Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ayla Renolds involved in a Baby Fight Club??

No..of course she wasn't...but Justin Di Pietro's aunt said that Justin explained that Ayla had bruises on her face because she "got into a fight" at Chuck E Cheeses'....

 This neanderthal wants us to believe that somehow 1 1/2 year old babies can get scrappy and duke it out!

Justin is a liar, and he's not even trying anymore...who the hell says  "I smoked it!", when telling the media he passed a poly, then says he never got the results???

The same guy who thinks falling on a baby and waiting 24 hours to get her medical attention is a good plan.
Justin DiPietro.


  1. Wow, this baby had all the signs of abuse. I thought that from day one. The soft cast thing. My son (2) is so crazy he jumps off furniture, off the fourth stair, does all kinds crazy stunts and maneuvers and probably hits his head on something at least twice a day. With all this he has never needed medical attention and had a very minimal amount of bumps and bruises. I make jokes often that he is going to get my investigated by CPS at some point with his crazy antics.
    But this poor girl. The bruises, soft cast. Luckily he isn't trying so hard to lie anymore. hopefully that will help speed up his demise. Here's to hoping that L.E. can find something concrete and arrest his ass.

  2. Shan, I just read this.


    it's sad but at the same time I assume this baby is dead so I hope this means they are closer to arresting her POS father.