Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Child Abuse Caught On Tape Beyond Disgusting

    I hadn't planned on writing anything up because I am sick as hell, but when I came on to do a little looking around, I found a comment by reader Jo the Navy Wife on another story. She mentioned a video of a Malaysian mother beating her 8-month-old (some reports say 10-month-old) baby, and of course, being the curious Kat I am, I had to go look at it. It is truly abhorrent what this woman does over the course of this video, which you can click on above. Be warned though, it is hard to watch and it's going to piss you the fuck off. 

    Now the "mother" doing the beating wasn't named in the article I found on the story, but according to the chief of police in Petaling Jaya, Arjunaidi Mohamed, the woman is an 18-year-old single mother. The story says unwed, but I'm going with single mother because I don't care for the unwed thing. It's such an old fashioned term that's just meant to point the finger at fucking before marriage. And this chick being unwed isn't the reason she's a piece of shit. No, she's human garbage because she beat a helpless baby and fuck knows how many times before it was captured on tape. 

    There are a few things about this that I find appalling. One, is that people are in the fucking room recording this, hearing that poor baby's cries and not doing a damn thing. There's a child in the background at one point, watching this and eating a snack. Who knows what that other child has experienced and him witnessing a baby being beaten cannot be good for him. Another infuriating thing about this story is that the mother doing all the beating on baby was convicted of child abuse, but only sentenced to 18 months. She deserves so much more than that. Watching that video, you damn near wish death on this sack of shit "mother" and the people that filmed this. 

    At some point in the video, the baby crawls to "mom" to rest on her knee for comfort and the "mother" shoves her away so hard she falls on on her back and screams. She pinches and shoves and slaps and even kicks the baby while just looking like she loathes this child she gave birth to. It is horrendous how she inflicts this abuse and appears to enjoy making a defenseless baby cry. It sickens me. I hate this fucking woman with a passion and hope she suffers dearly while serving her sentence. I also hope that poor child never has to see that monster that birthed her ever again.


  1. I hope all child abusers burn in hell for eternity with their greatest fears tormenting them all the while.

    Just one question..


    Where is Ayla Justin?

  2. Wish I could jump thru that you tube & beat the crap out of her.

  3. Right near the end, when the baby seemed too tired to cry anymore, this cunt slapped the baby in the face just to get more tears. The whole video is rage invoking, but that baby, too tired from crying, being slapped made me sob. It's horrendous.

  4. Thank you for posting this, as well as giving additional information. Saying this video made me sick is an understatement - I was screaming at my iPod, and then I started to vomit!

    To me, it seems as if the baby's crying had pissed off the (undeserving) mother, as if hitting, slapping, or kicking the baby would make the baby stop. And when this baby stops crying, obviously from total exhaustion, that POS attacks the baby again!

    An 18 month sentence? Seriously? Let me guess, she gets the baby back when her time is done? I personally believe she should spend every moment of her jail time having to endure what she inflicted on the baby - all day, all night, getting pinched, slapped, kicked, shoved, etc!

  5. I want desperately to twist this fucking cunts head off. I want to pick up that baby and hug her. Why the person with the camera didn't slam it into her head I don't know. This puts me into a helpless rage. Now I have to go kill someone.

  6. I couldn't watch because I knew that it would never leave my brain. Stupid bitch needs to be disposed of in a way that is good for the environment. I'm all green and shit so that matters.

  7. That makes me sick all I want to do now is make that bitch suffer so much worse then that poor baby did. If that dumb bitch didn't want her poor baby I would of taken him/her and gave him such a loving family and a grate life. I hope she never sees her baby ever. Words will never say what I'm feeling for that poor child.

  8. I couldn't watch it, because I knew I'd want to rip the bitch's head off and shit down her neck. They need to yank out her uterus so she can never breed again.

  9. I think the "mother" is getting some kind of sick satisfaction out of it. Yes, anger and frustration is part of it, but I think she's actually enjoying it. At the end, that poor baby is cried out and probably about to fall asleep from exhaustion. The "mother" slapping the baby then, when the baby's about to fall asleep, shows she just wants this baby to hurt and gets some kind of joy out of it. The baby was going to sleep, wouldn't be bothering her, but no this cunt goes and hurts baby some more. It's sick.

  10. Wow! Holy mother fuckin shit. I don't even know what to say. I read this story and was thinking about not watching the video, but I did. That will be burned into my brain for the rest of my life. I can't believe this cunt got 18 months and might get the infant back. This is something way more obscene than child abuse. I am very surprised the video is still available on YouTube.
    I don't believe in violence and don't believe in men hitting women, but if I could I would totally take a swing at this bitch.
    I hope she gets hers in prison, but I doubt it. This bitch deserves to be completely annihilated like the garbage she is.
    Who the fuck are these people that keep having children and beat them to death, claim abduction, etc. There are many people in the world who can't have children that would do just about anything to get a baby.
    It's seriously everyday I read about another dead baby. What the fuck?
    Even if your not religious and believe in things like evolution having a baby is miracle in its own.
    If your going to beat a baby, put it up for adoption, fuck.
    It's times like this I think it should be mandatory for people to have a license before having children.

  11. I couldn't watch it. I thought I was getting desensitized to some degree after researching and writing about Ayla and other cases similar to hers but actually viewing something with your own eyes and hearing or reading something is way different. People who do things like this should be forced to have their tubes tied as part of their sentence. Too many parents hurting these innocent children and it just seems to be getting worse! What the fuck is going on in this country? What is our society teaching these people? Really? Where is it all coming from? Kids now a days are playing video games that kill prostitutes, movies are more violent, even cartoons. It is sad and it is scary. Thanks for bringing attention to this BooKat, I feel sorry for anyone brave enough to watch it. I would hate to have that burned into my brain :(

  12. OMG! I couldn't watch it either. Makes me cry :(

  13. Elisha n Ayla :(

  14. I watched it. And now it keeps replaying in my head, the hateful way she was looking at that child, the callous desire to inflict pain on a little helpless child who just wanted mommy to hold and love her. And I really hope prison in Malaysia is tortuous. But she will just come out meaner and angrier, and blaming the child.