Thursday, February 9, 2012

Delusional Runs In The Powell Family

Alina Powell aka sympathizer of Josh aka Dead murderous fuckbag
So you know Josh Powell's sister, Alina Powell? Well, she sucks. She ain't no Jennifer Graves. Graves, is Powells other sister,  she believed he did something to Susan and when her pervert father was arrested, had all kinds of shit to say about that and their twisted upbringing with Steven Powell.  Jennifer and her husband Kirk spoke out against her sick family, and was close to the the boys, Susan and Chuck and Judy Cox.   Well, Alina is totally different and she says she believes Josh was innocent. That he was pushed into a corner and did what he did because he was basically pushed into by people whop suspected him of murdering Susan. According to Alina Powell, Josh is an innocent victim.
Seriously? His wife disappears, supposedly while he's gone on a middle of the night in a blizzard snowstorm, but no body is found and she instantly jumps on the side of the red line that says he killed her. Stand by your sibling and all that shit.

Now, after he got rid of Charlie and Braden's toys and plotted the horrible murders he committed on Sunday, now that we all know he butchered, literally fucking butchered, his children and burnt them alive, she believes he's a poor pushed and bullied victim. You've gotta be fucking shitting me...
He murdered his children in the most selfish and evil fucking way imaginable, and Alina says he did it to spare them the physical and emotional pain. Really? You stupid fucking cunt. Do you know how much they fucking suffered as they lay in pain, chopped in the necks by their own father, suffocating on smoke, in intense burning heat? Are you honestly saying making them endure that and live their final fucking minutes on this earth in horrible pain and incredible terror was better than the love and nurturing of living with their grandparents, their link to their lost mother? Alina Powell, you have made yourself the target for all the hate everyone who knew this case has felt since your shitbag brother killed your nephews.
Jenn and Kirk Graves...good people.
RIP Charlie and Braden
Fuck you, you dumb cunt. You're an attention seeking media whore and using the murder of your nephews to get your fat fuck face all over the news is as sick and disgusting as your freak of a father jerking off to kids. May the Josh Powell sympathizers who have his same DNA die off and burn in hell. You people make me sick.