Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Arrest Warrant Issued For Dumbfuck Who Allowed Son To Become A Scooby Snack

     Back on the 20th of April, I did a write-up on the tragic and completely preventable death of 2-month-old Aiden McGrew. Aiden was brutally attacked by a dog that his family was pet-sitting, not the family dog, Lucky, as earlier reported. This poor baby suffered tremendously, his legs were torn from his body and he was basically disemboweled. This all happened while his father slept in another room with his 3-year-old and their dog. The shittiest fact about this case is that it wouldn't have happened at all had Aiden's father, Quintin McGrew, exercised a little common sense and put the animals out while he napped and neglected his child.

     Aiden's death was ruled a homicide due to parental negligence and an arrest warrant on a felony neglect charge has now been issued for Quintin McGrew. He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted and I can't honestly say I feel bad for the guy. I feel horrible for Aiden, how he suffered and his little life was senselessly cut short, and I feel bad for his siblings, who are now wondering why their little brother is gone and missing him. I even feel sorry for mom, even though I was pretty disturbed about her laughing about putting Aiden's legs in the freezer with all the meat in the 911 call she made after finding her son torn apart on the floor and the dog she took in to help out a friend covered in his blood. I can't muster the sympathy for Dad though, because if he had just taken the one precautionary measure of putting the dogs out, Aiden's life could have been spared.

     Dog attacks are nothing new and while sometimes these attacks are random, just some stranger dog let loose in a neighborhood, some are the family pet or other familiar dog that people trusted, literally, with their lives and the lives of their children. People underestimate what their domesticated canines are capable of and forget that even though they're trained and appear to be obedient, they are still only animals. They have instincts that can be randomly triggered by the simplest of things. A hand gets a little to close to it's food, a little one falls into it, a gesture misinterpreted as a threat. Dogs can't think through and weight the consequences of their actions the way humans can, so when it lunges, snaps, bites and shreds, it didn't weight it's decision before hand. It reacted and someone pays the price. Now is that the sort of creature that should be entrusted with the life of a vulnerable and helpless baby?

     It's a parents duty to protect their child and ensure their safety. Quintin McGrew failed at that epically at the cost of his child's life. 2 minutes cut out of his nap time and Quintin McGrew could have saved Aiden the suffering he endured and seen him grow up. I think this father's actions, or inactions, were selfish and lazy and this appalling mistake has cost him not only his son, but his freedom. He may be suffering the loss of his son, if he gave a shit about him, but ultimately, it's Quintin McGrew's fault that this baby only made it 2 months in this world, so forgive me if I can't feel bad for a guy who snoozed through his child being used as a chew toy when all it would have taken to prevent this child's death was a measly few minutes to lock out the dog.
Quintin McGrew Catching Some Z's


  1. I didn't add this to the write-up, but I'm gonna put it in comments. The dogs, the family pet included, didn't have their vaccinations, so it's pretty obvious these people weren't being responsible. Also, Quintin McGrew has now turned himself in and apparently he left Aiden alone for over an hour. Plenty of time for that mutt to go at him.

  2. That baby had to have been screaming. Was daddy doing some serious drugs not to have heard him and woke up? Imagine a violent dog attack in your house on your baby and what it would take to sleep through it.

  3. Why wouldn't she laugh? She probably figures she would just have another baby. To these people, maybe he wasn't even a person yet. My son is not quite 3 months old yet and I already know if anything happened to him, I would totally and completely lose it. I don't think the dispatcher would even understand me because all I'd be doing would be screaming and crying because my heart just got ripped out.

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