Friday, January 13, 2012

Missing baby Ayla Renolds....What's up with her parents?

I'm thinking both are pretty immature and shouldn't have gotten hammered and hooked up without a condom...
I read at the BangorDaily that Ayla's mom Trista says Ayla... an infant, is her best friend, and tells her all  her deep dark, I'm sure she was captivated...The interview is pretty lame. Listening to this girl talk makes one think about all the other girls out there having babies when they are obviously too young and immature to understand motherhood...look at this quote from Trista...
“I used to tell her she was going to be mommy’s star, but this isn’t how I wanted her to become a star,” said Trista.
Now, I don't think Trista is to be blamed fully for the disappearance of little Ayla, I'm totally thinking the Geico Caveman looking Justin DiPietro needs to take a polygraph and answer some questions, along with his mother, Phoebe...who had to tell CNN she didn't give them all the info when they first interviewed her about the night Ayla went missing at her house...she left out the part where she wasn't at the house...oops!

Trista seems like she is genuinely missing her daughter. She is young, and needs to grow up, but at least she isn't like Justin and Phoebe who act as though they lost a set of keys instead of a little girl. Someone who was in that house knows where that baby is. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.   Meanwhile cops are  still searching for Ayla.

Here's the link to Trista talking all goofy and more of the interview:


  1. Update** dude is liar and failed a poly, even though he said "he smoked it"...I hope to see him in handcuffs soon.

  2. He will be Shan. I'm tired of the 'I put the baby to bed and then she was stolen!' defense. It's old. Now I'm no detective but she was last with her dad. She had a cast from an 'accident'..............

  3. That was no accident...have you seen the videoed interview with Phoebe Dipietro? That woman is covering for Justin, she is one of the ugliest women I've ever seen as well..not that it has shit to do with Ayla going missing..but I swear, the grandma Phoebe could careless about Ayla, she really is all about making Justin sound good.
    Apparently the DiPietros have some "friends" in the DHC/CPS, and as bad a mother Trista makes herself out to be, these people are making her seem worse. Trista would be doing herself a favor if she would just stay off camera and make statements about finding Ayla to the media...

  4. Oh one more thing, Justins girlfriend the one who's baby was in the same room with Ayla the night she was "taken"...her sisters house was raided last week, almost 1,000 Oxys and, 16grams of coke and weed was recovered...Hmmmm

  5. Okay, I found more on this. I had no idea that all these people were in the house when she went missing. That poor girl. I hope they recover her body so this mofo can go to jail.

  6. Daddy Justin has been number one on my suspect list from the get-go. I get a "I'd rather have a dead daughter than let my ex raise my child" vibe from him. Trista needs to grow up, no doubt, and hopefully her stint in rehab is her first step down that path. It's just tragic that the only choice she had for childcare during that time was to turn Ayla over him.

    There have been rare cases where a child is taken out of a home in the night by a stranger - I can think of two that hit the news over the past 15/20 years - but I'm sorry, this latest rash of sneaky baby thieves is too much to believe.

  7. this whole thing is awful...what did that baby do?why would anyone do anything to a baby or child?it makes me so upset.i have cried about many cases...this is truely awful.i hope they find the pos that responsiable.we all know who it is...

    1. Oh we know who it's the fucking dirtbag who broke her arm and took a life insurance policy out on a kid he barely knew. You know the jobless thug who thinks he "smoked" a lie detector and had blood all over the basement bedroom he sleeps in at his moms house. Justin Dip.

  8. Stop trashing her parents.! You dont know what actually happened keep your opinion to your self! It may have been a bad choice but Im sure Ayla was not what her parents considered to be a mistake<3 Cant you see how much her parents are hurting inside, Well If it was my kid there would be no reason to stick around but to find out what happened to Ayla </3 My heart and prayers go out to her and her family.