Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Using Gay To Get Paid

Everyone's heard of gay for pay, which is usually just a gay porn thing, the gay for pay I want to talk about though is the shit celebrities pull to get publicity for themselves. Take the old as fuck Madonna/Britney/Xtina makeout drama...
 That is an example of using gay to get paid. None of these chicks, except maybe Madonna 'cause she used to be a freak, is a lesbian or actually bi-sexual. And then take Lady Goofy Gaga...
Who looks like a drag queen only not as pretty and dresses as a dude and purposely makes people think she's a chick with a dick...and also tries to makeout with Britney. People mistakenly think these celebrities are doing great things for the gay and lesbian communities by doing girl on girl or cross dressing, but they're actually not. They're using a lifestyle to make press for themselves, to shock and awe and make sure they don't fade over night. Maybe it works, but it's ridiculously offensive and wrong.
I know kids that are struggling with their sexuality and trying to figure shit out look up to these people, but they're not role models. They're a fucking joke and I think it's pretty messed up to use a lifestyle to further your career...especially when you're not gay or bi or transgender. That isn't taking us forward, it's setting a whole group of people back, using them and making a mockery of them. It's essentially what black face was for blacks, but in our celeb crazy culture people actually find this faux gay shit cool and edgy. It's not.
I'm probably in the minority when it comes to this, but I had to get it out because it irks the shit out of me when celebs do this shit and I really hate all the people mentioned above's music. It sucks...and not in that awesome gay for pay porn kind of way.


  1. You're not alone Boo. Those you mentioned turn my stomach with their desperate "Look at me, look at me! I'm an arTISTE! I'm a strong woman comfortable in her sexuality! See, I wear crazyass shit or practically nothing to prove just how creative and empowered I am!" antics. The only thing their shortsighted behavior does is belittle artists and further objectify women.

  2. I just think that if I was a lesbian or a gay man I would be so fucking offended by the way these celebrities make the GLTB community look. Gays are portrayed as feather boa wearing glitter gals, and lesbians are portrayed as tattooed butchy broads by these jerk off celebs, and the "makin'fake gay" is just strengthening the stereotype, I'm sure the community already doesn't want, or need.

  3. Thing is, you don't see guys doing this shit for publicity. Madonna, GaGa and the others are playing into the male fantasy while coyly claiming to be expressing their sexuality and supporting the GLTB community while at the same time chastising the media for sensationalizing their behavior. I'm not a lesbian and it pisses me off. I strongly support the GLBT community, but have never felt the need to act out like these media whores in any way to show that support.

    1. You know what else I hate? How bimbo chicks get all up on other chicks and start playing lesbian for dude's attention. That actually infuriates me 'cause they obviously aren't gay or bi, but they want to gets dudes' attention and plant the Menage a trois fantasy in his head. It's seriously fucking pathetic. If a dude needs to imagine you chowing down on another chicks snatch to pay you any mind, maybe he isn't the guy for you...or you have zero fucking value for yourself and that's just fine with you if it gets you some cock...

  4. Didn't some American Idol kid make out with a guy on some awards show? I know it got some press and was scandalous...but that guy's gay...he's making out with dudes no matter what, so it's not a huge least for people who aren't dickwads forcing their Gays Are Going To Hell bullshit on people...I actually thought that was totally awesome when I heard about fucking right on, dude, maybe throw in a crotch grab or an ass pat...

  5. Yeah, Adam Lambert, and I thought it was awesome too. He said it was unplanned and just felt like the right thing to do in that moment of performing. And it was, in my opinion. He is openly gay and feels no need to ram it down people's throats (no pun intended) by being overly flamboyant to get publicity or to show support for other GLBT persons. There was a lot of homophobe outrage over it - "How dare he do that in front of the children! Think of their pure, innocent little minds! Oh the horror!!" Personally, I wouldn't have given it a second thought if my kids were still young and had watched it. Hell, I doubt if my kids would have even registered that two guys kissed.