Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reunited And It Feels So Good...

Like penis cheese and foreskin, you just can't keep these two apart for long.

     Just when I had lost all hope in true romance, Jordan Powers and her geriatric, cradle-robbing ex-teach lover, James Hooker, renew my faith in real L-O-V-E, love. Just last week I had updated the case of Hooker & Powers whirlwind love affair, reporting that the couple had been torn apart by the law and Hooker's super grossness, also known as his unquenchable thirst for teeny bop cherries. On a phone call from jail, Powers broke up with Hooker after learning that he had in fact diddled other students before her. That she was not his first. GASP! This was so unexpected. Middle-aged married father and she was not his first? No fucking way!
     So, as the story of our star-uncrossed lovers goes, Hooker was arrested and charged for the sexual assault of a 17-year-old student that happened back in 1999. This was found out after Jordan Powers’ mother Tammie pushed police to investigate, insisting that the relationship between her daughter and the scuzzy old man now boinking her kid had taken a turn for the sexual on-ramp before Jordan turned 18. Whether or not that’s true has yet to be discovered, as the couple swore on all that is assholey that they did not have sexual relations until Jordan turned barely legal.
     Well, not to be thwarted by the law or kept apart by Hooker’s icky history of preying on young girls, The Hooker/Powers Romance is back on! It seems our young lass just can’t quit the man she called not only her love but her best friend and has moved back into Hooker's apartment. An unidentified neighbor says he was unpleasantly surprised to see Jordan back at the apartment. “I thought her mom would talk some sense into her,” he said. “But it shows how much he is in her head now.” In her head, in heart and in her pants. I tell you, Danielle Steele has got nothing on these two.
     The future of the pair is remains uncertain as Jordan’s mother is still hell bent on keeping the pair apart. Tammie is still fighting to pry her daughter from the Pedo-Beast’s grip, taking her Anti-Student Balling campaign all the way to Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen in an attempt to make it a felony for any teacher to have a sexual relationship with a student, even if they are of legal age. It was Tammie who tipped off the media to her daughter moving out again. She says that as soon as Hooker was released from jail, he began calling her daughter repeatedly, trying to win back his lady fair. And it appears he has, for the time being anyway.
     When asked if she had any comment on the charges Hooker’s facing, Jordan said, “I’m just not interested in talking at all.” Yes, she is standing by her man and keeping her trap shut now that Hooker has her back in his grasp, even though just a week and a half ago she was hurt and sure there were more girls, more victims, more “firsts”. Love does wonders to heal wounds of the heart…and erase all previous condemnations thrown out by an enraged mistress. I don’t think Jordan’s caught on to the fact that Hooker is using her, but maybe she’ll get it when he’s balls deep “in love” with the next student, the one that he leaves her for.
     I do believe Miss Powers has been thoroughly mind-fucked by Mr. Hooker and we’ll be seeing her at his side until the next arrest, where she’ll explain how his dick just fell into another student’s mouth and he was so freaked out he had to nut on her face, but then ran wee wee wee all the way home because it felt naughty and wrong. I think Lifetime is just going to have to turn this into a trilogy. So many twists and turns, it’s the stuff daytime TV is made of. Or maybe Skinemax can make some more of that soft-core their known for based on the scandalous love affair. I honestly don’t think there is any better way to end this current write-up then with a “To Be Continued….”


  1. The girl is gonna have to learn the hard way, no pun intended, that this guy is a predator, pure and simple. The creep factor is off the charts, but she's too young and deluded to see it.

    There was a band teacher, who was told to resign (my husband got hired in his place, but that was long ago in a far-away galaxy), because he'd gotten a 16-year-old student pregnant. So, he divorces his wife and marries the girl. Guess what happened 20 years later? Yep, he was somehow teaching again elsewhere, and got yet another student pregnant..... Now, I guess his second wife finally figured him out.

  2. Oh for Christ's sake - just when I thought this kid wasn't a dumb ass.

  3. This poor girl has 'daddy' issues and this predator knows how to play on that.
    He'll keep her as his little play toy and and shower her with affection until
    he uses her up. When she becomes too old for him he'll be on the prowl for his
    next teeny bopper. Men like him never change and I think they should have a talk
    with his daughter. Pigs like him can't keep their hands to themselves, even if
    she's his child.

  4. I should have known her earlier sensibility was too good to be true. She is her age, after all...

    The problem is - even with the situation all completely fucked up to the point that it is visible from space - it's still all new to her. I swear that a teen would drink gasoline with a cigarette because it is new to them. Prolly the first time she's gotten the "I'll do anything if you come back..." plea. Doesn't matter that it's coming from pedobear. ...she's still got to experiment with it.

    She's not going to see this for what it is until she exists as a caricature of herself in the media. Sad.