Saturday, May 19, 2012

Father Of 30 Children Asking For A Break

V is for Vasectomy.
     Yesterday, while going through articles on the John Edwards case, I came across a story of another man who also likes to spread his seed around. Unlike Edwards, though, 33-year-old Desmond Hatchett fathered 30 children with 11 different women, instead of just fathering one with a fame whore he cheated on his cancer-stricken wife with. Desmond Hatchett is a whole other kind of scandalous. When asked how he wound up with so many children, Desmond explained that he had 4 children in the same year. Twice. The multitude of children vary in ages, from the youngest being a toddler, to the oldest being 14 years old. He claims to know every child’s name and remembers each one’s birthday. He had vowed in 2009 that he was done making babies, but in the last three years had blown his wad sans protection and fathered 9 more kids. Now, Desmond just wants a break. Not from dropping his load and procreating, but from the responsibility of having to pay for all these new little people he’s helping bring into the world.

    You see, poor Desmond is struggling to get by, working a minimum wage job and unable to make his child support payments with such a paltry income. So he’s in and out of court, most recently to ask for a little respite from having to be financially responsible for 30 children. According to Melissa Gibson, an assistant supervisor in the child support clerk’s office of Knox County, Desmond has several cases with them. When Desmond is employed, he’s required to give up 50% of his income, which is the maximum allowed under the law. The amount the mothers’ of his children receives is based on the ages and needs of the children, but some of the women that bred with Desmond Hatchett only receive a measly $1.49 a month. I don’t even know what you can buy nowadays with a penny shy of a buck fifty. Ramen noodles? 

    I’m blown away that someone can be so irresponsible with their genitalia. Most of it is the fact that he’s brought 30 kids into the world that are likely going to want for a lot of things, but the other part of it is that he can so carelessly bone a chick without a rubber. I know we’re no longer living in the scary era of the AIDS outbreak, but it and other sexually transmitted diseases still exist. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with your penis. The women who did the horizontal tango with this man played the same game with their vaginas and they’re lucky if all they got out of it was children. This guy is like a Maury Povich horror story, but for some reason, I’ve got roles reversed and see him as the chick that runs off embarrassed and throws herself on the ground when the paternity results don’t go the way she wanted. 

    Desmond Hatchett has got some nerve asking for a break on his child support payments and I honestly don’t believe he deserves one. If you don’t want to be broke and suffering, keep it in your fucking pants or wear a rubber. Doesn’t feel as good? Tough shit. My opinion of the women who helped bring these 30 kids into the world isn’t much better. The guys a glorified slut that holds the record for the most children in his county (probably a lot of counties across the country) and a local celebrity, are we supposed to believe that these women didn’t know the guy they were knockin’ boots with was a semen spreading skank? He knocked up 11 chicks, so he had more than one kid with some of them and they’re fine about breeding with a guy destined for failure that they’re all passing around between their thighs? That is some gross and pretty pathetic shit. The only ones I feel for are these kids that were born to a moron and his trove of fertile wombs. 30 kids sharing the same father probably doesn’t make for a childhood full of paternal attention and great bonding moments. It’s always the kids that suffer for their idiot parents' mistakes.


  1. now this is a fella that needs to keep the mouse in the house

  2. Another great argument for forced sterilization. He obviously refuses to take responsibility for his penis.

  3. I vote for helping with his request for a break - break that poker off permanently! He's obviously had plenty of fun, so now it's time to retire that thing. Or, I vote to send him to a sperm donation center so he can provide couples with the babies they are unable to have. Scratch that - wouldn't want anymore of his minimum wage genes spread!

  4. This guy really needs to enlist in the military. That way he can support all those off springs. But something tells me that he would not pass the ASVAB test. He should get a Vasectomy and cut the bullshit out.

  5. I doubt he can afford a car. I hope these families don't all live in the same town. They could end up marrying each other.