Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dickhead Dad Denies Cancer Survivor Daughter Disney World Wish

McKenna May just wants to see Mickey and the rest of the Disney Crew. I think she's earned it.
 In a supremely dickheaded move, Ohio father William May has denied his 4-year-old daughter her “wish” to go to Disney World. His daughter, McKenna May, is a cancer survivor, having battled leukemia for the last 2 years, and the Make A Wish Foundation had approved her dream of going to Disneyworld, a trip that had to be cancelled twice due to how ill cancer and the treatments had made McKenna. Now the little girl’s cancer is in remission and her father says that children sicker than his daughter and with little time left should get their wish instead, and refused to sign the consent form needed for McKenna to take the trip. William May was only recently granted visitation with his daughter and it’s a requirement of Make A Wish that if the other parent is on the birth certificate or has visitation rights, both parents must give consent. 

McKenna’s mother, Whitney Hughes, and grandmother, Lori Helppie, say May wasn’t present during most of the girl’s treatment and is denying McKenna’s “wish” to be spiteful. May himself admitted that he was “ticked off” about not being involved, but this is a guy who was only recently granted visitation rights and then turns around and thwarts his child from seeing Cinderella. May and Hughes were never married nor living together, having conceived McKenna after what’s being reported as a “brief relationship” and May is now married to a different woman. He says Hughes wanted to use the trip to Disney to house shop to prevent him from getting his bi-weekly visits with his daughter, but his main excuse is that his daughter is now cancer-free and shouldn’t get the trip so another child can have their “wish” fulfilled. He’s basically saying the 15 spinal taps, multiple chemotherapy treatments, series of steroid injects and numerous hospital visits McKenna endured while fighting cancer shouldn’t be rewarded on the charity dime, even though McKenna qualifies for the “wish”. May claims she is cured, but McKenna won’t actually be declared cancer-free until 5 years after her last treatment, which was just last month. 

William May, making himself look like shit.
 President and CEO of Make-A-Wish for the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana area, Susan McConnell, said, “The doctors are the ones who determine if she is qualified. She's been through a lot. What I really feel bad about is she is stuck in the middle.” Stuck in the middle because of an asshole with a half-assed revenge plot that hurts his daughter more than anyone else. William May says, “There’s children out there that deserve a trip like this that will never get to experience it. My daughter can go when she’s older and can remember it. I’ll pay for it.” Who knows when that would be and May also doesn’t seem to realize that no one knows just how much time they have. Yes, McKenna’s cancer is in remission, but what if it came back? I know I would feel like a supreme piece of shit if I denied a child something like this under such a flimsy pretense and then that child never got the chance to have that dream fulfilled in their lifetime. Man the fuck up, May, and stop taking shit out on your kid because you’re pissed at her mother.

This has zero to do with this guy wanting other children sicker than his daughter to receive their “wish” instead of McKenna and everything to do with him wanting to stick it to his daughter’s mother for what he sees as a slight against him. He’s made it all about him by denying his daughter something she has wanted and talked about for months and is finally healthy enough to enjoy. If he was so adamantly against the charity paying for McKenna’s wish, why isn’t he paying for the trip himself now? His alternative is that McKenna should receive a $200 swing set for the backyard. Yeah, that totally compares to Disney World. He says he would pay for the trip himself when he can, but in the meantime his daughter, who has gone through hell for half her life, shouldn’t get to see Mickey and Co just because he’s a petty broke ass punk? That is not fair at all and complete bullshit that he would use his child to get to her mother because he’s a pissed little bitch of a boy.

Luckily, through the charitable nature of those with a heart, McKenna will be getting her trip to Disney World after all. Her mother and grandmother asked the public for donations so that McKenna can get her trip and that public has come through and shown there still is a whole lot of good in people. As of yesterday, donations topped $12,000, with more money still being collected. McKenna’s mother and grandmother say people have also offered cars and homes, but all they want is for McKenna to get her wish and will be donating the surplus amount of donation money not needed for the trip to Jamie's Dream Team, a nonprofit group in White Oak, Pa. So, in a truly awesome move, they are giving back to charity and helping others, while McKenna’s douche dad is just not letting his kid go while trying to pass his bullshit off as some faux noble stand to help other kids that are more worthy than his. I should add that when McKenna’s mother broke it to her that they wouldn’t get to go to Disney World, she didn’t tell her why. She kept the fact that her father was being a vindictive cockstain from her and told McKenna that even though they wouldn’t be going to Disney World yet, she would get her there someday. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, though, McKenna gets to go sooner rather than later. Bravo, America.
McKenna with her mother, Whitney Hughes.


  1. I hate people who use their children to hurt the other parent. The child comes first; your petty differences come last.

    1. He's a bigger dildo than anyone knew, dude's pissed his wife and other 4 kids wouldn't get to go, too. The fucking shit people are capable of, man, it's sickening.