Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Skank Fight! Who will nail the role of icon Elizabeth Taylor? Lohan or Fox?

So, Lindsay is up for the role of Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime TV movie called "Liz and Dick" or something....and now the director says he will be talking to Megan Fox about the lead role as well....

                                CAT FIGHT!!

I personally think Fox is less of a super scrappy looking coke whore, and resembles Taylor a lot more....Lohan can easily play an iconic actress, I say she'd do fantastic as Judy Garland....in her late 60's


  1. I think they should go with Megan. I can't stand that Lilo.

  2. Hell yeah, what the eff happened to Lohan?..(well, her parents happened is what..lol), she could act at one point but just lost it, I really don't see what I would want to see Lohan do acting wise. Megan Fox is really gorgeous though. I think that Gennifer Goodwin played Liz Taylor once, I'm not sure.

  3. Lindsay Lohan doesn't have the looks or talent to even pretend to be Liz...Fox has the looks, but not the ability or class...and she'd need to put on a few pounds 'cause Liz was pretty curvy. I don't care for either of these chicks though.