Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trip to the Dentist Leads to Sexual Assault

William Robert Bolduc
I came across this rather fucked up case while looking up something else and decided it was worthy of being posted on this wonderfully shitty blog. It appears you truly cannot trust anyone, a lesson one woman learned the incredibly icky way when she had some dental work done. The victim woke up after sleeping off anesthesia back in December of 2009 and on the way to the bathroom realized somewhere between falling asleep and waking up, she had been violated in the worst of ways. That in and of itself is horrible enough, but it turns out the perpetrator was her very own fiancé, who had driven her home from the dentist. 

It seems 57-year-old William Robert Bolduc is one of those men who believes if you can’t say no, that’s as good as consent. During the gross sexual assault of his unconscious fiancée, Bolduc took numerous photos of the victim’s genitals and buttocks, souvenirs of his nasty acts. He’s charged with rape and sodomy on a drugged victim, sexual penetration with a foreign object and using a concealed camera to invade privacy. Oh, and dude used to be firefighter. Yeah, that’s who I want running into a blaze to rescue and resuscitate passed out people incapable of fighting off his roaming hands or keeping his nasty tongue from slipping in their mouth. Yuck.

Attempting to look less like a rapist.
When the victim confronted Bolduc about the assault, he denied it and said that she had wanted to have sex with him, but nothing happened. The victim later left him a voice message saying she was through with him, calling him “perverted” and saying, "You are a sick man." The victim also testified that she had heard the clicking of a camera during a moment of semi-consciousness while Bolduc was going perv on her. The investigation uncovered numerous nude and half-nude images of the woman on Bolduc’s phone, which the victim says she didn’t pose for. On the stand, the victim was asked by the defense to go through the photographs and eventually broke down in tears, only able to get through half of them. Isn’t it lovely how victims get to be re-victimized?

All this is enough to want to condemn the sick son of a bitch…but wait, there’s more! After Bolduc was arrested on suspicion of this sexual assault, he was also charged with counts of allegedly molesting two children. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this guy is quite the piece of vomitous work. In that case, Mr. Pedo Rapingheimer is facing a maximum of 60 years to life in prison. For the sexual assault of his former fiancée, he’s looking at up to 12 years if convicted. Let’s hope the justice system gets it right this time and this fuckeroo gets a deserving sentence that puts him in his victim’s shoes. Prison rape a la mode? Is that just desserts? 

I have to add though, there is a bit of oddness going on with this story. The victim was photographed at a Christmas party with Bolduc, smiling and kissing on him and she didn’t report the sexual assault for 6 days. The defense is using this, along with the fact that the chick was drugged and can’t remember what happened, to poke holes in the case against Bolduc. Even if dude just jerked off on her or something, he deserves some prison time and you can’t forget this guy is also facing charges of child molestation. How does that saying go? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire? Well, I think this is just that kind of case, but let’s hope Bolduc isn’t the guy that gets to piss on the flames and walk away unscathed if he was putting his damn dirty mitts on women and children. 
Even that campfire knows that rape is not cool. The more you know...


  1. Jesus, bad enough to find out your FIANCE filmed himself raping you unconscious, but that he's a pedo as well? She must be counting her lone remaining lucky star that this went down before she got hitched.

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