of these chicks, except maybe Madonna 'cause she used to be a freak, is a lesbian or actually bi-sexual. And then take Lady Goofy Gaga...
Who looks like a drag queen only not as pretty and dresses as a dude and purposely makes people think she's a chick with a dick...and also tries to makeout with Britney. People mistakenly think these celebrities are doing great things for the gay and lesbian communities by doing girl on girl or cross dressing, but they're actually not. They're using a lifestyle to make press for themselves, to shock and awe and make sure they don't fade over night. Maybe it works, but it's ridiculously offensive and wrong.
I know kids that are struggling with their sexuality and trying to figure shit out look up to these people, but they're not role models. They're a fucking joke and I think it's pretty messed up to use a lifestyle to further your career...especially when you're not gay or bi or transgender. That isn't taking us forward, it's setting a whole group of people back, using them and making a mockery of them. It's essentially what black face was for blacks, but in our celeb crazy culture people actually find this faux gay shit cool and edgy. It's not.
I'm probably in the minority when it comes to this, but I had to get it out because it irks the shit out of me when celebs do this shit and I really hate all the people mentioned above's music. It sucks...and not in that awesome gay for pay porn kind of way.

Who Knows Where Sky Metalwala May Be?

Quick refresher on who Sky Metalwala is. He is a 2-year-old boy who went missing back in November of 2011...well, maybe. I'll get to the maybe later. The circumstances around his disappearance are so suspicious I don't even get how his mother is not in jail. So what happened, according to mummy Julia Biryukova, is that she was driving to the hospital to take sick Sky to the hospital, also in the car was Sky's older sister, Maile. On the way there, still according to Julia, the car ran out of gas so mother left Sky in the car strapped in to his car seat and took older sis to a gas station a mile down the road to get gas and call a friend. When she returned an hour or so later, Sky was gone.
Julia Biryukova: Candidate For Worst Mom Ever
 That story has been blown to shit by investigators who say there was no gas can at the scene, there was still gas in the car, enough to drive a considerable distance and when they test drove the car there were no problems and it ran fine. It should be noted that Julia has a history of mental illness, having been hospitalized pretty much against her will because she is fucked in the head on a serious level. She wouldn't allow food in the home, cleaned obsessively for hours, neglecting the children and leaving them alone for hours on end. She is not cooperating with police in the search for missing Sky.
Solomon Metalwala: Father Fighting to Find His Son
 Sky's father, Solomon Metalwala now has custody of older sister Maile, Julia didn't even show up for the hearing. I don't think she cares either way if she has custody or not since she apparently doesn't give two shits that her son is gone, but it's possible she knows where he is and he may be alive and well...in the Ukraine, with her father. Reports say Sky was last seen by someone other than his mother October 2011, newer reports say he may not have been seen since May. No one's really sure because she's not talking, but reports say her father came to visit back in around April and it's possible he took Sky with him when he left.
There are more questions in this case than answers and there's new ones everyday. Why hadn't his father seen him? If Julia's father took him back to his native country, why can't they check airline records? Why can't they arrest Julia at least on child endangerment and neglect? Why the fuck did this psycho of a mother have custody of these kids at all when she has this fucked up history?
Solomon Metalwala may not be a perfect parent, but he seems to be desperate to find his son and he fought to get his daughter back and out of foster care so I think Julia only had custody to stick it to him. He's out there, he's trying to keep Sky's face and name out there so he can some day get him back and I hope he does. I hope that kid is still alive and his idiot mother didn't do something to him or that some strange didn't snatch him from the car.
I don't understand why Julia can't at least be charged with neglect, maybe haul her in and get her talking. It's so unreal that a mother would hide away from the public, refuse to talk cooperate and try to toss blame at the father. These aren't the actions of a loving, caring, innocent mother who wants her child back.
So what do you think, people? Got any theories or alternate endings for this totally insane case where the life of a beautiful little boy hangs in the balance?

Joshua Keadle: Fulltime Scumbag

Back in December of 2010, Tyler Thomas, a freshman at Peru State University in Nebraska, went missing on her way home from an off-campus party. There had been some drinking (because what's college for if not to do a little liver damage and kill some brain cells), but I doubt a bottle of Tequila kidnapped her on her way home. Surveilence video captured footage of her within a block of her dorm, but she never made it there.
According to reports, Joshua Keadle, fat fuck from South Carolina, pulled up to Tyler and offered her a ride. He didn't admit to this at first because, well, he's a chubby wad of dirtbag. When first questioned about Tyler Thomas' disappearance, he denied having seen her that night, but after further questioning admitted he had picked her up, driven her out to the middle of buttfuck nowhere and that they then had "consensual" sex. I really have a hard time believing anyone would consensually fuck this tub of chunk.
After bumping butt uglies, Keadle said he and Thomas got into an argument with Thomas accusing him of raping her and that he then left her there in the middle of ass rape no where. He then went home, washed off all evidence of what he did to her and went on about his normal routine of sucking at life...until the authorities came a callin'.

Keadle's story would change no less than 3 times during interviews conducted between December 3rd and 7th and because he couldn't keep his bullshit story straight he is now a person of interest in the case of Thomas' disappearance. There are a number of reasons why I think this guy is full of shit. One is that if Thomas was a block from her dorm, why would she need a ride? If she was tipsy, I suppose that would be the answer, she was wobbly brained and wanted to just get home after a not great night out with friends that she ended up fighting with at this party. Whether she was drunk or bussed or whatever, that's not to blame for her disappearance...Joshua Jowly Keadle is.
The guy is an obvious liar, first her denies seeing her then they fucked in his car, but it was consensual? Ever since finding out about this story when it first broke, I have thought he was full of it. Big red flag is that according to him she cried rape and he ditched her to run home and wash off evidence....so obviously he knew he was in some deep shit. But I don't think it stopped at rape. I think her also killed him and dumped her somewhere and the reason he would later fess to having had sex to her was to say that when they found his DNA on her it would be because they had sex, but that he left her alive and whoever found her after he ditched her in the middle of no where was the one that did the offing. The guy is guilty as fuck.

Even with just these bits and pieces pointng to him, there's more to Joshua Keadle's disgusting rapist nature than just what may have happened to Tyler Thomas. Keadle is currently being held in jail while awaiting his March 13 trial date for the sexual assault of a 15 year old girl in 2008. Back in November, prosecutors dismissed the case of another rape on a different victim. In that case, the victim said she thought she had been with another man at the ime and that while in a dark room, Joshu Keadle had sex with her. Crazy story, but I saw something like that in that crazy ass Rules of Attraction movie where Shannyn Sossamon's character is shitfaced and thinks she's going to lose her virginity to a film major, but ends up getting doggy fucked by a townie...so that shit is pretty possible.
Still of Shannyn Sossamon in The Rules of Attraction
 So as you can see, Keadle has a history of being a disgusting hog beast that forces himself on women and the fact that his last victim went missing means it was just escalating, You can't get in trouble for rape if they can't find a victim, right? I'm sure he's wishing he'd done that with his former victims and I'm seriously ecstatic that he didn't. Right now he's looking at up to 50 years in prison if he's convicted in this trial with the minor he raped. I hope he serves all 50...or that he gets some jailhouse justice and never sees the light of day.

Here's hoping that they can at least find Tyler Thomas' body and that her family and loved ones can find some peace.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Skank Fight! Who will nail the role of icon Elizabeth Taylor? Lohan or Fox?

So, Lindsay is up for the role of Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime TV movie called "Liz and Dick" or something....and now the director says he will be talking to Megan Fox about the lead role as well....

                                CAT FIGHT!!

I personally think Fox is less of a super scrappy looking coke whore, and resembles Taylor a lot more....Lohan can easily play an iconic actress, I say she'd do fantastic as Judy Garland....in her late 60's

Paula Deen Has Diabetes!!! No Effin' Way!

                It's true, she's a Type 2 Diabetic... she's known it for 3 years!

   And she's planning on making you one too!  Look out! You got some Type 2 Diabetes on your lip!

Ayla Renolds involved in a Baby Fight Club??

No..of course she wasn't...but Justin Di Pietro's aunt said that Justin explained that Ayla had bruises on her face because she "got into a fight" at Chuck E Cheeses'....

 This neanderthal wants us to believe that somehow 1 1/2 year old babies can get scrappy and duke it out!

Justin is a liar, and he's not even trying anymore...who the hell says  "I smoked it!", when telling the media he passed a poly, then says he never got the results???

The same guy who thinks falling on a baby and waiting 24 hours to get her medical attention is a good plan.
Justin DiPietro.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Kelly Rothwell and the totally frigged up way to keep her name out there...

I, along with my co-blogger Boo have been reading and posting at TCR for 4 years between us, we've fucked around, wrote some serious commentary, made jokes and made friends along the way...(well, some turned out to be friends in wolves clothing, bad clothing I may add), but this Kelly Rothwell thread takes the cake, and shits all over that cake.

Anyone who was/is a regular poster at TCR has seen their fair share of troll, or the occasional "That's my homie yo be talkin bout and he be da shit bith fuck yall"..nonsense....but I have to say...If I was a relative or close friend to Kelly Rothwell, (who so obviously has met foul play at the hands of her boyfriend ), and came across the thread on TCR about the missing girl, I would be horrified to see that garbage and spew that supporters and trolls alike have posted. It's absolutely the most mentally retarded garbage I've ever read, and what's worse, is anyone who posts saying so is automatically attacked for being the man who has been accused of this girls demise!  I honestly feel horrible for Kelly's family and those who loved her, but that thread on TCR is showing the worst of the worst when it comes to Internet shit flickin'...the level of douchin' is at an all time high, and on top of all the blatant dickery, some of the fucknuts seems to be mighty proud!...

Well, I say let 'em have at it, even the so called "saints" that say they are there for Kelly, and make some "supportive" posts, are just looking to bait the ass picking trolls and create a flame  war...SO keep on "supporting" Kelly Rothwell goofballs...cause it's not like there isn't any other sites you can show your support for her on....*EYEROLL*  Or you can maybe clean your house and get around to naming all the cats you've collected...just a suggestion... Here's a link to the madness, I suggest you get drunk before attempting to read...http://www.truecrimereport.com/2011/04/kelly_rothwell_disappears_in_f.php#comment-412996846

Does Angelina Jolie know that the word "Jolie" is French for "self-obsessed asswipe"?

Why am I writing a blog about Angelina Jolie?  Well...cause I can and it totally goes with the awesome blog Boo wrote about her "partner/babysitter/dipshit/co-adulterer Brad Pitt.  I mean, look at these two attention needing jerk-offs!  Every single news tabloid makes them out to be some world saving messiahs, I would rather worship Andy Dick before I thought Jolie and Pitt were worth praising.
Here's some of Jolie's finer moments ...

 Making our with her brother.

Making out with Mr. Ed.

Shaving her head and crying.
Making out with some old gross guy.

 So what if she adopted a bunch of kids that were destined for poverty?  Hello?? Jolie??  There's a bunch of kids right here in America, ya know, the country that buys tickets to see your shitty movies!!

You think that she makes her kids play with her "Angelina Barbie"...I do.

 And any little girl who looks up to this husband seducing, succubus will try to look like this one day.....Good Job Jolie!!   (Her arm would make an excellent sling shot though, right?!)

So I say, you suck Angelina, you have a weirdo family and have no soul.  Adopting a bunch of kids from huts in the African bush and shit isn't gonna make up for it, you're just bringing these kids into your elite world, and they will be raised to think like you and Mr.Jolie.  Congrats for making and molding more assholes...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beyonce Had A Baby! Who Gives A Shit?

So Beyonce had her kid, big fucking whoop, right? I could actually care less that another celebrity birthed a child...regular people have been doing it for centuries, without all the fanfare. The story I want to focus on is the bullshit drama the hospital staff had to deal with because this bad singer, worse actress and her Big Pimpin' baby daddy are so full of themselves and their celebrity that they had to essentially take over an entire hospital.
So, according to reports around the web, the Obsessed actress rented out a suite (who knew they had full fucking suites in hospitals?) and took over an entire floor. When she checked in, her and her entourage (or whatever the fuck they call their beck and call people) demanded the hospital staff hand over their cell phones and that they place tape over security cameras. I guess the tape over the lenses was so there wouldn't be any footage of her looking like shit being wheeled down the hall, which makes sense for wain celebrities, but security cams are there for a reason...and it's not for getting bad footage of a shitty diva. It's for security reasons. Them taking personnel's cell phones was also ridiculous, but makes more sense than shutting down all the security cams.
Along with those measures, she also had her own security, which made other people who were at the hospital for the birth of their own children miserable. A Brooklyn man, Neil Coulon, had a couple run ins with her security while trying to check on his premature twins, who were in the hospital's NICU. He was stopped multiple times by her security because...well...just because they wanted to use the hallway and anyone else attempting to use it if fucking forbidden if Beyonce is using it I guess.
I think the whole thing is just complete bullshit. It's ridiculous that a hospital, it's staff and even patients have to bend over backward for a celebrity. Celebrities in general are just way too full of themselves and for the most part are completely fucking useless. They entertain us, sell us shit and serve as fodder...that really isn't worth all the money they get paid. The combined income of the hospital's staff is probably far less than what this Goldmember faux actress has made with her terrible music and movies, but what they do is so much more valuable. They save lives, they treat diseases, they bring life into the world, they give the ailing hope. Beyonce gives us fight scenes with Ali Larter and songs with such stupid lyrics they push people to shooting their brains out just to get them out of their head.
I guess this makes me Anti-Beyonce, but really, I'm anti-most celebrities because they really aren't worth what they get paid and their shitty music and movies aren't going to cure diseases or teach a child to read or stop war. They're worthless, but because they sell they will earn more money in a day than the Average Joe will earn in a year or even a lifetime in some cases. They'll make ridiculous demands that just have to be met because they have the money and fame. That's totally reasonable, right? (This is where an *eyeroll* comes in.)
Why should we care that this person had a baby? Because the media says so? There are other babies being born in this world, more important babies that will be known for being something more than Beyonce and Jay-Z's kid when they grow up into adults that will maybe cure cancer or help to end wars or teach children how to read and write. What that means, folks, is that Beyonce's baby really isn't that important and not worth all the bru-ha-ha...it's just a celebrity baby that will grow up to be just like the egg and sperm that made it. A Hollywood Kid that will try to act and sing or design a line of ugly clothing that the masses will buy up just because they're essentially told to....which is the same reason this woman is rich and famous in the first place.
So in conclusion, Beyonce had a baby....who gives a fuck? Oh, and surprise surprise, it was a C-section. Is that the only way celebs give birth, is having their kids cut out of them? Is this to save their vaginas from being blown out when they have to resort to porn at the end of their careers? Let's save the C-section rant for next time...and I leave you with a Beyonce classic..please don't blow your brains out....