Thursday, August 16, 2012

Woman Fined For Feeding Hungry Kids

Angela Prattis
In phenomenally dickish fashion, a Delaware woman is facing a $1,000 fine for feeding kids who would likely go hungry otherwise. 41-year-old Angela Prattis, aka The Lunch Lady, gives out lunches five days a week from in front of her home to hungry children. The food is provided to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia's Nutritional Development Services, where Prattis volunteers and is approved by the state to distribute the lunches from her home. So what’s the problem?  Well, it seems the greedy ass town she lives in wants her to fork over that cool grand for a “zoning hearing” and claim she is violating an ordinance by doling out food to the kiddies from her front yard. In the words of Township Manager William Piserik:

"No one is condemning her for feeding children that need the lunch program. But we advised her she's violating an ordinance and was told she'd have to apply for a variance, which costs $1,000 to pay for the zoning hearing. I'm assuming she'll sit down and discuss it with the Township Council and the solicitor. Nobody's against the program, but folks don't want the program set up in the lady's front driveway." 

Apparently, I must not get it because it looks to me like they’re penalizing a woman for doing some good. In a time where people are more and more reluctant to help others, it’s rather shitty that this town is pulling such a craptastically greedy move like this. And from what the manager said, it sounds like the thousand is only paying for the hearing. What else would she have to pay on top of that? She’s already been cleared and given the go ahead by the state so I just don’t understand why they have this sudden issue with the lunch program. I really love though that the town’s excuse for sticking it to Prattis is that the fines are based on law. Yes, crappy town laws meant to squeeze every dime they possibly can from whoever they can.

Prattis, a stay-at-home mom, takes care of foster kids and also runs her neighborhood’s basketball program. This woman is seriously the kind of awesome that is almost extinct in this world and I just can’t believe this town could be so petty. Supposedly, the fining hasn’t happened yet and she’ll be allowed to continue feeding the neighborhood kids until August 24th, when the state-funded program ends for the year, sans penalty. If she doesn’t pay the $1,000 for the zoning hearing, though, she won’t be allowed to distribute the lunches next summer. Let’s punish the do-gooders and starve the children. Fantastic, way to go Delaware, you buttload of douches.


  1. Eric Bolling of "the Five" on Fox is paying her $1000 fine.

  2. Glad to hear it, Anonymous. The law sure does get greedy. Maybe more people would help others if the towns didn't want their cut.

  3. Think of how many sack lunches $1,000 could provide!


  4. So the USA can help all the starving children around the world but help out the kids!!!!!!!! If I had it I'd help the woman out! She is a hero in today's times!!! I couldn't let any child starve!