Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Remembering James Patrick Bulger

James Patrick Bulger
 While yesterday was for most a day for love and kisses, it was also the day that marked the 19th anniversary of the discovery of James Bulger's body, found severed in half on the Walton and Anfield railway station train tracks in Liverpool, England. So while many were celebrating Valentine's Day with the ones they love, the tragic and senseless death of this little boy was in my head for most of the day. Let me tell you his story...
In February of 1993, James Patrick Bulger was just a toddler, 2 years old, a little over a month away from his third birthday. On the 12th of February, James went with his mother to the New Strand Shopping Centre and stopped into a butcher shop. James' mother, Denise, placed an order at the shop and while she was momentarily distracted, her little boy was lured away from her side by two monsters in the guise of little boys. These two boys who took advantage of a mother's distraction, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, were only ten years old and playing hookey from school. What these boy's decided to do this fateful day, aside from skip school and steal a few trinkets from a shopping center, was to commit a crime so brutally disgusting that it is hard to believe it was perpetrated by two children.
Robert Thompson and Jon Venables: Demons Masquerading as Children
 Thompson and Venables took Little James from the shopping center and walked through an entire town, seen by 38 people who saw the toddler crying with a bump on his head while on this stroll through town, and finally ended up at the train station near a cemetery, where this poor child's life would end in excruciating pain and fear. 38 people saw these two young boys leading a 2 year old through town and no one stopped them or thought call police. The boys were confronted a few times on this walk to James' death and the story they gave was that the crying little boy was lost and they were taking him to the police station. Why did not one person think to step up and accompany this trio of children to the police station they were supposedly headed to? Or to question the obviously distraught toddler themselves? I don't have that answer and those people who saw these children may not either, but it's a question that should have them second guessing their decision to not act when they saw a child in obvious distress. It is a decision that I hope has weighed heavy on these people's hearts.
Once Thompson and Venables had James isolated on the train tracks, they kicked and stomped on him, threw stones and bricks at him, placed batteries in his mouth that police suspected they had also inserted in James' rectum and lastly, a 22 pound iron bar was dropped on him. Little James suffered 10 skull fractures from that bar being dropped on his head and total of 42 injuries from the torture those two demonic children inflicted on him. The injuries were so severe that a pathologist could not even determine which one had been the fatal blow. Another disturbing fact, is that James foreskin had been forcibly pulled back. His shoes, socks, pants and underwear had also all been removed.
Their disgusting brutalization of a baby complete, Thompson and Venables collected junk and piled it onto James' head after placing his lifeless body on the train tracks. Their hope was that if James' body was ever found, it would look like the train killed him, and not two sick and twisted little boys. His body, cut in half, wouldn't be found until Valentine's day.
James, smiling and being held by his father, Ralph.
6 days later, on the 20th of February, Thompson and Venables were charged with James' murder. CCTV had caught images of the two devil spawns luring James away and walking with the toddler, and a woman who knew Venables, recognized him and knew he had skipped school with Thompson that day. She called it in and the two little shitheads were done for. On November 24, 1993, both monsters were found guilty of James' murder. They have served their sentences and since been released, both now free, grown men, given new identities, since the early 2000's. Unfair, considering they get to grow up live a new life, something they robbed a beautiful little boy of.
I have to mention that throughout this whole thing, it was thought that there was a sexual element involved for Thompson and Venables, something they both denied. In 2010, Venables was caught with child pornography and sent back to jail for, where he is being detained "indefinitely", according to officials. So I guess the assumption that there was some sexual thrill involved in the killing of a baby was correct.

James playing with his mother, Denise.

 This is such a disturbing and thoroughly fucked up case, where children murdered another defenseless child. It makes you wonder if people are truly born evil and it instills a sort of hopelessness in a less optimistic person when you think about it too much. That your child is so unsafe in this world, that not only do you have to worry about strangers and relatives and significant others harming your child, but that you also have to worry about other children. It is a fucked up world we live in and all I can do is hope it gets better or that, after all the pain, all the suffering, all the heartache, that something better than this world awaits us on the other side of life. That is literally sometimes the only way to get through a day when you hear and see stories like this and worse all over the internet, in the paper, on your tv screen.
My thoughts are with beautiful Little James and his family. I remember him because he shouldn't be forgotten. We need to always remember these voiceless victims, even years after they left us, so that if we ever are faced with the opportunity to help another defenseless child, we make the right choice and step up, speak up and get involved. It could save a child's life.


  1. Great post Boo...It's one of those cases I'd never want to remember, but like you said we have to keep that part of our hearts and minds aware of this ever happening again.

  2. Your article about this sadistic murder is the best. I'm furious how these two monsters got away with the most brutal killing of all time. Their plans were to have a sexual rush from killing the child, then the climax being a lonely and hideous disposal of a precious little body on the railroad tracks. Those fiends knew the train would be there that night, and destroy the child tiny body even further. The murder so horrific, his mom was kept from seeing the post mortem because he was so badly damaged. People are so inept these days at helping a poor baby. They don't want to get involved, for fear of being ridiculed by others, I don't know, but they deserve our disdain for not stepping in to help. He was absolutely sexually abused as we both know, he was beaten nearly beyond recognition. These two sick pieces of rubbish need to go back to prison forever! Love your grit ! Keep the good work going!

  3. Fucking funny how they murdered him

    1. Heartless!!!!!! How could you!!!!

  4. I'm finding myself unable to deal with the murder at any emotional level. I read Ralph's book from cover to cover but wish I hadn't. What those sick bastards did to the precious angel is heartbreaking beyond words. The pain the little child felt, the fear and aloneness, was beyond my comprehension. Every day I drive by a railroad and on a cold day my imagination finds itself with horrible images of torture and murder. How could anyone kill such a precious little angel. Possibly ten year old boys lack the nurture gene, but for goodness sake! why do they have to be little macho men taking out their inner rage on a defenseless little child?????

    I can hear little James screaming crying and being so frightened. His battered tiny form left on the tracks to be attacked once again by the a train. The world is so cruel!

  5. Like so many, I'm wondering why the boys murdered James. James's physical limits were taken advantage of, in such a sadistic thoughtless way. He was taken as a defenseless child from his mother, taken on a long winding run to his death. Any person, who could get laughter out of killing a baby, deserves life behind bars.

    These beasts knew James would trust them. It's too much to deal with . It was done , because James was an easy kill, let's face it, these boys knew what they were committing.

  6. Fuck the little cunt I wish they would have released the post mortem photos

    1. Most kids would have had the smarts to not follow the boys........I mean honestly what a dumb shit for an almost three year old! Dull witted looking baby! Stomped, kicked, bricks, metal hit thrown at the retard....probably nothing left of the little turd,,,,,,,,,,and the asshole follows them after they dumped it on its head! LOL! IK they show photos of Caylee..........why not this little piece of shit.

  7. How could you write theses two comments above?? Are you sick in the head??

    Your out of order for saying this no need say that about poor little baby!

    Them comments you wrote just shows how sick and disgusting you are and I hope you don't have to feel what James went through or his mother

    You are vile little nasty horrible sticking for theses two monsters who murdered that poor baby for nothing!

    Maybe you belong with
    Theses monsters then like animals sick

    1. I have seen comments like this on other boards. Some people can't love or care for children. No one in their right mind, would want to see the photos! Sick and morbid! RIP James! <3