Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Awards For What?

And the award for biggest asshole goes to...
So I guess now is the season for all these awards shows. Yahoo doesn't want me to forget that the Oscars are coming up and I'm sure there were a bunch that just happened, but I really don't give a shit about all these shows and awards. I'm just wondering why these actors and singers and whatever the fucks needs so many awards and shows and why every fucking year? Yeah, I know new movies and songs come out all the time...but what's so special about them that they need all these awards? The answer is...not much.
They nominate all these films and actors and songs and singers to keep their names out there and get attention for their product...the product being the film and song...because they want to keep people interested and get people going to see these movies and listening to these songs so they'll buy them up and all the people involved can keep getting paid...with our money.
There's hundreds of categories and all these nominations, usually all for these hyped up films or "artists" or songs...but how often do we see the "little people" being honored with awards with all this fanfare? Where's the huge and enormously overpriced awards show for the doctor that saved my life with that blood transfusion I didn't want? Or the big gaudy gold statue for the people working their asses off actually help their fellow man, you know those people that volunteer for no other reason except to help others? They might not want the award, but they sure do deserve more than the asshole who made like 15 million for his shitty acting in Moneyball.
I nominate Pitt for "Douchiest Faux Actor With the Least Amount of Talent"
We live in this society celebrity and fame crazy and if you haven't noticed, our society is going down the shitter at a seriously slow and drawn out pace and the turds of it are stinking up the joint. Everyone wants their drawn out 15 minutes and to be rewarded for essentially nothing and the reason for it is seeing all these movie stars and singers and thuggish bling blinged rappers being rewarded for their sub par products. Who doesn't want to get dressed in ugly dresses were told are beautiful and millions of dollars worth of jewelry and walk the red carpet to a golden statuette for turning out a fuck awful performance in a shitty comedy? I don't, but that's just me. The only award any of these celebs deserves is the "Shittiest People in the World" blue ribbon to pin on their fake tits and phoney smiles.
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner. Everyone in Hollywood deserves the Asshole Award.
So until we start throwing huge award shows for the real people that matter in the world, the teachers, the gas station attendants, the doctors, the dentists, the volunteers, the baristas that make bad coffee, the cashiers that suffer through assholes because it's the only job they can get right now, the butchers, the bakers, the homemakers, etc...I will continue to boycott these ridiculous award ceremonies by not watching...anyone wanna not watch with me? I'll make the popcorn, you bring the Junior mints....


  1. I never watch this shit and don't plan to start now.

  2. I thought for sure that after - the butchers, the bakers - it was going to say the candlestick makers.

  3. Please tell me I am not the only one sick of hearing about that Lea Michele chick. She hasn't been in any movies besides that Glee shit has she? I would hate to have to see her posing all over the internet, AGAIN.

    1. That chick is butt fucking ugly. She's got a huge shnausage nose and makes the dumbest platypus face I've ever seen.