Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who Knows Where Sky Metalwala May Be?

Quick refresher on who Sky Metalwala is. He is a 2-year-old boy who went missing back in November of 2011...well, maybe. I'll get to the maybe later. The circumstances around his disappearance are so suspicious I don't even get how his mother is not in jail. So what happened, according to mummy Julia Biryukova, is that she was driving to the hospital to take sick Sky to the hospital, also in the car was Sky's older sister, Maile. On the way there, still according to Julia, the car ran out of gas so mother left Sky in the car strapped in to his car seat and took older sis to a gas station a mile down the road to get gas and call a friend. When she returned an hour or so later, Sky was gone.
Julia Biryukova: Candidate For Worst Mom Ever
 That story has been blown to shit by investigators who say there was no gas can at the scene, there was still gas in the car, enough to drive a considerable distance and when they test drove the car there were no problems and it ran fine. It should be noted that Julia has a history of mental illness, having been hospitalized pretty much against her will because she is fucked in the head on a serious level. She wouldn't allow food in the home, cleaned obsessively for hours, neglecting the children and leaving them alone for hours on end. She is not cooperating with police in the search for missing Sky.
Solomon Metalwala: Father Fighting to Find His Son
 Sky's father, Solomon Metalwala now has custody of older sister Maile, Julia didn't even show up for the hearing. I don't think she cares either way if she has custody or not since she apparently doesn't give two shits that her son is gone, but it's possible she knows where he is and he may be alive and the Ukraine, with her father. Reports say Sky was last seen by someone other than his mother October 2011, newer reports say he may not have been seen since May. No one's really sure because she's not talking, but reports say her father came to visit back in around April and it's possible he took Sky with him when he left.
There are more questions in this case than answers and there's new ones everyday. Why hadn't his father seen him? If Julia's father took him back to his native country, why can't they check airline records? Why can't they arrest Julia at least on child endangerment and neglect? Why the fuck did this psycho of a mother have custody of these kids at all when she has this fucked up history?
Solomon Metalwala may not be a perfect parent, but he seems to be desperate to find his son and he fought to get his daughter back and out of foster care so I think Julia only had custody to stick it to him. He's out there, he's trying to keep Sky's face and name out there so he can some day get him back and I hope he does. I hope that kid is still alive and his idiot mother didn't do something to him or that some strange didn't snatch him from the car.
I don't understand why Julia can't at least be charged with neglect, maybe haul her in and get her talking. It's so unreal that a mother would hide away from the public, refuse to talk cooperate and try to toss blame at the father. These aren't the actions of a loving, caring, innocent mother who wants her child back.
So what do you think, people? Got any theories or alternate endings for this totally insane case where the life of a beautiful little boy hangs in the balance?


  1. I have only one theory that I SO WANT to be true...that the nut-job mother sent Sky to the Ukraine and is alive. As much as I want this kid to be with his father, and crazy-bitch to be locked up, I only want to believe he's alive, cause if my mind starts thinking about what kind of insane things mothers have been doing to their children, it's a bad scenario...

    1. Casey the fucking trendsetter....Damn that bitch is fugly man looking now...I mean she was before with the dolphin forehead, but now it's worse. I had never heard her talk before that youtube video shit...she sounds like a totally self obsessed nimrod...what a dipshit...let's not do write ups on that cunt, I don't want her getting more press when the only press she should get is a I MURDERED MY BABY stamp on her big ol' dolphin dome....

    2. I won't even watch her videos. I hate that bitch. She claims they were hacked but I suspect she released them and further figured I was right when her attorney abruptly quit. I refuse to take part in her bs.

    3. Ooh if you want some really good dirt and have the time to read it go to this site...

      there is a lot of stuff to wade thru and it's a tad confusing, but it's interesting to see how these videos came to be ...

  2. I hope he's alive too but why just send the boy away? It's sad all around. I don't know as a parent how you could live or carry on after something like this. It's bullshit she's not in jail. They should charge her with what they can and let her ass stew in jail. Then maybe they can coax her into telling something.

    1. It's like the Zeneh Jennings thing, ( I haven't seen an update as of now ), she's in jail and isn't saying shit. She basically told the cops to suck it, and that jail is where she should be. With that one, I think she's "playing crazy". Now, maybe with Julia she would react differently, cause she's an OCD nut and would be out of her "zone" all by herself? I only hope Sky is alive...