Monday, January 16, 2012

Does Angelina Jolie know that the word "Jolie" is French for "self-obsessed asswipe"?

Why am I writing a blog about Angelina Jolie?  Well...cause I can and it totally goes with the awesome blog Boo wrote about her "partner/babysitter/dipshit/co-adulterer Brad Pitt.  I mean, look at these two attention needing jerk-offs!  Every single news tabloid makes them out to be some world saving messiahs, I would rather worship Andy Dick before I thought Jolie and Pitt were worth praising.
Here's some of Jolie's finer moments ...

 Making our with her brother.

Making out with Mr. Ed.

Shaving her head and crying.
Making out with some old gross guy.

 So what if she adopted a bunch of kids that were destined for poverty?  Hello?? Jolie??  There's a bunch of kids right here in America, ya know, the country that buys tickets to see your shitty movies!!

You think that she makes her kids play with her "Angelina Barbie"...I do.

 And any little girl who looks up to this husband seducing, succubus will try to look like this one day.....Good Job Jolie!!   (Her arm would make an excellent sling shot though, right?!)

So I say, you suck Angelina, you have a weirdo family and have no soul.  Adopting a bunch of kids from huts in the African bush and shit isn't gonna make up for it, you're just bringing these kids into your elite world, and they will be raised to think like you and Mr.Jolie.  Congrats for making and molding more assholes...

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