Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No Pants for Fags. Cleveland PD says so.....bitches.

I'm all for a good gay joke, or quip, I like the gays. I like everyone, how's that? Even better...right?  So I frequent Unicorn Booty this gay blog which is sometimes hilarious in that ..."Gay humor, shit talkin' bout gay stuff" type of way and came across this little piece of twink ass...

Gay dudes are fun. But please give him some leggings.
A gay couple was walking down the street in Cleveland OH, and they were having a little tiff, we'll call it a half bitch out, cause a full one would involve slapping and insults about your sister or whatever...cops approached and the couple ended up getting roughed up, like punched in the face roughed up. They were arrested but released because there were no criminal charges...(this whole thing sounds weird and gets weirder)....and then, about 10 days later while sleeping in their home the couple was awoken to banging by a SWAT team of about 7 officers.  Why the Cleveland PD needs 7 cops in SWAT detail to arrest 2 gay dudes? I can only speculate.  *cough* pussies*cough*....And then the two men were roughed up some more.  Here's a quote from one of the gay men Mr. Hilcox,  "The officer in the glasses grabbed me by my shirt, and punched me twice in the face, after he punched me, he threw me up against the wall".   Now because Mr. Hilcox and his partner were in bed they were only wearing panties, uh..I mean underwear, they had asked for clothes.... this was before being punched by the pussy in the glasses. They were both hauled into the pokey...for what? Assaulting a peace officer...oy.   But here's the kicker, the cops said  “You can go get them shoes, but faggots don’t deserve to wear pants in jail.” WHAT THE? OMG!  I think they need pants, especially in jail.  Anyhoo, they were taken to jail in only their skivvies and remained like that for a full day.

So now if they were not guilty of any crime in the first place and then treated like this, I would say there is a big fucking problem in little old Cleveland. I say these two make it work for them, get some stripped undies that say "our asses are so criminal we don't need pants" or some, that's a bit long,  "Fuck the Police" always works....


  1. Unicorn Booty? I so need in on this.
    I hope these guys call the ACLU or who ever it is that they need to put this police department in their place. Gloria Alred, someone.

  2. Lol, yeah it's an okay site, I get all my gay news from I'm pretty sure their filing suit. I mean this is so ridiculous. Forget even the pants thing, why release two people, not charge them and then send a Boom Squad into their homes?

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    1. Do you work for Andy Dick?

      Yeah, it seems safe to me, just gay humor, no out and out porn or anything like that.