Friday, April 13, 2012

Toddler Endangered By Mother''s Behavior

Don't threaten her with a good time.
   In a case of extreme selfishness and total lack of concern for the safety of a helpless and utterly dependent child, Amber Elaine Czerwinski has proven herself completely unworthy of the Mom title and crown. For slacking in her motherly duties, Miss Czerwinski earns herself the new and improved Shitty Birther label. Wondering what the award is for such a prestigious designation? It’s the nifty charges of child neglect and child endangerment, which could earn Miss Czerwinski a lovely jail stay for up to a year on each charge, plus a bonus $3,000 fine. What did our Reigning Queen of Selfish do to deserve her prize? What any self-centered, womb-toting semen receptacle would do…put her kid in harm’s way for a good time.
   Back on March 31, police responded to a call about a man acting “strangely” in the lobby of the hotel where Miss Czerwinski was staying with her child. A desk clerk for the hotel reported that the man had shown up in the lobby, bleeding from a cut on his head and screaming that someone was following him, and hopped the front desk counter. In other words, he was totally batshit belligerent. When police arrived at the lobby, they found our delusional hero smack in the middle of his bizarre performance, rolling on the floor behind the counter, reeking of booze. He was asked by responding officers what happened to his head and his slurred and incessantly repeated answer was to state his first name. He then passed out and was taken to the hospital.
   Now, you’re probably curious how this man’s sloshed silliness leads to Miss Czerwinski, right? When officers went to the room rented by the hysterical boozehound and their knocks went unanswered, they used a passkey to enter the room. What they found was Miss Czerwinski half passed out, her daughter sitting on the bed beside her. Was it naptime and Mommy conked out before baby? If that’s what you would call getting shitfaced and alcohol poisoning yourself into slumber, than sure, we can call it that.
Perfumed in alcoholic stench, Miss Czerwinski didn’t initially respond to questions made by officers, but eventually told them she didn’t know what happened to the man who had rented the room and that she had only just met him. According to police, her speech was also “extremely slurred” and they had to keep her from falling off the bed multiple times while they spoke to her. Police found several pill bottles in the frenetic man’s name for prescriptions used for mental health issues like paranoia. On a nightstand next to the bed, officers found an empty box of cold medicine pills, with open wrappers on the table and floor.
   The fact that she was wasted in the middle of a sea of pills is enough to prove Miss Czerwinski is a craptastic failure at putting her child first, but what puts her botched mothering over the top is the deathtrap she put plunked her child in the middle of. Officers had to take a pill wrapper away from the toddler, who was gnawing on it. The little girl also had Vaseline and Chapstick all over her face and it appeared that she had been eating them. A warm container of milk was found on the floor near the room’s refrigerator, along with a sippy cup of malodorous milk, a bowlful of old nasty oatmeal remains, old cheese, partly eaten candy bars and a lemon with child size teeth marks in the peel. I find the fact that this helpless baby girl was so hungry she has to forage for food one of the most disgusting and heartbreaking facts in this case. A child should never ever be hungry and left to fend for themselves.
   There were no toys, no children’s books, no clothing for the toddler found in the room. There was basically no evidence at all of a child being cared for, but there was a jug of vodka and a case of beer. Just what a growing baby needs. The toddler was also found in a sopping wet diaper and when police changed it, they found a “severe” rash on her legs and pelvic area. So not only was this little girl practically starving, but she was also in some amount of pain ‘cause if you’ve ever dealt with a baby suffering from diaper rash, you know that shit hurts them like hell. It’s pretty likely the girl was suffering a yeast rash that didn’t just suddenly happen overnight, so she was probably being neglected in favor of Mom’s being threatened with a good time for a while.
   For Amber Elaine Czerwinski’s crowning achievement as one of the shittiest mothers to plague the earth, she gets the wear the Worst Procreator Crown for the rest of her life, joining the ranks of all other would-be “mothers” that have also had their Mom titles revoked. Congratulations, Miss Czerwinski, you should be the opposite of proud.


  1. And after some "parenting" classes, she'll have the kid back. And we'll be reading an update in a year about the tragic death of this child at the hands of her "mother". Isn't that how it goes?

    1. Hey, Luvs. Been a while, kid. This one's like an old TCR horror story, but at least it didn't end as badly as most.

  2. This is a horrible story. :( No clothes, toys, books etc. for the toddler?! Plenty of pills, prescription and non, and alcohol. It seems the poor kid was starving, trying to find something to eat. The toddler was chewing on a pill wrapper, had tried to bite into a LEMON, and only had old, rotting food and milk, which she/he probably ate and drank when hungry enough. The whole situation is bad enough, thank God the toddler didn't ingest any meds or alcohol!

  3. Women like this ought to have their fallopian tubes yanked out, without anesthesia.