Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saamiya Thomas...another stupid bitch that shouldn't have a uterus...

Saamiya Thomas.....gross monster thing.

Every year millions of Americans gather around t.v.’s across the country as they stuff their faces with food & guzzle beer while watching America’s favorite sport, football americano. For one 4 year old boy, the Super Bowl is the anniversary of a horrific attack on him at the hands of his own mother. Last year on February 6th, Saamiya J. Thomas, 18,of Rochester, New York brought her 4 year old son Dominique to the emergency room with 2nd and 3rd degree burns covering  40% of his body. She claims to have been giving him a bath when the water went cold. She claimed to have turned on the hot water to warm it back up. Little Dominique was quickly transferred to a burn unit and the authorities were called.  The police, not believing the bogus story mama was serving up arrested her. It was later determined that she held her son down in scalding hot bath water. This barbaric act by Dominique’s so called mother resulted in him spending weeks in the hospital, he underwent a tracheotomy and suffers permanent disfigurement to his legs, arm, hand, buttocks, genitals and feet. Dominique, now 5, has been in foster care ever since. Prosecutor Sara VanStrydonck said the boy still won't get into a bathtub and "will pay the physical and mental consequences of what his mother did to him for the rest of his life." Today his POS incubator was sentenced to 8 years in prison. And because permanently disfiguring your son is not enough, Thomas also drew a one-year concurrent sentence for attempting to sneak a folding knife into jail and for possessing forged checks.

****Written by our favorite repo chick...Amanda/NYMommy


  1. I can't believe this thing had a baby at 14! No wonder she's boiling her kid...8 years isn't nearly enough. I would say I'd hope that she was going to off herself with the folding knife, but that would be pointless, she's got a layer of blubber that would shame Shamoo..
    Poor baby...what could a 4 year old ever do to warrant that kind of abuse?...

  2. Every time I read this, I imagine the boy in the tub screaming his head off. I can only be thankful that she took him to the emergency room. She was probably too stupid to realize that they staff wouldn't believe her son got 3rd degree burns because she warmed his bath water.