Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snow Boy...Ho Yide.

Isn't this just fucking brilliant?

Ho Yide outside, begging to not be out in the New York snow.
This little boy Ho Yide was put outside in the freezing snow during Chinese New Year by his father and mother and filmed while instructed to do push ups.  At one point the boy is crying "Give me a hug please!"...Jesus, people...what the fuck is wrong with you?

The dad who posted the video and goes by Eagle Dad, says the kid was born early and may have learning delays so this is to make him smarter or some shit...whatever I don't want to hear the excuse, fuck you Eagle Dad.

Here's the video at the Daily Mail...sorry I didn't upload it here. 

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  1. That was horrible. This guy is an asshole. The wife too. I'm also upset by the fact that the article didn't go on to say that police were flooded with complaints and tracked down these child abusers and arrested them. Living in NY I can tell you, it is painful and dangerous to have bare skin in those temperatures. You can get in trouble for leaving a dog out in those temps. And wtf with the passerby? I would have been cussing these fucks out while simultaneously calling the police and recording my own video evidence.

  2. That's so sad. Anyone that could do this to their kid is just an utter piece of unfeeling crap. The hug thing got me. So fucked up.

  3. I'm not going to watch the video. Just the description makes me feel awful. People suck.