Sunday, July 22, 2012

Colorado Shooting Brings Out the Best and the Worst

Holding back tears: A witness talks to the media today about the shooting, accompanied by a man holding an infant
Jamie Rohrs, Patricia Legarreta and the dropped baby
You never know how you're going to react when the shit hits the fan until it does. Some people nut up and will take a bullet for a stranger, like 19-year-old Jarell Brooks. Some people piss themselves and run for the hills, like 25-year-old Jamie Rohrs. On the night of the tragic"The Dark Knight Rises" premier in Colorado, Rohrs was in the midnight showing with his girlfriend, 25-year-old Patricia Legarreta, their 4-year-old daughter and 4-month-old son.  While most people wouldn't bring such young children to a shoot-em-up movie like this, especially not at midnight, the young couple defends their decision by pointing out that they believed the children would sleep through the special affects and explosions. Yeah, they're those dickwads that bring a baby to a movie theater, that they have no business being in, to cry and disturb everyone around them, making it impossible to hear shit.

Rohrs was holding his 4 month old son and Legarreta was sitting next to their 4-year-old daughter, who was sleeping with her head in her mother's lap, when 24-year-old Jason Holmes burst through the emergency exit throwing tear gas and raining down  a hail of bullets on the audience. That's when Rohrs told Legarreta to get down as he started ducking and diving to get out of the theater with his baby in his arms. As Rohrs was making his way out of danger, he somehow managed to lose his baby. He doesn't remember when he "sat" the baby down or "laid" the baby down, but he thankfully he did so near Legarreta. So in other words, as soon as the shit hit the fan, he dropped his baby and ran like a bitch. After deserting his family, he jumped off the second floor balcony, where they had been sitting, and didn't let the door hit him in the ass as he ran out of the theater. At some point Legarreta, who saw her baby laying on the ground with his father nowhere in sight, grabbed her son as she was shielding her daughter with her body and took a shrapnel wound to her leg.

Now this is where our hero of the story comes in. Jarell Brooks sees the young mother protecting her babies and struggling to get them out of there. Brooks gets behind Legarretta and pushes her into the aisle infront of him, making sure that she and the kids get out. As they are making their way out of the theater, Brooks gets shot in the leg. If he had not have been there, Legarreta would have been seriously injured or possibly one of the kids. The bullet hit Brooks in the thigh. Think about how tall a 4-year-old is when they stand. Yeah, that would have been a headshot for the little girl if Brooks had not been there. Brooks, who didn't know any of these people, literally took a bullet for strangers when their own "man" of the house left them in the theater to be shot by a madman who thinks he's the Joker or some shit.

Well, Legarreta and the kids managed to make it out somewhat safe and sound, other than the shrapnel wound. When she finally made it out and started looking for her baby daddy, she had to call him on the phone so HE COULD DRIVE BACK to the movie theater to pick them up. So, after dropping his baby and leaving his girlfriend and her daughter in a fucking warzone, he didn't stop running when he got outside, but actually got in a car and drove the fuck off. What kind of person does this? When Rohrs finally made his sorry ass back to pick up his family that he abandoned, they made the trip to the hospital. I guess that Rohrs finally realized what a pussy ass mother fucker he is and decided to make amends by proposing to his lady love. Legerreta, being the forgiving type, accepted. Now Rohrs and Legarreta have been making the news rounds telling their story. Yeah, I don't get that shit. If I left my kids and loved ones to a shooting madman, that's some shit I'd take to the grave. While telling their story, I also notice that they left out the part where a 19-year-old stranger manned up and saved Legerreta's ass from being more seriously injured or possibly killed. Brooks's side of the story didn't come out until several days after Rohrs and Legerrata went telling the world what they went through. I guess they conveniently forgot his role in stepping in when Rohrs didn't. Rohrs has been crying his bitch ass off during interviews, and seems to think shit like that makes it okay to leave your family to die because he's all remorseful now. Thankfully, the babies are safe and Legerreta is going to be ok. But I still don't understand for the life of me why the hell she would accept Rohrs's proposal after seeing his true colors. Oh well, to each their own.
PHOTO:Jarell Brooks, seen in this undated handout photo, was shot in the leg on June 20, 2012 at a screening "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colorado.
Guardian Angel Jarrell Brooks


  1. This morning, I came across an article saying no one should judge or call Jamie Rohrs a coward for his actions. The author of said article got a lot of shit for it, but I think she purposely wrote that shit to get people commenting...Anyway, the majority says dude is a spineless douche for not only abandoning his family to save himself, but for driving the fuck away and not coming back until the girlfriend called his ass. If she marries this pussbag, she's an idiot, but the two deserve each other. Poor kids. Jarell Brooks, Occupation: Badass.

  2. If my husband had done that to me and our kids, leaving us to be saved by a stranger (who is truly a man), I'd be in jail. When I got out, I'd get genetic testing on the kids to see if they're going to suffer any problems from my mistake in breeding with such a worthless piece of shit.

  3. I was thinking about this late last night and even though dude was a total coward, it did work out the best. Like fate or some shit, maybe it was destined to work out the way it did and had it gone a different way and dude stayed or something, maybe the kids and fiancee wouldn't have gotten out alive. Jarell Brooks was destined to be the hero that saved the lives of the wife and kids.

    1. Since when are you the "sunshiney look on the bright side of life" type bitch? Yeah the only bright side is that he didn't use his baby momma and kids as a human shield. I still love ya though!!

    2. Some sort of "theme" of things....
      Millions of tiny threads all connected...

    3. Imagine though if dude hadn't run, how it may have turned out...maybe they would all be dead. Either way, it worked out and they survived. The cowardly boyfriend is still a victim, but such a douche for ditching his family.

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    5. Ditching his family AND dropping the baby to save himself...Yeah, he's a turd-box...
      Edited For Her Pleasure: I had to fix a typo.

  4. This guy is an ass....
    I mean it is one thing to run, get split up by accident somehow in the confusion, and lose each other in the uproar.But that's not the case here. To then just get in the car, up and leave and not even fucking look back? Or wait outside to see if your loved one made it out okay?
    He just basically beat feet and never looked the fuck back.
    And if she accepted his proposal, she is an ass. He wasn't there for her and his family when it really counted so I can't imagine him manning up on any serious life skills.
    Way to go to Jarrell!!