Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ryan Brunn is Dead...


On Tuesday in Jackson, Georgia 20 year old, Ryan Brunn was in court and plead guilty to murdering 7 year old Jorely Rivera...Today he was pronounced dead at a Georgia hospital. The fucker killed himself.....YEY.

On Dec. 7th, of 2011, Jorely Rivera was led to a vacant apartment by Brunn, she was coaxed into going there with hopes to find her lost skate...he had found it and showed her a picture of it. Brunn had access to the apartment in Riveras complex because he was a maintenance man, he was a demented pig too...Brunn made this little girl take off her pants, and he molested her, but he didn't stop there. He thought she would tell, so he made damn sure she wouldn't, by taping her mouth shut and slitting her throat. Jorely wasn't dead though, not Ryan Brunn put her small body in the bathtub,  got her skate and bashed her in the head until she was. Her body was placed in the trash compactor that he ran twice while going to smoke meth, and he left a note on the dumpster that said "She's in the trash can".  I guess his conscience took over...*eye roll*

His charges for what he did to 7 yer old Jorely Rivera, were 13 counts including murder, aggravated assault, cruelty to children, aggravated child molestation, enticing a child for indecent purposes, false imprisonment, abandonment of a dead body, making a false statement and sexual exploitation of children.

 I think Ryan Brunn was a disgusting, non-human, that took Jorely Riveras life and made her last moments on Earth full of fear, terror, and pain.  I can only hope that Brunns last moments were full of exactly the same emotions, and that his new best friend Satan keeps those feelings flaming....burn in hell, Ryan

Ryan and Satan BFF's

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  1. What happened to this girl makes me sick to my stomach. Damn. Glad he's dead. I wish it would have been more drawn out and painful.