Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exploiting Children, One Pageant At A Time

Maddy Jackson
I’m gonna start this one off by saying reality TV sucks and child beauty pageants are gross. The closest I get to watching reality TV is The Ultimate Fighter and that seriously has little to do with the manufactured drama those kinds of shows are known for. Now, why do I bring this up? Well, that pedophile whack-off material known as Toddlers and Tiaras is in the news because the father of one of these grossly exploited kids is just not cool with his ex dolling his kid up into a trashy whorish midget. It seems Bill Verst has had enough and wants his daughter, Maddy Jackson, pulled the fuck out of pageants. And apparently a judge agrees with the man.

Yesterday, a judge issued a gag order on Maddy’s mother, Lindsay Jackson, and banned the child from appearing in anymore pageants, for the time being. Suffice to say, this trashtastic mommy that’s living vicariously through her daughter is royally pissed. She insists that Verst encouraged and supported their daughter’s participation in these gross pediatric primped princess parades. Maddy Jackson has been competing in these pageants since she was just over a year, so basically just past fetus-hood her mommy was caking on the cosmetics and putting fake tits and ass on her baby girl. Yes, this woman actually put fake tits and ass on her child and it is beyond disturbing. And I gotta ask, is there some kind of unwritten rule about pageant and stage moms having to be overweight and barely fuckable potato sacks? I swear, the majority of ones I've seen are just on the passable side of borderline chud-ishness.

Lindsay Jackson
 According to a source quoted in another article, it’s bullshit for a court to stick its nose in what kind of activity a parent allows their toddler to participate in. This source is quoted as saying, “What kind of judge tells a parent what kind of extracurricular activity they can put their child in? Pageants aren’t illegal and they’re not harming Maddy. This is no different from soccer or swimming or gymnastics and it is taking away Lindsay’s right to parent. The government should not be involved in this at all.” I’m going to assume this person has farts for breath and is talking out of their ass. Children should not be painted in concealer and done up like a hard-knocked showgirl for anyone’s entertainment and sure as shit shouldn’t be competing against other equally trashed up kiddies. There is just something heartbreakingly sick about that and it’s obvious to most of us that these parents are just using their kid’s to live out their own unfulfilled dreams. 

Daisy Earles as Frieda from Freaks
Now, I don’t know if the father is any better of a parent, seeing as how dude is a convicted felon and on probation for a DUI and there was some mention of him being in some shit for child endangerment. It’s a choice of lesser evils here, but no matter what happens this kid is in for lots of fucking therapy in her grown-up years. Verst and Jackson are due back in court on the 31st of August to continue this raging custody battle and one can only hope whatever the outcome, it’s in the best interest of the kid. TLC seriously needs to stop making these disgusting shows that are basically just train wrecks and freak shows. I actually watched Freaks the other night and then saw some promo for the crap TLC is promoting and it really is like seeing a 21st century update of that shit. This Maddy kid totally could pass for Frieda…disturbing. 


  1. These kids don't even look real. Here's a YouTube video I've shown in Developmental Psych class, complete with creepy music, on how NOT to raise your daughter.

  2. I doubt he has the best interests of the daughter in mind, I think he's just trying to piss off the mother. But I agree, it is ridiculous looking.

  3. Lindsay Jackson and Chelsea Hoffman sport the same style of eyeglasses...think they're sisters?

  4. Boo you should post some random open threads for shit talking

  5. You know, I have had some issue with this T&T shit for quite a while. It's bad enough to know that dolling up a toddler like some common hooker was taking place, but to air it is pretty much aiding a mutlitude of pedos by adding to their spank bank. (I think I dies a little after typing that shit...)

  6. Boo Kat are you still blogging here???