Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sperm Donor Faces Murder Charges in 3-Month-Old Son's Death

Tragic: The brutal attack left the 20-year-old woman, who has not been identified, (left) in a medically induced coma while her son (right) tragically died in hospital
Rip Little Damien
 The 20-year-old unidentified baby momma of 19-year-old, Frederico Bruno of Belleville, New Jersey, lies in a medically induced coma after being pushed out of her 3 story apartment window while holding their 3-month-old baby. The unidentified mother had a restraining order on her baby daddy, but when she returned to her apartment with her baby and a friend, she found her child's father hiding out in wait for them. Upon walking in to find Bruno, he allegedly began attacking her and turned on her 21-year-old friend when she threatened to call 911, stabbing the friend multiple times with a carving knife. After nearly killing the friend, Bruno then turned his attention back on the mother of his child, as she was still holding their son and pushed her against an air conditioning window unit, causing her and the baby to go through the 3 story window. After mother and child both fell to the ground, Bruno then allegedly crawled down the fire escape to continue beating the woman with a table he found nearby as she laid on top of the infant.

Tragic: The brutal attack left the 20-year-old woman, who has not been identified, (left) in a medically induced coma while her son (right) tragically died in hospital
20-year-old unidentified mother
Then like the "man" he has proved himself to be, he ran like a bitch home, where he slept off the exertion of beating the shit out of the woman and child. After waking from his restful nap, he confessed to his horrible crimes to his nephew and niece who then promptly called the police. Because he was too big of a pussy to admit to his crimes, he hid in a refrigerator, where police later found him. Little 3-month-old Damien Bruno fought valiantly to hold onto his short life, but died four days later. Frederico Bruno is now facing updated charges on his original 2 counts of aggravated battery with murder (seems like it should have been 1 count aggravated battery and 2 counts attempted homicide, but whatever). His bail was also raised from $300,000 to $500,000. Bruno was linked via video to court for his new bail hearing with his face smeared in shit. Yes, he smeared his face in shit for his court appearance. During the hearing Bruno couldn't keep his flap trap shut and blurted out "It's a lie". What's a lie? What the witness stated she saw? What your family said you told them? That the baby died? That it was not you committing these horrendous crimes, but in fact was your evil doppelganger??

Charged: Frederico Bruno, 19 of Belleville, New Jersey, pictured, was found hiding in a refrigerator on Friday evening after the brutal attack
Sperm Donor


  1. What a fucking piece of evil shit! I hope he gets split open when he's being passed around like a chew toy between the prisoners!

  2. I'm really disappointed in you, Neme. Where's the pic of his shit smeared face?

  3. I was kinda hoping for a poopy picture too.