Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Contempt Charge Against Savannah Dietrich Dropped

Savannah Dietrich, Victim turned Victorious

I am totally stoked to clue our Shit Talk readers in on the fantastic news that the contempt charge against Savannah Dietrich has been dropped. You can read the original story that was written up yesterday for more details on the particulars, but I’ll give it to you again in a haphazardly packed nutshell. Savannah was sexually assaulted by The Dickless Duo of Will Frey and Austin Zehnder, who also took pictures of the assault and passed them around. The pair was given a plea deal and an understandably upset and frustrated Ms. Dietrich vented her anger at system that would protect her assailants by tweeting their names, a violation of a court order. 

The attorneys for the two pussbag’s filed a motion to have Savannah charged with contempt and a hearing was set for July 30th, but has now withdrawn the motion. According to David Mejia, one of the attorneys for the boy wonders, the decision to withdraw had zero to do with the outpouring of support for Savannah and the complete contempt of the general public for his client. He said the supposed purpose of the motion was to enforce the law that protects juveniles and their actions from disclosure. I personally think it had a lot to do with the fact that, had they gone forward, they would have just looked like turds wanting to put the girl in her place and re-victimize her. So they played it smart and decided to drop it, adding that “the horse is out of the barn” in reference to the fact that the world wide web and the outside world now all know the names of the boys. Which is true, there’s no point to putting that girl through more shit when the names are out there and all it would do is punish her for speaking out, which she has every right to.

So, Savannah isn’t being made an example of for the sake of protecting the identity of juvie rapists, and that is great news. Will Frey and Austin Zehnder are due for sentencing next month and the judge can reject or modify the terms of the plea agreement. I just hope they get a deserving sentence, one that doesn’t give them the impression they can do what they did to Savannah to someone else and expect to get away with it. Chris Klein, attorney for the other nutless half of this pair, said that having their names publicized might create problems for them in the future. Perhaps they should have thought of that before they forced themselves on an unconscious girl and took pictures of their assault on her. Here’s hoping they get what they deserve and that through Savannah Dietrich making her voice heard potential future victims of these two have been spared.


  1. I read the back story on this first and then I read this. And it's a good damn thing!
    And how about the true irony of the story.
    She exposed them..Though in a different way then they had done to her..
    And much more clever.

    They shouldn't be able to crawl back in the woodwork and "hide" from what they did. Not if they didn't even give her that opportunity as they victimized her.
    To bad so sad.
    They need to be revealed..Not for the sake of their juvenile record, but for the sake of any young girl who finds themselves in the company of either one of these guys. A "can't say she didn't warn you" kind of thing.
    And sadly all to often these kinds of things do somehow get turned around on girls in situations like this. As if at the end of the day, it's all her fault for having a pussy.

  2. Might cause problems for them in the future? Holy shit - how about raping someone? I should hope that little fact should cause problems for these fucktards in the future? Unfuckingbelievable. Yeah, that is not a word, but it should be.

    1. Long time, no see, CT....

    2. Vacation, Boo. Disneyland - because we couldn't be smart enough to go to the East coast version first. No, instead we fly across country with two four year olds - correction, I flew across country with them.