Thursday, February 23, 2012

Her Poor Son...Terri Mezzatesta Bones His Friend

"Right there, Baby!" ...eww and lol.

This hunk of burnin' love from the state of Pennsylvania, is Terri Mezzatesta 34,. She got arrested recently for having sex, which of course you'd think "Hell yeah, that mountain of neck meat shouldn't be humped ever"...but apparently fatties need love too, and fattie sex is totally legal.  But this genius of love couldn't get some legal action, she had to get porked by her 15 year old sons friend..AFTER she got him high and drunk.

Terri "The Neck", as I like to call her, was getting all wine cooler-ed up and stoned with her son and his buddy when her kid went in his room and passed out.  Pfft...lightweight. That's when mom of the year asked his pal if she could gobble his knob.  He said "coolio", and thing he knows he's jabbing Jabbas guts.  I guess to a stoned horny kid she was hotter than fuck?  Um..I doubt it...but anyway, so her son wakes up to his mothers grunts and pork sounds from the living room...quote "Right there, Baby!!", he gets grossed out and pissed at the same time, (just like a son should when he wakes up to his chum and mum having puke inducing sex). The friend/motherfucker got punched in the face by Terri's son, but he was welcomed back into the house later that night and his good pal let him use his cell phone for a few days.  When the phone was returned to Terri's son he saw explicit sexting between his mom and the friend, he thought" fuck this shit" and turned her fat, friend fuckin' ass over to school officials who in turn, called the fuzz.

Now get this....Terri told the cops she was passed out drunk and that she awoke to the 15 year old boy on top of her!!   LOL...yeah, okay riiight.   Cops laughed their asses off and charged her with statutory sexual assault, and corruption of minors. 

*Thank you Missing made my day with this!


  1. I'm really grossed out right now.
    The Neck is the anti milf.

  2. OMG! 34 - really? The jabba does look like her twin. Damn.

    Missing Bud - where have you been hiding?

  3. I was informed by Bud that I left out the key to this ordeal...5'9" and 260 lbs of pure sexiness...

  4. Purdy, real purdy yinz guys. That's PA talk for those of you who are not familiar with it.

  5. CT,
    34? Really? That's a rough looking 34 year old! This lady is disgusting in more ways than one. Then she has the audacity to basically claim rape?!
    She is a freakin' pedophile! I hope she has to register!

  6. Are you sure this...uh...woman?...thing?...whatever....isn't named Carol?

  7. Before I read this yesterday, I first thought it was a picture of the wacko grandmother of missing baby Ava. It kind of looks like her. She is a bit wacky as far as I can tell. She posted on her sons fb that she hopes he (and Ava?) don't get found by LE. I get the feeling she knows where he is.
    I wish I could find a picture of her. All I can find is video from Nancy Grace.

  8. I know exactly what your talking about. lol

    that case is less stressful, I don't think the father is going hurt his kid. I think the guy is just a loon, but regardless his mom should stfu.

  9. It's a shame you are such a judgmental jerk. If you knew the person you would know she wouldn't EVER hurt a child. She has spent her adult life taking care of others, first her father and now her grandmother.
    You would also have mentioned the boy in this case is a troubled teenager who spends his time seeing what kind of trouble he can stir up next. He also attends a school for out of control teens.
    The son has his own issues and would say or do whatever made him think he fit in.
    The case was dropped by child welfare as the son admitted to lying about what happened!! It's people like you who have helped destroy this woman's life. Taking the word of troubled boys, shame on ALL if you!!

  10. I am her son and she didn't get her stoned I did me and him were hangin out earlier getting stoned at one of my friends house and then I came home with him and he asked if he could stay the night and I said yeah big mistake I passed out at 6 cuz I was stoned and I popped a perk so I passed out and woke up at midnight so I walked out of my bedroom and saw him fucking her while my great grandmother who lost both of her legs to blood clots in 2010 is in her bedroom 15 feet away so I socked him in the face I wanted to kill him but I didn't want to go to jail for murder so I just punched him and I kicked him out of my house so I hope he dies a slow death by torture also she told me not to tell anyone afterwards and for whom who wrote this article I hope you burn in hell because even though she did what she did she still is my mother and I only get one real mother and at least I know she still cares about me so I just wanted to clear that up

  11. Son was pissed he didn't get any