Sunday, February 5, 2012

Josh Powell Proves What A Murderous Shitbag He Really Is

I don't even want to look at this fucker's face.
As I write this, I am literally shaking in anger and frustration and holding back a fresh flood of tears. Josh Powell, the man long suspected of murdering his wife, Susan Powell, has pretty much proved his guilt in that case, along with adding to the body count. After his sons were dropped off today for a scheduled supervised visit, he set the home he was living in on fire, killing himself and Susan's two young sons.
Braden and Charlie Powell
 This is just such an enormous blow for everyone who has been hoping to get justice for Susan and a knife straight to the heart because now her innocent children have been murdered as well. For months it has seemed like everything was getting on track and the investigation was actually getting somewhere. The children, who had been long kept away from their maternal grandparents, were taken away from Josh after disgusting videos of young women and girls were found in the possession of Steven Powell, Josh's father.
Susan Cox and her boys, Braden and Charlie
 Susan's parents were given custody of the boy's, but Josh was allowed visitation, and while in hindsight that was a huge mistake, I don't know if we can entirely blame the system. There was just no way of knowing that this son of a bitch would do something like this. In the years since Susan's disappearance, Josh has been cool as a cucumber and smug, like a man who has gotten away with murder and gotten all he wanted. I think, since his father's arrest and his son's being taken away, he finally realized he wasn't getting away with shit and his world was falling down around him...and so he snapped. Last week a judge ruled that his children would not be returned to him until he underwent a psycho-sexual evaluation and a polygraph. I guess for him, that was the straw breaking the camel's back.
Instead of taking this setback like a man, this cowardly piece of shit decided to kill not only himself, but his children. Shannie said it best with just one word. Vindictive. His actions absolutely are just that. If he couldn't have his children and continue living his Susan-free existence, no one was going to have them, especially not her parents. What a selfish, disgusting and truly soulless mother fucker he was.
This has pretty much proven, at least to me, that he did kill Susan. If you can kill your children and yourself because you didn't get your way, you are absolutely capable of murdering your wife and going on with your life like nothing happened. Which is what he did until the law started catching up to him. What kills me about this, more than anything else in this whole nightmare, is that the bastard killed the kids. These were innocent little lives. They did not need to die. If Josh wanted to be dead, he should have just offed himself and left those children to grow up and have happy lives with their grandparents. But because of the monster he truly is, he destroyed their lives with his and everyone who loved those boys have also had their own lives ruined.
Josh Powell left this world the same way he'll be spending his eternity in the afterlife...burning and writhing in pain. I don't know what awaits us in the afterlife, I only hope wherever it is, is better than here and that those boys are there and that they're surrounded by love and can be at peace and not feel any pain. There's no happy ending in this story, but I hope as I end this article, Steven Powell is choking to death on dick in prison.


  1. I'm sickened by him.
    Here's what the Detectives who almost had him where they wanted him had to say...
    "Let's not refer to this please in public as a tragedy. This was not a tragedy. This was a horrible murder of two little kids. Let's not dress it up, let's not sanitize it. Let's call it what it is, which is something deeply wrong, which is not a tragedy, which is something evil," said Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor. "This is going to hurt everybody's heart who's been involved. This is a horrible, heart-breaking situation."

    And then Josh's Brother in law Kirk Graves..
    "I think it was two things. He knew the police were close. And I think he was afraid of the polygraph," said Graves. "Closure for us would have been all the answers coming forward all the questions answered. There's no answers anymore. Those answers are gone with him."

    And Susan's longtime friend Kiirsi Hellewell...
    "I can understand if he wanted to end his own life but to murder his children? They've been nothing but possessions to him to them since they were born. He didn't love them he doesn't care about them. He just wants what he owns. If he couldn't have them, nobody would," she said.

  2. Pig vomit, pussbag, Pervert-Senior, Steven Powell has his saggy old fuckbag ass on suicide watch tonight. He isn't talking and is emotionless...psycho. He's a son of a whore and I can't wait for him to get his. Burn bitch, you worthless donkey splooge stain.

  3. Tonight those two innocent kids are with their mother...

    and Satan is making Josh acquainted with his giant Devil Dong.

  4. Sad. Way to prove all of us and take two innocent souls with you. Selfish fuck.

  5. I just read that the kids were starting to talk about the night Susan disappeared. About her being in the trunk. So I have to think that this wasn't an 'if I can't have them, nobody will' situation. It looks more like he was trying silence the witnesses to his crime. Wow, so sad. I feel for all those involved. Even the social worker. Could you imagine trying to get in the house and smelling the gas. Watching it explode. Crazy.

    1. I don't know, Mommy. He offed himself with the kids, maybe if he had just killed the kids I'd believe it was to silence the witnesses, but I think he knew he was fucked and done for so he took the coward's way out and dragged the kids down with him. I hate this mother fucker more than I ever did before. So fucking evil. He probably had this shit planned for a while, like "if I don't get the kids back by this court date, I'm gonna do it"....or maybe he knew he was about to be fucked and found out about Susan's murder....fuck, maybe his pervert of a father collect called him and told him "Yo, if I spill the beans about what you did to Susan or what I think you did (in case he didn't really know) I can get a sweet deal and not get anal probes and penile throat exams every night by ratting you out"...with Josh murdering the kids and killing himself he's given Susan's family and everyone who never believed his bullshit a big fucking middle finger. We'll never get a definitive answer as to what happened to Susan and her body may never be found. What he did was a big FUCK YOU to everyone because he was an evil piece of shit that probably gleefully died knowing he was sticking it to everyone, especially Susan's parents and the investigators.


    He tried to hack his boys heads off...I'm so angry.

    1. I could have gone without knowing that detail. I'm with you, Shans...pissed off is an understatement.

  7. Yup, just read the hacking thing too. I didn't think this story could get any worse.

  8. I keep saying I can't read or deal with anything that has to do with Josh Powell anymore, but I can't stop myself, I tear up and actually cry the more I think about those boys and the Cox family...

  9. I sobbed last night when I found that page with all the pictures of the boys with their grandparents. And I was so fucking angry inside I wanted to scream. So fucking unfair. They didn't fucking deserve this. They were happy and doing good with Susan's parents. They were finally getting to live the way little kids should. To see them smiling and playing with grandpa and knowing that is just over and gone forever because this selfish mother fucker, FUCK!!! I'm just so fucking pissed off and sad. This is haunting me right now. I can't stop thinking about these kids and Susan and what a fucking vile load of demon spunk Josh Powell is. He may be dead but he is still all these fucking horrible things. Fucking monster. The pictures of the boys toys at their grandparents house fucking kills me, man. Knowing those toys will never be touched or played with again by those kids...all because this fucker. I followed this case for so fucking long, I was hopeful again about this bastard going to prison for killing Susan. I don't think I can just get over this...and if this is how I feel, can you imagine how Chuck and Judy Cox feel? And everyone else who loved those boys? Just devastating. If anyone wants to see the pics I'm talking about, here's the link. Hopefully it works.