Friday, January 20, 2012

Speaking of Gay for Pay....

Justin Adams, the husband of Jaymie Adams, the mother of four, who was pregnant, missing and then found murdered, is now said to have been seeking to service men online, more specifically Craigslist. 

To give you a bit of backgroud, Justin Adams reported is wife missing early morning on Dec. 10th, and gave the cops a story about his wife Jaymie leaving to meet a "friend" and she never returned so he went looking to for her and found her van at a Micky D's after dropping the kids off  around 3 am, at his mothers...Tina Clark.  Well, turns out he wasn't telling the truth, Jaymie he said through his attorney, Mr. Box, was a prostitute who met her clients on Craiglist and that she was meeting a client at a McDonalds and then was never heard of again...Her body was eventually found on Jan 7 th, and the reports seem to be coming back as a homicide.  Tina Clark was very "typy" at the Facebook  page made to find the missing Jaymie, I've been following this case and read a bunch of her FB posts..seems a lot of the searchers and organizers for Jaymie weren't too happy about her doing jack-shit when it came to finding the mother of her grandson...

Jaymie seems to have led a wild life, but no matter what she did, she  was always Mom to her children..She was pregnant with Justins baby, and the other 4 were from 3 different men. On Peter Hyatt's blog, someone claiming to be one of the babydaddies came to say Jaymie would take off all the time and was known for the things being put out there, like the Craiglist hooker thing. 

I at first thought Justin was being honest about not knowing where Jaymie was, and it's not that I think he is totally guilty of her murder, but some of the times he's given and the conflicting stories that have come to be are not sitting well. Was she really selling sex, and has she been for a while? Was he pimping her out and did he know she was murdered? Were they really swingers? And the question of the day...Was Justin Adams selling his ass on Craigslist to men?  LE has an affidavit saying he told them he did...

Help Find Jaymie Adams - Missing from Blanchard, Oklahoma

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  1. Hmmm, there's a lot of shit going on here. I thought they shut the prostitute thing down on Craigs List.