Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Ball Was Dropped In The Susan Powell Case

Susan Powell suspected Josh would harm her.
     When Josh Powell took the coward's way out last month and murdered his children before killing himself, I tried not to be angry with the law enforcement and all the other agencies involved in the case. I didn't want to be mad at the system when I was so angry at Josh Powell for taking the lives of his two young sons, Charlie and Braden. It didn't seem at the time that there would not have been anyway to stop Josh from doing what he did the day he took a hatchet to his children and burnt the house he was staying in to the ground. But now more information has come out about the investigation into Susan Powell's disappearance and I am pissed that nothing was done before Josh took off to Washington from Utah, before he and his disgusting pervert father, Steven, smeared Susan in the media, before Josh grew so desperate and revealed his true murderous nature.
     Newly released documents show there was much more evidence linking Josh to Susan's disappearance than anyone in the public knew. There is the safe deposit box Susan kept secret from her husband containing a letter that she had titled "Last Will & Testament For Susan Powell." In this handwritten letter, it is indicated by Susan that she does not trust Josh. It states that "if Susan Powell dies it may not be an accident, even if it looks like one." It appears Susan knew or at least suspected just what kind of monster Josh was. In this "last will & testament", it's also revealed that Susan was terrified of Steven Powell, Josh's sick fuck father. Since Steven's arrest last year on pedo charges, we all know he had recorded Susan in secret and even before that, in his and Josh's campaign to make Susan look bad, he revealed his gross crush on her, claiming they had a relationship of some kind and were "in love".
Dopey Josh Powell: What Evil Looks Like
     The newest, and maybe most damning evidence, that the public wasn't aware of, is that Susan's blood was found on the floor of the Powell's Utah home. The day police showed up to the home, just hours after Susan had been reported missing and before Josh arrived back from his "midnight blizzard camping trip", police found two fans running, directed at an area in the living room that appeared to have just been cleaned. The blood found was near the sofa, on a tile floor adjacent to living room carpet, a spot Josh apparently missed during his clean up. (Botched blood cleanup, sound familiar to anyone?)
     It's also been revealed that authorities found Susan's cell phone on Josh. It had been turned off and the SIM card had been removed. Josh would hand over her phone, as well as his own also sans memory card, to investigators. It's obvious Josh was a sneaky, lying bastard from the beginning and detectives believed his reason for removing the SIM cards from both phones was to impede the investigation. I'm sorry, but my response to that is a big, fat DUH. This combined with the reports that the Powell's two young sons knew their mom was dead and had gone with them on the infamous "camping trip", but not come back and the stories from Susan's family and friends that Susan wanted out of her marriage and that Josh was controlling her, reported threats made by Josh that he would destroy Susan if she tried to leave. All this information that was substantiated and it is obvious all involved with investigating this case dropped the ball.
Josh pictured with sons Braden and Charlie, the children he would murder when he knew he was fucked.
     Since Susan Powell's disappearance hit the news, we all questioned Josh Powell's bullshit story and knew he had something to do with it. The man took off to another state after refusing to cooperate with investigators, he ripped Susan and her family to pieces in the media by insinuating she was a slut and had mental problems. He did whatever he could to make himself look like a victim of blood thirsty law enforcement and media, to be seen as "bullied" by the disbelieving public. He stuck to this until the day he died. He took all the secrets and truth of what he did to Susan to the grave with him because he was a selfish and deceptive son of a bitch.
     Josh was such a low and vile subhuman ball of crap that he robbed Chuck and Judy Cox of closure and being able to lay their daughter to rest and stole their grandchildren's lives just to stick it to them. Knowing what we know now about the investigation into Susan's disappearance and the new evidence that they've always had, it is frustrating that Josh wasn't charged with something, ANYTHING, and that he was allowed ANY contact with his children after they were taken away and placed in the Cox's home. Chuck Cox told the media, "If he had been in jail, our grandchildren would still be alive." I am inclined to agree.


  1. Sounds familiar, aren't the same sort of lies happening in the Ayla case? The bad family trashing the good family, and getting away with it.