Monday, August 20, 2012

Stupid Mistake Briefly Frees Child Abuser

Michelle Kraft, child abusing turd-box.
 Today’s shitty news comes from Kansas City, Missouri, courtesy of what’s being called a “clerical error” by the dumdum’s that let a child abusing thundercunt out on a ridiculously low bond. 28-year-old Michele Kraft, who is facing charges due to her 8-year-old daughter being found malnourished and locked in a filthy room, had a bond set at $100,000 when she was booked back in July. When the bond amount was written on the grand jury indictment, some clever idiot left off a zero and Kraft’s bond ended up as $10,000, allowing Kraft to come up with a measly $1000 of it to bail out. 

Jeffrey Kraft, co-abusive piece of shit.
 Luckily, Kraft didn’t hit bricks as soon as she was set free and actually turned herself back in after she and her attorney were informed of the mistake. Thank fuck for that, right? Mike Mansur, spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office, said they don’t know who made the mistake, but they had it corrected after filing a motion. Maybe they should correct it by getting rid of the moron that wrote down the wrong amount. This could have been a total calamity had this chick thought to take the fuck off. At least they were bright enough not to give her back the kid as soon as she walked out of jail, though it wouldn’t have been much of a surprise if they had, given the shitty record child protective services have. What the fuck is up with our system?

Kraft’s husband, Jeffrey Kraft, is facing the same felony charges as his mousey wife and is still in custody, also on a $100,000 bond. You would think they would cross reference this shit, seeing as this couple is being charged with the same crime. Wouldn’t that have raised a few flags that the husband is still sitting ugly in jail on $100,000 bond, but somehow the wife is getting off with a paltry $10,000? I guess I can buy an honest mistake, but what if the person they set free had been someone with even worse charges than Mrs. Kraft? Like a rapist, murderer or child molesting scum sack? It’s all fine and dandy to brush it off as a simple error, but these kinds of “mistakes” just can’t be made, not when it puts the public at risk.

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