Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Glorifying Fuckups

Waiting to Inhale...some crack...
 As all of you may already know, Whitney Houston kicked the bucket this past Saturday. Not surprising, given her history of getting whack on crack and what not. She was destined, or doomed, to be done in by her vice. While the cause of death isn't yet known, I'm pretty sure drugs, even if indirectly, had something to do with it. Doping up for so many years has to wreak havoc on your system and do all kinds of damage to your vital organs, so that shit a normal and healthy person could just kill with some vitamin C is going to murder a druggie or ex-druggie. Just look what happened to my beloved Haimster. Had Corey Haim not royally screwed himself with drugs, he would probably be alive today and I wouldn't be the heartbroken kitty mourning for a Lost Boy...but let's move on, shall we?
Since Whitney died hours before the Grammys, they had to scramble to get her into the tribute for their awards show. And that brings me to the meat of this story. Why the fuck are they making tributes to people who are such epic fucking failures? Amy Winehouse, another wasted junkie that keeled over last year, that's another one that's getting tributes. Why? These people have all this talent, all this fame and what have you, and they just waste it, abuse it, flush it down the fucking toilet...and those in the industry pay tribute to them, like the fact that they turned out to be horrible addicts is washed away because they died and at one point before that, they made some music and people sang along with it.
What a fucking waste.
 When your average everyday fuck up addict up and dies, no one throws a fucking party and highlights the one time they were a decent human being. They say, "We all knew this was coming," feel sad for the loss and make it a point not to follow in those footsteps...so why does Hollywood and the music biz celebrate these "artists", these fuckups, when they should have been trying to get them clean or done some preventative measures to make sure their money making stars didn't get hooked on shit. Had these people not been offered drugs and hadn't had them made available to them whenever they wanted, there wouldn't be a need to pay tribute to these dying off celebrities.
I also don't think they deserve to be celebrated, like "oh, this is such a tragedy, but they had some hits, so that more than makes up for the garbage they made of themselves." Make these washed up, has-been celebs a cautionary tale, make an example of them, don't fucking act like it was a sudden and unexpected loss that came out of nowhere. These people died because no one told them no, no one fucking scared their asses straight, no one gave a shit enough about them to tough love their asses and stop feeding them their addiction, 'cause everyone wants their payday and if the star isn't happy and getting what they want to do what they do, no one's getting paid.
It won't be long 'til another has been celeb dies of, and you'll see how they scramble to pay them tribute, and while someone may write a little blip of story about the dangers of drug use, it will get lost in a sea of stories celebrating these asshole's lives. People will remember them for their music or their movies, but they should mostly be remembered for fucking up their lives and ending promising careers too soon because they let addictions get the best of them.
I miss this kid, but I don't conveniently forget what happened to him.
I loved the shit out of Corey Haim, but he was a fuck up and while he had a sad and lonely life, I was pissed when I found out he died...because he did it to himself. Yeah, it wasn't an overdose, but what he did to his body with that shit he put in sealed his fate. I get that it's hard to kick a habit, but all this could have been prevented if people actually said no to drugs instead of just making PSA's that tell you to say no to them. Maybe the Average Joe should start making PSA's for celebs, since they're not to good at leading by example and live by the "Do as I say, not as I do" creed. The entertainment industry needs to wise the fuck up and stop ignoring shit until it's too late and then just brushing it under the carpet with a little show and dance at an awards ceremony. Call these idiot celebs you cater to out and slap some sense into them, figuratively, literally, whatever way wakes them the fuck up and gets them clean. Start leading by example and then we won't need last minute tributes due to overdose or other addiction-related fatalities. Clean up your fucking act already.
This message was brought to you by the letter B. The more you know....and knowing is half the battle. (I totally mashed up Sesame Street, NBC and GI Joe. Whatever works.)


  1. This is awesome and so true! I've never understood why someone fights so hard for fame and money, then pisses it all away because it's all "too much to handle". I'm not going to celebrate someone's poor life choices.

    1. I know Luvs,..I was listening to some celebrity earlier today, Kelly Ripa or someone on ABC say that "they just don't understand"...really what part don't they understand? That drugs fucking kill you eventually?
      I like what Boo said about normal everyday drug addicts, where's the hoopla when they die? How is a celebrity being a dirtbag any different than some dude who threw his life for drugs? It's totally senseless the way these people are talked about and revered, like they were robbed of their life...NO they were the thieves THEY robbed their family and friends, THEY did the robbing.

  2. I recently saw an interview with Corey F in which he said that pedophilia is a HUGE problem in the industry and all those kids are at serious risk, most have been abused. He said that Corey H was abused by people in the industry when he was a child and that he never got over that. He said Corey's blood was on their hands, especially one person's in particular. When pushed for a name, Corey F stopped short and said that he would love to reveal a name but that was he couldn't. Something about that was up to Corey H to reveal and he never did.

    1. Shannie linked me to that interview a while back. I can't stand Feldman and I kinda think him not naming names is just a pussy move 'cause he's hanging on to his "career" or whatever. He could be a hero, but he'd rather be quiet and not out some fuckers that may still be out and about in Hollywood, molesting more kids. Remember all those stories that came out a little while back about casting agent pedos? That shits fucked up. The entertainment industry is no place for children.