Friday, April 6, 2012

Sister finds body of baby sister, Mother charged

Look at these beautiful babies right there. Now imagine a life of neglect and filthiness. Now see the cowering picture in the upper right hand corner of the picture. 

This is what we have, a mother and father caught up in a mud slinging custody battle. Denise Wilder 37 of Roseville Ca., has been charged with child neglect and manslaughter of the beautiful little red haired angle on the far left. Sadly the older sweet baby girl found the lifeless body of her little sister. 

Denise was reported missing after not being seen by her family since Sunday. A family friend found the body of little McKinley Wilder 2, at her grandparents home who were reportedly out of town. According to it was her 5 year old SISTER, Kennedy, who found the sweet baby first.

Denise was reportedly found, by police drunk off her ass, in the home along with her deceased baby girl and Kennedy. Kennedy was immediately removed from the situation and placed with child protection where she was later given to the custody of her father, Mark Wilder.

Mark Wilder

Now we'll talk about the nasty ass custody battle. The mother was rewarded temporary custody of the children during the divorce proceedings. Denise, and her family members, claimed that he was a man-whore that picked up random women online, was verbally abusive, had a kink about leather and women that used whips. He claimed that she was a fucking drunk that would down a bottle of wine or half bottle of vodka every night. He also said that many times when he would pick up his beautiful babies they would be filthy and hungry.  

So unfortunately while they went through their rounds of he said she said, and trying to one up each other, one baby died and another is scarred for life because she found her dead sister and was alone, for possibly days, with a mother that allegedly cared more for her drink than the two precious people she birthed from her body. 

Autopsy results are pending.


  1. That's shitty. Visiting the parents home and talking to the children before just giving them to the worst parent could prevent shit like this. It is pretty fucked up that the father is almost always screwed over and trumped by the mother in custody cases, without any evidence that the father is a bad dad or that the mother is a good mom. That shit needs to change. It's like what happened with Sky Metalwala. Julia Biryukova turned out to be a fucking psycho. Mental health evaluations for feuding parents might be helpful, too, when determining who the fitter parent is.

  2. Seems like what the father said was proven. Her allegations against him sound made up. Poor little Kennedy, life is so unfair and shitty, I hope she gets the love and compassion she needs to go on, someone to hold her when she has nightmares. Someone to listen and care when she cries. Someone who will let her know everyday that she is important.

  3. Seems like the father was the one telling the truth it is sad that a child has to loose a life and one is going to have,trauma for a verylong timebecause of someone failure to protect.. My son is going through the same issue now .. How many children have to be lost today because courts cant listen and protect these chilren and,put them first .. Test parents make them take ckasses .. Something more needs to be,done bring in family and neighbors school teachers and,church investigate before placing a,child .. Watch and observe them when a,ckaim is made .. I have spent 4 yrs making reports on behalf,of my granddaughter still no reaults .. I wonder will she be next