Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keeping Baby Lisa Out There

Lisa Irwin, missing since October 3, 2011
 It's been almost 5 months now since baby Lisa Irwin "went missing" from her home. Almost 5 months since all the lies and ball dropping began. Almost 5 months and not a fucking thing has happened, not a single suspect arrested, not a scrap of hard evidence, and now barely a blip on the radar. This baby is dangerously close to being forgotten, maybe not by investigators, but by the public. Her name and face need to be out there, be seen and mentioned as much as possible, even if she's long gone from this world, because her shifty, shady parents deserve to be haunted by the child they failed.
I think one word sums these two people up...GROSS
Those familiar already know this baby's tale, how Lisa Irwin's mother, Deborah Bradley, got shitfaced, never checked on her kid that was supposedly in her crib all night, and "blacked out." How Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, came home to find the door unlocked, all the lights on and a window wide open. How, from then on, stories would change and the lies would keep on coming and an insane cast of ridiculous and worthless characters would whittle their way out of the corrupt and shitty woodwork of this clusterfuck. This case leaves people with more questions than answers, suspicions and conspiracy theories up the wazoo, and a burning hatred for this child's worthless hogbeast mother and cowardly, whipped father.
I would love, and I do mean L-O-V-E, to see Deborah Bradley behind bars for the death of her child, because let's face facts, that baby is likely dead and Blubber Bradley played a hand in it, regardless of whether she killed the baby herself, accidentally or not. Just look at this chick's actions since day fucking one. Actually, look at her actions on the night that preceded day one. The night she decided to hell with being a good, sober, coherent mother and threw caution to the wind by getting so date rape drunk she supposedly blacked out and can't remember shit that happened. I call bullshit on that story, but if that's the one she wants to stick to, then I think she should be hung out to dry for it as well.
Lipstick on a pig. No need to worry about her makeup running, she's not really crying.
By her own admission, she got so wasted she couldn't even take care of her self and passed the fuck out, so she sure as fuck wasn't and isn't capable of caring for any children, let alone a baby that has zero chance of fending for herself. And let's not forget that there were other children in the home, other children that could become victims because you can't threaten Deborah Bradley with a good time and expect that wild chunk of burning twat to turn you down. Whether she herself offed Baby Lisa, on purpose, on accident under her fat ass, or if someone else came in and took off (yeah, right) with the baby, Deborah Bradley's flabby ass should be in jail. Her neglect and need to have "adult time" caused the disappearance (death) of her child because a dead sober responsible parent would have had that baby, sick baby at that, with her the whole night or at the very fucking least, checked on that kid every hour. That's just what good parents do.
Deborah in her spare time, between crocodile tears and losing babies.
 So, why is this festering glob of cum chugger free to live her life, give useless interviews to Dr. Baldy Phil and have mysterious benefactors paying for private investigators and lawyers, sans any kind of punishment for her total disregard for the life she created? I have no fucking clue, but I want to see her low-hanging panniculus squeezed into some bright orange jailhouse scrubs. She can go down now for the neglect of her child, child endangerment or whatever else the courts can think of and still be tried for Lisa's death later, if they ever find her body. In the meantime, her yeasty rolls need to rot behind bars where she belongs. I'm not giving the pussy that poked this porker a pass, either. Jeremy Irwin needs to spill the beans and turn on this twat or he's going to be rockin' that tangerine dream of a jumpsuit too with heavy traffic going up his Hershey Highway.

Baby Lisa should be at the forefront of people's thoughts, along with all the other victims of selfishness and horrible monsters playing the role of parents. Let's not forget her, keep her name out there, and keep this kid in your thoughts, that she be found and laid to rest. She deserves that much, but even more than that, she deserves justice. Her parents failed her, so let's not follow their lead and fail her too. Anyone who thinks they may know something, no matter how insignificant, anyone with a conscience or a shred of decency, get in contact with the Kansas City Police using their TIPS line, (816) 474-TIPS.


  1. You took all the filthy words out of my mouth...


    I wish LE would lock her gooey bean-bag body up for something, wtf? Child neglect, child endangerment, something! What do those two pathetic shit stains do all day? They don't work...Debbie-drinka-lot is spending money on tattoos of dumb ass shit, buckets of chicken, and boxes of wine to wash it down her gullet. Oh and the make overs that aren't working.

  2. Wow, real piece of shit you are for writing this.

    1. I didn't make Deborah Bradley the murderous amorphous blob that she is...And since you happen to be from Missouri, I'll just assume you're her. Or your the balding spineless piece of shit boinking her...

  3. Holy &*^%& This is a great *&*^%$* article. . . . Well &*&%$%^# Said !