Saturday, July 7, 2012

Men Beware!!!

The pacu fish recovered from Lake Lou Yaeger in Litchfield, Illinois. Clearly visible are the fish's human-like teeth
Nut Cutter Teeth
Okay, I just had to do a write up on this. This Pacu fish has been known to kill men by eating their testicles. Their main diet is NUTS, leaves and aquatic vegetation. And they have a taste for blood. Probably because they are a cousin of Piranha. Just look at those teeth. Scary huh? A couple of fishermen in recent history living in Papua, New Guinea, have died due to the "Nut Cutter's" eating their balls and causing major blood lose. So no skinny dipping! Yes, this fish is known as the "Nut Cutter" locally.

OMG, I can't make this up, just look at those teeth. Well, people of America need to worry about this shit now, because several have been caught in Illinois' Lake Lou Yeager. They, of course, are not native to the area, but are thought to have been exotic animals dumped there by dumbass owners that think that it is better to let their non-native pets go free. Jiminy Cricket, people! Please, DO NOT dump your exotic pet off outside! You fuck up the ecological system by doing this. You may think that you are doing a great service by not having a fish fry, but in actuality, you end up upsetting everything outside.

Florida is having major problems with boa constrictors right now. From the documentaries I've seen, I've only got a few years left, before I walk outside and see a 12 foot snake eating my dog. Thank you very much, you silly bunny lovers and hurricanes. If you must get rid of your exotic pet, please ask your local shelter what to do with it. Please, DO NOT turn it loose.

What's that crappy SyFy movie I haven't seen yet and don't plan on seeing? Snakehead Lake? Yeah, that's based on a true story.
Yes That is a Big Fucking Fish. A Big Fucking Fish Fucking and Procreating In Your Local Lake!

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