Thursday, July 26, 2012

Horror in Johannesburg

Twisted: From left, Sipho Mbele, David Motaung and Patrick Petrus Radebe smiled in court as they admitted to their sick crimes
Sipho Mbgele, David Motaung and Patrick Radebe, smirking in court

Alrighty, you shit stirrers, Boo is gone until next week, so I'm on my own and you'll just have to suffer through my illiterate ass write-ups that don't get the benefit of Boo edits. I'll do the best that I can, but I really have no idea where the fuck a comma is supposed to go and have a great phobia of using dashes. My double negatives are likely to runneth over and there will likely be a proposition ending a sentence or two. You can suffer through it as I am bringing you the sick ass news of the world that you so crave.

Anyway, the latest horror of horrors that I bring you, comes from Johannesburg, South Africa. Three guys were unhappy with their latest employer and decided to exact some revenge. Sipho Mbele (a domestic servants son), David Motaung (I don't know who the fuck he was to the family)  and Patrick Petrus Radebe (the families gardner), broke into their former employers house in Walkerville, Johanesburg, South Africa. While committing their burglary crime, they came across 53-year-old Tony Viana, who they tied up after the trio gained entry. After Mr. Viana was incapacitated, Geraldine Viana and their 12-year-old son, Amaro, came home and were tied up in a separate room. The family dog was killed by slicing open it's stomach.
Torn apart: Amaro with his mother Geraldine and father Tony, who were shot to death by the robbers, along with Gabriela Correia, Mr Viana's daughter by his first marriage
The family with Mr. Vianna's daughter from a previous marriage on vacation

The men's lawyer told court that they had broken into the house to exact revenge over mistreatment and steal shit. Their focus of hate was Mrs. Viana. Mr. Viana was taken upstairs where he was forced to open the family safe. Then, Mrs. Viana was held down by Radebe, WHO STOOD ON HER FACE, as Mbele raped her. After Mbele was done, Radebe took his turn at raping her. After their fucked up sexual fantasies were fullfilled, they shot her in the head with her husband's gun, then shot Mr. Viana in the head, killing them both. The assholes then realized that the 12-year-old boy, Amaro, would recognize them and probably rat them out. So they decide that they had to kill him as well. The way they killed the little boy is horrific. They turned the bathwater on full hot, so that it was full of scalding water. Amaro was taken into the bathroom, hysterical and crying, so they gagged him due to his intense sobbing. After getting him into the bathroom, they placed him face first into the tub full of super hot water, and held him down until he stopped breathing and struggling. 

Violent death: Amaro Viana was brutally killed in a bath of boiling hot water because he have identified his parents' murderers
Innocent 12 year old Amaro that suffered the most horrific death

Not only is this some fucked up shit, but these assholes DO NOT in the least little bit act or seem to be remorseful. While in court, they were seen smiling and shit as they pled guilty and admitted to their crimes. After leaving court, it was reported that they were laughing while talking on their cell phones. Fuck them. I don't care how much of an asshole your boss is, you can always quit your job and find something else to do. And what was the point of putting a terrified 12-year-old child in a bathtub of scalding hot water to die after witnessing his parents horrific deaths? Why couldn't they have put a bullet in his brain as well, instead of making him suffer through 5 minutes, that probably felt like 5 hours, of pure pain and terror? I don't know if Johannesburg has a death penalty or not, but their complete lack of remorse for this shit makes me wish that they could suffer a death that is equally as torturous.


  1. The ruling party of outh Africa often stirs up anti-Afrakkaner (however it's spelled) hate. The leader of their youth movement just told the press all White South Africans should have their property taken away by force and if you Google "farm murders" you'll have your faith in humanity destroyed.

  2. I have little faith in humanity already.