Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Joshua Keadle: Fulltime Scumbag

Back in December of 2010, Tyler Thomas, a freshman at Peru State University in Nebraska, went missing on her way home from an off-campus party. There had been some drinking (because what's college for if not to do a little liver damage and kill some brain cells), but I doubt a bottle of Tequila kidnapped her on her way home. Surveilence video captured footage of her within a block of her dorm, but she never made it there.
According to reports, Joshua Keadle, fat fuck from South Carolina, pulled up to Tyler and offered her a ride. He didn't admit to this at first because, well, he's a chubby wad of dirtbag. When first questioned about Tyler Thomas' disappearance, he denied having seen her that night, but after further questioning admitted he had picked her up, driven her out to the middle of buttfuck nowhere and that they then had "consensual" sex. I really have a hard time believing anyone would consensually fuck this tub of chunk.
After bumping butt uglies, Keadle said he and Thomas got into an argument with Thomas accusing him of raping her and that he then left her there in the middle of ass rape no where. He then went home, washed off all evidence of what he did to her and went on about his normal routine of sucking at life...until the authorities came a callin'.

Keadle's story would change no less than 3 times during interviews conducted between December 3rd and 7th and because he couldn't keep his bullshit story straight he is now a person of interest in the case of Thomas' disappearance. There are a number of reasons why I think this guy is full of shit. One is that if Thomas was a block from her dorm, why would she need a ride? If she was tipsy, I suppose that would be the answer, she was wobbly brained and wanted to just get home after a not great night out with friends that she ended up fighting with at this party. Whether she was drunk or bussed or whatever, that's not to blame for her disappearance...Joshua Jowly Keadle is.
The guy is an obvious liar, first her denies seeing her then they fucked in his car, but it was consensual? Ever since finding out about this story when it first broke, I have thought he was full of it. Big red flag is that according to him she cried rape and he ditched her to run home and wash off obviously he knew he was in some deep shit. But I don't think it stopped at rape. I think her also killed him and dumped her somewhere and the reason he would later fess to having had sex to her was to say that when they found his DNA on her it would be because they had sex, but that he left her alive and whoever found her after he ditched her in the middle of no where was the one that did the offing. The guy is guilty as fuck.

Even with just these bits and pieces pointng to him, there's more to Joshua Keadle's disgusting rapist nature than just what may have happened to Tyler Thomas. Keadle is currently being held in jail while awaiting his March 13 trial date for the sexual assault of a 15 year old girl in 2008. Back in November, prosecutors dismissed the case of another rape on a different victim. In that case, the victim said she thought she had been with another man at the ime and that while in a dark room, Joshu Keadle had sex with her. Crazy story, but I saw something like that in that crazy ass Rules of Attraction movie where Shannyn Sossamon's character is shitfaced and thinks she's going to lose her virginity to a film major, but ends up getting doggy fucked by a that shit is pretty possible.
Still of Shannyn Sossamon in The Rules of Attraction
 So as you can see, Keadle has a history of being a disgusting hog beast that forces himself on women and the fact that his last victim went missing means it was just escalating, You can't get in trouble for rape if they can't find a victim, right? I'm sure he's wishing he'd done that with his former victims and I'm seriously ecstatic that he didn't. Right now he's looking at up to 50 years in prison if he's convicted in this trial with the minor he raped. I hope he serves all 50...or that he gets some jailhouse justice and never sees the light of day.

Here's hoping that they can at least find Tyler Thomas' body and that her family and loved ones can find some peace.

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