Monday, February 20, 2012

Aliyah Lunsford...New Search

In the last month there has been a new search for the bruised and missing little girl Aliyah...Here is a post from Peter Hyatt from Seamus OReilly Statement Analysis...

Aliayah Lunsford: A Broken Child

The case of Ailayah Lunsford has been a heartbreaking display of drugs and neglect in the life and death of a little one.

Lena Lunsford, a mother who sought out pregnancy after pregnancy for the social reward of tax payers' funds, trading food stamps for her drugs, and who cared not for little Aliayah.

Ralph Lunsford, a biological father, a druggie, in and out of prison...who failed a polygraph and likely assisted Lena in disposing of Aliayah.

The family was one of survival, with children of neglect learning early how to fend for themselves.  The children became a closed society unto themselves, with each learning early how to prepare food, allowing for the stoned mother to boast how 'mature' her children were.

As is the case in societies, role playing comes about, with one, often the oldest female, taking upon herself the role of caretaker; another of instigator, another of clown to cheer them up, yet another the scavenger who knew how to get food from neighbors.

In this pathetic and artificial society, there was also the pariah.

This was Aliayah's role.

Despised, alone, she kept to herself, so young and unable to thrive without attention, she became sullen and depressed.  Without sunshine and smiles to stimulate growth, she barely survived.

 How did she die?

Did she die of a broken spirit?  Did she simply give up living due to despair?

Did she find Lena's oxy?  Or, was it Ralph's, who was in and out of the house, but always out of her life?  Were they concerned about her shallow breathing, or were they angry to have seen a portion of their precious stash lessened, even if only by one?

Perhaps they will find a lawyer who will bring suit, seeking damages from such postings.  Perhaps, they will claim, Lena's not been able to land a job due to postings like these.  Perhaps.

And if so, perhaps it is that they will go through with it, and Lena and Ralph will take the stand, and answer questions.

Police have yet to "solve" the case, and volunteers, driven by a passion likely fueled, in part, by anger, continue to search the rural areas for Aliayah's remains.

God speed, searchers; don't give up.


  1. I really want that "mom" to let on what happened to her baby, this case made me so sad, Alyiahs bruised face, her missing teeth, and the smile that seems to be missing in every photo ever taken...She is one of six kids, and her parents haven't worked a day in their lives...just makes me sick. Oh wait, her mom just gave birth to twins..*eyeroll*

  2. That horrible picture is just tearing me up.