Sunday, April 1, 2012

An Easy Bust

Andrew Britt, 24, of Live Oak Florida isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He seems to have a home on wheels that he can use to have a new front yard whenever he wants. So where did he want his new front yard to be? Apparently someone else's. Andrew's problem began when he decided to park his rolling home on wheels in a random front yard without asking permission. The Florida couple woke up to see a strange camper in their front yard, so they did what most normal folks would do and called the police. When police responded to the call of suspicious activity they were told by the homeowners that some dude they didn't know had been living in the camper. Upon entry of the camper they discovered a sleeping Britt and a fully functioning meth lab. 

I guess he never saw the T.V. show "Breaking Bad". 

Meth Chef


  1. What?? How messed up could he have been to think it would be ok, no questions asked, to set up shop on someone elses front lawn?! I guess business was slow, seeing that he couldn't get his own front lawn...

  2. OMG how dumb can you get?

  3. Cut the dude some slack...he's from Florida.

    1. Ikr! When I realized Live Oak was in Florida I was no longer surprised.

    2. He had to be fake sleeping...we all know Meth Heads don't snooze.

  4. First off, How about KNOW WHAT YOU WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT!? I am his sister and this whole story you put up her is BULLSHIT! He was LIVING with his step father and it was his step fathers camper he was sleeping in! He had permission to be in the yard and there was NO COUPLE about it. Just my step father. He seen sudfeed and batteries and THAT IS ALL. He did NOT have a meth lab and was not cooking it. Get your fucking facts striaght!

    1. First off...calm the fuck down, I don't speak Redneck. So was he trying to to get the "sudfeed" (that's Sudafed, right?), to be Electric Medicine? Or does the "sudfeed" make batteries last longer?

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