Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sending Ayla Love and Birthday Wishes....

Ayla Bell, I wish you a Happy Birthday. I have many wishes for you, many hopes and many prayers...You deserve to have your birthday cake with your Mommy, and the family who loves you. You deserve to smile when you see that cake and know it's all for you. You deserve to be excited about the balloons all around you, and the wrapped gifts you see. You deserve to bask in the attention and laughter you get for being you. That face, that smile, those happy, so filled with amazement. Happy Birthday, Ayla. Wherever you may be, you are loved.


 Sweet Little Ayla Bell,

I have you in my thoughts always and on this, you're 2nd birthday, I am wishing with all my heart that you could be with the ones who love you to celebrate. You have touched so many people and we all want nothing more than for you to be home for this birthday and for you to be with your family for all the future ones to come. You may not have been born to us, us strangers that are keeping your name out there, hoping for you to come home, but, in a sense, you have become our baby, too. We've never even met you, Ayla, but you have our love and hope for you always. You are adored.

Birthday Hugs and Kisses, 



  1. Beautiful. Thank you for posting.

    Happy birthday wherever you are sweet baby Ayla.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY precious Angel. I hope and pray you are allowed to come home to your Mommy soon.

  3. You girls amaze me. This was an absolutely beautiful thing to do and I am so happy that I have gotten to know you and am sorry it took Ayla disappearing for that to happen. You both are such caring individuals. I love you both! XOXO

  4. Shannie and Boo, how beautiful! What a heartwarming thing to do. It just goes to show how big your hearts are, how passionate you both are. Some people may not "get" that, but most do. Keep on doing what you girls have been doing right along; writing and expressing yourselves from your heart!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet child.

  6. Beautiful. :,) (that's a tear)

  7. Justin Answer the QuestionsApril 5, 2012 at 12:27 PM

    Who was at the DiPietro house the night Ayla broke her arm? Who was with Justin at Chuck E. Cheese when Ayla got in a fight and came home with bruises on her face? How exactly did Ayla's leg get injured while rough housing? Who was with her when this happened? Who was caring for Ayla while Justin was at truck driving school? Where did Courtney work from October to December 17th? What days and hours did she work? What classes was she enrolled in during this time? Who watched Ayden while she was at work or school? What was Phoebe and Elisha's schedules like at this time? Phoebe invariably works 8-5, M-F, most state workers do. Who watches Gabby when Elisha is at work or school? What was Elisha's school schedule during this time?

    And Finally...


    1. This thread is for Ayla's birthday wishes and messages of love for her. Let's keep this Dip questioning stuff on one of the many other threads dedicated to Dip Bashing. Thank you for your cooperation.

  8. WOW! I cannot believe I missed this! What a special tribute for the little Angel! It is amazing the time and effort complete strangers will dedicate to people they don't even know. These selfless-acts reaffirm my faith in humanity when it is shaken by the types of people who would abuse and snuff out one of God's own Angels. Ayla has touched many of us and the thought of her not being vindicated angers me to the point where I know I will NEVER stop trying to find answers for her.

    All of this and NOTHING from her father's side. What of this alleged vigil at a church? Where are her birthday cakes and gifts from the paternal side>? Shouldn't they have a mountain of Christmas and Birthday gifts waiting for Ayla when she is returned to them? That is what they are waiting for right? They are doing nothing but hinder her being brought home by spreading misinformation and attempting to deflect blame for Ayla's disappearance.

    God Bless EVERYONE who is putting in countless hours, days, and months to make sure Ayla is brought home and at the very least, the people who hurt her are made to pay for their crimes against an absolute innocent.

  9. Just found this blog tonight and wish I had found it sooner! I love you already!! P.S you have the best disclaimer ever