Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paula Deen Sucked Off A Cheeseburger...

Well, she didn't suck it off, but she might as well have while poking her butthole with a pickle the way the media is jumping all over her "scandalous" burger munching. So what really happened? Well, while on a cruise, Paula Deen ate a cheeseburger and another passenger snapped a photo of Dean and said burger in action. It's a HUGE deal, I guess, because she has diabetes, just "came out" about it actually, and if you have it people think you are no longer allowed to eat anything good. 
Okay I know we have a snippet of story on here kinda slamming on Deen, but this story of her chowing on cow patty is a total non-issue and the assholes up in arms about it are being ridiculous. I don't know much about diabetes, but it is a manageable disease and as far as I know it's sugar that makes this shit a killer. Sure, burgers are greasy and fatty,  but they also taste fucking delicious. If she's having a burger with her diabetes, she's probably doing it in moderation. It's one fucking burger, not a bagful of Big Macs with a side of chicken nuggets. She's still got to eat and really, it isn't anyone's business what she decides to shove in her face, be it burgers, fries or dick, ya'll.
It's rude to gawk at people while they eat. Miss Manners says so.
 It seems like people are still pissed she hid her diabetes and kept on cooking up her artery clogging dishes like she was force feeding it to them. We all know that the kind of food she cooks is not healthy, she never passed it off as being healthy and if people didn't get that it wasn't they were obviously morons. You don't want to get heart disease or diabetes or have a stroke, you simply don't eat that kind of crap and you can't blame Paula Deen if you do or did...all she did was show you how to cook it, you made the choice to fork it into your piehole.
Yeah, she's a celeb and I get that scrutiny in all details of your life is to be expected when you're in the public eye, but when you really get down to it, her life has nothing to do with ours and we shouldn't give a shit what she eats or does. Let the woman live her life and wish her well and just don't eat the shit she makes. That should be true of all celebrities, but some are just so fucking irksome that I can't help but go off on a tangent about them (BrangelinaBeyonJayZ-atards)...Paula Deen, though, doesn't inspire my ire and while I may make fun and toss an assholeish remark out at her expense, I don't hate the woman.
So let her eat cake...or burgers...but let the chick be. It's her diabetes not ours and she has to live with it and that's just the way it is, ya'll...
Donut Burger Atrocity. People honesty didn't realize a burger on a donut was bad for them? And who in their right mind would even eat this? Common sense, people, use it.


  1. I love burgers. 5 Guys Burgers and Fries all day!!

  2. If she were 400 pounds and crying why me? I might take issue with her but who gives a shit. She doesn't make anyone eat the shit they do and if someone is having issues with their health due to their diet and they want to blame Paula Dean -- they have much bigger issues than Paula Dean's cooking or hamburger eating ways.

  3. I like 5 Guys...nummers good stuff!